PM May are walking on thin-ice with the Tories/DUP Coalition talks and the Brexit negotiation!

Just as Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams proclaim in-front of Number 10 Downing Street today alerted the world, again that the current arrangement between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), as the talks between them continues in London. The Northern Ireland peace-process and negotiations continues to linger on the Tories. They have officially opened the can of worms and cannot swallow it quick enough. Because there more problems lingering for the term ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement aren’t finalized. The Queens Speech for the entering of new government has also been postponed, and none of the deals are agreed before the start of Brexit. Which was declared by the European Commission today.

The following joint statement has been issued by the Department for Exiting the European Union and the European Commission:“Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s Chief Negotiator, and David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, agreed today to launch Article 50 negotiations on Monday, 19 June.”(European Commission, 2017).

So the United Kingdom and their process of leaving the European Union (EU), as the notification has been triggered and the issues remain the same. The EU has guidelines for the negotiations with the Member State leaving. But the Party leaving is divided and weak, they not even prepared for the trade-off or even the future questions of sovereign state or even as possible state working together with European Union.

While the Tories are working on their coalition with DUP, the Northern Ireland party involved in direct in the United Kingdom government or Her Majesties Government. So the Sinn Fein statement from Gerry Adams of violating the Good Friday of 1998, seems fair and just observation by the Republicans of Northern Ireland. As the Unionist Party are involved directly and trying to figure out a way to get more power for giving majority to the Tories. This seems like Arlene Foster and Theresa May has no issues burring the Good Friday Agreement, making it all clear in Northern Ireland, that the Unionist are the right citizens and their needs. Not the general Northern Irish, as the people are still trying to fix Stormont or the local councils, are the wounds are still fresh. Therefore, the ties with IRA and other Unionist Militias are controversial, as the para-military brigades are feared for creating violence.

This can flair up when the dust settles and things starts to go south. The Northern Irish parties should fear the DUP influence and their capacity in London. British are now totally involved and also partial with DUP as their role in the government and as benefactor for the possible coalition. This would be what-so-ever party who would be in coalition in London from Northern Ireland; if it would be Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), Alliance Party of Northern Ireland or Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) the answer would still be the same. They are to involved in the government of London and United Kingdom.

So on Monday the 19th June 2017, the British officials will not government officials, as the government are not authenticated, not even deliberated by the Queen who officially opens the Parliament and the Cabinet. This will not happen before 21st June 2017. Therefore, the government, who is not official are negotiated. But you know they are on thin-ice when they have to release this statement:

Today I met Northern Ireland’s five main parties with a clear focus on restoring devolved Government to Northern Ireland as soon as possible” (…) “But time is running short and the parties must come together by the 29 June for the return of a strong voice at Stormont and for a brighter future for everyone in Northern Ireland” (…) “My government remains absolutely committed to doing everything we can to help take this process to a successful conclusion, remaining steadfast to our commitments in the Belfast Agreement and its successors” (…) “The Northern Ireland Secretary will continue to engage with the parties before this crucial deadline and if no resolution is reached then we will need to consider what steps we need to take, to ensure Northern Ireland has the political stability it needs” (Prime Minister’s Office, 2017).

Prime Minister Theresa May are clearly not aware of the Belfast Agreement or Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and the Executive Agreement of 2008. So that the PM May are talking of short time for the future of Northern Ireland. Because the United Kingdom government is not official, not even as Brexit starts. The possible violation as the DUP are working their perks with the Tories to finalized the coalition. That secures the Prime Ministers position, but that is at the same time directly interfering with the talks of 29th June 2017. They are happening as the new government and coalition are appearing.

That the Unionist and DUP doesn’t care about the Republicans are clear by their actions in this matter. If they cared about that, they wouldn’t consider the coalition, as the peace and prosperity of the political agreements of Northern Ireland would matter more than UK Government. Alas, that is not the case and the world can see how power-hungry the DUP is. This isn’t the short-con or the long-con. This is the opening of wounds and destruction, just so someone can stay Prime Minister. That someone in London can with their impartiality in Northern Ireland, Belfast can be turned upside down because of this.

She might not only be remembered for breaking the Good Friday Agreement, undo the peace of Northern Ireland and also regain her wobbly government into the Brexit without a clear policy or legal authority. Theresa May may actually be able to in her lifetime to restart conflict in the NI and also create more polarization with the Holyrood and Edinburgh. As the Scottish Independence and Northern Ireland peace process might jeopardize lot’s of strength the Brexit and her own stability.

There brewing trouble in Belfast, there brewing grand-issues in London and in Edinburgh. Only Cardiff in Wales that are steady as it goes. And if there is issues in Belfast, the Dublin will react as well, as there is fellow Irish people who needs support. That means a Member State of the EU has issues with the way a current, but leaving Member State are handling internal-affairs. The Republic of Ireland will react as it has done with even a phone-call Taoiseach and the worries of Ireland. We can wonder if Leo Varadkar will do. The Irish will certainly not accept the breach of agreement, since the Good Friday Agreement was between the Irish, British and Northern Irish counterparts. That is because all of them see it their territory.

We can just wonder if Theresa May wants to risk so much, create such a fragile and troubled state, just for the sake her staying in power. That the Northern Ireland politics and agreement should be more important, that is if she was considering something else than her own career. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to be important. It would be humiliating to step-down and let another minority government come into power. But wouldn’t it be even worse to jeopardize the peace and open up the wounds in Northern Ireland! Peace.


European Commission – ‘Joint statement by the Department for Exiting the European Union and the European Commission’ (15.06.2017) link:

Prime Minister’s Office – ‘PM statement following Northern Ireland talks: 15 June 2017’ (15.06.2017) link:

Footage: “We told Theresa May very directly that she was in breach of the Good Friday Agreement” says Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin message of equality, rights and unity for London (12.06.2017)

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey said the party’s MPs will use their mandate to promote equality, rights and Irish unity and designated special status for the north within the EU.

Paul Maskey was speaking as the new seven-strong Sinn team was preparing to travel to London for a two-day series of meetings.

The West Belfast MP said:

The new seven-strong Sinn Féin team of MPs is hitting the ground running”.

We have received a huge mandate from the people for our platform of equality, rights for all and Irish unity and our opposition to Brexit”.

We will meeting with British Secretary of State James Brokenshire, other political parties, trade unions and journalists as well as the Irish diaspora to update them on current political developments”.

The Sinn Féin delegation will be making the case in London for the re-establishment of political institutions, which deliver for all, and to campaign for designated special status for the north within the EU.”

My honest letter to Theresa May on a possible Tories/DUP Coalition!

12th June 2017, Oslo

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom!

I write to you today in haste, because of the implications of your reckless behavior. Not because my token or my place in United Kingdom matters, because it doesn’t. I would be hired foreign worker, who would work on a Schengen Visa (EEA) and do a boring job in London, while fleeing on the tube to eat pot-noodles in the evening. Alas, I am foreigner who will not do so.

I write to you because it seems like you will risk peace and safety in Northern Ireland, so you and your party can continue to reign. It seems like your Executive position and power are more important than the agreement of the past. You wrote in your manifesto that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour would have a shambolic coalition. Now, at this very moment its like you create your own problems.

We all understand, that after your horrendous campaign and weaken mandate need help. You need someone to give you a hand, as your power has ceased and the lacking need of mandate to run the House of Commons. It must be hurtful to be beaten by someone like Corbyn and their political framework. Therefore, you are doing now own thing to stay.

Instead of caring about the Northern Ireland peace process, you are meddling in the middle because you need Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), one of the big parts of the Northern Irish politics. It would be like the Sinn Fein would join the Fine Gael and Irish Labour Party in Dublin. As the Northern Irish politics are still been in collaboration between Dublin and London. Because the Northern Irish politics are still between the ones loyal to crown and the other the Irish republic.

However, the Tories, you Mrs. May are not concerned about this, you seem selfishly aware of it, but doesn’t anticipate what the means of power are doing. It seems like you haven’t studied the Good Friday Agreement and it’s ‘Impartiality Clause’. This agreement of 1998 set the standard for how the Irish and the British was supposed interfere in Northern Ireland. Together with the Power Sharing of 2008 where the ‘Strand One’ are putting both parties of Unionist and Republican’s in either First Minister or Deputy Minister. This is done as the d’Hondt procedure as if one is elected another has to take part. So if the agreement of 2008 matters to May, she should involve Sinn Fein.

This means that you Theresa May have not only to think about what the team around DUP and Arlene Foster wants, but has to think about the needs of Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill. The needs of the Republicans and the agreements that has secured peace and possible solutions shouldn’t be drained by need of support in the House of Commons. You should see that, Prime Minister! Or is your need to reign more important than the possible implications in NI?

That there are so many questions and you open a can of worms. And when you release it is hard to exterminate it. I have not written about the policies or the distinguished characters of DUP that your allying yourself with. Since that has other done so properly, so I don’t have to. But what matters it is the dire consequences of giving powers to Unionist as you destabilize the Republicans.

That is what is worrying me. I know you wouldn’t have liked if you as ruling party had more interference from Ireland in Northern Irleand, as Sinn Fein would have been in direct government with Fine Gael. That would have hurt the pride of London, now you are breaching the trust with Republicans of the Northern Ireland.

The most important question:

Will you risk to stay on throne for the price of stability in Northern Ireland?

If so than continue what your doing!

However, if you honor the agreements that ceased the civil-war between the parties. That promises was made to secure the respect of the Northern Irish people, if they we’re either Catholic or Protestant, if they we’re either Unionist or Republicans. This should be respected by you, Prime Minister. Your impartiality in the Good Friday Agreement and honoring the Power Sharing Agreement of 2008. These agreements should matter to you and the Conservative Party. They should be guidelines and show how to rule from London. Instead because of fragile chair in the House of Commons. Your begging mercy of Unionists from Belfast.

Your acts Prime Minister can be seen as a token and a possible breach of important agreements in Northern Ireland! As your coalition is giving an edge to the Unionist, where you are more concerned about their trade-off in negotiations in possible coalition of yours. Instead of being worried of the grave disparities it creates in Belfast, Limerick and other parts of Northern Ireland.

If your serious, you shouldn’t go into this coalition. You should step-off.

There are dangers you stepping into that you shouldn’t, but your not caring are you? Your own power is more important than the troubles your forcing yourself into?


Best Regards.

Writer of MinBane

DUP-Tories Coalition: SF Adams statement proves the toxicity of the possible agreement for Northern Ireland!

There are so many issues on the matter and the toxic environment it creates. It is so powerful the possible agreement between the Conservative Party (Tories) and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), that the absentee Members of Parliament in Sinn Fein are going to Westminster to address the concerns of this agreement can have for the Northern Ireland. This as the stalemate in Stormont and the within the peace-agreement as well. Therefore earlier call today from the Taoiseach of Ireland. Proves the dire situation created by Theresa May and her salvaging her position by forming a deal with DUP. Certainly this will create a problem between the Unionist and Republicans in Northern Ireland. That should worry London and the British government if it cares about the situation and the possible effects of a coalition from the Northern Ireland. Just read the powerful statement from Gerry Adams!

The Taoiseach is right to express concerns about any deal between the DUP and the Tory party. Sinn Féin’s view is that such a deal will not be in the best interests of the people of Ireland, and in particular the people of the north, regardless of their political allegiances” (…) “The flaw in the Taoiseach’s position is his refusal to recognise that the British government has never been impartial or objective in its relationship with Ireland” (…) “Sinn Féin has never accepted that the British government is impartial or neutral” (…) “The arrangements to restore the political institutions need not be protracted. The issues are well known, they are rooted in agreements already made, and the onus is clearly on the DUP to drop its opposition to the implementation of the rights-related issues, which are at the core of the current difficulties” (…) “The period of continuous Tory rule since 2010 has been a constant source of instability for the political process” (…) “The pro-unionist and partisan nature of this British government has contributed directly to the current deep political crisis in the North” (…) “If the DUP don’t prioritise the restoration of the institutions, and instead decide to become a prop for a dysfunctional minority government in London, then the parties should consider inviting an independent chairperson to oversee proceedings” (…) “Sinn Féin has already raised this at the beginning of the talks process some months ago” (…) “Sinn Féin will be meeting the governments and the other parties tomorrow. We will continue to press ahead for a speedy return to the institutions while monitoring closely the machinations in London” (…) “On a more positive note the focus by the mainstream British media on the DUP’s policies and history is belated but a welcome education for people in Britain.” (Adams, 2017).

It isn’t only Sinn Fein that is reacting to the Tories/DUP agreement. This has ramifications for more than just them. After the recent elections it was Sinn Fein and DUP who won the seats, but still there are other parties who some words for the possible coalition, which isn’t flattering. Because of the implications of the internal problem in Northern Ireland.

The Alliance Party’s Stephen Farry told the BBC: “There’s now a massive problem, he cannot be an impartial broker” (…) “The government will have one hand behind its back and if it tells the DUP to agree to something it doesn’t want to then the DUP will pull the plug and the whole thing will come crashing down” (…) “We cannot stop them from making this deal, but the repercussions for Northern Ireland are potentially severe.” (Belfast Telegraph, 2017). So the Alliance Party are saying the same the Sinn Fein is saying. Therefore, the Unionist gets possible control of the dialogue and their will. While the Republicans are getting scraps. They will take charge and make sure the British ideals get more favor over the ones with loyalty towards Ireland.

In the Power Sharing Agreement of 2008, as Strand One part (9) says:
“Appointment of Ministers in the Executive. An amendment would be made to the 1998 Act on appointment of Ministers in the Executive. The Nominating Officer of the largest party in the largest designation in the Assembly shall make a nomination to the Assembly Presiding Officer for the post of First Minister. The Nominating Officer of the largest party in the second largest designation in the Assembly shall similarly nominate for the post of Deputy First Minister. The d’Hondt procedure will then run, as already set out in the 1998 Act, to fill the Ministerial posts in the Executive” (Power Sharing Executive, 2008). This means at Stormont, the biggest and next biggest would get either First Minister or Second Minister. But with this sort of agreement between Tories and DUP, the DUP will get an upper-hand in the coalition that breaches this.

So the coalition isn’t only possibly breaching the Good Friday Agreeement, but also controversial as the agreement between Tories and DUP might give the power over the First Minister of Northern Ireland. Which means that they doesn’t only have a hand at Stormont, but from Westminster can control the leadership from afar.

This will overpower the d’Hondt procedure a system explained like this: “The basic idea is that a party’s vote total is divided by a certain figure which increases as it wins more seats. As the divisor becomes bigger, the party’s total in succeeding rounds gets smaller, allowing parties with lower initial totals to win seats” (Elliott, 1999). This is away of broader democracy and give smaller parties a voice in the assembly, something that certainly was needed in the Stormont. But with the newest agreement this surely creates issues for the parties that lost seats in these general elections like Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) and Socialist Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP).

This agreement between DUP and Tories will offer the Unionist more power and also shred light on the Republicans as they are put in the dark. Sinn Fein and others are really on the back-bench. The serious of the matter, is how this is possibly breaking important accords and agreements, which has created peace in Northern Ireland. Still, the discussion and stalemate in Belfast will get severely damaged by the possible power-grab of DUP. Who has all to gain for very little, while the rest of Republicans can only watch and wonder how they might be hurt be this. As the DUP might avenge the past-aggression with political means. Peace.


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Power Sharing Executive – ‘Agreement between the Government of Ireland and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ (08.05.2008)

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Tories-DUP Coalition: May needs the DUP more, than they [DUP] need the Tories!

Certainly the late night statement that the Democratic Unionist Party are still in talks with the Conservative Party. Proves that the Northern Ireland question is still not sealed, as well as the stalemate of power in London are still fragile. That Theresa May needs the support of Arlene Foster more than ever. Theresa May needs the DUP to have enough MP’s to have a majority. This is something important at play.

BREAKING: DUP leader Arlene Foster to meet Theresa May in London on Tuesday after Number 10 mistakenly announces agreement with the party” (David Blevins, 11.06.2017).

At this moment the ramifications of the power-play of the DUP who can really ambush the Tories. Therefore, the Number 10. statement of yesterday has been downplayed by the Northern Irish party. So the world and the United Kingdom will not know the implication of the deal before later next week. This proves the weakness of the Tories and May. Who has to walk slowly and be less rash, since the DUP can easily just back-away if they are not taken care of enough.

Surely, the Sinn Fein and other Northern Irish parties should ask for a place in the coalition, if not it is impartial and in direct conflict of the Good Friday Agreement. If not Theresa May’s will to regain power is in vain, as she destroys the peaceful agreement and creates a possible stalemate at Stormont and in Belfast. If she wants to regain it, it should be done with tact and care. It would at this point be better if the Tories went into a coalition with Liberal Democratic Party (Lib-Dems) over the DUP. But that would mean another type of coalition and also another type of negotiations.

But Theresa May doesn’t seem to be keen to have viable coalition, which doesn’t create problems in either Scotland or Northern Ireland. She prefers power at any cost. Even if the price is to destroy the Good Friday Agreement. That she will trade away the agreement for a possible cabinet and make ready for Brexit. Proves that she will use all means to gain power. Not for the betterment of the UK, but that she get to keep her chair.

The only winner is DUP, but they are also making themselves impartial in Northern Irish issues, as they are highly connected in London, instead of Belfast. The national assembly of Stormont will be proxy parliament, instead of a genuine chambers. They will be second-hand and not as respected as it needs to be. As the DUP would earn political mileage in London and by propping-up May! Peace.

DUP Statement on the Tories/DUP coalition (10.06.2017)

Tories-DUP Coalition of ‘Confidence and Supply’will if SF O’Neill is right ‘End in Tears’

The BBC has now said it is official, that the Conservative Party (Tories) and Prime Minister Theresa May has gone into a partnership with Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), this is in-spite the possible breeches of ‘the Good Friday Agreement’. This is clearly a game of thrones and control in London. Not thinking into consideration the implications of Northern Irish politics or the situation there. This is all saving the grace and the Lady, who brash went into a snap election. Theresa May isn’t considering the implications, neither the consequences, other than she get to stay in power and have the throne for this time being. Even as the squabble and aftermath of this decisions are far from over. Her own party, MP’s and others are already reacting with all sort of reasons. As the DUP are a unique party with a certain history and policies that could be toxic in London. Therefore the statement from both No. 10 and from Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill say it all. Take a look!

Full statement from No 10

Posted at 20:36

A Downing Street spokesman said: “We can confirm that the Democratic Unionist Party have agreed to the principles of an outline agreement to support the Conservative government on a confidence and supply basis when Parliament returns next week. “We welcome this commitment, which can provide the stability and certainty the whole country requires as we embark on Brexit and beyond. “The details will be put forward for discussion and agreement at a cabinet meeting on Monday.“( – link:

DUP ‘betraying people of the north’

An arrangement between the Conservatives and DUP will “end in tears” says Sinn Fein leader in the North Michelle O’Neill” (…) “She said: “It is no surprise that the DUP has agreed to prop up the pro-Brexit and pro-austerity Tory government of Theresa May” (…)“The Irish government needs to seize the initiative to secure designated special status for the North within the EU as part of the Brexit negotiations.” (…) “They have once again betrayed the interests of the people of the north by supporting a Tory party which has cut funding to our public services year on year to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.” (…) “Experience shows us that unionists have minimal influence on any British government. They have achieved little propping up Tory governments in the past and put their own interests before those of the people“(…) “This new arrangement between the DUP and the Tories will be transitory and will end in tears.“But it will be the people of the north who will have to pay the price for the DUP’s support for Brexit and for cuts.” (McStravick, 2017).

This is far from over. This is just beginning and the ‘Impartial Clause’ of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ will hunt this coalition, as much as the DUP own stances and policies. This not a friendly fire, but the truth hitting the shelves. The London based Parliament should consider what this does to Stormont and Belfast. As much as if the Conservative went into bed with SNP would have done. They are now involved in the midst of conflict and giving ways to a special kind of party. This will not be shrugged under the rug, as the deal and arrangement will come forward on Monday. But it will be 24 hours of mess, that will not be jolly for Theresa May. No matter what happen Arlene Foster has made a name and became the reason why May is the Prime Minister. While Sinn Fein and others are left in the sticks.

The Tories claim stability, but this will bring chaos and weakness, as the Tories has to walk carefully not to disembark DUP in the future, also how they are acting towards all the other parties in Northern Ireland. As they have gone into bed with. The indefinite question now, how long will this be merry and who fall on their sword first?


McStravick, Sheena – ‘ Arrangement between DUP Tories “will end in tears” says Michelle O’Neill’ (10.06.2017) link:

A possible DUP/Tories Coalition breaks the ‘Impartiality Clause’ in the Good Friday Agreement!

In the Good Friday agreement that was written in 1998 might create issues for the newly admitted deal between the Conservative Party (Tories) and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) yesterday, after the Tories lost their majority and their powers in the House. The lacking need of MPs, which made this agreement happen in the first place.

If you read the Good Friday Agreement or “The Agreement” of 1998 between the Her Majesty Government or the United Kingdom Government and the Northern Irish Government. Where the peace-agreement are clearly evident on the Constitutional Aspect of the agreement, that implicates certain values between the London and Belfast. That certainly Prime Minister Theresa May and DUP leader Arlene Foster, who both doesn’t want to think about the implications.

Therefore, let me take an important paragraph from the Agreement:

(v) affirm that whatever choice is freely exercised by a majority of the people of Northern Ireland, the power of the sovereign government with jurisdiction there shall be exercised with rigorous impartiality on behalf of all the people in the diversity of their identities and traditions and shall be founded on the principles of full respect for, and equality of, civil, political, social and cultural rights, of freedom from discrimination for all citizens, and of parity of esteem and of just and equal treatment for the identity, ethos, and aspirations of both communities” (Good Friday Agreement – Constitutional Isssues, 1998).

So with this in mind, the sovereign government in Northern Ireland should be exercised with rigorous impartiality. Merriam-Webster explains impartiality as “lack of favoritism toward one side or another”. If understood rightfully means that the Tories are now favoring the DUP in Northern Ireland, which would be natural as they are going into partnership as they are giving enough votes for them to continue to form a new cabinet. Since the Northern Irish questions will be concerning the policies and angles of DUP, not the rest. As the Sinn Fein and other parties will not be a part of the coalition. Therefore, while the Tories will walk close and with honor of their accord. They will clearly be careful making troubles with their partner, that is clearly in violation of the one paragraph signed in the Good Friday Agreement. Because the Tories has to be impartial to make sure their fellow comrade are taken care off and are happy.

If this break the inner-works of Stormont and the other political structures in Northern Ireland, it wouldn’t be surprising as the DUP are risking the agreement that laid peace for some more power in the whole Union. Without considering the implications of their impartial place by close working with No. 10. That Sinn Fein is reacting isn’t shocking, if Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), People Before Profits (PBP), Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) and Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV). Still, the biggest voice in the NI other than DUP is Sinn Fein. Where Gerry Adams and others will clearly say this is a breach of the agreement.

I can understand this, even if the other parties in Northern Ireland isn’t questioning it. As Arlene Foster and Company are using their tricks to get a bargain. This will benefit her party and her constituency, but if it will really benefit the Northern Ireland politics, I doubt it. It will clearly bring massive questions and also a possible overhaul of the agreement. Which, Theresa May doesn’t need as she has enough problems with handling possible negotiations with Brussels and her weaken government into discussions of terms of the Brexit. Peace.