Ministry of Health letter to Uganda Medical Association: “Invitation for a Consultative Meeting” (14.11.2017)

My letter to President Museveni: “Uganda is not your property to own!”

Dear Sir, His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni!

I am writing to you today, not because I have to, but because there is need for it. Not because I am the best gentleman living on planet earth, neither am I the most brilliant man ever to live. I am just a man who is apparently in the loop.

This campaign and Constitutional Amendment No. 2. the Raphael Magyezi bill to make yourself the Life President of the Republic of Uganda. It should be enough that you have been running the republic from the magical year of 1986 until today. With the last “election” you “won”, will give you time run the republic until 2021. That means your presidency has lasted for 35 years. That is 7 terms as each term is 5 years. You know this, but I just have to tell you this.

I know you are acting as a Kingpin, as the Master and Colonial Governor of the country. You might be a Ugandan Citizen instead of being sent from Britain. Still, you act like you own it and is bound to rule it until you stop breathing. That is insane and also very self-centered reign of yours. As the state and you are practically the same. Since the deals and arrangements that matters is the ones sanctioned from the State House. That means you last word before something happens.

This is worrying, that you are controlling anything and anyone. That the cabinet is just loyal minions with no real power or ability to perform in their departments or ministries. All of this is something you already knows. The republic has become yours and for your taking, this since you used the guns in Luweero Triangle and now wont leave.

That you think people will accept this, just like people wouldn’t accept dictators in past is insane. That you think you are outsmarting Obote, Amin, Lule and Okello. Certainly, you did them all and silenced them all. You even brought down Mobutu at some point. Still, there is not difference between Obote, Mobutu or you. You are as evil and insincere as them. There is no difference in the scale of theft, rape and destruction of state functions, as they did; you have done as well.

When you leave planet earth, your legacy is tarnished in self-destruction and becoming a vampire state. You suck all the blood of the state, because that what gives your life presidency energy and stamina. Not that you build anything, unless you are taking profits and stealing from the state. You are crippling the economy and state, because of your limping feet stomping on all of it.

We know about your history, you liberated the republic from dictators and promised change, you promised hope and a better future. You have promised everything possible to generations of Ugandans. Not that they see anything really delivered, since the police is a partisan police, the activists and civil society organizations is under fire, media can be targeted and opposition Members of Parliament becomes criminals for political stances. That is your republic, you have sent kings into exile and destroyed the state infrastructure because you can.

The police are in trouble, the military are in trouble too and the Special Forces Command are closer to power. These problems will not cease, as the guns and tear-gas deployed to silence the people. The one that put the trust in your liberation and your revolution. That one has ceased to exist and only your vision matters. There are nothing left to see, the old you is deceased and left behind somewhere unknown. The man people looked up-to and was the future is long gone.

Mr. President, Mzee, Yoseri or Yoweri. I writing this, not because you will read, if so it would be miracle that you cares. That you opens your mind and read this. Since you act as owner and that the people is your tenants who should be happy with a little pillau, lukumi shillings and a pat on their backs. So that you can stay in power for life. You give them donations, while you ride in a Presidential Jet and has an army behind you.

You are living life of royalty without any blue blood. You are living lavish, while the tenants are impoverished. While schools are falling apart, hospitals doesn’t have equipment or medicine, road-work companies are doing shoddy work if any, local government administrations haven’t pay for salaries, teachers are going unpaid for months and the list of problems are running. The lack of governance, the lack of system and lack of transparency is all because of you.

Your years in power has eaten your soul and your capacity to deliver anything that bear fruits. The mustard seed has either drowned or the mustard three has a rotten root. Since isn’t bearing any mustard seeds to make oil off. Nothing left behind, nothing untouched and nothing really growing. This is what you are leaving behind to the next generation, to the next man in-charge. You are leaving a shell and expect to be remembered as hero. You have turned into a villain!

You entered in 1986 as hero and was so for over a decade, you brought hope and possible changes for the better. Than the greed and cronyism started to feaster. There is now nothing you are not touching and destroying for your benefit. The same is happening with the Constitution, it was yours and made with your will in 1995. You have since changed it to fit your paradigm and needs. That is what you are up-to again.

You are into destroying the values and rule of law for the simple reason, that you can stay in power by any means. There isn’t anything you will not change when it fits you. You will make thieving legal and making it criminal to meet-up, if it isn’t in your favor. You will block and silence the loudest voices against your reign, but yourself can go on a radio-campaign. The double standard is always fitting you, while others has to obey you.

This is what you have ended up as, the governor of Uganda, the self-appointed commander-in-chief, the president and the giant self-serving son of a bitch who has no scruples in taking power and ending others. That is what you now are and continuing to do.

You acts as an owner, as someone who owns the republic. You act like the people are tenants on your land and is living there on your accord and after your will. It depends on if you let them or not. That is how appear and how your orders are. You could have been a medieval king and run your dominion with force. That is how it appear for the naked eye, maybe not yours since you are sitting on the top of the hill. You are the king of the hill and the rest has to walk up the hill and beg for mercy. If they don’t, then they will suffer. Peace.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane

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Age Limit: Do not celebrate MPs donating Consultation monies to any public institution, ask for good governance instead!

Hon. Francis Mwijukye said: “Today I visited Karungu government secondary in Karungu subcounty- Buhweju district where I found students studying under very disturbing circumstances” (Mwijukye, 25.06.2016)

Let’s be clear and settle this straight, in the nations and a republic that cannot pay their civil servants, neither on time or within need of the inflation. Where strikes are shut down and oppressed. Where the civil servants are living in shacks, while the Members of Parliaments (MPs) are flashy individuals who has cars, houses, salaries and all the other benefits.

Therefore, I am not applauding that they are using the 29 million shillings on hospital bed and other needed upgrades of government facilities. This should be in the budgets and be in the trillions of shillings spent every year upon end to secure the schools, hospitals and institutions as a whole. Just the same with the procured donations from the MPs. The MPs should instead try to fix the governance and service delivery of the state, so that the MPs don’t have to buy goodwill, but instead be good representatives of their sub-counties and districts. This seems like far-fetched dreams at this point.

The National Resistance Movement who are giving pillau and foods to people to vote for the removing the Age Limit of the Constitution. They are trying with cheap tricks and spending, while using funds that the budget clearly not have, since they are struggling to even pay proper salaries to the doctors. Doctors who are vital parts of medical services. Still, they have to forced to work on salaries they are struggling to live, we can just imagine how much the clerks and nurses are getting.

We already knows that the Police Officers and Teachers are living on horrible salaries and are tricking for money. They are having gardens and all sort of play besides their work, someone can wait for salaries depending on which part of the country for months upon end. That is if the state actually pays out or having back-lash trouble on the payments, as the civil servants in the central district are stifling the money away from them on ghost teachers. This isn’t news, but a sad reality. Because the salaries of the central administration of a district isn’t good either. The Resident District Commander and Chief Account Officer might be well off, considering. But the rest might be living hand to mouth.

All of this is why it’s nice that the MPs are giving their extra funding to hospitals and schools. But they rather change governance, make sure the state protocol provides this as that is their duties as the people’s representatives. The Age Limit Consultation money should have went there, but has been spoiled instead. That is why it was so easy to give the monies to the MPs and they could use it as they please, on their cars, side-dishes or be nice to their communities. What would be grander and better, that would actually make sure the Ministry of Health actually delivered good working hospitals in their districts and schools that the public needs.

Enough of the buffoonery… Please… Peace!

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Age Limit: PM Rugunda uses senility, but it is okay that its the age of an average older care recipient!

When you become senile, you won’t know it.”Bill Cosby

Another day in the Parliamentary Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in the Parliament, as the discussed Raphael Magyezi Constitutional Amendment Number 2 are under review. This while many stakeholders are coming by, this time, the NRM could actually give some arguments for themselves. Not that they are any good or proper, because we all know the reason for the proposed amendment. Which is to spring to life, a life presidency for the long serving President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. To say otherwise should be treasonous or criminal, because we all know that the ones who doesn’t have positive consultation or helpful meetings with the public are either detained, tear-gassed or having trouble with the law like in Soroti or Lira.

Dr. Ruhakana Ruganda defense of the Constitutional Amendment today:

My opinion is that many things changed both in the NRM and politics. Views change, thinking changes, people’s age changes, and, therefore, it is not a surprise that after 20 year of the constitution, there is consideration and reconsideration of some of these situation” the Prime Minister told the Committee” (…) “Rugunda went on to say that,: “So, I think in this particular issue of age limit, it would be unfair to country to say somebody should not stand for President because he or she is 35 years and below” (…) “Age is not the best determinant for performance. People are able to perform differently. One can make a general statement that one becomes senile at old age, but some start at a young age” (Gyagenda, 2017).

Because of his mention in the end of senile age. I have to bring common knowledge of aging and what it does to your body and need for special care, when coming to advanced age. There for instance numbers from the United States, from the Health in Aging Foundation that says: “The average age of older care recipients is 75 years” (Health in Aging Foundation). That means the Age Limit is set on fixed age paradigm, that is ordinary in the West and also proves the need of more care to average human beings. Even if President Museveni is the only man with a vision in the Republic, he still is just made out of flesh and blood. With his aging and his hectic scheduled for the last three decades must have taken lots of his strength, but also made his body fatigued, since he hasn’t had months upon months end at luxurious hotels in Switzerland like his fellow Cameroonian dictator-buddy President Paul Biya. Therefore, the articles on old-age should be more fitting to paradigm of changing the constitution for this man himself.

Here is some quick brief article on the average age of 75 years:

As people age, they tend to deal with multiple medical conditions. According to the Alliance for Aging Research, the average 75-year old person has three chronic medical conditions and uses five prescription drugs, as well as multiple over-the-counter remedies. For many older people, the incidence of depression, incontinence, and memory loss are a direct threat to their ability to live independently. “Careful management of these conditions by a multi-disciplinary team becomes paramount to maintaining long-term health, vigor, and the capacity for personal growth and independence,” the AAR said in a report critical of current medical staffing ratios” (O’Boyle, 2003).

Therefore, it is strange that the NRM and their government want to open for people with more depressions, incontinence and memory loss. That is clearly neglect of the state and also of a transparent government. Museveni could have been biggest genius the world has ever since, but alas that is not the case. This is self-serving mission for himself and his family, the party is just puppets on the ride of it all.

So what I am hearing, is that the NRM want the average older-care patient as their President, I don’t know if I should be sad or shock and awe. But the latter is to depressing and I am only in 30s. I need to get to 70 years old myself and become generally depressed about the political affairs of the day.

Let’s be clear and know the reality. That the NRM will not open up or let any contest when they are 16 years or 18 years, because Museveni isn’t that age now. But he is soon clocking in 75 years and therefore, they need the sudden change within time. To say something else is lie.

The power lies all in the Executive, in the President, but that doesn’t mean it is rightfully his. Museveni has no plan to go, or leave or even be a farmer in his elderly years. Even if it means he will be travel more abroad for treatment. Since he has not built good health-care system in the republic. Therefore, he will be at the average of an older care recipient. That is what is waiting, not that it is humbling or justified. But there should be someone more sound and with vigor in the Republic, than a person who possible are becoming an older care recipient. This is just to be frank, since the PM Rugunda spelled out the senility bravado earlier today.

What do you think? Peace.


O’Boyle, Richard – ‘When Do You Need a Geriatrician?’ (2003) link:

Gyagenda, Mivule – ‘Rugunda Refutes His Party’s Claims That Article 102(B) Was Smuggled Into Constitution’ (07.11.2017) link:

PPS Molly Kamukama letter to Dr. Obuku Ekwaro – “Medical Doctors Issues Raised by Uganda Medical Association” (06.11.2017)