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Brexit: Theresa May’s Lackluster Presser!

I agree. I am on your side. It is now time for MPs to decide” – Theresa May, 20th March 2019

The end of the saga is supposed to be on the 29th March 2019. Nothing is keeping up to phase, as the Prime Minister is scrambling for more time to push down the throats of the Members in Parliament, the Withdrawal Agreement, which they have already voted down twice. Alas, she still wants to buy time. This after using two years negotiating a terrible deal and a abysmal legacy of her time in office.

What we can say today, is that Prime Minster Theresa May went total Jose Mourinho, blaming the captain, the club, the sports director, the referee and the even the grass. The wind, the ball and the possible rain-fall. That is what she did today. This will not be on better the terms between her or the Parliament itself. The European Commission leaders have already told that they will not accept an extension, unless it is prospects of a deal accepted by the Parliament. Alas, that is not the case at this moment. Because, the deal are so terrible, not the Tories nor the Opposition wants to eat it. It is not edible, still in her pride. The PM is blaming them for voting it down, twice today.

So far Parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a choice. All MPs have been willing to say is what they do not want” – Theresa May (today).

Calling it politics and in-fighting, when her party and her secretaries haven’t delivered a single outstanding offer, other than empty promises and pledges since the revoking of article 50 and securing the pastures of a non-member state in the European Union. They have just been dandy and walking softly in Brussels, while talking pleasant in London. That is just what they have done.

Now, the PM looks tired, late and on overtime already, with no where to hide or go. The Parliament are not accepting it. The Speaker have spoken too. The rules of engagement is really showing there is little room for success. Clearly, sleepwalking to “No-Deal” and WTO rules, which would be costly, squeezing the economy and the imports, also harden the border movement will be the possible future. But that is something the Tories doesn’t want to tell or say.

Other than, well we can manage that too. You’ll see, it is all scaremongering and nonsense, saying it will be damaging. Nah, it is just hearsay, even if Calais and others has shown signs of the new protocol of export and importing through our ports. Well, that will not hurt us all.

So, instead of showing some finesse and that she had resolved anything. The PM just blamed everyone else. Not taking blame or seeing what she has done wrong herself. Instead, blaming the MPs and looking foolish again.

If, the Brexit could become more abysmal, more disgraceful or more distasteful. This was it, where the culprit, the leader, the one whose supposed to lead and fix it. Has given up and trying to still sell a tragic deal, on the sake of her ego and pride. Not for the betterment of the United Kingdom. Just to save her own skin. It looks unwise, it looks dumb.

Time to show some flex and character. Instead, it was more blame-game. Peace.

Brexit: Prime Minister Theresa May letter to President of European Council Donald Tusk (20.03.2019)

Brexit: It’s 16:04 O’clock for the Tories!

This Brexit Process have been for some a history lesson, me included, because who knew that the Tories would rush up the laws of Henry VII to “overtake” Parliament and be able to pass laws, if needed. Today we’re in the territory of the King James I and his First Parliament. Because today’s speaker John Bercow had to spell out an old Parliamentary Rule from that time. Since the Tories was planning a third “meaningful vote” on the Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union, a Motion that has been voted down twice already in the House of Commons. Which is an feat in itself.

First I am addressing the law, then quotes from the speaker, before my final say.

Questions not to be repeated.

Upon this Passage it was urged, for a Rule, That a Question, being once made, and carried in the Affirmative, or Negative, cannot be questioned again, but must stand as a Judgment of the House” (British History Online – ‘House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 02 April 1604).

Bercow’s statement today:

The 24th edition of “Erskine May” states on page 397: “A motion or an amendment which is the same, in substance, as a question which has been decided during a session may not be brought forward again during that same session.” It goes on to state: “Attempts have been made to evade this rule by raising again, with verbal alterations, the essential portions of motions which have been negatived. Whether the second motion is substantially the same as the first is finally a matter for the judgment of the Chair.” This convention is very strong and of long standing, dating back to 2 April 1604. Last Thursday, the hon. Member for Rhondda (Chris Bryant) quoted examples of occasions when the ruling had been reasserted by four different Speakers of this House, notably in 1864, 1870, 1882, 1891 and 1912. Each time, the Speaker of the day ruled that a motion could not be brought back because it had already been decided in that same Session of Parliament. Indeed, “Erskine May” makes reference to no fewer than 12 such rulings up to the year 1920” (House of Commons, Hansard – Speaker’s Statement, 18.03.2019).

It is really powerful of John Bercow to do this, to use this rule as it is often not used, as seen by the history mentioned by the Speaker himself. Last time was in 1912, which is over a hundred years ago.

That shows how fatigued and how lackluster the current administration is and how they are not capable of finding a solution that the House of Commons nor the House of Lords will accept. Neither, an agreement that these Chambers of Parliament and the EU26 will agree upon with European Commission. Therefore, the Tories are screwed and not having a way out. Unless, they are able to find kryptonite before the 29th March 2019. Which I doubt.

John Bercow, the speaker showed Parliamentary Procedure, Parliamentary Law and even finesse with this, as the Tories would try again on their road to redemption, to find solace in the previously voted Withdrawal Agreement, which no-one finds suitable. Not the Brexiteers, not the Remainers and not even the indifferent. As the Tories and the whole of United Kingdom are sleepwalking into a “No-Deal” Brexit. Which will strike the Kingdom with vengeance.

The Tories and HM Government have very little time and this is a new hurdle. Not that the Tories have shown steady leadership the last two years. Now, they have to make fresh new motions with new questions before the deadline. Since, the Speaker has spoken. Peace.

Brexit: Committee of Ministers decision – international community asks UK to provide timeframe on introducing Stormont House Agreement legacy legislation into Westminster (15.03.2019)

Opinion: Mayday! May-Day!

GOVERNMENT DEFEAT: The House of Commons has again rejected the Government’s #BrexitDeal in the second #MeaningfulVote. The Commons voted 391 to 242 – a majority of 149. #BrexitVote” (UK House of Commons, 12.03.2019).

The Tories and Prime Minister Theresa May have for the second time lost in the House of Commons, this being on the vote to get the Parliament to accept the Withdrawal Agreement before announced leaving date, which up in about two weeks. There is mere days before the United Kingdom is leaving as a Member State and becoming Non-Member. This should have been better prepared by the government, as the HM Government had two years preparing it. However, they botched it and not been thorough about it.

That is really evident, as the Tories has lost twice with their Withdrawal Agreement vote in the House of Commons. They have been voted down on amendments and lost to the Opposition with striking numbers like today. It is like PM May likes to be humiliated in Parliament. That she enjoys looking weak and wobbling into the future. Because, the strong and steady it haven’t been with her at the helm. That also because he head-hunted Brexiteers into the cabinet, but not thinking they would have the capacity or will to configure the pledges in the Referendum of late.

The Brexiteers like David Davis, Boris Johnson and others didn’t deliver in the roles, they just acted like Secretaries, but was smug and arrogant without dropping any sort of transparent work or proof of negotiations that mattered with Brussels. Only empty pledges and promises. That now the public should see after two years. Since the road to No-Deal is seemingly soon the only way, as the HM Government rather save face, than save the Kingdom. Rather create a depression and recession, create inflation and lack of imports, just so they can rule another minute. That is what the Tories are leading the Nation too. Because of their empty headed pride of an Empire, that is long gone and is only a faded memory.

That is why this is the news today. Another loss, another defeat and no jurisdiction or any directions concerning Brexit. Which is special concerning the limited time to fix it. But also the two years of work since announcing the notification of issuing the Article 50. They still haven’t configured or figured out how to deal with it. Except for issuing statements, saying they will fix it all and await more confidence statements from the EU. Without having anything but deadlock and lack of skills to pursuit anything meaningful.

Whatever misgivings the Tories and the HM Government does have, is that they never talked about or even considered the EU26 or the protocol of the EU, which have to held accountable. As an another sovereign and legal entity over its territory, which will not toyed around by another outsider. Just like the Brexiteers wanted to hand-pick and cherry-pick the coolest parts of the Union, while not being a Member State.

What history should now learn them, that is not how it works and it has all, but backfired. That is why there is a deadlock and steady road to crisis filled No-Deal. A backstabbing own economy, just to become a Third-Country with WTO rules, ensure the public is severely paying the price for gamble of leaving the Union and its rules, regulations and its trade union. They are surely selling each other short, while paying the price doing so. But hey that is what they wanted right?

The Tories, the Brexiteers are losing, not only the perks and the simplistic trade, but also the benefits and the Membership over a faulty towered inspired bureaucratic mumble jumbo, which cannot be accepted by anyone. That is why the Tories and PM May has lost again.

It is May-Day May-Day, the warnings been there. The Brexit have been limping, nearly moving towards anything of pride or joy. Just another loss and another humiliating day for her reign. Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be without anchor or without a guiding star leading her way to redemption.

It is a Mayday, May-Day, read all about it. Yet another default miss. Yet another Penalty Shot failing to hit between the posts. Just another defeat, no guts and no glory. That is the story. Peace.

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