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Opinion: Expect Nelson Chamisa to be crucified!

Let me be clear, the rally and the race for the Presidency has begun, all parties are having rallies and the biggest contenders are the ruling regime Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) with their incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa, he will use all tricks, all of the state machinery and not do anything in that regard. If he blows the budget, misuse government institutions and resources, that is to be expected. Already, the media are in favour of the state machinery and the state party line. That being that they praise anything and everything Mnangagwa does.

However, the main contender Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A). is under cross-fire every single day. Not that is doing anything wrong, he might slip up and that will be taken advantage of. Trust me, he is the least candidate in the race that can do anything wrong. He will be under so much fire and scruitiny, that you would think he created a world-war and a major crisis. If Mnangagwa did the same, they will be silent about it or not even make much fuzz. That is because the Chamisa program and stances are in sharp contrast to whatever Zanu-PF stands for at this point.

Zanu-PF already proclaimed their war-chest, their massive PR show and campaign rallies, they are ready to go all guns salute, even when they are not interested in changing electoral laws, since that will make it easier for them to win. All of the Electoral Commission are appointed by the man and directly controlled, so the results could be managed in their favour. Therefore, it is far from a level playing field in this race. None of the 100 other candidates got anything in significant resemblance of the Zanu-PF. That the MDC-A/T has a big organization and a massive standing in the public is visible. However, they don’t have the state behind them and neither the resources to compete.

Chamisa might have the swagger, the strength and resilience to compete, but he will be under-fire for every single word he utters. He cannot say anything wrong or be close to be misunderstood by anyone. Mnangagwa can sleepwalk, be dizzy and even mumble rap like Future on stage, and still be praised by state friendly media houses. Nevertheless, if Chamisa did the same, they would say he needed to go to the hospital and get a mental exam. That is just the way it is.

This will be unfriendly, the Op-Eds will crucify Chamisa and the MDC. They will tarnish him, they will look through his history and pin-point all the past mistakes, ex-girlfriends and his missteps against Tsvangirai if they have too. As long as the purpose, is to make Mnangagwa the king and the holy of the holiest. Chamisa will be the ugly duckling, the mockery of the Republic and the insane drunk uncle, which you don’t want to invite to your party.

Therefore, expect madness, expect a headache and nonsense in Formula One speed. There will be no redemption, there will be no mercy. Only the Zanu-PF way and nothing else, if so Gen. Chiwenga will order his troops and they will ask you to salute to His Excellency. They will not beg for it, they will take it. Peace.

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Opinion: No Electoral Reforms are the remedy ZANU-PF needs now, but not what Zimbabwe needs!

We knew that it would come to this, as the Zimbabwe Parliament had the tabled amendments to secure more transparency and secure the electoral process in the in-coming elections. The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) would muster resistance against that. Because that would shoulder more open and transparent effort for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), which is an electoral body appointed by the ruling regime and they want to deliver for the ruling regime. That is why there is need for electoral reforms, that the regime has no interests in changing. All of that will weaken the party even more.

That is why the 8th May Plenary Sessions with the Amendments from Hon. Gonse of the Electoral Law was important. Even as the Zanu-PF was working hard against it. That is why the end-game was postponing a clear vote on the amendments and sending it to the Committee for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. As a way of shelving the ideas and putting it to the side. Because Zanu-PF cannot reform itself. That can only happen if Gen. Chiwenga orders the army to switch the leadership again.

We know that the Minister Ziyambi fears electoral reforms, that was evident with the statement like this:

However, I reject the submission that we replace Section 157 of the Act. It proves an unwelcome burden on the Electoral Court to disqualify from future elections candidates alleged to have committed electoral malpractices. The Electoral Court, Hon. Members, is not a criminal court. If you want to disqualify me or perhaps Hon. Gonese to withstand from future elections on the basis of mere allegations, it is better for that issue to be adjudicated by the criminal courts and not the Electoral Court. Let the convicting court make the decision on the basis of facts before it” (Hon. Ziambi, 08.05.2018).

We see the significant differences with the opposition as Hon. Gonse answered this:

Electoral court may disqualify persons responsible for electoral malpractices and it is very clear, we are saying if a person who is either a candidate or an agent of a candidate or an office bearer of a political party is convicted by any court, we are not talking of allegations here. We are talking of a person who has been convicted. We want to deal with the culture of impunity. People have been doing it and they have been repeating it knowing that no drastic consequences will befall them. We want to ensure that if people are aware that if they do any of these things, if they engage in violence for example or any other malpractice, whether it is bribery, intimidation and so on, they know that the consequences are so drastic and again, the Electoral Court is now given sufficient power to decide which are the more grave offences” (Hon. Gonse, 08.05.2018).

That is the major reason for why there are no wishes or changes of Electoral Laws before the Elections that is coming up. Because Zanu-PF have no interests in changing this. They fine the way it is. Zanu-PF can live with it, they can rig it and secure it for the Zanu-PF Politburo. Because at this point, the election is all in favor of Zanu-PF, even if they are not as organized as they thought they were. They are a bit shaky after the hectic and shambolic primaries. However, they will pull out all the guns to secure the Lascoste and the new elite another term in office. Legitimize it and eat of the plate a little while longer.

But they will not change laws few months ahead of the elections, take away the mandate of ZEC and give way to opposition voices now. They are slowly preparing for another term, this time not by the military, but by the ballots. Even if they are rigged and fixed to be altered to the narrative the Zanu-PF needs. As Mnangagwa lies to make beautiful puff-pieces in the Herald. The reality, is they are gearing up for another show-down and will not accept any interference in it. That is why the Amendments are sent to Committee, the Zanu-PF cannot change now, they are on the way to another term. A term they will get into no matter what it costs, as they are doling out SUVs, paying of people and securing loyalty in and outside the country. Peace.