Press Relese: Worrying Trends of Journalists Targeted for Covering Political Campaigns in Uganda (26.02.2016)

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The Army raids the FDC district-office in Kiruhura District on the 6th January 2016

Kiruhura District Logo

On 6th Jan. 2016 our FDC offices in Kiruhura district were broken into by the military, the deadly illegal operation was led by an Army officer known as Major Rutakara (mrs) of Kyakabunga village, Nyakasharara sub-county, FDC materials such as Besigye Posters, T shirts, and P10 cards were confiscated!

Major Rutaraka warned that she doesnot want FDC offices in her district.

The major then declared: Kiruhura an opposition free zone and she added FDC offices are unwanted in her district”.

The LC3 Forum for Democratic Change Chairman of Nyakasharara subcounty, The matter was reported to Kaguta Road PolicePpost on 7th jan. 2016!

Case no. SD05/06/01/2016
Offence : criminal Tresspass and threatening violence.

Uganda Radio

Another issue in the area are their song choices and NRM message:

The radioes in the area only plays “Yoweri Kaguta Museveni songs” and “Mzee’s messages” like Kiruhura FM, Radio 5, Voice of Kawenge and Radio West.

Postive FDC News from the Kiruhura district:

“For the first time, FDC has fielded District Woman MP candidate in Kiruhura District. We are winning by defiance with: Irene Ayebazibwe”.

Uganda – (Letter) Re: Our own Norman is missing – (Where is Norman Tumuhimbise?)


A letter from The Jobless Brotherhood: 

It is increasingly becoming risky and unsafe to stay in Uganda. It is common for plain clothed security personnel to pick any youth or Ugandan apart from MPs from any place any time. Detain you illegally at places of their convenience where friends and relatives can’t access you.

The most recent victim is Norman Tumuhimbise a leader of Jobless brotherhood commonly known as Mpigs. Norman didn’t make it home Thursday night and until now, he has gone missing. However his car remains parked in its’ night parking space. A report has been filed with Kawala Police Station under reference SBREF29/21/08/215 Person missing Norman Tumuhimbise.

You may not agree with what The Jobless brotherhood does but that doesn’t give anyone a right to kidnap another. If undeterred, the appetite for unlawful arrests could knock at your door steps. Let’s stop this by demanding that Norman be presented in courts of law. Lets’ embarrass and shame the officer who made the orders.

We do all this in the best interest of Uganda.

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