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Opinion: Gnassingbe, it is not about your feelings, but your actions!

“Sometimes these statements and opinions are exaggerated — in any case, I don’t feel like a dictator”Faure Gnassingbe to Le Monde in February 2020

I hate to say it Mr. President, but this is not about how you feel, but how THEY feel. How the public really feel and why address you as if they do. It is hard not to call you a dictator or a tyrant. Because, your actions speaks much louder than your words.

The way you got into power after your father. Second Generation Gnassingbe, the man who’s holding a tight grip on the Republic and family affairs, which means the Togolaise government. That is you, Mr. President.

That you started your reign with killing 50 people with 2500 soldiers in civilian clothes. That you has persisted in-office, using all means to stay there. Blocking opposition, scaring activists to exile or arresting their leaders. There is no bounds to what you do.

You are now blocking foreign observers, while CENI is suspending electronic transmissions of the election results. As well, as warning of a internet blockade and social media blackout ahead of the polls. Reports is that WhatsApp is already blocked before the polls, as of today. While the activists and organizers behind the uprising in 2017 is in either jail, exile or dead. Therefore, your words are somewhat pointless, when your actions is deafening.

Mr. President you can act a fool and think you can get away with it. As you are running for your fourth term after a shoddy referendum. Which is all based on you continued reign, not on the betterment of the Republic. We all know that, even the ghosts of Christmas Past knows that.

If you didn’t send soldiers to quell demonstrations, arrest the leaders and kill innocent civilians. Maybe, people wouldn’t address you as a dictator. If you didn’t block concerts and rallies on beaches. Maybe, the people the people wouldn’t call you an dictator. Maybe, if you didn’t act with swift death and destruction every time someone challenge you. Maybe, if you acted right, they wouldn’t call you names. However, the problems is that you do all of this, repeatedly.

So, when you need extensive rigging, everything done in darkness. Expect the results to be thereafter. Expect more bloodshed, more pain and suffering of the Republic. Because, one man and his family feels entitle to run it by any means necessary. This is the same family that has ruled the Republic for 53 years now. While extending it yet another term tomorrow.

There will be no election tomorrow, only a pre-fixed selection. The President wouldn’t back-down, this is his anyway. If someone stands in his way, they will be gone, either by the book, by crook or by the hook. Feel me?

So, if they address you as a tyrant, as a dictator, Mr. President it’s not because of your words, but your actions. They are loud and clear, one unison message, the Gnassignbe before country. Peace.

Togo: Communique de la CENI (20.02.2020)

Togo: Forces Democratiques pour l’Alternance pacifique en 2020 – Communique No. 2 – Halte a la violence d’etat et au hold up electoral (19.02.2020)

Togo: CENI – Directive No. 006 – Objet: Annulation du systeme de securiteation electronique des resultats de vote par le procede SINCERE (19.02.2020)

Togo: CENI lettre de CNSC-Togo – Objet: Annulation et retrait de votre accreditation pour l’observation electorale de 2020 (17.02.2020)

Togo: Forces Democratiques pour l’Alternance pacifique en 2020 – Communique de Presse – Presidentielle du 22 Fevrier 2020 au Togo: Violences Recurrentes et Peril en la Demeure (13.02.2020)

Togo: Communique des Forces du Consensus Democratique (20.01.2020)

Opinion: Doesn’t matter who runs against Gnassingbe

The man of the hour since 2005. The son of the Previous President, which ruled since 1967. The family dynasty and enterprise, established in 1967 and running to this day. The family business of Faure Gnassingbe, whose now able to run until 2030. With two elections, but that is formalities at this point.

Not like the Gnassingbe is going to give away his vast powers, give away the state and all the opportunities to enrich himself. Eyadema Gnassingbe could rule until death in 2005 and Faure got elected after him. Now, the son has amended the Constitution, so that he can have two more terms. This will be his fourth and fifth term. If Faure completes these terms, than the family has run the Republic for 63 years. They are already on their 53 years.

That is a long time, the son has already graced the office for 15 years. So, its not like he could do his magic or make a difference if he would already. But he will be more known for lack of service delivery, silencing critics and fatal protests. Closing beach-concerts for security reasons, bad water quality and lack of proper government functions. Because, that is something is rampant.

Not weird it is like that, all the cronies, loyalists of the family of Gnassingbe is all across the political spectrum. There are no judge who will go against him, no Member of Parliament, which will have the power to stand-up and change it. No, Faure is the sole king and the proprietor of the Republic.

On the 22nd February 2020. Expect a total black-out, total lockdown, closed borders, all VPN and military in the streets. Expect a full horizon of well-wishers and people giving way. The other 6 Presidential Candidates, didn’t even have a chance. They were just tokens, to make an appearance and make it look like the public had a choice. When, in reality, they were pawns, and the king, stays the king.

This election is a rubber-stamping exercise. This is misuse of the public trust and only a shallow appearance of normality. When it could have been done by decree and then closed the shop. The results will be in favour of Gnassingbe. The Court judgements after the elections will validate him and his cronies. This elections is only done. To make it “legitimate” to continue the Gnassingbe Limited (Ltd). Not to uphold any values or proper representation, which could make a difference.

At this point, the Togolese Republic is a family enterprise and they are profiting of the misgivings of the Republic. While they have powerful friends in Lome and in Paris. Which keeps this pumping and alive. That is just the nature of things. Gnassingbe wants to be as good as his father. Forever on the throne, until he dies. If not he has failed the legacy of his father. This is how it seems.

That February day will he hectic and havoc. As the Togo Debout have shown in the recent times. Nor, that it will change anything. Unless, the military switch allegiance. But don’t count on it. Really don’t, they are fed by the Gnassingbe. They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds it.

This isn’t an election, but just another step of justification for Gnassingbe Ltd. to continue their work and their looting. Peace.

Togo: Ministere de l’Administration Territoriale de la Decentralisation et des Collectivies Locales – Note a Tous les Prefets (07.01.2020)

Togo: Communique Sanctionnant le Conseil des Ministres (27.11.2019)

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