Opinion: The NRM need to send Snoop’s Gummy Bear Army to the next By-Election!

There is something seriously wrong the National Resistance Movement (NRM), it is so systemic, so rampant and self-destructive, even more than 50 Cent. It is as if the NRM needs to find itself out and understand what it is. Because right now, they are trying to blindfold the public, trying to subdue the masses and lie on a grand scale. They are trying to put all blame on the opposition that won, when they ordered the soldiers into the streets. When they put the police in-charge and detained over 50 Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) activists and Campaign Officials. It is time to look at it 20/20 and get a new perspective, because right now, it is dumb, dumb dumb and dumber.

Time for the NRM to use the Sour Patch Kids of Method Man to dance on the tables, even use the Gummy Bear Army of Snoop Dogg from the Katie Perry song back-in-the-day. Because this is not cool anymore. That the party using intimidation, the ones collectively pre-ticketing ballots are complaining about the FDC. After they lost, a fourth round in a row they lost in Jinja East Constituency.

It is vindictive and very rare moment, that the by-elections swings this way, most of them has gone in favour of NRM. The one most significant before this was Kyadondo East, where Bobi Wine won the election over a NRM candidate. Therefore, this is a blow to the supremacy, but it was a narrow escape, in Kyadondo, the numbers was with such a margin the NRM couldn’t rig it, even if they tried. They did, but the public wouldn’t have it, just like they didn’t in Jinja East.

If the NRM should complain about the narrative of the fraudulent affair from the FDC. Why did none of them end behind bars? Why did none of them have issues with the soldiers? Why did they do whatever? They even pre-ticket ballots to the staggering numbers of 8,000 for their candidate, while walking away like nothing. Therefore, it is hard to defend that the FDC did something wrong, other than contesting and actually proving that they have the public behind them.

It is hard to take the NRM serious in this matter, when they are attacking the FDC for the same reasons, everyone else could question the state. The misuse of the police, the soldiers should be evident enough, that the state was ready and spent massive fortunes to win it. While the FDC hold campaign rallies and had help from FDC Central Executive Committee, as they camped there the week ahead. That is natural, when the NRM shots off all cylinders to take it.

It is time for the NRM to send the Gummy Bears, if they want to cry foul, not send highly trained military personnel into a civilian area, unless they want to cease local government and annex it directly to the State House. It just don’t make sense, the amounts of mambas and soldiers. Therefore, the NRM Secretary General Lumumba, should just have delivered the petition to the court and get a fifth round in Jinja East. Which, they will also loose, because their man isn’t any good. That is why the President want him just to sleep in the parliament and send him to India if he get sick.

Send the Gummy Bears and stop the nonsense. Peace.

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Jinja East By-Election: FDC Candidate Paul Mwiru won the seat again and it wasn’t easy!

For the fourth time, the Forum for Democratic Change Paul Mwiru won the seat in Jinja East By-Election today. Earlier in the day it was dark, it was bleak, not because he lacks public support. The rallies has been packed and the support of the citizens been there. The police and the army was all out, they were doing the work of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). It would have expected to move it in favor of the NRM Candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta. By the standard of things, the Electoral Commission would cook the numbers together with the pre-ticked ballots and proclaim Nabeta the winner. Because that would fit President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. However, the social media, the CCEDU presence and the people questioning the ill-behavior stopped the madness.

Even if the streets was filled with soldiers, even massive scores of soldiers at the polling stations. FDC activists and leaders detained. Even in the days before and today, the Deputy Secretary General Harold Kajja was detained today. We could have expected also Secretary General Patrick Amuriat Oboi too, who posted pictures with ballots earlier in the day, but Kajja wasn’t that fortunate. There are still many of the FDC activists, the ones meeting at the FDC Office after the final rally on the 13th March 2018. They are still not released. The NRM are not forgiving and has no problem with acting against the law, when coming to detaining political prisoners. This is not new in the Republic, but yet another election with this sort of intimidation and harassment of fellow citizens who is naturally loyal to the Movement.

So, the incumbent had his joys, even as the NRM used all their force, all the government extravagance and even the President rallying for his NRM Candidate. The same candidate that Mwiru has challenged since before 2011. With similar numbers as today. The state hasn’t sufficient support for their man in Jinja East, they are trying the same lingo, but dropping the spoiled goods every time. They have now called for new elections in between 2011 and now, therefore, he has been elected four times. We understand that Museveni wants his own guy, but Jinja East doesn’t support Nabeta that much.

Museveni can send the army, pre-ticket ballots counting 8000, when the total tally of counted ballots today was 12,103. That means with the numbers Nabeta got, he would have gotten today 5,043 + 8000 is totally 13043. If that had been so, it would have been more voters than possible. That meaning the EC was planning big scale locally cooking of the numbers to get Nabeta in Parliament. You should wrinkle your mind there. When considering that Paul Mwiru got 6,654 votes today. Which was significantly enough to beat Nabeta with the government backing.

The state even with soldiers, police force active in partisan politics and the machinery ready to move the rigging affair too. If it wasn’t for mobile phones and civil activist for electoral codes in CCEDU. The picture might have been a affair where the NRM had gotten their way. They had intimidated and shut it down in favor of Museveni’s man. Even if the population of Jinja East wants Mwiru again. Because, Museveni doesn’t get that. That is why they exposed all the madness, why the FDC camped there to secure it and not let it go.

It is good to see NRM loose, but it is costly, since they use all vile force, they doesn’t spare the security organizations, they use intimidation and tactics that isn’t favor of a free and fair election. It is so messed up and the ones who follow knows this. It shouldn’t be this hard to get an opposition Member of Parliament elected to the 10th Parliament. However it is, and it says everything about the NRM and Musveni at this point. Peace.

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Jinja By-Election: Intimidation and Rigging – The whole NRM M.O. in full effect!

Nathan Igeme Nabeta voting at Main Street Primary School in Jinja town.

You know that your candidate sucks, when you have to send the army into the streets of Jinja East. That is at least the evidence found for the National Resistance Movement Member of Parliament Candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta. Who can sleep and get sick as a future MP, because he will naturally work for the agenda and causes President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wants him too.

This Jinja East By-Election is just a proof, that the NRM regime are doing whatever they can to stop any independent mind or opposition MP into the Parliament. They use all venues, they arrest FDC personnel, the arrests their activists and their people on the ground. Just this week after the final rally for the FDC candidate Paul Mwiru, the state went to FDC Offices in Jinja and detained 51 of them. Without no hesitation, just to hurt the final stages of the campaign.

This just shows again, that the Uganda Police Force, is more political motivated, than being an actual crime-fighter brigade. Because they are working in favour of the president and his will. They do anything, not just to secure the voters get to vote in peace, but to intimidate, as usual. That is why tear-gas vans and other mambas has driving down the streets. It is insane, but only natural in the republic, which Museveni resides.

There are 47 polling stations, but considering the amounts of police and army personnel, you would not think this was not a by-election, but a hostile takeover. That someone was invading Jinja East and making sure, they did the right thing. In this regard, vote for the future sleepyhead Nabeta. I do not even know if he had a message during his campaign, because all that came out of his rallies. Was the standing and words of the President!

I do not know if that was by accident, but clearly, we cannot mistake that. Just like the clips and photos of the police beating anyone who they think might vote for Mwiru. If you think this democratic, if it is justified, you are wrong. This is just a vicious attempt of taking control of the seat in Parliament.

At this point, the NRM owns the Parliament and has the advantage anyhow, so I do not see it. Nevertheless, Museveni must conspire something out of his sleeve or back pocket. Because he has sent the irons, the blades and the tricks of his trade to the Jinja East.

At this point, the results does not matter, because the rigging, the anticipation for a fair result is gone. This is the sort of staged affair. That should be cancelled and new re-run with serious contending parties and no partial policing in the district, I know that is a dream, but that is if the ruling regime would fair. Which is not and never intend to be.

We know now that Nabeta is a sucky candidate, a candidate not worth writing about, as the popularity is in the hands of previous winner Mwiru of the FDC. However, the NRM and the Police wants it otherwise. I should care about the result, but it’s hard to do so, when the Police and the army is used in this fashion. It is petty politics, where the Commander-in-Chief, where the President sends his forces to teach his people a lesson. This isn’t an election. At this point, it is a Presidential Selection. Peace.

Statement by Hon. Onesimus Twinamasiko on remarks he made in the media about women (14.03.2018)

Opinion: President Museveni burns the candle at both ends!

Even if the NRM MP is sick and sleepy, he’s still better than an acting opposition MP who’s very active. He might be inactive in other things but if he seconds the issues of govt, then he has contributed a brick to the peace of the country” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at a Campaign Rally (13.03.2018)

It is time to for President Museveni to stop his mixed messages. Because today during a By-Election Campaign Rally, he said there was no issues if a National Resistance Movement (NRM) Member of Parliament is sleeping. Why I am revealed by that, is that he is initially telling the crowds. Just elect my stooges, my cronies, I decide anyway, it is all my agenda. All that is done is on my time and my watch. The NRM MPs can be sick and can sleep. You shouldn’t mind them. Because they are just voting when I need them, the rest of the time, they are just lackeys that I have to take care off. So it’s good that the President is telling the truth. Because that is what he did.

However, sleeping was a problem 24 hours ago. Therefore, it is okay for his lackeys, but not for people in general: “President Museveni has said Ugandans, and Africans more generally, are poor because they spend too much time sleeping. “Africa is so rich because we have got water, land, minerals, good weather. So, how does this (poverty) come about? It is because of nino (Langi for sleeping),” Mr Museveni said. In Africa, he noted, there is also a lot of “oversleeping”” (Oketch, 2018)

Shouldn’t there be a coherent message, that sleep for NRM MPs is good because it fixes my agenda and my life as President. But the citizens has to awake and work? How come? Why them and not the representatives? It doesn’t add up?

Well, if the riches, the cronies can get away with sleep, why shouldn’t the people of Gulu and Arua sleep? Why should they stress collecting, hustling and doing whatever, when their NRM representative is always sleeping the few times they have to show up for Plenary Session in Parliament. What gives?

Museveni is showing his lack of well-thought thinking. One day saying sleeping is bad, the next day it’s good. Africa and Uganda is poor because people sleep. However, his cronies and lackeys they can sleep all they want. They don’t have to work, because Museveni makes the agenda. When they are representing the people, aren’t it okay that the people also sleep? If they have sleepy-face in parliament, cannot the constituents be sleepy in alley and the valley? Why not?

I know that you have to awake to able to work. You have to enough sleep to be productive, that is the same for a farmer, as much as for an MP. Unless the MP get instruction and just have to vote “yay” and the day is done. While the farmer still needs energy to toil the soil and make sure the seedlings grow. So an MP needs less. That is natural, but still the MP should be the most eager, since the delivery of the MP is for his constituents and for the Republic.

That is lost in all of this, because Museveni wants people to sleep and not see his double-standard. Peace.


Oketch, Bill – ‘Sleep making Ugandans poor – Museveni’ (12.03.2018) link:http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Sleep-Ugandans-poor-Museveni-Dokolo-Africans-/688334-4337600-116na2m/index.html

The NRM Celebration in Kiboga only affirm one thing: They are all loyal minions to Museveni and his agenda!

If you believed the Age Limit fight and votes of 2017 was for the betterment of the Republic. Sorry brother, your so wrong, the celebration in Kigoba today is made for the 317 Members of Parliament, who voted for the Raphael Magyezi Bill. They are celebrating the life president of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This happens the same week the ruling party sacked dozens of staff. They can afford a grand party and start a second referendum for the President. They are now planning to change the constitution again, this time to add the Presidential Terms from 5 years to 7 years.

Therefore, the party is in the constituency of the Deputy Cheif Whip Ruth Nankabirwa, who led the removal of the article 102(b). Now she will led the change of the article 105(1). The National Resistance Movement, should just be honest, that all of them just serve one purpose. Working for the master and the President by all means. Not for democracy or for principals. Because Museveni has broken all his promises and pledges. This party proves that the NRM are broke this week, but can afford to slaughter 25 cows and pay buses for the MPs there.

They are now wishing Museveni Non-Stop and preparing for a new referendum, that fits the paradigm of the President again. Instead of age of the President, it is now the length of his term. They cannot put this on the age or the decisions, they are now countering it because they gave themselves longer terms. The 317 Members of Parliament has now a term lasting 7 years, instead of 5 years. Which should be long enough to be able to make a difference. However, they need longer time to be corrupted and work under Museveni.

So this party, is “Align and Arrive” campaign are yet another way of extending Museveni, just like they did themselves. It follows protocol that they work for him and not for the Republic. You know there is local problems in Kiboga Sub County NRM Chairman Stephen Matovu has asked for the president to buy a motorcycle for him. While the LC 3 Chairman of Kiboga Hajji Sulaiman Ssekiwunga has asked for a new house and car, after that has been torched. Therefore, the NRM and the State House maybe has to cover for their poltical affiliations has cost in the region.

Hope the bribes, the congratulations and the praise of themselves, to make sure Museveni can be for life. President Museveni are bashing and letting them praise it, because this is all making it seem like the party celebrates itself and accomplishment. Instead, it makes them look like they are catering even more to him. Because the NRM wouldn’t be there and have this event if it wasn’t for Museveni. The whole thing is that they won a “victory” for Museveni and used all means to do so.

The Victory Bash, is really just showing how the minions are working all for Museveni and his agenda. Not for making the republic better or give it better governance. That comes second or third. What comes first is Museveni and his needs. To say otherwise, is the second reason for this bash. It is to make sure he get 4 more years, not the change they did in 2017 to the Constitution. So they plan to alter it again, so he can become president for even longer. There no other reason for the event.

So just as these NRM MPs was getting bribes for their votes, get praise for the changes, they are now expected to move further the agenda for Museveni. To extend it even more, they are aligned to show allegiance and ready to arrive another step further for the life presidency. Because that is the goal, that the president will take his last breath as President. They want the same results as with Mugabe, that he clocked out, when he was over 90 years old. Because that is the values of the NRM, which want to be like ZANU-PF.

So do yourself a favor, stop talking about democracy and building a better Uganda. Your only serving Museveni and his agenda. Which is himself and no-one else. They are just useful props for his purpose. They are needed votes and cronies, which he can pay when needed be. The Constitution has to be altered for his narrative and not for the betterment of the republic. Therefore, the ones celebrating today, is complicit in the theft, in the taking and the total control in favor of Museveni. They are all tools who are getting used by him. So he can rule with impunity and with disgrace. Peace.