Opinion: Ruto seeks a happy ending

Deputy President William Ruto has promised to give sex workers in Mtito-Andei Ksh.1 million as start-up capital for more respectful jobs. Speaking when he visited the town on Monday, Ruto urged the sex workers to organize themselves into a SACCO, after which he will deposit the money into the SACCO. The sex workers had appealed to Ruto to speed up the ‘Hustlers Empowerment Fund’ that will enable them to switch careers venture into more respectful pursuits” (Dennis Musau – ‘DP Ruto Promises Sex Workers Ksh.1 Million’ 25.10.2021, Citizen Digital).

The Deputy President of Kenya and resilient hustler William Ruto have now pledged a million shillings to sex-workers. Clearly, people are just seeing the money is going to the oldest profession known to man-kind, except for herders and hunters.

The headline from Citizens TV or Citizen Digital makes it seems like his giving whores or sex-workers free money. However, this is to a money-saving method to pay for other opportunities. That means it is not given hands over fist. Neither has anybody done the dirty. No, this is a transaction for a proper future. It is clearly a move to make sex-workers into other professions. Alas, invest in the future and not just a nut.

People will use this against him, but actually this is a humble move by the DP. For a Christian man and a man who professes to the Bible so much. This is actually a sincere move. It could be seen as a man who wants to get laid. Apparently, that is the play against him and the jokes circulating online. However, this is actually a good approach.

Yes, Ruto is a thief, a liar and the corrupt politician of the highest order. A man who uses all means to get to the top. By all means DP Ruto deserves to be punished and mocked. Yes, he should be investigated and be criminally prosecuted for his time office. Just like all the other high ranking officials who has used their office to enrich themselves, instead of serving the public.

While this enterprise his at least doing something good or trying to. Yes, it is a quick pay-off to one certain kind of workers. This is giving one union and the unholy matrimony an opportunity to a better life. That is a noble approach to this. Not just get a load off and move on. Peac

Opinion: Why are you only “lifestyle auditing” DP Ruto?

It is not long ago that the Public Servants in Kenya had to go through what they called the “lifestyle audit”. These days the authorities and the allies of the President Uhuru Kenyatta is not shockingly targeting Deputy President William Ruto. They are airing out his laundry and working on overtime to humiliate him. This has been a long time coming but it’s well planned. Just like they blocked from leaving for Uganda last time too.

DP Ruto has made his bed and he got to sleep in it. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that he should be the only one. Yes, DP Ruto has misused the offices of government and built his empire while being a High Ranking Official. However, who hasn’t at this point?

It is not like Ruto is an exemption. If you would look across the board of all parties, stations and counties of Kenya. I am sure the politicians have done their schemes, tenders and grand corruption cases. Therefore, airing him out only shows that the elites and the dynasties are targeting him. They are trying to weaken his campaign and resolve ahead of the elections.

What is worthwhile to consider… is that Ruto was the DP and if he could do this to him. They can unleash the same machinery against anyone else. The state and all it’s authorities can go after and seek to mock anyone who opposes it. There will be no remedies or no sort of injunction to stop it.

It is like we are supposed to forget all the corruption scandals and everyone involved in the Jubilee Party. Ruto was a part of group of thieves and they all dined in the den of thieves. The den of thieves was the Parliament, State House and where-ever else the government resides. That is why it wasn’t just the anointed TangaTanga ones, but all the godly men of Kenyatta too.

Yes, I believe Ruto should answer for his crimes against the state. However, the same should also all the other culprits as well. Not only Ruto, but Kenyatta and all of his anointed appointment over the years.

If they are airing out his guards and owned plots. Maybe, all the other appointments, Cabinet Secretaries, MPs and Senators should consider doing the same. So, they can show how suddenly all of them has a massive wealth bump over the years. It would be sincere, but also undermine their efforts and speeches. As they speaks as preachers and promises salvation, but only asks for thirties from the listening crowds.

That is why Ruto shouldn’t be alone with the lifestyle audit. No, he should be one out of many. If they are honest and sincere about it. Alas, this is a political game … and done on purpose ahead of the future polls.

Everyone should see it and it’s bloody obvious… there is no victory here and only a mockery attempt of the realities. Yes, we know the deal and there is no other way around it. The press and the newspapers might do the elites bidding. However, everyone should understand this and it’s done so openly. That’s why it’s not even cool, but a bidding ahead of the elections.

Ruto might be a con, but he was a con around other ones. That’s why the party shouldn’t leave him be. His men could easily undermine the others and if they are smart. They should unleash “lifestyle audits” of them as well. His not the only one who did and that doesn’t absolve of him of the crimes. Nevertheless, when the system is rigged. You just don’t point at one man, but the whole god-forsaken system. Peace.

Jubilee Party – Press Releases: Secretary General Tuju & Deputy SG Kositany (15.04.2020)

Secretary General Tuju:

Deputy SG:

Opinion: Ruto continue to take Ls

Deputy President William Ruto whose on his second term and in a high ranking office. He should be cool, be happy and coordinate his affairs for the next election. Ruto should be busy operating as a high ranking official and actually govern. Especially, since he has a vital role in the Republic and is the Second in Line.

DP Ruto should know better, but within 48 hours he has gotten two Ls. First yesterday he was trying to act Presidential and had his COVID-19 Address. Where he had to add, why he hadn’t been together or jointly in the Pressers with the President. It was like a mirage and where he wasn’t adding anything new. Only that he had gone missing, but was working in silent.

The DP Ruto should just wash his hands and move on. Ask what needs the National Co-ordination Committee on Coronavirus Pandemic and CS Fred Matiang’i. See if he can gather needed help, policies and structures. DP Ruto could have done that in the backdoors and from Harambee House. Instead, his trying to make himself relevant and not becoming a super-sub for the government. As he should trust the President and his appointments. Even if that is humiliating. However, with yesterday’s Presser, his took a giant L.

Today, the DP Ruto took another L. This L is him loosing the grips of the Jubilee Party. The TangaTanga members and associates are sidelined. The change of members within the National Management Committee, which is changes wasn’t made with the National Executive Committee. At least that it how it seems, but it all without our knowledge. This is really a game-changer who shows whose ruling. As this was Gazetted on the 6th April 2020.

That DP Ruto goes into public with letters and statements on the party structure. Shows that the DP is taking Ls. His eating them and vomiting. His tired of being sidelined. His the second fiddle. The backburner and the one who isn’t able to coordinate together with President Kenyatta. He as a the Deputy should be able and know these moves.

DP Ruto as a Deputy and within the High Ranking Officials both in the Government and Party. Should know how these things works and know that this was bound to happen. That it would be changes and people would be revoked or get new appointments. Not like that wouldn’t happen. For a political savvy and hustler. He should know this and operate like this happens. Instead, his crying foul and not even talking within the Party. But sending a hostile letter and trying to swift the changes, which is already gazetted. Surely, because his partners and associates wasn’t appointed. If not the amount he needs. Instead, its more Kenyatta buddies and associates. That hurts the pride of TangaTanga and the DP.

The DP should sit down and talk with Kenyatta. His fishing for relevance. DP is trying to be vibrant and fresh. He can’t manoeuvrer or make a difference. Only cry havoc and loud. His the big-man without a voice or power. His the former flame, that has stopped to burn. The charcoal is going cold and there isn’t anything there to ignite it.

That is how it seems. DP Ruto continues to take Ls. He should take it on the chin and move-on. DP should reconfigure his game-plan and rethink the way he does things. Because, instead of showing strength. Its showing his weakness and his lack of control. Only showing that he struggles in the midst of a pandemic. That his on the inside, but feeling on the outside. Which is created because of the BBI and the whole political landscape created over the last year.

Ruto needs Kenyatta more than he will say. That is why he continues to take Ls … Peace.

23 minutes of Conspiracy: Double trouble – Grand Corruption and Murder

There is something astonishing about the Harambee House Annex or the Office of the Deputy President William Ruto. Firstly, the 23 minutes meeting on the fake arms deal with Cabinet Secretary Rashid Ecshesa. Who worked with facilitator (Charge D’ Affaire in Warsaw) June Ruto and Nick Ruto (supervisor). These are all family and close associates of the DP. Therefore, the sudden murder of Sergent Kipyegon Kenei days after the investigation into the 39 billion shilling fake tender deal.

It seems all connected. This just happens so conveniently to the witness of the 23 minutes scandal. His knowledge of the transaction and such, would be evidence for the case against Eschesa and Ruto’s family. That is why suddenly his value went up and his voice needed to be silenced. The DP knew this and ensured this. The best way possible, to stage a suicide and hope the authorities does enough ploys to stop the investigation and gather evidence in each cases.

Seemingly, the Office of the Deputy President (ODP) is in deep problem. 23 minutes to make a corruption case and days after that leak, the Security Guard who could testify suddenly died. This seem so fittingly. It is the perfect storm…

The DP should be worried about this, because this spiralling out. Ruto should think about this and worry himself. Since, he has enough questionable acts in office. Sooner or later his power and luck has ran out. Than, even if the cases goes cold and old. They might resurface with new leads and hit him hard. Than his former friends has moved on and the ones in power doesn’t want to help him.

That the DCI released the CCTV showing that the stories from the ODP isn’t making sense. Also, they have dismissed the suicide note and the stories made about that in concern of Kenei. Not to talk about the length of the meeting in the Harambee House Annex. All of this shows the DP and associates trying to deflect and create cover stories. Clearly, coving it all up.

That is why they conspired with a illicit trade, illegal tender and also a murder after the fact. To ensure the witness wouldn’t talk and the best way to do that. Is to silence him totally. This was done to perfection and even with a by-line.

Now, that is also debunked. The 23 minutes of troubles is now haunting the DP and his office. Peace.

In 23 minutes Ruto created his own Anglo Leasing scandal

Well, it is about that time to revive old sins and make them new. Just like the hustler nation like too. They like to remind us of the past and celebrate the glories of the days already past. The glory this time is yet another fake arms deal in association with Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, who was his broker with the facilitator (Charge D’ Affaire in Warsaw) June Ruto and Nick Ruto (supervisor). While Deputy President William Ruto was the mastermind behind the gig. That is why CS Echesa is the fall guy, while the Office of the DP puts blame on him and Ministry of Defence says they were not involved.

All things are cornering the CS Echesa in this manner, even if all family matters around the DP. Who was able to find a way of corrupting 23 minutes and eating 39 billion shilings. That is the reality of it all. As the Defence didn’t know about this, neither was it sanctioned elsewhere. As the CS is on bail with three other associates. It is like they all wanted to create a new Anglo Leasing. Where they also faked tenders, military tenders to enrich themselves. That happen back in 2002, but that is only 18 years ago.

I just need to remind some folks about the Anglo Leasing, which was introduced to the world back in the day. The present day need this reminder, because it starts with drips and then becomes more. Now its is one company, which has a fake tender with Polish company Eco Advanced Technologies. This is no in the same regard as the Anglo Leasing. Just look at it.

Anglo Leasing in detail

In 2002, the first company exposed in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Kenya was Anglo Leasing Finance. Kenya lost more than CHF600 million at that time through systematic fraud. The money was channelled into 18 security contracts. Payments went to numerous shell companies, but behind them were always the same business people. They never provided the services paid for, or at best, delivered inferior wares. The main beneficiaries appear to have been several ministers in the government of the time” (Markus Spoerndli – ‘When will the Swiss release Kenya’s millions? ‘ 14.11.2019, Swissinfo.ch).

Well it was more companies back then, but they are doing the same. It is the same sort of ordeal. The names has changed, the dates are more recent, but the end-game is the same. The Anglo Leasing had their play, but now we have Eco Advanced Technologies instead. They are used for the same sort of function as the other company was back in the day.

Echesa was a proper tool for Ruto and his family. They earned fortunes on this, as it was easy play for the money and they got the funds for only 23 minutes. That is why this is the 23 minutes Anglo Leasing scandal of 2020.

The more the world change, the more it is the same. Now it is this, tomorrow its another one. Just like this will create fuzz today. Another fake tender scandal, another corruption scandal will hit the headlines and life moves on. Peace.

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