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Tchad: A Transitional Military Council set-up with the son as “interim” President

Idriss Déby Itno has just had his last breath defending territorial integrity on the battlefield,” said army spokesman General Azem Bermandoa Agouna in a press release read on TV Tchad.

General Mahamat Kaka Déby Itno have been confirmed as the successor of his father Idriss who got battle wounds in the battlefield with rebels. The former President took power by a rebellion in December 1990 and the son takes over in similar fashion.

The son is the “Interim” President for Tchad on the Government page of the President. The Declaration of the new formation of government is explained by this:

In this regard, a Transitional Military Council (TMC) is set up to ensure the defence of our dear country in this situation of war against terrorism and the forces of evil in order to ensure the continuity of the State. As a result, the following steps are being taken from today on:

The Transitional Military Council guarantees national independence, territorial integrity, national unity, compliance with international treaties and agreements and ensures the transition for a period of 18 months;

A 14-day national mourning period is decreed throughout the territory;

Flags are flown at half-mast and national funerals will be held;

The National Assembly and the Government were dissolved;

A transitional charter will be promulgated by the President of the Transitional Military Council;

A curfew from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. is in place throughout the country;

Land and air borders are closed until further notice;

A Transitional Government will be set up;

New republican institutions will be established at the end of the transition by organizing free, democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of the sacrifice for which the Marshal of Chad fought throughout his life until his last breath;

A call for dialogue and peace is being made to all Chadians inside and outside to continue to build Chad together.

The Transitional Military Council reassures the Chadian people that all measures are being taken to ensure peace, security and the republican order” (Tchad, 20.04.2021).

General Kaka the son of the Previous President have gotten military training in France. He have held several of high ranking position in the army. In January 2013 he got to be the Commander of Chadian Special Forces within Mali who was fighting Malian rebels in Mali. The same time he got appointed by his father as the Brigadier General. Later he has also been the Commander of FATIM in Northern Tchad. Now, his taking over government and on “Interim” leadership.

Now the Chadian Republic will have an temporary and transitional military council. Just like it was in Sudan and it’s happening now in Chad. It is now run by the son who knows perfectly well how his father ran the government for years. The cronies and generals will be leveraged this way, but its still a junta in charge of the government. There is no direct change. It is a succession happening because of death and not because of universal suffrage.

Just like the father was set to be the President for his sixth term. Now, his son is taking over his sixth term. I would guess his trying to take over and will linger in power as well. He has the rank and power because of his father. General Kaka isn’t a giant because of his reputation or experience, but of family ties.

The FACT rebellion will maybe not stop here. Because, this is just the second generation of the cause that got them to the battlefield in the first place. It has changed the head of government, but it’s the same people running the game still. It is still rigged from the public and controlled by armed men. Peace.