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Opinion: Abiy wants to be remembered for war and not for peace …

This is tragic circumstances, which could have been prevented. It has all been decided by big-men to wage war. To use a massacre as a pre-text to attack the region of Tigray. Even when evidence is going back to the same authorities that is waging war. They are all pinning the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which have been shunned by the Federal Government.

The Prosperity Party (PP) and the Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is supposed to be sponsor of peace. These are supposed to be negotiators and the ones doing talks. We have seen how the army and authorities have gone after the opposition in Oromia. The Oromo leadership is all behind bars. Except for the yes-men who within the PP. The leadership elsewhere has been cleared and the PP have even a unique recruitment plan to get people who are favouring all the ideals of the Prime Minister. Therefore, everyone is just to follow him and nothing else.

With that in mind. With the fake coups and the assassinations. It is all connected and gets back to the Office of the Prime Minister. Who are using the army, the police and everything else to keep a grip of power. The PP is using the Constitution against others, but not following it themselves. Like they claim the Tigray was in the wrong holding elections, but they are illegally in office on their sixth year as we speak. Therefore, their argument is flawed at best and only a naive brother would eat out of the hands of the PP.

The TPLF have a history and used means, which is now used against them. It is the former oppressor getting the same treatment from the newest oppressor. That is the sad reality here. The PP is using the means, which the TPLF used when they ran the coalition EPRDF for years.

They first shunned a party, issued them as a “terrorist organization” and ordered the Command Post in the region. At the same time jamming the phone lines, social media blackout and blocking the internet. All to block information coming from the region. At the same time ordering ‘State of Emergency’ to restrict and ensure total control. This has been done to Oromia so many times… It is a well used technique.

The only difference is that the TPLF knows all of this and has a history. It is not done as civilians and random militias, but the former governing body. The TPLF is more powerful, than what PM is thinking. He has acted irrational and only done this to look supreme. Get rid of the ones who defies him and has the courage to stand up against him. Instead of showing humility and grace, he shows no remorse and goes straight into combat mode. Not the actions of a man of peace, but of a man of war.

It is like the PM wants to be a Warlord. He wants to be known for war and death. Not being know for peace and peace agreements. Like why are the leadership of Oromo behind bars? You made peace with them and later thrown them all in jail. That is the reality.

The TPLF dared not to consolidate under the flag of the PM. They didn’t want to be part of the PP. That is why this is all happening and they haven’t played ball. The fallout has been clear for months, but now the Federal Government is starting a civil war and its on the orders of the PM. They are following the chain of command.

The PP is trying to save face, as the TPLF stated they had a special force to defend themselves earlier this week. The PP used a massacre they themselves created this month as pretext to attack them. Now, they are issuing all orders, which the TPLF have used on others.

The skirmishes are now on the second day and as long as the big-men doesn’t talk. This is going to continue. The TPLF will not give in easy, because they have their honour too. Not like the PM has shown them anything else than his own arrogance. The PM and PP should get a a third party to negotiate. Instead of getting civilians to die in cross-fire, which will be the outcome.

That is the sad reality, as there are report of artillery fire in Mekelle and on the border with Amhara today. We can clearly see what is up and the Federal Government want to prove their point.

We can also easily state that Prime Minister Abiy wants to be remembered for war and not. He rather order the guns, than issue talks and mediation. He got to ears, but doesn’t want to use them. Everyone else got to listen to him, but he will not do that to others. If he did. I want to believe we wouldn’t be here and have this tragic affect.

Other than the devastation created by this. It can at least for some unleash the true face of Abiy to the world. As his not a real peacemaker, but a warlord without a mandate. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front – Responding to the Press Statement of the Chairperson of African Union Commission (04.11.2020)

We would like to express our appreciation to the statement issued by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, H. E. Moussa Faki Mahamat, on 3 November 2020 regarding the current Situation in Ethiopia. The OLF had predicted the looming danger and repeatedly appealed to the Ethiopian Government for the last two and half years to shape and properly manage the reform process. We had been suggesting to provide timely solution to the crises and conflicts and to involve stakeholders in dialogue and the democratisation process. We specifically expressed our concerns of security crises and related inter-communal conflicts.

We also have provided several proposals to the government on our own as well as jointly with other opposition groups to shape the reform process leading to democratic avenues through inclusive national dialogue to build a national consensus. We have been continuously informing the international community on dangers coming up if the reform process is not properly managed and if the grievances of diversified nations and peoples is not soberly and genuinely addressed.

We are very glad that the African Union Commission has seriously considered our concerns and became ready to assist Ethiopia in its efforts to promote peace and stability in the country and to hold inclusive national dialogue.

As we had repeatedly asserted, we would like to reaffirm that we shall be involved in any joint initiative to design a roadmap and formulate strategy and implementation plan that would lead to to solve the constitutional crisis and eventually to free and fair election for the formation of democratic Country.

We would like to use this opportunity to bring to the attention of Your Excellency that citizens of Oromia Regional State of the FDRE have overwhelmingly supported the OLF call for Oromia National Transitional Government (ONTG) in FDRE. We think this will avert further deterioration of political and security crisis in this highly populated region. We also strongly believe the formation of this ONTG will defuse the non-stop killings, massive imprisonments and repeated protest to counter these atrocities and secure peace and stability in wider regions of Ethiopia.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that we accept the African Union Commission’s proposal to engage in an inclusive national dialogue and work with all stakeholders to build a national consensus to prevent the country from grave crises and to avoid its negative impacts on the Horn of Africa and beyond.

Victory to the masses!

November 4, 2020


Eritrean Democratic Homeland Party (EDHP): Press Statement (04.11.2020)

Ethiopia: Abiy have gone rouge

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy have gone totally rouge these days. The first steps were to cease operations with Tigrai Regional Government. Later cease funding to the same Regional Government. Now this week was the House of Federation terming the ruling party of Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a terrorist organization. This is all in favour of the political elite and Prosperity Party in Addis Ababa.

Yesterday, the army went on full attack mode in Mekelle and by a army base. After the state alleged TPLF involvement in a attack and massacre in Oromia. Which is the pretext for everything happening in Tigrai now. Where the internet is shut off, telephone-lines is jammed, and the Council of Ministers have issued an ‘State of Emergency’.

This is all a ordinary playbook where the state makes the victims the culprits. They have been doing the same in Oromia and Ogaden for years. Now, they are using the same means towards the Tigrai. A Regional Government and party, which didn’t consolidate into the PP, but was independent from that.

This has been months in the waiting. The TPLF government in Mekelle have gotten ceased aid and regional funding to from Addis Ababa. So, the stalemate has been going on for a while. Earlier this week. The TPLF government stated it had back-up forces and would defend itself. Now, the Federal Government have answered with a deliberate attack within Tigray and also issued a State of Emergency.

This is all happening, because the TPLF defied the House of Federation and the Prime Minister’s order to hold elections in September 2020. That the TPLF followed the constitutional provisions of universal suffrage within reach of time before a term is over. Meanwhile, the House of Federation, the Representatives and Prime Minister is residing on an unconstitutional sixth year in office. As the Federal Government are still awaiting to hold a general election.

We can easily see that the state is using the unfortunate deaths in Oromia to their advantage. As they have found the culprits before a investigation. They are using baseless claims to excuse military actions towards Tigrai. That a man of peace like the PM is supposed to be. It is funny how the state always orders deaths, assassinations and” coups” to its advantage.

This here is yet another one of those. The conflict here is based on assumption that the Prime Minister and his allies are legit and legitimate rulers. Alas, they are practically not and you don’t have to be a constitutional scholar to understand that. The grievances between Mekelle and Addis Ababa could have been settled over talks and negotiations. Alas, that wasn’t in the interest of this PM. A man who rather pick up a gun and kills, then to negotiate anything. Therefore his opposition; the ones challenge him and could be threat to his reign is behind bars as enemies of the state.

What is happening to Tigray has happened to Oromia plenty of times. The use of Command Post and State of Emergency to silence the citizens and their possible uprising against the state. The TPLF have more muscle than the parties of Oromia who has been disfranchised for years. Therefore, the game is another one here. The TPLF is the former leader of the EPRDF. The one who ran the Federal Government for years and know all the tactics that is used.

Therefore, the Prime Minister ordering military operations in Tigray is a worrying sign. As the TPLF has also stated earlier this week that they have a special force ready to defend their land. Therefore, the bloodshed could happen, which is unfortunate. A civil war called by man who’s supposed to be a man of peace. However, he rather use the gun than talk, apparently.

This is no good. There will be nothing good out of this. Only the innocent will die, while the big-men will thrive. The ones who didn’t ask for this or was just an innocent bystander will be hit, but the ones in-charge will not feel any implications. The civilians and the citizens will pay the price. Not Abiy nor Debretsion Gebremichael will feel this. It is everyone around them.

This is escalation and use of force shows the true intent of the PM. He could have acted differently, but he chooses to do this. His allies are backing him and singing his songs. This is not good, but a sad reality we are now seeing. Peace.

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