Tanzania: CCM Party Paper suspended for 14 days over a headline

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM), the ruling party own newspaper Uhuru have been suspended for 14 days after publishing a story and a headline about the candidacy of the President Samia Suluhu in 2025.

This is a really weird story and says there is something happening behind closed doors within the ruling regime. There is issues behind the power brokers within the CCM. Who is not in check and in order. As the own party and president is not agreeing with the publishing of this story in their own paper.

It is not like it is published or happened on open spaces online or by opposition newspapers. No, this was an internal paper. Who is owned and run by the party. Not just a random publication coming out with the new early.

Should we wonder if there are any sort of power behind the scenes? Since this sort of headlines wasn’t supposed to come this early. The CCM was supposed to only have her as a temporary President until next election?

Are there people who has ideas that they are next in line? That is how things looks like from the outside. We don’t know did this and why the sanctioned the paper. Because, this should be the party press and be ones that writes the stories they want to tell. The Uhuru is supposed speak the message and propaganda of the party. Not just some random stories and be populistic ones.

This is why this doesn’t make sense. The 14 days of suspension isn’t something that you could expect. It is not like it is opposition radio station or online forum. That is what the authorities has suspended in the past. Therefore, there must be a reason for it and someone either said something they shouldn’t or published this to spite someone.

If it didn’t matter or was sanctioned. This would just been another day and preparing for another night. Peace.

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