Opinion: Borrell cannot twist himself out of this one…

The metaphor of “the garden” and “the jungle” is not my invention. Some truly dislike it because, among others, it has been used by US neo-conservatives, but I am far from this school of political thought. In fact, the concept has been present in academic and political debates for decades, because it refers to a simple question that we face every day: should the international order be based on principles accepted by all, regardless of the strength of its actors, or should it be based on the will of the strongest, which is commonly called “the law of the jungle”? Regrettably, the world in which we live today looks more and more like a “jungle” and less and less like a “garden”, because in many parts of the world, the law of the strongest is eroding agreed international norms” (Josep Borrell – ‘On metaphors and geo-politics’ 18.10.2022).

The highest diplomat of the European Union was disgraceful lately and in his latest piece, which is made to apologize or to explain the sentiment. He is surely not able to backtrack or sound like his sincere about it. The European Exceptionalism is persistent with this man.

The Spanish seasoned politician and diplomat of the European Union, Josep Borrell has cornered himself and for a reason. He is diminishing and distorting his words. While we know very well why he said it and it doesn’t change the fact.

I don’t care if he evented the idea or not. You don’t need to be the first one to make it wrong. You’re just continuing a legacy of colonialism, European hegemony and the belief of a supreme continent. Because Europe is the “Garden of Eden” where people lived in harmony before God kicked them out for sinning. That’s how you’re sounding like and it’s off no good.

He continues: “Some have misinterpreted the metaphor as “colonial Euro-centrism”.  I am sorry if some have felt offended. I believe and have said, for instance to the EU Ambassadors last week, that we are often too Euro-centric and need to be humble and get to know better the rest of the world including the Global South. I have always spoken out against a “Fortress Europe” approach and been strongly engaged in advancing relations with other parts of the world. I also have enough experience to know that neither Europe nor “the West” is perfect and that some countries of “the West” have at times violated international legality” (Borrell, 18.10.2022).

You are the one saying it is and speaking it out. You even started again with the legalities and the modalities of the allegory. The metaphor is clear and for a reason. One is a organized unit and “clean”. The jungle is lawlessness and “dirty”. We can all get the gist of the outrageous attempt of neo-colonialism that was spewed out your mouth recently. It was so easy to see the European Exceptionalism, which you referred too and still does. You even did so in the beginning of this text, which is supposed to be an apology for what you did.

It doesn’t help that you speak out against “Fortress Europe” and says “the West” isn’t perfect. We all know that and see that on the regular too. “The West” and Europe is filled with misgivings and wrongs, which should be called out too. That’s why everything isn’t perfect in Europe either. So, why speak of the fear of “invaders” from the “jungle” in the first place? Isn’t that a sign of what you’re saying the metaphor doesn’t stand for?

Well, you cannot have it both ways. That’s not how this works. You brought up the “heart of darkness” and place of “wild animals”. You even speak of lawlessness, by defining such broad statement about the “global south”. That’s really infuriating, and you are doubling down on it too. How will this fit your mission statement? How is this fitting the standard of operation or how your will coordinate to bring better relations outside of Europe?

As a diplomat and a seasoned politician, you should know better, but clearly that’s too much to ask. He returns and deflects, instead of apologizing for what he did. Showing that somehow, this is who he is and what he believes in. He doesn’t believe in the multilateralism and only in European exceptionalism. That’s proven by now, because he wouldn’t have written an explanation like this, if not… Peace.

Opinion: Borrell preaches European Exceptionalism…

Oh gosh… this is going to be brutal… that a grown man said this and didn’t think better about his analogy is obvious. The Josep Borrell is the Vice-President in charge of coordinating the external action of the European Union. This is a role his had since December 2019 and his a seasoned Spanish politician.

So, in the mission letter it was even stated this:

Cooperating and working with others is what our Union is all about. We believe in multilateralism because it works. It makes us safer, more prosperous and better able to make the most of the major transitions of our times. This is why Europe will always lead the way when it comes to upholding and, where necessary, updating the rules based global order.” (Mission letter, 01.12.2019).

Certainly, Borrell haven’t taken the multilateralism to heart, which can be defined as: “Multilateralism is often defined in opposition to bilateralism and unilateralism. Strictly speaking, it indicates a form of cooperation between at least three States. Nevertheless, this “quantitative” definition is not sufficient to capture the nature of multilateralism. Indeed, it is not simply a practice or a question of the number of actors involved. It involves adherence to a common political project based on the respect of a shared system of norms and values. In particular, multilateralism is based on founding principles such as consultation, inclusion and solidarity. Its operation is determined by collectively developed rules that ensure sustainable and effective cooperation. In particular, they guarantee all actors the same rights and obligations by applying themselves continuously (and not on a case-by-case basis, depending on the issue handled)” (https://multilateralism100.unog.ch/about, 2020).

So with that in mind, we just have to read the regressive and partly astonishing speech from Borrell, which he should have considered never to say or even speak at a function. This is just pure European Exceptionalism. There is no denying in that and his mission is to believe in multilateralism, which is a stark contrast to that.

Here we go:

Here, Bruges is a good example of the European garden. Yes, Europe is a garden. We have built a garden. Everything works. It is the best combination of political freedom, economic prosperity and social cohesion that the humankind has been able to build – the three things together. And here, Bruges is maybe a good representation of beautiful things, intellectual life, wellbeing. The rest of the world – and you know this very well, Federica – is not exactly a garden. Most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle could invade the garden. The gardeners should take care of it, but they will not protect the garden by building walls. A nice small garden surrounded by high walls in order to prevent the jungle from coming in is not going to be a solution. Because the jungle has a strong growth capacity, and the wall will never be high enough in order to protect the garden. The gardeners have to go to the jungle. Europeans have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. Otherwise, the rest of the world will invade us, by different ways and means. Yes, this is my most important message: we have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. We are privileged people. We built a combination of these three things – political freedom, economic prosperity, social cohesion – and we cannot pretend to survive as an exception. It has to be a way of supporting the others facing the big challenges of our time” – Joseph Borrell (European Diplomatic Academy: Opening remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell at the inauguration of the pilot programme, 13.10.2022).

He clearly didn’t get the memo or in the hour of need had to make an analogy that is just infuriating and insulting. The sort of tenacity and hubris. His a supposed diplomat, who has a mission that is deemed into multilateralism. This speech is the opposite and is pure European Exceptionalism. It is disrespectful for the rest of world. In addition to the mentioned paragraph earlier in the Mission letter, I just feel like adding this as well:

To be a global leader, the Union needs to take decisions in a faster and more efficient way. We must overcome unanimity constraints that hamper our foreign policy. When putting forward proposals, you should seek to use the clauses in the Treaties that allow certain decisions on the common foreign and security policy to be adopted by qualified majority voting” (Mission Letter, 01.12.2019).

He was told to “overcome unanimity constraints that hamper our foreign policy” which this sort of speech isn’t doing. This speech is causing harm and showing an arrogance, which will not be welcomed in the “global south” or outside the continent. The ideals and the analogy is only showing a sentiment, which could resemble the reasoning for colonization in the past. Because, we in Europe are the best and we should be afraid of the ones outside the European continent. That’s deeply disrespectful and could be mentioned as racist.

Because, this is like the biblical “Garden of Eden” and someone coming in to destroy it. That’s not a good look and the European Union diplomat should reconsider his stance. This is not the story he wants to be on his name. Especially, if his supposed to follow the Mission Letter that was written to him in the first place. The European Commission should be shell-shocked by this, because this is doing them no good.

Borrell should consider himself here. It has been causing a stir online and rightfully so. It is distasteful and I thought European Union had come further. This is backtracking and into territories, which the EU don’t want to associated with. Peace.

Northern Ireland: 52 MLAs signs off on a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (13.06.2022)

Opinion: Boris will never take any responsibility for his own actions

Today is a day of reckoning, but don’t expect anything to come out of it. No, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government will never be hold accountable. They haven’t answered for the dead or unnecessary pains and suffering during the lockdowns. The PM haven’t answered for Partygate and haven’t paid his dues for that even. While students, citizens and others has lost their careers over the same plights.

That the industries are hurt by the “Third country” regulations isn’t the fault of the government. No, the people are just producing wrong products and not working hard enough. The ones producing whiskey and struggling to sell it through the new protocols to the European Common Market. Tough love and live with it. The same with the seafood and shell-fish industry, which has been severely hurt by Brexit. There been so many people who has lost their livelihoods or made it harder to trade.

Alas, it isn’t only the Northern Ireland Protocol that is the issue. It is just red-herrings upon red-herrings. The Bank of England dropping a report of a weekly loss of £440m, which only shows the costs of the Brexit. This is all across and the unemployment is growing, a strong stagnation and the years of austerity isn’t achieving anything. The poor is getting less and the rich has shell-companies with headquarters in Dublin. Therefore, they are not feeling the pinch, but the citizens are feeling it.

I don’t know how many times I have seen pictures of Tesco’s and Asda’s where there is lack of fruits and vegetables. Because, the lorries and the companies are not able to get enough produce through the protocols post-Brexit. The PM and his party promised less red-tape and throw forms in the bin. However, the industries, shipping-companies and everyone has been hit with more. There isn’t a soft movement and people are getting charged with the additional costs. If they can even afford or have the time to import it.

The citizens are even shocked of the prices of roaming data on their cellphones in Europe. The United Kingdom is a real third country and can banish asylum-seekers to Rwanda. However, the costs of trading and the financial implications are hitting home. Londongrad is hit and the financial institutions are damaged too. The businesses of UK aren’t the same as before and the downgrade is bound to happen.

The Tories has damaged the economy and internally it’s a reason why Labour is in control of Wales. Why the Scottish National Party (SNP) is the majority in Scotland and now the Sinn Fein has a majority in Northern Ireland. That’s because everyone else has reacted to the means and the ways the Tories have been governing of late. It is a reaction to the current affairs and belief that someone else actually knows what they are doing.

Boris Johnson promised a microwave ready deal and easier life. The only thing his delivering is higher costs, stagnation and worse financial forecasts. The state is losing and things are not looking better. The Tories has depleted and ensured measures that is hurting the economy. It is just like they got the freedom outside of the EU, but didn’t consider the implications of it and thought it would be without a price. Now the costs and the bills are coming to the public and the exporting industries.

While Boris doesn’t care… his just happy the pints and the wine-and-dine during the lockdown didn’t cost him anything. He only paid minor fines and didn’t have any real consequences to him. That’s why his not concerned that people having plights, that the working-class is struggling and the poor is left behind. They just have to pick up his slack and hope for magic to cover expenses. However, his party and associates don’t care. They just wants your votes and abandon you afterwards.

The proof of the remainers and the messages of possible damage of a Brexit has all come true. The results are now here and the people are feeling the pinch. The Tories doesn’t care and their arrogance is without no end. It is really unique… and they are proud of it too. The entitlement and they are not fearing the possible outrage of the people either. They just know and think they can dupe the public in the next snap-elections or whatnot. Since, the Labour, Liberal-Democrats or Greens aren’t that strong alone, but if they forge an alliance. They can become a threat to the Tories. As long as that doesn’t happen. These folks will believe they will have the majority again and think they can trick the public to vote for them again.

That the public votes for these sleazes are amazing. It is like they want the suffering and the plights. They want people who looks down upon them and demean them. That take away their benefits and gives tax-cuts to the rich. This is what the Tories does and people should be aware of this.

Boris Johnson isn’t just a liar, but he doesn’t want to be held accountable. If he is… he skips it and jump over the hurdles. Hoping that an international crisis can get people to forget about the current issues at home. He has created a lot of this. The Brexit problems and costs are self-inflicted by him and him only. Boris said everything was fine-and-dandy, but that wasn’t the truth.

Now, he got to take credit and be responsible. However, don’t expect it. It isn’t his kind. His not the sort of man that wants to be held to account. He rather be held in contempt and move-on to the next. Peace.

Ukraine: Vefhofstadt MEP wants more aggressive EU Sanctions…

In Brussels and the European Parliament… there is voices of reason as the European Union is releasing the 5th Package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. As the Russian-Belorussia invasion is on the 41st Day in Ukraine. The brutality and the acts of war is vile from the Russian forces within Ukraine. There is no mercy and Kyiv is burning. The Ukrainian state is bleeding… and European Union should sanction thereafter.

What the Member of European Parliament Guy Vefhofstadt is saying is so needed. The way and manner of which his reacting is resounding. Hopefully most of Europe listens to this, as the EU is putting forward their meagre 5th Package of Sanctions against the Russian Federation. That it’s implication is close to zero and is a lot of hot air. That is clear by the reasoning of the MEP.

Here is what he said earlier today!

You know why strategy doesn’t work? Because progressive packages of sanctions, with an autocrat, doesn’t work. That works with an democracy, with democrats who have a public opinion, a real public opinion. In Russia there is no longer a real public opinion. The reality is that it doesn’t work, because the fifth package is, what, coal. It’s ridiculous, it’s only three percent of imports from Russia. Swift, the ban, ridiculous. More than 50 percent of the financial institutions are still outside the ban. And oligarchs… The oligarchs, yes, we extend a little bit the oligarchs. The oligarchs will escape finally the sanctions, or lose a little bit of their money. You need to tackle the 6000 people around Putin, the real people working with Putin. And we have the list, Alexei Navalny, foundation of Navalny has made the list of 6000 people. These people you need to tackle. And so I have a request to you. I’m sorry that I’m telling it to you because I think that 90 percent of you agree with me. I’m pretty sure about that. So I wanted to say it to Michel and to Von der Leyen. In the name of 212: it’s time to change your strategy. It’s time to have an extra European Council as fast as possible, and to go for the full package of sanctions immediately, so that you can really make a difference. All the rest will not work. All the rest will prolong the war. All the rest will mean more killings on Ukrainian side. And finally, a little advice to my friends in Germany. I think after the horrors of the Second World War there has emerged – I’m finishing – a strong and democratic Germany, a very strong and democratic Germany. But from such a Germany I expect leadership. Leading by example and not dragging their feet, as we see it today” Guy Verhofstadt, MEP (06.04.2022).

The former Belgian Prime Minister and MEP speaks his heart out. He is surely tired of the bickering and the lacking results of the previous 4 packages from the EU. As an MEP and a former head of state. He wants to see results and actually help Ukraine. Not only doing lip-service and signs of solidarity.

Alas, the MEP wants to do things that really hurt Kremlin and the people around Putin. Not just damage certain industries or have some smaller collateral damage, which doesn’t even implicate the ones in power in Moscow. That’s why the European Council should reconsider their strategy, because Putin and Kremlin isn’t afraid. They are not really touched by this…

It is time to do it… the vile and war-crimes of Russia inside Ukraine should get a proper retaliation from the EU. If they are concerned about the lives of Ukraine. That is if they want Russian Federation to be really touched and not only lose minor percentages. Which is what the EU is doing now and for the fifth time. This is why the Russians aren’t stopping or losing steam. No, they are just brushing it off.

Since, Europe is still buying gas and funding the war-chest. While giving away small tokens and help to Ukraine. They are helping both parties to prolong the war, but not helping the one with what it needs in the middle of war. Instead, they are prolonging the agony… and people are dying endlessly.

The EU could do what the MEP says, but I wouldn’t count on it. If it didn’t cost the EU and the implications of it… the EU would have sanctioned this yesterday. That’s why EU will do it as a last resort, but not expect them to do it. That’s why Putin has the upper-hand and his gamble has paid off. Europeans will not risk losing the energy dependency and stop buying Russian gas. Therefore, the Russian Federation will not default and they will get funding to continue the war. Peace.

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Northern Ireland: First Minister Paul Givan resignation letter (03.02.2022)

Northern Ireland: Unionist Voice – UVPS legal action leads to a fatal blow to the Protocol (02.02.2022)

Opinion: Lord Frost resignation should shake the PM

We now see a man, who stood by, and been a loyal subject like Lord David Frost. His now the former Brexit Minister and the former chief negotiator with the European Union (EU). The member of the house of Lords, who was a part of the Brexit cause and stood by the ideals for it. A man that the PM trusted has now officially resigned. This was the project and the political reform of which both the PM and Lord Frost will be remembered for. Because, this has ushered in a new era and the stinks of it will linger on for ages. 

Lord Frost who has worked with the Tories and been aligned with the framework of which the Prime Minister had set forward. Now, that seems to have been lost and he has resigned. Since, 2016 the Government has had three negotiators and three state minister’s in-charge of the Brexit. Where it has clearly failed and not delivered.

If anyone who had the portfolio or accepted these roles should be ashamed. Not that they could deliver, it was a hopeless task. Nevertheless, they took it… because they could never deliver sufficiently to the Brexiteers and neither be regarded well by the remainers. The results of which they accepted and continued negotiations are battles where the Tories cannot win. They lack of progress and proven value for money is obvious as time goes by. The Brexit is only costing, making things more hard and the pennies for independence is bonkers.

David Davis, Stephen Barclay, Dominic Raab or Olly Robbins are all part of this clusterfuck. They have during the tenure of Theresa May and Boris Johnson not succeeded. This was bound to fail anyway. However, they could have patched up on some of the hurt. These gentlemen could have worked on overtime and tried harder. However, the stipulations and policies of EU would make it hard to jade things. Unless, the UK would have some leverage in concern to the EU, which would suffice in a negotiation.

Therefore, that Lord Frost drops out of his position after a half-year and been the first secretary of state for exiting the European Union (EU), which he we’re between July 2016 to July 2018. This is a man who has been in the forefront and known the whole process.

Lord Frost has been the man who has visited, talked and discussed all matters with the EU. This is the man that both May and Johnson trusted with this. That’s why it’s striking when he ditches it all and gives up now. This is a sign that things are not going well and we knew that already. As the lack of lorries, slow exports and other damages have come into fruition as time goes on.

When a guy like this drops out. You know things are dire and it’s burning. His said to resigned because of the direction the government is going. We know things are not running smoothly. There already been a rebellion and a vote against the government stance in Parliament. The Tories aren’t united behind Johnson and Lord Frost can easily sense that.

His dropping out as the PM is suffering from the sleaze, the corruption, the mismanagement and internal in-fighting, which is eating the government alive. The Tories isn’t a well run machinery at this point. There are so many voices and no coherent strategy. That’s why things will not get better or fast.

Lord Frost sends a chilling message. The PM should listen to it. Not that he has the integrity or the heart for it. This just shows how everything is wrong and it’s not working. When even the guy who has carried the weight and done his duty for you. Resigns on his own accord. Not that I am for Brexit, but at least Lord Frost stands up for what he believed in. Even if it was foolish or ignorant of the facts of how EU operates. Since, he doesn’t get it his way or is able to negotiate what he wants.

Alas, the latest By-Election wasn’t the only defeat this week. This is the second blow and the PM soon doesn’t have any shoulders to lean on. Peace.

Brexit: Boris Johnson is the inept populist

Some people who have been writing to me maybe worried about this, but I’m not worried about this because, actually, I think it will be good for their businesses to invest in people” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (05.10.2021)

In these troubling times it is evident that Tories leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is just a loudmouth and a populist. Who happens to run an inept and incompetent government. Nothing is ever prepared and the faults are always someone else. There is rage and bitterness.

Heck, the government have gotten all the warnings, by not only “project fear” but also the “Operation Yellowhammer”. In combination with industries already screaming out of possible troubles ahead and lacking preparations for the new procedures. The state has still pushed the message of a “oven-ready” Brexit. Said it would all be a prosperous time and when you enter the cabinet. Suddenly magical “Narnia” would appear in-front of your eyes and you would be sovereign in adventure land.

However, that notion and dream is shattered. By rotten fish, empty tanks and empty shelves. The Tories cannot even fix a major VISA programme for the HGV drivers. Boris Johnson says the problem will fix itself. Just like the burning of pigs, because there isn’t enough qualified people to slaughter them.

There is just an endless mess. Populist politicians have either become stranded in their cars searching for petrol. If not gotten their car damaged in a round-about too. There is just such mirages of daily events happening to the voices of this mess too. However, they will claim this is happening for another reason.

The UK have spats over fishing rights France. The Jersey Islands in the Channel might loose their electric. While the prices and inflation is souring. The government and the PM is down-playing it all, saying it is the global market and such which is the reason. However, it is not like there is shortages of goods across Europe. Yes, not a massive of amount of HGV drivers, but they are not returning to the UK either from Europe.

Boris Johnson is all hubris. He can lie and play around. Make funny videos of eating British food and toying around the issues of the day. Still, this doesn’t solve the lack of petrol in Bristol, Birmingham or Stockport for that matter. The soldier participating in doing is only patching the hurt, as thousands of drivers are missing.

The PM have forgotten a key detail to a reform change. To know the results and the aftermath of the actual reform. Secondly, to actually consider the reactions and causes it may have. In such a way that the government and departments are prepared and has methods to fix up-coming issues. The bureaucracy have even trained and simulated the possible outcomes. This is done so they are mentally and strategically ready for whatever come out of the reform. That will all be dropped in white-paper and be discussed in Parliament. Therefore, the House of Commons and Lords can discuss the ramifications and possible modifications ahead of it all.

That is how to prepare for things. The “oven-ready” withdrawal agreement was just another lie. Boris Johnson didn’t prepare anyone. Neither did he take any of the warnings and even with the worst case scenario of “Operation Yellowhammer” is happening so everyone can see. That must be humiliating, but he will not humble himself in this defeat. He hopes like all other scandals… that this will just go away and people forget it. This is why Johnson can be so nonchalant, because it has no costs to him.

Yes, there is an outcry and people are suffering in various of ways. There is talks of rations of various of goods, produce and petrol. As long as the standstill and lack of progress in logistics or haulage is there. Brexit has clearly shown that the Empire is over and they cannot even fix the basics.

They have voted for a pompous populist who isn’t serving the public. He prefers empty slogans and publicity stunts. What he will not do is to actually work and secure the citizens what they need. This is happening because of arrogance and lack of understanding to the “third country” paradigm with leaving the European Union. Also, not to forget how the government and authorities of Calais did the HGV drivers dirty last Christmas.

The PM and his people thinks people forget that quickly. Now people are seeing the results of the reform or the referendum. They have been lied to all along and promised a fairytale. Instead it is ending in tragic nightmare created by Whitehall and Downing Street. Now the people have to live in it and the PM is downplaying it. The same does the whole party and they are just saying: “it will be fixed eventually”.

However, eventually doesn’t help the man trying to get to the office. Neither does it help the ambulance or any other civil service member who needs a vehicle in their job. They need the petrol and need it to be able to function in their “duty”. Therefore, the PM is negligent of his job and not doing what he supposed to do. This is just tragic and reckless. Peace.

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