Burma: Joint CSOs/NGOs Statement – The Burma Military’s use of torture is an international crime – it must be stopped! (26.06.2021)

Burma: National Unity Government – Dr. Sasa Union Minister of the MOIC and Spokesperson of the NUG welcomes new EU sanctions against individuals connected to the military regime (21.06.2021)

Burna: National Unity Government – Announcement No. 7 – Announcement on Kinma Village (17.06.2021)

Burma: Kachin Women’s Association Thailand – Deadly reprisals: Regime stepus up attacks on civilians in retaliationgs for conflict losses in northern Burma (16.06.2021)

Burma: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Press Statement (15.06.2021)

Burma: H.E. Dr. Sasa, Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation and Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar welcomes with deepest gratitude the response of the world leaders of the G7 Summit (14.06.2021)

Burma: Karenni National Progressive Party – Urgent Appeal to the United Nations, International Governments, and Humanitarian Organizations (03.06.2021)

Burma: Democratic Voices of Burma (DVB) – Detained DVB team in Chiang Mai safe in third country (07.06.2021)

Burma: National Unity Government of Myanmar & the Japan Parliamentary Group Supporting Democratization in Myanmar – Joint Statement (26.05.2021)

Burma: Justice for Myanmar responds to Kirin’s 1Q 2021 results Myanmar Beer boycott hitting generals’ pockets with sales down 46% YoY (12.05.2021)

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