When did it become okay? That the Politicians of our time are richer than businessmen!

There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.” Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

Something is wrong in our day and age. When the Members of Parliament, the politicians and the appointed leadership are richer, than ever before. When the politicians and the ones representing us are richer than the ones building factories and owning businesses. That is just wrong, that is not right. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

The Members of Parliament, the politicians, the councilors and the local government officials wasn’t supposed to be the kingpins and have the biggest mansions. They are supposed to represent us and make sure that society are working for all of us. Maybe with different ideology and party affiliation, but their existence and their livelihood depend on the idea, that they are representing us. The politicians are supposed to be there for us and be there as guards. And if we don’t like they way they are guarding our society, we change them with someone else in the next election. That is how it is supposed to be, right?

However, that is not the case in our day. To many places they are honorable, they are noble, they have more businesses than businessmen, they have more investment too. They are using their connections for government tenders and also trading with State Owned Enterprises (SOE). All of this so they can sponge off the state and secure even more profits on the dime of the citizens. Instead of delivering and representing, they are become traders of faith and billing society too.

That wasn’t the intention. It wasn’t supposed to be rigged elections and fixed results. That makes sense for the leadership not representing the people or delivering. Since they don’t have to, it is just a charade securing the leadership “legitimacy” with an election, but the people didn’t elect them. That was ghosts, bots and algorithms. They have no interests in caring or delivering. Neither has the ones who used a coup to gain power. They fought there for their own will, not depending on the goodwill and trust of the public.

There are so many leaders and MPs, so many parliamentarians who seems more preoccupied with their SUVs, Mansions, Salaries and expense accounts. That they are not considering the troubles of the working people, about the pensioners and the ones unemployed. They are just happy go lucky, that the fortune hit them. The poverty, the lacking services and the misuse of power doesn’t mind them. These people could make it on their own, that is why they are unfortunate. Not that it’s the MPs, the Presidents or the representatives who didn’t see who they represent.

When we forget that they are representing us, they are representing the ideas of our society and the will of change that is needed. There is always need for change and need for productivity. There is always need for service delivery and making sure the government are accountable. However, when the representative is more keen on their own pockets and getting connections to enrich themselves. Then they loose their meaning and their purpose. They are then marionettes for the elites and the corporations. The politicians becomes stooges and relics instead of the representing the people of their constituency.

This has to change, we have to change this, we cannot accept that the MPs, the politicians are taking us for granted and using us for their own gain. They are there to serve, unless they don’t change. We have to serve them, we have to demonstrate and boycott their well-wishers. We cannot just look at these leaders of ours and be happy with it.

If they wont represent us, then we have to get fresh blood. Get people who actually care and give a damn. Because the ones in our time are greedy, selfish loot of people, who needs to recognized and be dealt with, before we are dealt with and we will be left behind. Peace.

Maimane points on struggle for jobs on Workers’ Day (Youtube-Clip)

“On this Workers’ Day…Spare a thought for the 8-point-2 million South Africans struggling to find work. That was the request of DA leader Mmusi Maimane. He spent the day in Cape Town, celebrating the repeal of over 300 by-laws and policies which he claimed stifled the growth of small and medium businesses” (SABC Digital, 2016)

MDC-T 15Bidza Harare rally (Youtube-Clip)

MDC T 14.04.2016

A brief look into it!

Thousands of MDC-T supporters flooded the streets of Harare central business district in a demonstration against government’s failure to turn around the economy, among many other issues.

In a press conference held Wednesday evening, MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora said the court ordered the ZRP to pay MDC-T’s application costs and to assist the party in holding the demonstration. “We are very excited that we have trampled the Mugabe regime as the judgement passed today (Wednesday) by the courts allows us to march in Harare and all the other cities and towns around the country,” said Mwonzora (Zimbabwe Hub. 13.04.2016).

ZRP deployed water canons to strategic areas including at the Harare Magistrates court where thousands of MDC-T supporters gathered for the march against corruption, poverty and human rights abuses. It took a High Court decision for the march to go ahead after the MDC-T appealed police decision to block the demonstration claiming they were unable to provide officers to monitor the marchers” (Zimbabwe Hub, 14.04.2016).

The Pictures show how peaceful the demonstrations been and the Regime does what it can to hold the will of the people down. Peace.

Press Statement: DA calls on Public Protector to investigate Zuma over Guptagate scandal (18.03.2016)

Zuma 2

The Democratic Alliance (DA) calls on the Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela, to launch an investigation into the alleged abuse of executive power by President Zuma, relating to the manner in which at least one ANC member was offered a cabinet position in exchange for committing to make Gupta-friendly executive decisions.

This follows revelations earlier this week by the former chair of Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises, Vytjie Mentor, who revealed that she was offered the job of Minister of Public Enterprises by the Guptas on one condition: she “drops the SAA flight-route to India and give to them”. Mentor further alleges that President Zuma was on the Guptas Saxonwold premises at the time, in a room next door.

This voluntary disclosure by Mentor is part of an ever-growing list of ANC members who have publically admitted that they have been approached by the Guptas, including Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jonas, Public Service and Administration Minister, Ngoako Ramathlodi and former Public Enterprises Minister, Barbara Hogan.

These revelations directly implicate President Zuma, and after laying criminal charges against Atul and Ajay Gupta yesterday, it is our view that the Public Protector is most appropriately suited to deal with the matter at hand in relation to President Zuma.

The DA contends that the Public Protector should investigate whether President Zuma violated Paragraph 2(b) of the Executive Ethics Act by:

(iii) Exposing himself to any situation involving the risk of a conflict between his official responsibilities and his private interests;

(iv) Using his position or any information entrusted to him, to enrich himself or improperly benefit any other person; and

(v) Acting in a way that may compromise the credibility or integrity of his office or of the government

We trust that the Public Protector will take swift action and begin an investigation as soon as possible. Individual members of my caucus will also, where applicable, be lodging complaints with the Public Protector in respect of individual ministers who are in possible violation of the Executive Ethics Act.

In addition to this, I will be asking parliamentary questions to all cabinet ministers, to ascertain whether they or their the Deputy Minister(s) have ever met with any member of the Gupta family or attended any meetings at the Saxonwold Estate in Johannesburg since taking office; and if they have, what the details of each meeting was.

I have also already moved a substantive motion in the National Assembly (NA) requesting that the House establish an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the close ties between the Gupta family and President Zuma, including their alleged involvement in the capture of State resources and their undue influence over the Executive. I will move to have this motion debated in Parliament’s sitting on 17 May 2016, and for the National Assembly to vote on this matter in that very sitting.

South Africa cannot afford to have the Gupta family using the South African government to further their own business interests. It cannot be that President Zuma’s close ties to one family are overlooked when these ties result in undue influence over government business. 8.2 million jobless South Africans deserve better.

NRM organized a sham demonstration; Doing it by facilitating the newly formed Youth Action Against Imperialism (YAAI) to create hostility towards the international community; as an reaction to the questions from the Missions concerning the recent elections.

Action Youth Initiative - NRM 03.02.2016

Yesterday there was a group demonstrating in front of the European Union Embassy and the U.S. Mission in Kampala as a reaction to the involvement in the elections. As the NRM-Regime has already told the Foreign Missions during Pre-Election time to not be involved in local politics.

Malik Kiberu was the leader of the Youth Action Against Imperialism (YAAI) Kiberu is a law student at UCU in Mukono under a State House sponsorship. President Museveni has himself pledged 53bn to the group so they could do their work. Another key member of the group is Burora Anderson who is their Chairman.

They are after the ordeal in front of the embassies taken to Kabalagala Police Station. Though the notion is that they could speak their peace and let go, as they are a part of the ruling party and there not seen as criminals; as they have done this on NRM payroll and proves to what extent NRM-Regime goes to make mockery of intelligent people. Yet another proof of how they pay unemployed youth to stage a demonstration and storm embassies in the capital. It is just a sad sight. An you know there something strange behind it all when only Bukedde writes about it and express the matter. The Bukedde is part of the State Media and the Vision group. So that makes it even more suspect with the reports of how they are funded and the timing of the demonstration.

NBS 03032016

NBS wrote this yesterday:

“Group of 10 “anti-imperialism” youths arrested after they attempted to storm the US embassy. The group stormed US embassy demanding that America ceases to interfere in Uganda‘s affairs or else govt should expel all Americans” (NBS TV Uganda, 03.03.2016).

The US Embassy answered this to question about the “Attack” from a worried person on Facebook:

U.S. Kampala Embassy 03.03.2016

The whole story is suspect and sounds all to me like a fraud. I still press it though as the NRM-Regime have done lot’s of suspect things before and bend the laws to their advantage when they can. That they would create a fake organization to put pressure on the foreign mission would not be surprising thinking about that the U.S. Mission and EU Mission has asked to get the results and follow up on the announcement after the elections. That must hurt the NRM and President Museveni that they don’t automatically acknowledge and congratulate him. Peace.

If you had forgotten Ofowo Oponod wish during the Pre-Election Period: 

EU Out of Politics Pre-Election Period

(the Internet does not forget). 

Norman Thumuhimbise speaking out after the abduction and will report the Kampala Metropolitan Police tomorrow!

Finally is hespeaking to the world. After he was unjustly taken to custody by security organization earlier this week. Norman Thumuhimbise of the Jobless Brotherhood is being punished for speaking the truth and telling stories of youth who just want to work and not be unemployed anymore in Uganda. For that and for using peaceful tools to campaign for the cause that he is involved in. The Police and Security Organizations has done him and other oppositition people has also gotten this actions against them. And the world should take notice and give the regime a little of piece of mind. Instead it looks like it close it eyes shut because its in the wrong zip-code. If the giant media houses doesn’t care! I do.

One last thing:

The saddest thing is that he has to REPORT AGAIN to the KAMPALA METROPOLIAN POLICE!! After he has been unlawfully detained by people serving the security agencies and even the police. They interrogated him unlawfully and dumped him! Still has now to go back to the police and report himself. That can’t be just and lawful behaviour of the Police in the State of Uganda! Peace. 


This is the press release on the 26th of August from Freedom House:

In response to the apparent abduction and detention of Ugandan youth activist Norman Tumuhimbise on August 19, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“Freedom House is concerned by Ugandan authorities’ apparent abduction and illegal detention of Norman Tumuhimbise, a youth activist, in an undisclosed location until his release August 26,” said Vukasin Petrovic, director for Africa programs. “The Uganda Police and Uganda Human Rights Commission should immediately investigate his abduction and release the findings publicly as soon as possible. As Uganda’s 2016 general elections approach, the Government of Uganda should ensure that the fundamental rights of human rights activists, as enshrined in the Constitution of Uganda, are respected.”


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