Ethiopia: Prosperity Party plans to either assimilate or execute former cadres of the TPLF

Recruit former cadres of TPLF to be members of Prosperity Party, investigate if they still have connections with their party. Execute them if they don’t obey or seem to challenge the offer” (Tigray Prosperity Party Letter, 2021).

This is news is coming as the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) have cancelled the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The NEBE have rescinded the political party license of the TPLF. Meaning the TPLF isn’t a party in their registrars anymore.

However, just as the Law Enforcement Operation in the Tigray region continues. The Prosperity Party have an Interim Government appointed by Addis Ababa. The PP plans to further their powers in the region. Not only crush the armed paramilitary group affiliated with the TPLF. They are also planning to takeover the masses of members too.

The Prosperity Party is planning to take the members, the cadres and the ones who are participating in the party. In the party that it has deemed as “terrorist”. This means the PP seem to be into the idea of boosting its membership by taking away the members of TPLF. That is clearly in ambition to ensure the PP have grounds and popularity in Mekelle.

The PP needs the public on its side. Even if they have been doing warfare since 3rd November 2020 in the region. They still need support and friendly faces. That is now a mission to convert TPLF cadres to the PP: From the same government that has killed former ministers and civilians for 3 months in the area.

The PP has a hard cause. The ones who does switch allegiance now is betraying the Tigray and their cause. That is just what happens. They are either traitors at home or heroes in Addis. In a conflict like this. The ones switching will be marked and be moles. This is why the initial drive to do is will only cause more damage to the TPLF. Which in the end is a victory for PP:

However, the PP seems to be ideologically bankrupt, if they are willing to convert and let TPLF cadres be members. This means the ones who is the sole reason for this Operation is apparently good enough to consolidated in the party. Which means they couldn’t be as evil or dangerous. Even though the PP will execute the ones who they deem unfit. That means they can sentence someone to life, if they are vetted or not following the orders. Then they are fair game and practically getting a death sentence.

That shows the sinister side of the PP. They have already come out last year with a selective recruitment process. This is a continuation of that, but on in the Tigray region. Where they are accepting the TPLF cadres are either welcome or “Dead Men Walking”. Seems like a horrific method of adding new members to a political party. Especially, if this party is supposed to reform and come in peace. Peace.

Ethiopia: Ministry of Peace – Humaniatarian response in Tigray Region is underway (19.01.2021)

Ethiopia: UNCHR reports – Only One Food Distribution by WFP to Tigray since conflict started

In a conflict there is usually some innocent civilians who is the casualties between the battling parties. There is no difference in the region of Tigray in Ethiopia. Where refugees and civilians are caught in crossfire. The parties are hit by the blocked roads and warfare. Also, the direct control of the National Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Paramilitary Group “Fano”. All of these factors get’s into play. As much as the state wants to control the Law Enforcement Operation, which have been into play since 3rd November 2020.

We are now in middle or later January 2021. That is near to three months of conflict. A conflict where the United Nations Organizations and aid organizations haven’t been able to access or allowed to get to the ones in need.

UNHCR on the 19th January 2021:

The assessment, which concluded last week, found help is urgently needed for the tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees in northern Ethiopia. Refugees were cut off from any supplies and services for more than two months. Wells were not functional without fuel for the pumps – leaving refugees to use water from a nearby creek for washing, cooking and drinking, resulting in diarrhea like illnesses. The only assistance refugees received since the start of the conflict was a one-time food distribution conducted by the World Food Programme (WFP) almost a month ago. Plans are underway for a second distribution” (UNHCR – ‘UNHCR finds dire need in Eritrean refugee camps cut off in Tigray conflict’ 19.01.2021).

These stories should haunt the authorities, the government and everyone in-charge. Unless, they are fine with starving civilians. Because, this is deliberate acts of injustice. This is violations of human rights and the basic needs of other human beings. Everyone needs shelter and food. That is just a mere fact.

So, when the Prosperity Party and the Law Enforcement Operation is acted out like this. The governing bodies of Addis Ababa is responsible for the disaster and humanitarian crisis in Tigray. As the UNCHR is only saying about the Eritrean refugees. However, we can imagine if the Eritrean refugees have it like this. How is the rest of the population of the populous region been held captive too? Are they also starving and blocked from food supplies?

That wouldn’t shock me, as the UNCHR doesn’t say how things are in general. Nevertheless, the ideals and the ability to cut-off these basics needs for civilians. Says a lot about what sort of play the government have towards this region. How little it care about lives and their fate. The state doesn’t care or value the needs. As they are even blocking World Food Programme and UNCHR to act upon the outcries and call for help.

Tigray region is hurting and its deliberate from the state. They are using everyone as targets and not shielding anyone from the harm of the conflict. That is the clear message of the state. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray

Since the 3rd November 2020 the Federal Government of Ethiopia initiated a civil war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Which has been established as an effort coined: “Operation Law Enforcement”. It was supposed to be a quick-fix mission to send the TPLF to the and totally annihilate the former comrades of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF). Instead of taking the TPLF to the courts and challenging them with legal means. The Prosperity Party incited a war and kept the world in the dark about.

However, the truth will eventually come out. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) wasn’t battling the Tigray Special Forces on their own. The former outfit, which was termed a militia and the TPLF was deemed a terrorist organization by the House of Federation. This was all happening, because of a constitutional stalemate between Addis Ababa and Mekelle. However, what is more insightful is how the Prime Minister has used all his neighbours to try to conquer his enemies.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy of the Prosperity Party the consolidated EPRDF (without TPLF) into one party. Where his allies and his “Yes-Men” has all control. This is where they went after the ones who defied the PM and his PP. That is why TPLF got scorned and targeted. To think otherwise is naive, as we are in mid-January 2021. A lot disinformation and also conflicting messages, but what we do know. Is that Tigray is in an humanitarian catastrophe beyond words and God only knows who many who has died over this warfare. That is unknown.

However, by mid-November and weeks into the battle between the parties. There was reports of Eritrean Defence Force fighting on Tigrayan soil. They we’re doing this together with ENDF. A joint venture to capture and assault a common enemy. There ENDF even flown in well in time before the 3rd November with battalions to be able to strike from multiple front.

So, at just the moment there we have to parties involved. We have the Federal Army and the Eritrean. With some more time. There was reports that the ENDF was using United Arab Emirates Drones to bomb and targets locations within Tigray. That means the ENDF had gotten help and technical support from yet another ally.

At one point Abiy even asked for a brigade of mercenaries from South Sudan. So, they could pay for the services of South Sudan’s People’s Defence Force (SSPDF). However, that didn’t go through and the South Sudanese didn’t comply or take the offer from Addis Ababa. Nevertheless, that shows the intent of Abiy.

What has now come out even furthers things and shows the planned strike in Tigray. Just like the pre-flown brigades of ENDF to Eritrea ahead of Northern Command attack. The ENDF and EDF was prepared to attack from Eritrean soil. With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray.

That means Abiy have used the helping hand of Eritrea, UAE, Qatar and Somalia to annihilate one group of people and their party. He will go that far to cause harm and damage. Just to settle old scores and to boost his ego. That is the works of war-lord and not a peacemaker. The willingness to use allies to severely damage own citizens and create a refugee crisis in Sudan. That is the sort of man PM Abiy is.

This bloodshed, the use of allies and total destruction will be on his account. As he ordered it and prepared it. It seems like the Federal Government was making any excuse to retaliate, as they had already prepared for battle both in Amhara and in Eritrea. The PM has even used the para-military amhara milita (Fano) to conquer the TPLF. So, there is no bounds in his vengeance towards this people.

The lives taken, the lives lost and all the lives harmed is on the watch of Abiy. That is his responsibility as the head of state. He needs to account for these and the usage of lethal force for personal gains. That is the truth of it all. We have no idea to what extent, but one day the horrific truth will hit us. Peace.

Ethiopia-Sudan Tensions: Second round of skirmishes at the Sudanese border

On 16th December the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and Amhara Paramilitary Group (Fano) ambushed border patrol points in and around the Jabal Abutiour inside Sudanese territory. That was reported by Sudanese authorities.

There been talks since then. This was after Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok visited Addis Ababa for a few hours holding talks with Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy on the 13th December 2020.

Therefore, the new reports of shelling of border-points. On Wednesday 23rd December 2020 Ethiopian army and same Amhara paramilitary group attacked Sudanese army points in Jebel Abu Tuyor in Eastern El Gedaref.

This is the second time in the same month the Ethiopian forces are attacking the region and creating tensions. The Sudanese is at defence and have moved more soldiers to region because of it. That is public knowledge too. As after the first attack earlier in the month. Days after the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) moved troops there.

The talks seems to futile… what is really staggering that the Nations agreed on the border and the disputed area back in April 2020. The Al-Fashqa region became officially Sudanese. However, with the current warfare. Maybe Addis thinks they can annex another region too?

This here is really worrying as the escalation is furthered. The prevalence of armed forces. The true usage of armed forces to prove a point. What is also striking is how you in one minute calls the Sudanese your brothers and the nano-seconds after the positive headlines. Your forces is attacking the brothers again. Not like the Sudanese has attacked Ethiopians or crossed into Ethiopian territory here. They have only fortified areas, which is theirs.

Just to prove the tragedy. Here is two excerpts from news sources on both attacks. First 16th December and then 23rd December 2020.

Sudan’s armed forces said on Wednesday that a number of its officers had been ambushed by “Ethiopian forces and militias” during a security patrol of the border region. “During the return of our forces from combing the area around Jabal Abutiour inside our territory, they were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, as a result of which lives and equipment were lost,” the army said, adding the attack took place on Tuesday” (Asharq Al-Awsat – ‘Sudan Says Officers Ambushed by Ethiopian ‘Forces and Militias’ during Patrol’ 16.12.2020).

On Wednesday evening, Ethiopian army and militia forces shelled the site of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in Jebel Abu Tuyour in eastern El Gedaref. Sudanese army forces clashed with Ethiopian reconnaissance forces near Wad Kouli” (Radio Dabanga – ‘New Ethiopian attack on Sudanese army forces in El Gedaref’ 25.12.2020).

If you see a pattern, I do. Both attacks was on a Wednesday and seems planned now. It isn’t just a coincidence that the ENDF and Fano suddenly ambush and attacks Sudanese border points. Neither is the weird outskirts of battlefields in Tigray region. No, these seems suspiciously planned. You don’t stumble on the humble a border point of a neighbouring nation.

If it was a one time thing and a boo-boo, but when you use heavy machinery and coordinate two military groups. Then it starts to seemed planned. The Sudanese better be prepared. It is like the Ethiopian authorities are testing the waters and seeing how far they can get.

While the Sudanese needs not only to fortify the area. They need to be mentally prepared. That the same folks that is hunting their own. Can easily come here for the same blood-thirst. Prime Minister Abiy isn’t a man of peace, but a warlord. That is what 2020 have told me. Peace.

InterAction: Statement on deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Ethiopia (16.12.2020)

As the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region enters its sixth week, there is an escalating risk of a regional political and security crisis, coupled with a large-scale humanitarian emergency, that could affect nearly 2 million people.

InterAction, on behalf of its humanitarian and development Member non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to support conflict-affected communities in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, calls on all conflict parties to allow safe, free, and unfettered humanitarian access into and around Tigray, as well as the full restoration of telecommunication services and electricity.

In this highly politicized context, all conflict parties must consider and treat the humanitarian response as neutral, independent, and impartial to ensure civilian populations can access the lifesaving services they are entitled to and the aid workers serving them remain safe. InterAction reminds all parties of their obligation to protect the civilian population and civilian objects during and after the conduct of hostilities by following international humanitarian, human rights, and refugee law, and to take the utmost care to ensure that humanitarian workers, facilities, and assets are not targeted or attacked.

As nearly 50,000 Ethiopian refugees have crossed into eastern Sudan, InterAction calls for all concerned parties to allow for free movement of the civilian population seeking safe refuge and assistance within the Tigray region or outside the affected areas. This includes protecting the right to cross international borders to seek asylum and upholding non-refoulment guarantees extended to Eritrean refugees in Tigray.

InterAction also calls on donors to provide new, flexible funding, particularly for frontline NGOs, to adequately scale up and sustain the humanitarian response in Tigray, the surrounding area, and in refugee-hosting communities, while simultaneously ensuring funds are not diverted from existing humanitarian or development programs in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: UN Emergency funding released for humanitarian response to Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict (17.12.2020)

Ethiopia: Is the Law Enforcement Operation entering Sudan?

Sudan’s armed forces said on Wednesday that a number of its officers had been ambushed by “Ethiopian forces and militias” during a security patrol of the border region. “During the return of our forces from combing the area around Jabal Abutiour inside our territory, they were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, as a result of which lives and equipment were lost,” the army said, adding the attack took place on Tuesday” (Asharq Al-Awsat – ‘Sudan Says Officers Ambushed by Ethiopian ‘Forces and Militias’ during Patrol’ 16.12.2020).

These reports have also been verified by Prime Minster Abdalla Hamdok on Twitter today. What these reports are saying is that the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and Amhara militia (Fano) has entered Sudan. That is escalating the conflict. Just after the three hours of meeting and talks between Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and PM Hamdok in Addis Ababa on the 13th December 2020.

Seemingly Prime Minister Abiy is more in favour of continuing warfare. Just like he involved Eritrean forces on his soil to punish the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the regional state itself. Which it did start on the 3rd November 2020.

The Sudanese authorities have already shielded refugees from the region and also stopped arms from crossing the borders. Therefore, the Sudanese was naturally a proxy as its borders are directly to the new war-torn region of Tigray. Where two armies and one militia have attacked civilians and the enemy of the Federal Government.

Now, the same militia Fano is attacking in coordinated attacks on Sudanese soil. It is not longer back that in April 2020 that the Ethiopia and Sudan came to an understanding about the agricultural region of Al-Fashqa to the Sudanese state. However, by the time of the agreement the Ethiopian government hadn’t demarcated the area. Now, they are retuning with forces just months after.

Does Prime Minister Abiy wants more enemies? Does he want to the cordial and friendly neighbours in Khartoum? Is his ego speaking to loudly, as he has celebrated a too early victory in Tigray?

Because, this was an direct attack on Sudanese soil. This wasn’t Sudanese troops crossing into Tigray or Ethiopian soil. Therefore, the ones acting deliberately was ENDF and Fano as they entered Sudanese soil. This is escalating and a possible renewed border conflict. As the latest agreement is tarnished by skirmishes on the border.

Does PM Abiy has such ambition that he wants to Abyssinia Emperor or something? Because why does he do this? Before he has even ended his first war within “his” own territory. That is reckless and he needs the goodwill of Khartoum in the negotiations of GERD and with the witness of refugees from the conflict in Tigray. Therefore, Abiy is really stepping out of line here and needs rethink his strategies. Peace.

Ethiopia: Millions of children in Tigray remain out of reach, despite access agreement – UNICEF (15.12.2020)

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

NEW YORK, 15 DECEMBER 2020 – “Some 2.3 million children in Tigray, Ethiopia, remain cut off from humanitarian assistance amid continuing violence since the beginning of November.

“We are extremely concerned that the longer access to them is delayed, the worse their situation will become as supplies of food, including ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of child malnutrition, medicines, water, fuel and other essentials run low.

“Protecting these children, many of whom are refugees and internally displaced, and providing them with humanitarian aid must be a priority.

“Together with our humanitarian partners, we stand ready to provide lifesaving humanitarian support, including treatment for malnourished children, critical vaccines, emergency medicines, and water and sanitation supplies. We have already provided some supplies to a number of partners in Tigray but this is not enough. We need to be able to provide support at scale in Tigray and to have full access to determine the scale of children’s needs.

“We call for urgent, sustained, unconditional and impartial humanitarian access to all families in need wherever they are.

“We also urge authorities to allow the free movement of civilians wishing to seek safety elsewhere. This includes those requesting to cross the border to seek international protection.

“Meeting the critical needs of children and women must not be delayed any longer.”

Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy’s big day of flex [and sending Hamdok packing]

We have shown that from now onwards those who want to touch Ethiopia should must think twice or thrice and am proud of it” – Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy (13.12.2020)

Today was an extraordinary day… not that the ceasing of fighting or any good news from the Tigray state. No, the 40 days of war is persisting. While the Eritrean interference and Amhara Paramilitary Fano is doing its bidding too. Not only the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF).

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy stated that Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was coming on the 13th December for a two day visit. However, it was quickly reported that the Sudanese PM returned to Khartoum. As he wanted a mediation effort with IGAD and Abiy have accepted this. Nevertheless, it only took a few hours before he left.

After this visit and briefs. The Prime Minister left in haste for Tigray and taken pictures at the Alula Aba Nega Airport in Mekelle in Tigray. The Ethiopian Airlines states it takes about 1hour and 20 minutes flight from Bole International Airport. So, that makes sense and is possible. As the meeting with Hamadok was over within no time. Actually, ST-PNA aircraft that Hamdok took was only in Ethiopia for three hours before leaving.

This here shows again that he has little to no interest in mediation. So, don’t expect it to be anything useful. It is just to buy time and had a “friendly” visit. It is always different when someone else interferes in your own state. Then, when you yourself interferes in others. That is why the PM can easily be a mediator elsewhere, but not wanting that really at home.

Prime Minister Abiy changing from Statesmen to Warlord in means of hours. As he came with a speech in Mekelle, which resembles of someone who has to prove their flex and their power. A man who needs to be validated and recognized for his muscles and tactics. This Prime Minister is proudly wearing a gun and speaking of fear. A man that is supposed to be known for peace, which is ironic in all of this.

The reported massacre in Guya, air-strikes in Tembien and door-to-door operations in region is silent. As the PM wanted to show his power and being proud of his mission. This Operation Law Enforcement.

40 days of consistent attack on the region. 40 days of brutal fatal attacks on civilians and opposition forces. We have no idea about the amount of deaths or injured. We also don’t know how many civilians that lacks food, water or shelter. As the communication from the area is little and the refugees crossing into Sudan is few. Compared to the ones actually living in the region. So, who knows the total ramification of it all. As there are even reports today of stealing over 2 million cattle from the region and taken to Amhara. That isn’t established, but there was reports earlier in the war of taking away machines and technical installation to Eritrea and other parts of Ethiopia. It would follow a pattern.

It is not strange that the meeting was short with Hamdok. When he had to hurry this quickly to Mekelle the same day. The mediation will end in nowhere. As the only interest for Abiy is to win and crush his opponent. There will be no peaceful return until that happens. He will settle the grudges he has with the guns. That is why there been 40 days of warfare and it continues.

Prime Minister Abiy really wanted to show his strength and flex. This was that moment and that day. Where Abiy showed it and wanted to prove it. Peace.