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Brexit: Chief Medical Officer Prof. Sally Davis letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg MP (05.09.2019)


Brexit: The memos of Boris shows his intent and how he failed!

It is not enough that Boris Johnson is losing in Parliament. His brother resigning and also Nick Hurd throwing in the towel. There is nothing in the present time that makes Johnson look smart or brilliant. Surely, his comrade in crime Dominic Cummings wish so, but his not succeeding.

We can see the whole plan with the suspension of the Parliament with the exhibit of Jonathan Guy Jones on the 2nd September 2019. This is marked as the “Exhibit JGJ/1”.

First of the memo of 16th August 2019, where he claims the September sessions are “rigmarole”. We are also seeing that its the advice of Nikki Da Costa and not directly his closest partner in crime. It is the memo of 15th August, where the PM got advice to prorogue for 5 weeks.

Part of that memo says: “Finally, politically it is essential that Parliament is sitting before and after EU Council. MPs and Peers must be in a position to consider what is negotiated, and hopefully pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. If there is no deal, they need to have an opportunity to hear what you have to say, and respond accordingly”.

And also the unicorns dream: “This does mean there will be a vote risk in mid late October, but that might also have political benefits; those MPs anxious about no-deal may welcome the government facilitating key votes on a known date close to EU Council, and the chance to table amendments, rather than having to find some peculiar mechanism which tear up convention and parliamentary procedure”.

On the third memo of the 23rd August 2019. Where it says: “You have a call with HM The Queen at 6pm on Tuesday 27 August to formally request the prorogation of Parliament and a State Opening on 14 October. A suggested speaking note will be provided Tuesday morning” (…) “The next day, the Commons Chief Whip, and the Leaders of the Commons and Lords, will go to Balmoral for a meeting of the Privy Council. There an Order in Council will be signed specifying the dates for prorogation and the State Opening. Shortly after that, a call will be arranged with the Cabinet so

that you can inform them of your decision, with the press and Parliamentary Party briefed immediately afterwards. The aim is to ensure that your messages land before MPs start to comment”.

This memo has been done to the T. The same has the advice of actually doing the suspension of the Parliament. Therefore, the memos showing the advice and intent, where they intend to keep this outside of Parliament and brief them later. All as inside operation, where they will get the notification after the HM Queen had accepted it.

The final released memo is the Minutes of a Meeting of the Cabinet by conference call on WEDNESDAY 28th August 2019 At 1005 AM”, where it stated: “the terrain between now and October would be rocky. Although there had been longer periods of prorogation in the past, they

were exceptional. Parliament would not normally be prorogued for a longer period than one to two weeks. It should be explained why in this case the period was significantly longer. The Government would be attacked for this decision, but it would be manageable” (…) “it was important that the messaging did not appear to pit the Government against MPs, especially if there was a prospect of an early General Election. A number of MPs had previously experienced abuse for positions they had taken on Brexit, and the Government should play its part in guarding against this” (…) “Concluding, THE PRIME MINISTER said that progress with the EU should not be exaggerated, but it was substantial. Whilst there was a good chance that a deal could be secured, there was also a high chance that it could not. Success would require a united and determined approach. Everyone joining the Government had d one so on the understanding that the UK might have to leave the EU without a deal. There were no plans for an early General Election. This would not be right for the British people”

This memos are signalling really heavy. That the HM Government have tried to do one thing in public and another behind closed doors. What is special with this is how early they are showing that Johnson are conning, but not able to pull through. Because, he and his allies seems they are stronger and confident, than how they really could be.

Boris and his fellows have shown that they planned and executed the suspension with full intention. That was done perfectly. However, the final memo shows where they fell off. They have gotten the MPs against them, by the removing of whip and the acts of suspension in itself. Not like the PM or his allies got a stronger deck of cards after the actions this week. The PM and allies did not guard the MPs, but has instead deselected them. Clearly, the PM and his people are acting a fool.

Lastly, the memo of the PM says there is no plan of a General Election, but he issued an petition for one yesterday, which got voted down. One out of 4 losses. Therefore, the memos just showing what the intentions and that they had a conning plan. But people was not buying it.

The PM knew this would be rocky, but his been shaken and is a minority PM now. Peace.

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Damian Collins MP letter to Dominic Cummings: DCMS Sub-Committee on Disinformation (04.09.2019)

Opinion: Boris second day of losses in the Parliament

The Bill that Boris Johnson didn’t want to pass. Has gotten through the three readings and is now awaiting voting and review in the House of Lords. The Bill has passed the three reading through the day. All of which the Prime Minister lost.

Just like yesterday he lost. He didn’t win much traction the PMQs either. It is just like his playing and bluffing. His speaking of doing negotiations with the European Union, while the EU is revealing their “no-deal” preparations. Clearly, his communications there hasn’t achieved anything. As the EU Commission is preparing for the worst scenario.

The House of Commons has voted for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill No. 6, which gotten through with some amendments. One even slipped through without counting of the votes. The now famous Kinnock Amendment, which gives way for another Meaningful Vote vol. 4. and opens for another round of the Theresa May Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament. This must really insult the intelligence of John Bercrow, whose already tired of discussing the same bills, again and again.

Now, the dynamic bluffers of Boris and Dominic has to configure things differently. As releasing the Whip to the rebels has made their majority shrink and they are practically an minority government with the DUP. As well, as Parliament who is in retaliation against them. The Tories are acting supreme, but has nothing to show for it. Johnson has lost all votes and couldn’t have badder days in office.

If he thinks that unicorns will march to his tune. He should really worry, because they don’t. They have tabled a bill to kill of a ‘no-deal’. Something that the PM clearly not accepting. That is why he retaliated to his own party MPs who voted against him yesterday. Today one more rebel, but that one is apparently saved by moment of grace. Sort of like Kinnock who can slip an amendment through the protocol of the chambers.

That Johnson now after failing miserably … will table his motion for an General Election on 15th October 2019. Isn’t out of self-interest or care for Parliamentary Democracy. It is a snap-election to hopefully secure a stronger mandate with more loyal hobnobs to secure a ‘no-deal’ and leave by 31st October 2019.

While thinking that the MPs, the majority of MPs want to do this and risk it all now. Seems a bit much. Especially, considering that the Tories are just using this a pawn now. Just like they have done with everything else. We cannot expect he does it with good intentions, because there is none other than career progression of fringe part of the Tories. The rest is casualties.

Well, Boris is losing. Let see how much the he will lose in the near future. Peace.

Brexit: One Nation Caucus call upon PM to Reinstate Party Whip to Colleagues (04.09.2019)

European Commission: Brexit ‘no-deal’ prepardness: Final Commission call to all EU citizens and businesses to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal on 31 October 2019 (04.09.2019)

Opinion: Boris lost the Parliament yesterday and he might loose more tonight!

We have heard arguments about the importance of limiting these emergency debates. My right hon. Friend the Leader of the House is very good at keeping a straight face when he is coming out with arguments that are almost incredible. The benefits of trading solely within the WTO I will leave on one side. I am sure the North Koreans thrive under that in every conceivable way. [Laughter] I think it is only the North Koreans, the Algerians and perhaps the Serbians who do that. When the Leader of the House says how important it is that this House defends its traditions by making sure that in no circumstances can it ever debate business of its own choice, even in an emergency—and I know that he is a profound parliamentarian and deeply committed to the wellbeing of this place—his ability to keep a straight face is quite remarkable. However, I am being deflected from the serious point I was making” – Kenneth Clarke, Conservative MP of Rushcliff, Hansard, 03.09.2019)

If Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson was smart, they would surrender their smokescreen. Their play of the guards is shown now. That the deselect or took away the Whip for the 21 rebels after the voting on the motion yesterday. Just shows how lack of finesse and understanding of the Parliament is.

That is not weird considering the same fellows finds it’s a good idea to suspend the Parliament for 5 weeks and give no time to look into the final matter before withdrawing from the European Union (EU).

Johnson has had the ability to go from having a majority in Parliament to be an undertake today. His gone from +1 to about -40 MPs. This before the voting tonight on the actual bill, which will take away powers from the Prime Minister and his closest associates.

Surely, they have done what they can do, but with their actions yesterday of deselecting several of rebel MPs. It is more likely that the motion turned into a bill will be voted through today in House of Commons. There is less allies and Johnson is a minority PM. He is living on bought time. Even if he calls for an elections, the MPs might vote against him. Because, the Opposition see it is being done on a gamble and a gambit, but not in the intentions of an actual principal representation in Parliament.

We can anticipate a further hurdle today, where the Tories will gobsmack and come out of left-field. Where they have crazy amendments and suggestions, as if it will change anything. To hopefully delay the vote. Because Johnson wants to reign supreme, even when his surrounding is otherwise. If he believed in the Parliament, he would done procedure of usual 5 days suspension, but not 5 weeks. In the midst of the Brexit crisis.

That the Tories acted they way they did, they have also lost 21 more MPs combined with the one that resigned yesterday too. This means, that Johnson will go into today with less support and lesser structure around him. As he tries to get his deal. If more Tories rebel tonight, will the deselection continue and will they loose their whip?

Because, that seems likely, since the Party did it in spite. The leadership now has rebelled countless of times, but not accept rebels. Which is a rare combo. They expect loyalty, but has given no reason for why it should be given.

Unfortunately, a section of my party has become hijacked by a narrow sector of those who voted to leave, and who are simply using the will of the people as an instrument of potential tyranny against any of those who disagree with them. That is clear to me from the stream of emails that I routinely receive. I am afraid that it has now been fuelled by the words of the Prime Minister, and, indeed—I regret to have to say this, but I will—by the words of the Leader of the House today. It was fascinating to listen to the Leader of the House. I had always imagined that he had marketed himself in politics as an individual who formed part of the grandest tradition of old-fashioned Conservatism, so I was rather surprised when I heard him say that one of his objections to why the House should do its duty was that it would interfere with the great set pieces that followed a state opening of Parliament. Of course, as a Conservative, I love the great set pieces of our constitution, but I do not think that, at a time of national emergency, my constituents in Beaconsfield would have much regard for me if I said that those great set pieces must come before my doing my duty” (Dominic Grieve, Conservative MP of Beaconsfield, 03.09.2019).

Tonight will be bloody too. Don’t expect anything else. However, don’t expect Boris to win. He lost his first vote and it will not be his last. Peace.

Brexit: Statement from Labour MPs for a Deal (03.09.2019)

Opinion: The UNSC should mandate the AU, ASEAN and USAN with an Observation Mission and TAMM in the UK!

It is an utter scandal how the lack of democratic values, how the Prime Minister and the sovereign nation of United Kingdom is acting. That its risking its place in the Europe. This being done by an government who suspend it national assembly, wanting to govern by decree in the days for the biggest decision and leaving the EU by 31st October 2019.

Since, Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are making a smoke-screen of the world. While the state there is making a mockery of the citizens. Using riot-police to silence the public and also stopping the national assembly for 5 weeks. This is what the PM does now. He does it in the vital time before the clock is run-down.

With this in mind, there is a need of United Nations Security Council to mandate of the African Union (AU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Union of South American Nation (USAN) should be allowed to send Observation Missions and create an Transitional and Arrangement Monitoring Mechanisms (TAMM) who will secure the Brexit. Because, the international community in combination with this bodies can send honourable world leaders to ensure the Tories and the MPs are doing the right thing.

In the midst of the crisis, the government and the parliament seems to need help. It needs some resolving bodies and multi-national bodies can give it guidelines to help the transition, which respect the will of the public of the United Kingdom and also the rest of Europe. Because, the UK seems to need it.

That the AU, ASEAN and USAN can combine their strengths, be outsiders looking into the grievances between the EU and UK. Where the they can monitor the needed stipulated articles and statutes to ensure a proper break. Since, it is seemingly after this three year long process and they are not able to figure it out.

Can, the United Nations Security Council in combination of the AU, ASEAN and USAN get mandate to have an Observation Mission with a TAMM in the United Kingdom. It it is needed, they just don’t know it themselves yet. Peace.

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