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South Africa: Mbeki is reading the room…

Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa, when he delivered the state of the nation address (Sona) in February, said ‘in 100 days there must be an agreed comprehensive social compact to address these matters’. Nothing has happened, nothing”Thabo Mbeki (21.07.2022).

The former President and African National Congress Stalwart Thabo Mbeki is speaking facts yet again. The old man is right on the money, but is to late? I have a feeling that his either trying to steer the party in the right direction or give it a lesson. Because, the ones ruling seems lost and only preoccupied with eating. This has been going for ages and only now crippling everything…

Mbeki has seen this go down and the stages are just returning. Ramaphosa and his ANC is just epitome of what is wrong. It isn’t like Ramaphosa is the first ANC to come with empty promises. However, at this very moment… all the years of relentless usage of power to personal gains are coming at a cost. The brutalisation and the commercialization of the high ranking offices is also becoming a burden. The pain, the plight and suffering, which the ANC government could have handled and not cared about. Will now start to haunt it.

The ANC used their time in office to enrich themselves. Find schemes and kickbacks. The ANC used the offices and the government entities to ensure themselves or their family members a safe position. Nevertheless, they didn’t help the slums, the unemployed or the rising poverty within their midst. No, they looked their other way and only praised the new ruling elite. They praised it and looked at the new optics for a new middle class. A middle class born out of the struggle, but now enlarging itself on the entities of the state and the lack of proper oversight. That’s why the ANC will not enforce or ensure the ones in need. No, they are just securing the investors, the upper-class and the ones who has a foot in the door already.

That’s why Mbeki’s words of warning is so striking:

One of my fears is that one of these days it’s going to happen to us. You can’t have so many people unemployed, so many people poor, people faced with lawlessness, faced by leadership in which they see ANC people one after one another called corrupt” (…) One day it’s going to explode” (Mbeki, 21.07.2022).

This is telling about an utter failure. The ANC has had the time and been the majority government. The ANC government could have build a welfare state that could help it’s citizens. Nevertheless, we all know that hasn’t been the priority. It has been a get rich-quick-scheme of the ones in office. This is the reason for why things are not working or helping the ones in need. It isn’t profitable to help the poor. No, it is profitable to secure government tenders and supply government companies with shady deliveries. That’s what has been ordinary actions of the government and is reasons for struggling government entities, which we all have heard about over the last few years.

Ramaphosa isn’t alone in this… no his not alone, but his the current head of state and party. His the man who has the power and is the Executive. However, his character and acts shows his in contempt of doing anything about it. He rather rest and let bygones be bygones. Ramaphosa is also far from transparent and not willing to indulge the public about his inner-works. That’s why he isn’t the person to combat corruption, nepotism or cronyism within the ANC. No, he will prolong the agony and not change the current state of affairs.

The ANC at this stage will only implode on its own. The lack of care or concern will sooner or later backfire. It is inevitable that the disaster that everyone could see from far would suddenly explode like Mbeki says.

Mbeki knows the drill and the game. He has seen everything… Ramaphosa haven’t listened to his advice before and only retorted when he saw it fit. This time around… I don’t expect anything and neither should you. Whatever Ramaphosa and the ANC does now will only be posing and posturing for the Republic at large. They will not reform and if they do… it will only be done if the leaders and the appointed leadership will see fortunes in it. However, that is not how government works or how public service is supposed to create change. This is why this is bound to fail.

The systemic greed is depleting the state and the ANC cannot find a way out. Because, they are only in it for the money now and not for proper governing. Peace.

Opinion: Mbeki’s letter is right, but it’s too late now

Former President Thabo Mbeki penned a 8 page letter to the African National Congress Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte – “Re: Urgent Tasks of the Movement” dated yesterday on the 24th November 2021. This was his response to the failure of yet another Local Government Elections in the Republic.

Mbeki could easily see this coming and the ANC is own beast at this very moment. They are living on the past and on the stalemate they have on the political landscape. Yes, there are rising stars and movements, which can be a danger to them. However, it will still take time before they have manpower or capacity to overtake the ANC. That is what keeping the Movement alive and their current status as the ruling regime.

Cyril Ramaphosa haven’t ensured a better run state. No, the state is crippled and lacking service delivery, as it was under the reign of Jacob Zuma. They are both like kin, but Ramaphosa isn’t as conning and openly corrupt as his predecessor. Still, the systems are fixes, the financial forecasts aren’t getting better and neither is people changes.

The ANC have forgotten it’s purpose and seems to be a elitist and corrupt band of bandits on the top. They don’t seem to be fixated in governing or actually do what they promise to do. The same problems are reoccurring and generations are stagnating behind a cycle of lacking development. This is why they seek other politicians and parties. They don’t see any hope or promise in the ANC.

Why should they?

Yes, Mbeki says the ANC should implement Manifesto Commitments, but there shouldn’t be a need for a letter from a stalwart to do that. This should be basics, just like professionalising the public administration from the top to the bottom. However, that it get mentioned in 2021 is a travesty. When the ANC have been running the Republic since 1994 and had all the time to implement promises since then. This should be things they are busy doing already and if they are not. It says more about their nepotism, cronyism and their lacking concern with actually governing.

That’s why this letter is indicating what is lacking, but also what the ANC have forgotten to do. Which shouldn’t be thing in 2021. These should be the professionals and the grown ups in offices. Nevertheless, maybe fancy cars, siphoning funds and eating of the public plate is more important than, well actually do your job and fix the local government structures. It is easier to patch the hurt with a flair and boosting promises.

That’s why the words of the letter and the extracts of the pledges made only makes it more hallow. It shallow and not very promising. As Mbeki might mean every word and wants the ANC to succeed. What is striking is that this letter could easily just prove how the ANC has totally failed and is a failure of a governing party. When they need a reminder like this and to do what they said to do. This shouldn’t be the case… but it’s so in 2021.

Mbeki is maybe the conscience of the ANC at this point. He maybe has a heart and hope that he revitalize the ailing party. Nevertheless, his late to the party and the drinks have already been served. People are buzzed anymore, they are drowsy and some are ready to throw-up. Others are bailing out and wanting to go home. This party is a pity-party and his letter only shows what’s wrong.

Ramaphosa needs to address this, but don’t expect him too. He will let some of his handlers deal with this. His preoccupied with some sort of foreign expedition or conference to be bothered by this. Cyril hopes someone else can sort this out for him. Because, this is beneath him. Even if he is the head and needs to take charge. He won’t though.

So, Mbeki will not change things. The ANC is ailing and failing on it’s own merits. The ANC have created this and they can only change this… if they start to care or actually wants to govern. However, that is too much to ask and we cannot anticipate that in 2021. Peace.

Opinion: Zuma’s rebuttal to Ramaphosa is useless…

If it was a lecture of how to defend yourself and make you into an angle. The letter of former President Jacob G. Zuma would be in classrooms in the future and be studied. To be a proof of someone delusional and defensive as can be.

That Zuma answered to the private letter of his successor Ramaphosa wasn’t shocking. Neither was it unexpected in a way. As the man with a plan, as the man with the schemes and as the man who enriched himself in the time in office. He wouldn’t give way and be silent.

Zuma wants to be free of the shackles. Zuma wants to be out of the legal conundrum and stop the Capture of State Inquiry. As all the commission does is to undermine his legacy and his work. All the things he did to get wealthy, get connected and ensure family heirlooms to his own. Because, that is what it does.

Zuma knows how he used his time in office. He even tried to defend a pool in Nkandla as a “fire-pool”. The man built a village, owns a mansion in either Dubai and such. This is what values he was able to get during his tenure in power.

The former President knows this. Instead using “white-monopoly” and blame gaming the approach of Ramaphosa. It is all to throw shade and blame elsewhere. Because, the former president cannot be seen as “criminal” and someone who was “corrupt”. Even if the whole Republic knows and the evidence is gathered against him. There is enough shady deals with the Gupta’s and others. To ensure Zuma having a hard time in the Courts.

Zuma can play like a fool. Use words and describe things. However, it is all done to save himself. He uses the ANC and the party as a shield in his writing. I’m not saying the white minority doesn’t have a huge advantage economically in South Africa. Because, that would be a lie. There are plenty of folks who are living well. Also, a new middle class who has been created in the years of the ANC. Nevertheless, the former President doesn’t mention that. As that doesn’t fit his narrative.

While the impoverished communities haven’t been saved or salvaged. The society is still broken economically and a huge divide between the rich and poor. Zuma have not changed this in his time. Neither has Ramaphosa. The grand corruption have persisted within both administrations and Zuma cannot run away from that.

He only mentions a deal made during Mbeki. However, not mentioning all the Eskom, Gupta family involved deals or anything else. However, only pushing on one story to vindicate himself. Even, as he claims in the letter. That this is not his intent.

Zuma has his Nkandla, the village project and the amassed wealth. He lived like a king in the years in power. A letter like this cannot disguise that or even take that away.

That’s why he knows what he has done. While trying to act hurt by the criminal process and the inquiries. However, that is needed. If the republic was to ever challenge the behaviour of corruption. Since, he was the head of state and still he ate good. A bit to good and also money, which wasn’t intended his way. Nevertheless, he still ate it and enjoyed the perks. Peace.

Opinion: Ramaphosa’s letter on corruption is a bit late

To be quite clear, I am not suggesting that corruption is only a problem of our movement. Nor am I suggesting that corruption is widespread among our membership or leadership. In fact, I know that the overwhelming majority of ANC members and leaders strongly oppose corruption, patronage and all other forms of criminality” (Ramaphosa, 23.08.2020).

You can come with all intent and purposes. The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa can write to his ruling party. Promise and says nice words of procedure, protocol and be against corruption. However, the state owned enterprises, the foreign investors giving kickbacks and state tender operations are filled with corrupt behaviour.

That is something African National Congress (ANC) and the whole state apparatus know. That the President on the 23rd August 2020 writes that he wants to eradicate and get rid of it is a bit late. There been running grand corruption scandals back in time to when Thabo Mbeki was President. Jacob Zuma evolved it and made it more rampant. Ensure he could build a village on it and get his family members employed because of it.

Within Ramaphosa’s time it has continued. While the Capture of State enquiry, investigation and criminal case against has continued. Still, there is revealed cases, enterprises where things are fixed and government wastage of funds. In a manner, which the ANC knows, they are deliberate about it and endures this system. They are becoming billionaires and millionaires on the misfortune of others.

That is why the letter today from Ramaphosa is more of a Publicity Stunt. The state isn’t combatting this. Unless, they want to take down not only former public officials, ministers and other stalwarts of the party. If the party is sincere, they would take the big-fish and the close associates of the President that does what the party have done over the years.

It is a reason, why the practices done during the time of Mbeki, Zuma and now Ramaphosa continues.

Even before all this:

Even former President Nelson Mandela admitted to the widespread existence of corruption in the ANC when he said in August 1998 that: “We have learnt now that even those people with whom we fought the struggle against apartheid’s corruption can themselves be corrupted.” (UDM – ‘COMRADES IN CORRUPTION IIITHE REAL STATE OF THE NATION’, June 2012).

So, the ANC is known for this. It is all sort of scandals, deals and tenders that are misused for the profits of the high ranking officials of the state. A state run by the liberation party, ANC. When Mandela even could see it back in the day. Why don’t you think we can see it now in 2020.

The ANC got rid of Zuma after his open corrupt behaviour and gotten rid of some skeletons in the closet. However, most of his cadres, appointments and leaders within the ANC is the same. The ones who worked directly and indirectly with Zuma in his reign. Therefore, if Ramaphosa wanted a clean slate. He would have considered people who aren’t tainted, but he didn’t. Ramaphosa himself has his own questionable behaviour and haven’t even answered the public outcry to know how he funded his recent election campaign in 2017.

So, if he wants to oppose it. He should start with his garden and show the flowers. If there are bees or if it vermin. We need to know, so we know what is grass, sand of if there is a hidden treasure on his plot. The same should be done by the ANC. Not only in talk, but in action as well. Peace.

Opinion: Wonder if Ramaphosa will try to the Mbeki trick [or appointed the Special Envoys only to buy time]

A new crisis which leads to a similar game plan. In 2008-2009 there was a South African delegation lead by current time President Thabo Mbeki. Who had a diplomatic mission to mediate in Zimbabwe to solve the political crisis and stabilize the economy.

This week, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is also the Chair President of the African Union have now appointed two Special Envoy to Zimbabwe after the recent human rights violations and crackdown on the civil society.

Last time, Mbeki did what he could to create a Unity Government between the ZANU-PF and MDC. This was to solve the stand-off after a rigged election. Mbeki in a way gave legitimacy and helped to give Mugabe a longer life in power. As the Unity Government for a while bought him time to reign longer without any consequences.

This time around, Ramaphosa might try to do the same. His sending other envoys in to fix the issues. However, his still implicated in it and we can wonder what is his game. ZANU-PF have already dismissed Mbeki in the presidency of Emmerson Mnangagwa. MDC-Alliance’s Nelson Chamisa haven’t accepted his negotiations either. So, there is no Unity Government on the agenda now.

I doubt that the opposition are willing to do the same. As the activists, journalists and civil society leaders are arbitrary arrested, abducted and politically prosecuted. Therefore, the will to bend to the regime might not be as strong this time around.

Secondly, Mnangagwa is using all his means to oppress the dissidents, the ones exposing him and the ones who dares to question his reign. This President ensures that people get arrested and charged for phony crimes, for example one citizen was arrested over annoying the President on WhatsApp.

Mbeki used his tricks and mediation skills, but ZANU-PF never lost their way. The regime persist with its violence against its own. Mnangagwa use armed forces against the citizens. That is apparently what he does and hopes to get away with.

I doubt Ramaphosa will have the powers or finesse to change the authorities in Zimbabwe. They are not willing to listen and they rather rebuke all forrms of criticism. They want to deny the violence and breaches of human rights. To stop the citizens from demonstrating and take away their civil liberties. That has all gone to the wind.

That Ramaphosa is sending Special Envoys to make a difference. Their mission either a sort of buying time for “peace”. If not maybe it will be in the same lane as the Inter-Burundian dialogue with late Benjamin Mpaka, who served the authorities and did dismiss its opposition. The final straw and ending of all is this. That this might be the sort of diplomatic charade buying the regime time. Mnangagwa would enjoy the perks of international community giving space and wiggle room, while Ramaphosa fetches the accredited diplomatic mission, which in the end will amount to nothing.

I really don’t know, but I doubt that these Special Envoys are the trick. The Military Government of ZANU-PF isn’t there to play, but to misbehave. They are there to silence and to secure power. These people will be nice for photo-ops, but will not drop any sort significant change. I am sure that SADC and AU is not willing carry this either. They only does this to stop the critics and to show some action. Even if it is a non-action with a loose mandate. A mandate can amount to nothing, other then having two more people on the payroll for a hot minute. Peace.

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Opinion: Tsvangirai, the man who had deserved to be President!

There are some fellows walking on this earth, who has deserved with their persistence and leadership, with their potential and their spirit. That they are justified to become President. The way they are and their aura. It is rare and unique. Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change – T (MDC-T) had deserved to carry that mantle. The way he carried himself through the oppression and the hacks who took him for granted.

Tsvangirai has proven to resilient and strong, he got played, but still showed his character. No one would have judged him if he had given up after the Second Round Elections and the rigged affair of 2008. With all the merciless use of force and the obvious stolen elections. Someone could have given in and said enough. Instead, he shown his leadership abilities. The way he continued to build his party and take a path towards a better tomorrow.

Tsvangirai shouldn’t just be remembered for being the main opposition of former dictator Robert Mugabe, who ruled until last November 2017. Who kept him away from the office and from the Presidency, by all means. Tsvangirai tried by all means to get there and used with peace. He didn’t want to take power by the guns, like Mugabe did and never left. He was tricked by the Global Political Agreement that made him Prime Minister, even if he won the 2008 election. That shows the conning ways of Mugabe and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) helper Thabo Mbeki. His weakness of Mbeki and wishes for stability by any means. That gave Mugabe a freeway to stay in power.

Therefore, Tsvangirai was risked on the alter and ZANU-PF, the Mugabe Presidency lingered on and the MDC-T and the MDC turned into different fractions. That is why it’s with time become the MDC-Alliance. Where some has given up Tsvangirai and others still has hope for the man. Even if he has been sickly and weak, there has still been hope that he could run against ZANU-PF new President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, today we know, that Mnangagwa doesn’t need to fear Tsvangirai. His body gave way and he finally got peace.

Tsvangirai has fought a battle, he has risked it all and seen comrades die in the street. He has campaigned for a just cause, he has done it with swift actions and persistence. No one can take that away from him.

He has often spoken of not retribution against the regime, against Zanu-PF and Mugabe. Even as he has used the military and police to stifle the MDC. This Tsvangirai did even with the International Community and with communications, which been leaked in United States Embassy Cables. Therefore, Tsvangirai proved his legacy and his wishes of peaceful transition. Not making the same mistakes as in the past of violence and retribution. That could have been understandable with the violations and the harassment of the MDC. Still, he wouldn’t budge and give-in.

That is leadership and consistency. He had deserved to win in 2008, he won it in 2008 by my definition. It was ZANU-PF and SADC who gave it Mugabe. Tsvangirai knew this, but on the alter of International Pressure and a transition, while struggling with hyper-inflation. He gave in and gave way to Mugabe. This is sooner used and his men got the powerful positions. While Tsvangirai was the galleon figure to the international community.

There are people who says he lost 2013 because the party was confused, well, it wasn’t like he would have had the same backing or powerful message after been in power as Prime Minister. A position made to shut him down and not give him enough to be a problem for Mugabe.

Tsvangirai has run against Mugabe since 2002 and has had decent results, he shown that character and resilience matters. I think that he would have been a worthy successor and would have made changes worthwhile. He wasn’t an international stooge, but the world wanted someone else than Mugabe. Mugabe had gone from Liberation Hero into a totalitarian dictator. He had shown his despicable ways. That Tsvangirai proven to different from and wanting a peaceful transition.

Tsvangirai tried to cross the bridge, he tried to find the peaceful means to cross and get there. He worked for over a decade as a Presidential Candidate in the MDC-T. He had deserved to win and be it. Even during the worst economic crisis in near history. MDC could have mustered a direct change and not just a challenge to Mugabe.

Tsvangirai seemed like much more. MDC-T and could have been a great President. However he never got to call the shots, he got played and was tricked. If he in the end became tired and not as fierce as in the past. That comes with age and with experience. There is just as many times you can try the same thing and seeing no change.

Tsvangirai died today, not fool, not a loser, but a legendary politician who fought for the betterment of Zimbabwe and for its people. His service to the country should be remembered. Also his trials and tribulations. The MDC wouldn’t have a power struggle and leadership question of late, if it wouldn’t be for the foundation built by Tsvangirai.

That is just the result of the work done by Tsvangirai. This shouldn’t be forgotten.

Tsvangirai shall not be remembered because of Mugabe, but because of how he fought and did what he could to stand against him day in and day out for years. If people give up and start farming, instead of fighting dictatorship. That would be natural, but Tsvangirai didn’t. That is inspirational and should show us all. How to carry and try to make change into the society you wish for. Not that all tricks and all sorts of play work. However, you cannot deny that he didn’t do what he could.

Tsvangirai, your a hero and a lost one now. But your legacy and your achievements will be inspirational for generations to come. Peace.

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