My brief take on Torey Lanez…

Well, the Canadian artist and musician, Torey Lanez aka Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson. Dropped the project ‘DayStar’ this week after months and weeks of speculations. As there is an alleged case against him. In the concern of his affairs and his usage of a gun in question to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion’s foot in July this year.

We are now seeing that his addressing in his music. He has not gone through the social media, dropping a video on Instagram or anything. Neither, has used the platform of “Quarantine Radio” to say anything either. Megan Thee Stallion came out with her part of the story and basically, the album he dropped now is calling her a liar for it.

Torey Lanez and his team has already gone after Megan. They have tried to dismiss her on social media, using emails and other means to dismiss, downplay and disregard her tale. Which isn’t a good move. The whole thing is shady from the get-go.

That someone would even touch Megan is outrageous in itself. No one should. That is just that. Neither, should anyone do anything violent against Torey either. However, here is a the pickle. As long as there are no pending case. No jurisdiction and no play with law-enforcement. As long as there are no direct investigation. There will be hearsay.

As there is no release of a tape of the incident and the witnesses to the ordeal is either playing their part or being silent. Both of the people in question got careers to think off and a future of possible rising stars.

Megan Thee Stallion is the next in line for the top female act in Hip Hop. She knows this and it would be weird to jeopardize that. It would be unfortunate to loose that chance and have the biggest LP out since Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill.

Alas, here we are. Not knowing everything. Seen the bloody pictures from July. Understood the reasons for the silence, but doubting the intentions of Torey. As he has used his means to downplay Megan. Which by all definition is suspect. While he is now capitalizing on it again with newly released LP. That is not word to wise, but neither was it carry guns in America either.

Therefore, the man is questionable. We don’t know if the ego got the best of him. If he was hurt or had a bad hair-day. Who knows, if Megan triggered him, even if she did. There shouldn’t be a reason to shoot someone. There should also be consequences to do so. Not find ways to monetize it and make a generous buck on it.

Torey should know better, but apparently he doesn’t. This should play out and if Megan can. She should get the case pending. As she was the victim, she was shot and the one aiming at her. Should face the law. There is no soft middle-ground here. Only bullet(s) flying for no apparent reason.

Torey Lanez cannot escape this. He cannot run away from it either. Until this is resolved and a verdict have been issued. Until then, its a uncharted territory, a lot of hearsay and unanswered tales spinning around. A lot of he-say, she-say. Still, the bullet(s) and the blood should be accounted for.

Torey knows this and so does Megan. That is just a fact. I’m not promoting ‘Daystar’, but something gotta give. Because, it cannot be like this. No one deserves this and the humiliation of the victim isn’t right. That he uses his talent, his platform to do this. That isn’t right, but then again. That is what people do, apparently these days. Peace.

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