A quick look into the three persons the U.S. Treasury have sanctioned from Burundi, yesterday!


The United States Department of the Treasury has yesterday stated that three Burundian persons have been put on their sanctions list. These have been decided by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. These are three persons are:

NGENDABANKA, Marius, Kinanira IV, Kinindo, Bujumbura, Burundi; DOB 25 Aug 1974; nationality Burundi; Gender Male; Commander, First Military Region; Deputy Chief of Land Forces; Burundian National Defense Forces Deputy Commander of Operations (individual) [BURUNDI].

NSHIMIRIMANA, Edouard; DOB 1970; POB Bugeni Vyanda, Burundi; nationality Burundi; Passport 089567 (Burundi) issued 10 Feb 2006 expires 10 Feb 2011; Former Lieutenant Colonel (individual) [BURUNDI].

SIBOMANA, Ignace; DOB 01 Jan 1972; POB Buhina, Kanyosha, Bujumbura, Burundi; nationality Burundi; Gender Male; Burundian Army Colonel, Chief of Military Intelligence (individual) [BURUNDI]” (U.S. Department of the Treasury, 02.06.2016).

Who are these men? That is what I asked myself, there has to be reasons for they are getting sanctioned. The American Government and U.S. Treasury doesn’t do this to candy snatchers in Mogadishu or Kinshasa, not even Belarussian citizens get this quickly. So they have to have a past or a reputation of certain actions.

Nkurunziza Military

The Rebel leader against Nkurunziza is on the List:

Let’s take the first person I will look at are Edouard Nshimirimana, have said this: “Then, we will fight until Nkurunziza is removed from power” (…)“We are on the ground and more attacks against the government will be common,” Nshimirimana said, adding that all the anti-government fighting groups have come together” (Tribune News Service, 2015). “The other objective of the new group is to protect the Arusha Agreement that limits Burundian presidents to two terms in office, said Nshimirimana. All forces against Nkurunziza are united under the Republican Forces of Burundi, Nshimirimana said. “We are calling on all Burundians who believe in the rule of law to join us,” said Nshimirimana. The rebel force was behind the recent attacks on three military camps, where they captured enough weapons to fight Burundi’s army, said Nshimirimana. “We have no choice and the world is not helping Burundians who are being killed,” he said” (Tangen, 2015). As a rebel, I am sure he is more preoccupied with finding sources to get ammunition than if he can possible use his coins on White Castle in Manhatten, New York.

The loyal soldier of Nkurunziza:

Here is the second person I look into, her is some information him, by decree of the Burundi Government he was promoted on the 6th May 2014 to be appointed as the Commander of the First Military Command. As his serial number is 0244 of the Military Commando. After this have also achieved this as Military leader:  “Colonel Marius Ngendabanka , commander of the 1st Military legion , close subordinates, he “pushed” the Cibitoke assailants last December , struggled against the coup-makers and protected television and national radio. He got the Order of Patriotic Merit, Commander Class 2 million frbu and a certificate of honor” (Isanganiro, 2015). So he surely have to answer for his actions at one point, but if he cares about the sanctions from the U.S. is doubtful.


The Intelligence officer of Nkurunziza:

Here is the third person and the last one who is also a loyal subject of the Nkurunziza reign, this been said about him: He became a part of a military commission that set up two military camps in May 2015, one in Musaga in central part of Bujumbura, the second camp would be set up in Muzinda in Bubanza province; this relocations of Military camps happen after the coup d’état. He became a part of the 9 person commission, here is what being said: “commission to execution this project has already been implemented. It would be composed of 9 officers, mostly from the former Armed Movements and Political Parties (PMPA). Among these, we can cite Colonel Ignatius SIBOMANA charge of military intelligence technically called G2 army” (Jeudi, 2015). Here is another report: “Ignace Sibomana was one of drugs’ traders named as “Kanyanga” for three years ago in Rwabinagu Village. He told his neighbors that Rwabinagu Centre was the focal point of drugs and he hopes that with the sensitization people will positively change step by step. Ignace Sibomana assumed that narcotic business impedes the development process and he recommended parents to give advice to some of inhabitants who don’t respect the assigned rules”(Ntakirutimana, 2012). This here been said at a later stage: “Colonel Sibomana Ignace head of department in charge of intelligence to the joint chiefs of staff general of the national defence force: (G2) SS 0174 of the serial number. He’s taking it out on a daily basis to the officers ex-FAB, he is behind almost all undue imprisonment of military and former military ex fab. His last find, spying on his fellow officers tutsi of staff general with microphones posed quietly in their offices!!!” (Burundi Journalistes et Société Civile, 20.02.2016). So the former drug-dealer turned Chief of Intelligence, that is surely a case of corrupted mind, hat the U.S. wants to sanction. As he is parts of the central leadership in the Nkurunziza military organization, so he surely have a say and makes important orders in the unrest and crisis.

This is enough for now. Peace.


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