National Resistance Movement (NRM): Response to Media Reports regarding Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Postponement of the 2020/2021 General Elections (24.12.2020)

Opinion: UJCC wants to give Mr. 1986 three more years for free

The Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) an umbrella association of Christian leaders in Uganda has urged the government to postpone the forthcoming 2021 general election for three more years, due to the growing cases of COVID-19. The Christian Council wants the elections to be held in 2023 when the COVID-19 pandemic is contained” (Jonah Kirabo – ‘Religious Leaders: Extend elections for 3 years, change constitution to allow Museveni lead’ 23.12.2020,

The Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) wants to give President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni another three years in power. Another term without an election as we are awaiting the polls on the January 14th 2021. Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga now wants it extended when its only 22 days ahead. It is like 3 weeks to the due date. Therefore, the UJCC is really to late to the party.

An constitutional amendment needs more time. Even if the Special Force Command (SFC) invades the chambers and force the voting in favour. They still needs two or three readings. It needs to be sent to Committee and be voted for with possible changes to the law. Therefore, it needs time. Plus the National Resistance Movement (NRM) needs to convene NRM Caucus at the Entebbe State House. Also getting the final verdict from the NRM CEC. This is all making the process slower. There is also a need for accounted cash to be given to the ones that votes for this altering law.

It is just like the UJCC doesn’t care about the procedures and how laws are made. Especially altering the Constitution. This would be yet another change to benefit Museveni. Give him another term unelected like he was between 1986 to 1996. He has already had two terms without an elections in the past. It would be foolish to give him that again. Especially, when the elections of Tanzania, Burundi and United States went ahead even during these times of Pandemic.

If the government of Uganda is as great as the NRM always proclaim. They shouldn’t be weaker and lack courage to make safe elections happening like the other Republic’s did. These Christian leaders is just chasing the bag. They are vouching for the President and his cause. By coming with recommendation of keeping him power.

Giving a man who has been in office since 1986 doesn’t need another 3 years. There is no excuse or reason for him to linger. If he haven’t done it yet, it will never happen. The old man cannot sustain or be able to revolutionize government services. If that should have happened. It would have been in the early 1990s and not now. His not interested in that, but only keeping power.

If the UJCC suddenly receives envelopes and SUVs. I wouldn’t be shocked. They have done a service to the old man. They have shown token loyalty and been mouth-pieces for him. Just 22 days ahead of the polls. This is ass kissing and if they were trying to compete. Only Ofwono Opondo and Andrew Mwenda would be further up his ass.

UJCC is a disgrace for doing this. Giving Museveni more time? Who are they kidding here? That is mockery and wanting Constitutional Amendment to give it legitimacy. If the President wanted to do that. He should have pushed his majority MPs a while back and if COVID-19 was such a crisis. Why didn’t the President invoke “State of Emergency”? Something he never did, because then he would be even more accountable to the Parliament by law and that is hectic for him.

President Museveni doesn’t deserve more time. He should have retired a long time ago. However, he never did and the state shows it fatigue by having him there. Peace.