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A President for Life, Alexander Lukaschenko, a Soviet relic who has ruled Belarus with an iron fist for years. Who has been in control of the Republic since 1994. Are now challenging his tired population.

That is why there been gathering protests all across the Republic. As the army, special forces and anti-riot police are in the streets. They are brutally arresting people, following defiant citizens and using force against them. Within 48 hours the state has arrested 3,000 people.

Phone-lines and internet has been blocked. A total media blackout to hide the truth. The opposition have called out the rigging and officials even at some polling station posted the real results. Not the cooked and rigged results, that the state announced, which was 80% of the votes. While the opposition main candidate got squat, this being Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, which together Veronika Tsepkalo and Maria Kolesnikova. All three challenged the dictator and did so head on. While the Presidential candidate had her husband in prison and still after the polls his lingering there.

Even in the midst of it all. The demonstrators are continuing. Tikhanovskaya have fled into exile in Lithuania together with her kids and the campaign manager. A clear sign of how bad the rigging is and what sort of state Belarus is.

Today, the Belsat contributors Pavel Patapau and Ivan Muraviou, they were stopped by the police in Minsk. Their phones searched by the police and they were later detained. Also, TUTBY journalist Stanislau Korshunau was brutally arrested too.

There are another journalists who has gone missing for hours and haven’t been heard of since the first demonstrations on Sunday.

We know that Tikhanovskaya was forced to record a statement asking the public to stop to demonstrate and remain peaceful. This was done before she was allowed to flee the Republic. That is the sort of state Lukaschenko runs.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a heavy contested election. This was a rigged election and an election stolen. Where one man decided the result and the public was supposed to accept it. However, they are demonstrating against it. They are not accepting the predetermined results manufactured from the state.

The state has already killed a civilian in Minsk. Who knows how many more fatalities has to happen, before things gives. However, we are seeing people are tired of the President and his reign. Belarusians deserves their righteous leaders and not someone who is imposing themselves on them.

That cannot last forever. The President cannot arrest all citizens, neither will all law enforcement have the conscience to brutally assault citizens and detain them for their civil disobedience. We can await the continued purge and wonder when something got to give. Peace.

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