The People’s President Campaigns in Sembabule District; Hon. Kutesa tried to bribe people to not to show-up; FDC has Momentum!

Sembabula 06.02.2016 P1

Swagger has spread to Sembabule, despite the attempts of Museveni`s clanmate, the super stinking wealthy minister of foreign affairs Sam Kutesa to buy off people.  This man who literally owns half of Uganda’s wealth, primitively acquired by purchasing lucrative state corporations at knock off price attempted to bribe the whole residents of Sembabule with 20000 shs each to make them stays away from our campaigns. He also invited them to a feast in his farm, but as usual, you can’t suppress an idea whose time has come.
Change is the idea.

Shame on the corrupt.

Sembabula 06.02.2016 P2

“I have heard you are being told not to vote for me. They say if you vote me i will start war. I want to ask them; I have ‘lost’ elections 3 times but I have not started war. How will I start war after winning? Or it is Museveni who will start war after losing? Please be firm.. don’t accept to be intimidated” Dr. Besigye at Nkonge in Sembabule District at a stopover on the way to Lwemiyaga.

This here show the momentum of the FDC, their getting traction in every district, the public show up with joy and make the area really BLUE on their own. Not paid crowds and ferried crowds as the ruling party is doing. With their Campaign Tourism! Sembabule has show respect for Dr. Kizza Besigye and his campaign convoy, the Party is showing spirit. Defianceis truely working and the people in Uganda seem tired of the Yellow Bus. Peace.