Sudan: NISS Head Gosh Resigns from the Transitional Council!

The third major resignation in Khartoum since the sit-down demonstration begun. The President and his 24 temp have resigned within 48 hours yesterday. On the third day, the head of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Salah Gosh have resigned from the Transitional Council.

Clearly, the National Congress Party and the former allies of the 30 year long Presidency is feeling the pressure of the demonstrations. As they are not winding down or taking at ease. They are not accepting being hoodwinked by the former henchmen of the Dictator. They want an overhaul and total change.

That is evident, as the Transitional Council is looking more and more weak. Less powerful and just have to give ways to the citizens. Even as there are horrific reports of bullets, killings and harsh treatment of demonstrations outside of Khartoum. There been reports of killings in South Kordofan and other regions during the week. Therefore, there are more victims to the dictatorship, as it is crumbling and feeling the piling pressure of its population.

This one here will continue to play out. The demonstrations, the riots and the sit-down demos will continue, as long as they deem it fit. At this point the Sudanese Professional Association and all the rest of the organizers, have displayed courage, finesse and resilience in the midst of oppression. They have proven to stand by their civic duty and challenge an military dictatorship. Where the Rapid Support Force (RSF), NISS and the Army has used their weapons against them.

Still, they have been on the streets, demanding justice and freedom from oppression. It is truly inspiring and unique. Salute to all the fallen, to all the hurt and all the lives, whose been touched by the regime. As the regime have taken lives to stay in power, been violent and harassed since its inception in 1989. Surely, the public deserves proper representation and liberty to assemble their own leaders.

Alas, therefore, the demonstrations continues. It will as long as the Military Transitional Council prolongs it and the will of the public is undefeated. Peace.

Sudan: Post Al-Bashir- 2nd leader to chair the Transitional Council within 48 hours!

In Khartoum, tonight, Military Council leader Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn stepped down, less then a day after announcing himself head of the Transitional Military Council. Tonight the Lieutenant General Abdel-Fatah al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman is replacing him.

So, within 48 hours, two leaders have been shut-down by the Revolution, by the demonstrations and the resilience of the Sudanese people. The public is demanding swift changes and not a military government.

Right now, it is just changing the leadership of armed generals and former confidants of the decade long presidency of Omar Al-Bashir.

However, this shows that the Military Transitional Council is skating on thin-ice and the public are getting their will. As the army and interim leadership is weak. They cannot manage without the confidence of the public. Who are certainly aiming for a civilian rule and not more bloodless coup d’etat to take over the reign in Khartoum and Sudan.

11th April and 12th April 2019 is surely special. National Congress Party and the rest of the elite, which was behind this regime must shake. Because, the core is being torn down by the public. As they are defiantly standing on the streets, being at sit-in strikes and showing no lack of courage to topple a militarise government with peaceful means.

Now, we have to see how long Al-Burhan will be at the helm. Surely, he will not last long. The guy who appointed him as successor only got 24 hours. The previous guy lasted for 30 years, but his relics and anointed leadership isn’t welcomed anymore. The Sudanese want civilian rule and not the military council to oversee them. Peace.

Bachelet urges Sudan authorities to protect human rights and rule of Law (12.04.2019)

Bachelet reiterated the readiness of the UN Human Rights Office to strengthen its engagement with Sudan to advise and assist the State in discharging fully its human rights obligations.

GENEVA, Switzerland, April 12, 2019 – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Friday reminded the authorities in Sudan of their overarching duty to ensure the protection of the human rights of all people and to refrain from the use of violence.

“This is a very critical, volatile moment for Sudan and there is deep uncertainty and unease about the future,” Bachelet said. “We are closely monitoring developments and call on the authorities to refrain from using force against peaceful protestors, and to ensure that security forces and judicial authorities act in full accordance with the rule of law and Sudan’s international human rights obligations.”

The High Commissioner appealed for calm and called on the authorities to release all those detained for their exercise of the freedom of peaceful assembly and expression.

“The crisis in Sudan has its roots in human rights grievances – economic, social, civil and political rights. The solution must also be grounded in human rights,” she said. “I call on the Government to address the people’s demands. There needs to be a concerted effort, with the meaningful participation of civil society, to work to resolve these grievances.”

She also stressed the need for independent, prompt and effective investigations into the excessive use of force against protestors since December last year.

Bachelet reiterated the readiness of the UN Human Rights Office to strengthen its engagement with Sudan to advise and assist the State in discharging fully its human rights obligations.

African Union: Statement of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Situation in Sudan (11.04.2019)

Sudan: Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change – Joint Statement (11.04.2019)

Sudan: Post Al-Bashir – The aftermath and the new beginning

Today, the 11th April 2019 is a very significant day. Because, this is the first without Omar Al-Bashir as the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief nor as the President of Sudan. A role he has had since 30th June 1989.

This man have held his population captive, he has used all sorts of terror and use of force to get people into submission. This President have misused his time in power, he has assaulted all parts of life and certainly been the tyrant from Khartoum. Today, that play has ceased and all his sins will hopefully be revealed, as there are so many scores of dead, of hurt and of people who has fled this President’s reign. Now, is his time to answer for it.

Has been arrested and the swift transition is in play. The military, the army is trying to take control of the circles of power. The men behind the Rapid Support Force (RSF), the Janjaweed and others. Who earlier this morning took over the TV/Radios, as they have again issues a National Emergency for 3 months. While promising a Transitional Council and a waiting period of 2 years to settle the scores. Surely, the ones starting the Revolution will not be satisfied with same people leading the army under Al-Bashir will still bask in glory control, as his fate is sealed. They feel that the same regime is under control and only the head been cut off.

They are putting on a curfew of 10PM-4AM and dissolution of the Constitution. This means that the army is owning the Republic. The same army that has been behind Al-Bashir all his days, until today. The vital part of his reign and the ones securing his rule. They are now in-charge and setting the standards. They are banning the sit-in-demonstrations that been going for a week and surely not answering all the demands of the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA). They are saying they will continue to demonstrate and to organize protests against the regime. As they have seen enough bloodless coups being done, to accept this one too. Therefore, they will not accept the 2-year transition period either. Surely expect them to ask for the articles of the Declaration of Freedom and Change to be held. So, that the public get a civilian rule and justice for all the Sudanese people.

The one leading now is Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ihn Ouf, the man whose leading the High Council of Armed Forces, is the former Vice-President and Defence Minister. Surely, he will continue where he left off and will be no change to what Al-Bashir did in his day. Because, this is the henchmen of the regime taking over. Not a new breed or anyone hopeful.

With all these measures, the National Congress Party and the army is planning to keep the Republic under siege, but just under a new name. We can hope this revolution get more answers, than just switching the head on top. Even if that is a bittersweet victory, in the sense that the tyrant is gone, but his administration lingers on. They are proving today, to do as much as possible to remain.

Don’t expect the public to accept this verdict, this change as this is barely a change of guard. They have taken out one person, but the same junta is on top. There isn’t really more than just quick swift change, which not materialized, while they hope this will stop the demonstrations. They are already tired of this oppressive, militaristic junta taking control and not letting the people decide who are supposed to run the Republic. This is why, they have been demonstrating since Mid-December 2018 and have had a week of sit-in at the Army Headquarters in Khartoum.

They will not just accept this like that, the SPA and the ones who initiating this will not eat it and say its cool. Clearly, this is not the end, but a new beginning. I hope that it is for something sustainable and for a better tomorrow.


UN rights chief Bachelet appeals for dialogue in Sudan amid reports ‘70 killed’ in demonstrations (10.04.2019)

The UN rights chief’s comments follow concerns about the reported use of tear gas and live ammunition by security forces against demonstrators in mass-protests that began last December.

NEW YORK, United States of America, April 10, 2019 – Sudan’s authorities have an “over-arching responsibility” to protect protesters, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said on Tuesday, amid reports that 70 people have died in the latest anti-Government clashes.

The UN rights chief’s comments follow concerns about the reported use of tear gas and live ammunition by security forces against demonstrators in mass-protests that began last December, over rising food and fuel prices and deteriorating living standards.

According to news reports, heavy gunfire was heard outside the Sudanese army headquarters on Tuesday, where thousands of protesters have been staging a sit-in over the past three days, calling for an end to President Omar al-Bashir’s three-decade rule.

Spokesperson for the High Commissioner (OHCHR), Ravina Shamdasani, reiterated Ms. Bachelet’s “serious concern at the use of excessive force” by Sudanese security forces, adding that her office had documented “many killings” since the situation deteriorated.

“Clearly a lot of people have died,” Ms. Shamdasani said, noting how difficult it was to verify numbers, or who was responsible, since various parts of the country’s security forces appeared to be “taking different sides”.

“We have been in touch with the authorities and they have actually invited our office to visit and we are in discussions with them about this,” she said. “We are again calling on the Government and security forces to ensure that the right to peaceful assembly is fully respected and the right to freedom of expression is respected, and that a genuine dialogue is undertaken to resolve this very complex situation with very real economic and social grievances of the public.”

The High Commissioner’s appeal follows the announcement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday, that he was following the demonstrations in Sudan “closely”

In a statement, Mr. Guterres appealed to all actors to exercise “utmost restraint and avoid violence”, while also calling for the release of detained protesters.

While affirming that the United Nations “stands ready to support any efforts agreed by the Sudanese to peacefully resolve the current crisis”, the Secretary-General further called on the Government of the Sudan to create a “conducive environment for a solution to the current situation and to promote an inclusive dialogue”.

Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA): Letter to all International and Regional Actors in Sudan (09.04.2019)

Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) – Incidence update: Threats of violence in Sudan (08.04.2019)

Share Statement by the Spokesperson on the protests in Sudan (08.04.2019)

The European Union expects that the call for change will prompt a commitment to a peaceful, credible, legitimate and inclusive process that will allow Sudan to carry out essential reforms.

BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 8, 2019 – Since 19 December, peaceful demonstrations have taken place in Sudan. Over the last two days, the Sudanese citizens have come out in unprecedented numbers, calling for change.

The European Union expects that the call for change will prompt a commitment to a peaceful, credible, legitimate and inclusive process that will allow Sudan to carry out essential reforms. These should guarantee the economic security and political representation that the people of Sudan deserve and expect, while providing assurances for the stability of Sudan’s neighbours.

To secure the confidence of Sudanese citizens and many of Sudan’s international partners this process should begin now. Peaceful demonstrations should be permitted. Security forces should not use tear gas and live ammunition against peaceful protesters. Political prisoners should be released.

The people of Sudan have shown remarkable resilience in the face of extraordinary obstacles over many years. Their trust must be won through concrete action by the government.