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Ethiopia: Fatal resistance in the Amhara Region!

In Ethiopia, the problem is that you don’t know who’s who. You don’t know who to trust. You don’t have any freedom”Feyisa Lilesa

There been utter silence on the fatal resistance in Ethiopia. Where certain regions are still under fire by the central government or the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Revolutionary Front (EPDRF) or the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). They have done whatever they can to silence the oppression and the resistance in the region.

Down down with the regim, down down with TPLF. We denounce the brutal killings of protestors in Woldia, Kobo, Wello, Amhara and all across the country, ” chanted young people in Mersa as they protest against the massacre in Kobo and Woldiya that killed over 60, heavily injured hundreds, and damaged business worth of millions, according to eye witnesses” (Amhara Press, 28.01.2018).

On the 21st January 2018 in Weldiya in the Amhara Regional State during the demonstration during the festival town. The Aghazi force has killed 5 people. During the whole Festival and Weekend reports was about 20 people killed by the military, as the crackdown continued. This is the second year in the row the government attacks the religious festival of Irrecha. One of the killed people was a twelve year old boy.

On the 22nd January 2018 the United Nations Department for Safety and Security in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia sent out a Secret Memo warning the UN workers of traveling in the Amhara region. Specifying all WHO Staff from crossing from Woldoya to Mekele. That staff should take an alternative route to Western Tigray area. Also make sure WHO staff in Mekele Office needs caution in the events of revenge. This means the United Nations and WHO would know about the activity in the region. The clearest statement was this: “The events in Amhara are quite far from our office in Bahir Dir. (roughly 500 kms away), however UNDSS temporarily suspended all UN road mission inside or the Amhara Region”. This was all warnings made by Alaa Farouk.

So with the knowledge of the internal memo of the UNDSS of 22nd January, the people should know the actions of the EPDRF or TPLF is bad. As the Aghazi Squad and Tigrayan Army are there answering the demonstrations with violence.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights:

“We are extremely concerned by the use of force by security officials against worshippers celebrating the Ethiopian Orthodox festival of Epiphany this weekend that left at least seven people dead and a number injured. The incident, in Woldiya City in Amhara Regional State on 20 January, reportedly took place when the security forces tried to stop people from chanting anti-government songs and allegedly opened fire on them. Protesters reportedly later blocked roads and destroyed a number of properties.”” (UN High Commission for Human Rights, 23.01.2018).

On the 25th January the reports of attacks by the government in the town of Kobo. Unclear about how many who was killed here, but their been burned state buildings and cars. As the civil unrest and demonstrations in the region is rising. Small towns in and around Kobo, the people has started to demonstrate as well. Over two days of demonstrations, the military has killed about 10 people.

In areas like Mesra, at least 16 people are killed. There been dropped bombs over the town. The Police Station, Local Court, residences and the local Administration Office was burned down. That was done on the 27th January 2018. “Everyone has boycotted Tigrain business in town as they are spying us, and leading the repression here in our city. They are in a loss. They wanted to sell their property. But, nobody is interested in visiting in their real estate show time. Arson sabotage seems to be the most revengeful and profitable way out for them,” says Kindu, a real estate agent in North Wello, Amhara, Ethiopia” (Amhara Network, 27.01.2018).

So within quick counting within a week in the Amhara region, there been killed by state security agents over 60 people. That is safe estimates, not even exaggerated or bloated. The TPLF and the Aghazi Squad could easily taken more people’s lives. This is just the safe numbers of actually deceased. It could be much worse. This regime has no scruples and showing it with sending the army against their citizens. That should be a warning and unsettle anyone. Since they are using the vile force of oppression against their own. Peace.