Tanzania: CHADEMA Woman Wing (BAWACHA) – Gross violations of human rights of detained CHADEMA woman underway (09.08.2021)

Tanzania: 6 Bawacha (CHADEMA Woman Wing) leaders arrested

The crackdown on the opposition party Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) continues in the United Republic of Tanzania. This is happening as several of central leadership is charged on terrorism charges and other criminal activity.

While the Bawacha was holding a meeting in Kagera region. As the meeting was held in their offices in Bukoba. The authorities stopped the meeting and brutally arrested their leaders.

The ones arrested are:

1. Dorice Herman

2. Spensioza Kamala

3. Harodia Projestus

4. Odetha Gasper

5. Paulina Bilenge

6. Madina Ibrahimu

This isn’t shocking in the day and age of what’s happening in Tanzania. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is using the authorities and silencing their dissidents with an iron-fist. There is no middle ground and an opposition party cannot even hold meetings within their own organization or inside their offices without being stopped and detained. That says it all about the current state of affairs in the Republic.

The CCM should do itself a favour and have a referendum on a “one-party” state. Since that what’s only left to do and officiate it. As the laws and the authorities rights to do this is insane. The rights of assembly and organizing opposition is getting close to zero. Therefore, do yourself a favour and become “one leader” and “one party” state. As that is what the CCM is practically aiming for at this point.

Because, this is injustice and impunity. They are criminalizing political work and it’s very clear from the outside looking in. Peace.

Tanzania: Bawacha (CHADEMA Woman Wing) – Open Letter – Request for US Intervention in the rapidly degrading Human Rights Situation in Tanzania (28.07.2021)

Tanzania: The Charges on the CHADEMA leaders are scheduled programming of the tyranny

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and the Government of United Republic of Tanzania are clearly targeting the opposition and the dissidents of the state. The authorities have now charged the leaders of Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA). These leaders who was charged yesterday are Hassan Bwire, Adam Hassan Kasekwa, Mohamed Abdillahi Lingwenya and Freeman Aikel Mbowe.

They are charged with the conspiracy to blow-up an fuel stations and intended to intimidate the section of the population of the Republic. The gatherings and the supposed terrorism charge is to intimidate and blow-up fuel stations in Moshi, Dar Es Salaam, Morogoro and in Arusha region.

That shows the intention of the state. By charging this political party leaders with these charges it gives them a reason to hold them indefinitely. There is no reason to release them on bond or on bail. As the state can keep them as a “danger” to society. Just like the Tanzanian authorities has charged civil activists, journalists and others with money-laundering charges, which could keep the charges individuals indefinitely too.

That’s what is happening to the leaders of Chadema. The state can defer and keep them behind bars. They are not needing to produce them in court and such too. These are directly charged with acts of terrorism and thus indirectly being defined as “terrorists”. These are charges produced by the State Attorney and done deliberately.

It is tragic and terrible that the state does this. They are trying to make these people as example and use force to arrest them. This is making them political prisoners and they are there because of their association. Because, we know the CCM is allowed to reform and revise the Constitution. The CCM can easily change and review laws. While the CHADEMA leaders cannot hold meetings or symposiums doing the same.

That’s why we know the deal here. They are not terrorists, but this is signalling how the Republic is a one-party state of the CCM. As everyone else is supposed to follow the line and not do things, which isn’t accepted by the CCM. That’s why these CHADEMA leaders are behind bars and nothing else.

That is a tyranny and President Samia Suluhu is the newly minted tyrant of the Republic. Peace.

Tanzania: Freeman Mbowe is not a terrorist…

The saga involving the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, took a new turn yesterday when the police said it was holding the opposition leader for questioning over allegations of terrorism and a plot to kill government leaders. The police said in its statement yesterday that Mr Mbowe was being held in connection with the allegations that were also made against six other people who have already been arraigned in court in court” (Evarist – ‘Chairman Freeman Mbowe Held On Terrorism, Assassination Consipracies’ 23.07.2021, Kimataifa.com).

The authorities and the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) leadership is clearly out of bound and not checked in with reality. As they have through the politicised courts charged CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe for terrorism. That happened after his arrest on the 21st July 2021.

He was charged with terrorism. His lawyers haven’t been able to see and neither has anyone in his family. They wanted to see him at the Police Station and deliver food to him. However, that has been reported as impossible by the Serengeti Post yesterday.

Today, there is reports that his abducted to an unknown location and nobody knows where he is. The Police and the Authorities has dispatched to an unknown cell or dungeon. Just like they have done to government critics, journalists and civic activists in the past.

Mbowe only wanted a revision and question the current day Constitution. That is not a danger to society and neither the supposed mission to change the laws. The laws that is now used against him. The same laws the CCM has countless of times changed to help their stranglehold on the state and utter total control of opposition. Which is why these actions are legal to do, but that doesn’t justify it…

This is a clear indication of the a tyranny under CCM. That they can use these sort of allegations without any evidence. Just like the money-laundering charges on dissidents and journalists in the past. They are using same means now at Mbowe. It is tragic… but the CCM isn’t stopping itself.

This is a game of intimidation and silencing the opposition. Taking a leader of the opposition and making an example of him. There is nothing else to it. The CCM cannot handle the opposition and its easier to make them criminal, than actually having someone questioning their reign. Peace.

Tanzania: The crackdown on the opposition continues(!)

The new President Samia Suluhu and the ruling regime under Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is continuing using the authorities against the opposition parties and their leaders. This is just days after the report of 300 Bavisha (CHADEMA Youth Council) members was arrested with their interim leader at a hotel. They were planning to hold a political symposium and that was clearly a crime in the United Republic.

Today, the authorities are going for the main party leadership of CHADEMA. Again is Freeman Mbowe and 10 other leaders arrested for having a Political Forum on Constitutional Changes . This is also clearly a crime and punishable by the state.

So, now the BAVISHA and CHADEMA has been directed targeted…. This is not shocking, but a continued spiral of the one-party state and its moves to crackdown on the opposition. The laws under former President Magufuli made it even worse for anyone to organize, run a party or have the ability to politically operate as an opposition. That space and those laws has been helpful for the current President.

She is using the same means and there is no end. The CCM wants to be known for arresting and silencing its detractors. The dissidents and the ones who dares to question the regime is quickly in trouble. If it is free and fair reporting, trolling online or just political activism. All of that can easily send you too the slammer.

Now, the CHADEMA and BAVISHA been directly targeted and gotten huge arrests. Which just shows that the CCM is the CCM, no matter who is the Head of State. Peace.

Tanzania: Chadema’s Youth Council (Bavisha) leaders arrested today

The oppression of the opposition continues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) continues its use of authority and the state to stop the opposition from holding meetings or symposiums.

Today the Bavisha or the CHADEMA’s Youth Council was supposed to hold a Symposium at Boma’s Hotel. The police arrested Acting Secretary General of Bavicha Yohana Kaunya, Twaha Mwaipany and Father Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula.

The police is disrupt the assembly and that’s what they can do. As the restrictive rules and regulations of opposition parties. This is not thing new and making most of the acts of the opposition easily illegal. Therefore, this isn’t shocking, but a part of pattern of the state.

Nobody should be shocked. The CCM at this stage is just holding alive the same rules and restrictive regulations to totally control the opposition parties. That’s how the police can disrupt a Youth Council of CHADEMA and arrest their leaders.

This is not the first time or the last time this will happen. As long as the CCM has supreme power they will do this and its their modus operandi. Peace.

Opinion: First trade chickens before you establish a confederation …

Since the establishment of the East African Community (EAC) on the 30th November 1999 there been a promise of more integration and “open” borders between the member states. However, there has by the time and the promise been hurdles. Seemingly with time the EAC Partner States or Member States should have resolved these, but there seems to significant changes with every twist and turn.

This involves Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. They are part of it and has their place. The EAC is working on a Customs Union, Common Market, Monetary Union and the Political Federation/Confederation.

The last piece has moved further as the EAC secretariat is having a 14 day consultations in Uganda and drafting a EAC Political Federation Constitution. That will be vastly different than the treaty, which established the EAC in November 1999. The EAC haven’t even been able to create the other features promised in the EAC. How will it be able to create a confederacy? When it cannot even ensure common market and a customs union over all these years?

Rwanda has distrust with Burundi. Burundi has distrust with Rwanda. Rwanda and Uganda are distrusting each other. Kenya and Tanzania are having squabbles. Even Kenyan and Uganda are having trade-wars too. All of this are supposed to be settled and be water under the bridge. All the people are supposed to be humble and let bygones be bygones. Just forgetting about the issues and the diplomatic impasses, which haven’t been settled and cleared.

Justice Benjamin Odoki can believe in the Confederacy and establishing a Confederation. However, there are two many chickens who isn’t allowed to pass border points. There are to much milk wasted and fighting over ownership over islands on Lake Victoria to suddenly kiss and make up. There are so many hurdles which needs a resolve before even starting writing a constitution for a huge project like this.

Burundi wouldn’t even participate or be part of EAC Heads of State with Rwanda as the Chairman of the EAC of late. There so many possible conflicts and landmines, which if one person dances on that field. It would blow up right in your face.

In 2021 the EAC Confederacy seems like a dream. A dream Yoweri Museveni has had for years. However, it is not sustainable or viable when you cannot even set the bar or the standards for trading chickens across the EAC. When you are not able to trade milk or maize. There are just to many issues with the small offerings, before you take the whole house.

The EAC will go from being a regional intergovernmental organisation to a League of Nation with a Union of Sovereign States united for one purpose. The EAC would become similar to the European Union in East Africa. The EALA and EAC Head of State Summits would have more power and a bigger mandate. They would regulate the trading agreements and joint movement rules between all the member states. That is furthering the powers of today’s secretariat in Arusha.

The EAC needs to fix the spoils and the neighbourly spats which are happening in East Africa. Before they are bounding itself a bigger adventure. When it hasn’t fixed and ensured more flexible trading between the nations. How can it suddenly become a EU of the East Africa?

I don’t see that happening. The EAC needs to gets the ducks in a row or be able to trade chickens before it makes the EALA into the next European Parliament and configures its own European Commission. As it already has its Heads of State Summits, which is more a photo-op these days. Than a place of unity and pledges of furthering the integration of the partner states.

That’s why the EAC needs to swallow some chickens and drink some chai tea before it continues this journey. Peace.

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