Red Pepper and the Pepper Publications defaulting on loans!

In the recent few hours more and more rumours of the Red Pepper Newspaper is having financial difficulties. Like they are losing money without having enough earnings, the Red Pepper is supposed to own the sum of 26 billion shillings. Earlier this month Red Pepper already had issues.

Take a look:

“The Pepper Publications recently suspended publication of Hello, Akapapula and Emulalu subsidiary tabloids after majority of staff left the company over accumulated salary arrears. As the publication grapples with collapsing copy sales and dwindling advertisement revenues, Stanbic bank’s action could push the tabloid to the edge of bankruptcy. Sources are telling this website that the Pepper Publications sold its Shs 5bn Crane Bank loan to Stanbic before directors picking an extra Shs 2.5bn for luxury cars. Unfortunately, the tabloid has fallen short of honouring its financial obligations, compelling the bank to take drastic measures” (…) “Failure to pay means The Pepper Publications will have to get another bank to make over the loan. SOURCES said staff at the tabloid is worried about the future of the publication as most of the meager revenues coming in end up in the pockets of directors. “What we are witnessing now is milking a rock. We have gone six months without pay” (Xrated, 2017).

So the Red Pepper has tried to come with much different publication, but without having the funds to facilitate the expansion. Therefore we are seeing a meltdown in funds. So now the banks has lost their patience and now are in big trouble, even Stanbic Bank went further. They even sent debt collectors. Here is the story!

“On Monday morning, a group of debt collectors from Stanbic bank raided Red Pepper offices in Namanve, in an effort to get back their money the tabloid borrowed in to fund their expansion” (…) “Those who were already in tried to flee while those who hadn’t come got phone calls from someone called George, the chief security guard and they decided not to come,” said a source at the newspaper” (…) “Meanwhile, the long serving finance manager Bob Mahebewa threw in the towel on the very day, and he resigned in an effort to avoid future embarrassments. Muhebewa told his close friends that he was scared when he saw Stanbic debt collectors and he knows they must arrest the top five directors unless they pay all the money owed to the bank” (Guide Reporter, 2017).

We can wonder who will buy the Pepper Publication or if the papers and magazines will stop to be published. Pepper Publication and Red Pepper Newspaper needs fresh funds, since the trailing tabloid. Since they need more people buying their paper and read their stories since it seems like the people aren’t picking it up or if the investors has given it up. It is either or. Peace.




Xrated – ‘Stanbic Bank is set to recall a Shs7bn loan given to Red Pepper Publications as the tabloid’s financial woes worsen’ (10.03.2017) link:

Opinion: Indifference from the public is a gift to the Political Sphere!


We live in a day and age where the content of information is accessible at any time of the day on all kind of formats. It isn’t only pamphlets, posters, newspapers and books. But there are blogs like this; it is digital videos, cable-TV, social-media and all the other ways of gaining information with or without membership pay-walls for the content. In that world of constant ability to gain this, it can either feed the hunger for knowledge or become tiring for the people as the constant newsflashes and breaking news can make your mind boggle and wonder what is really important.  Therefore before I continue let see a main definitions of Indifference!

Definitions of the Word:

“lack of interest in or concern about something: an indifferent attitude or feeling” (…)” 1:  the quality, state, or fact of being indifferent

2a archaic :  lack of difference or distinction between two or more things b :  absence of compulsion to or toward one thing or another” (Meriam Webster Dictionary).

As I tried to explain brief in this time and day, we’re all access to information and ability to download reports, getting brief headlines and watching reports on TV or tablets the clarity of what is important can sometimes not sink in. As we check the normal suspects for the commentary or the capability to get news and become reasonable updated on the matters at hand. Though there are stories lost and we can’t know what happens at every corner of the world, than we are stuck between all screens and behind every tweet dropped every hour of the day. We’ll live in a forever groundhog day and wish that we had comic talent of Bill Murray instead of trying to get up to date with current news.


The fear is with the level of information, the different formats and the ability of entertainment and tabloid news. The simplistic and breaking is taking over for the hardcore policy discussions as the direct terror threats and artists dismissals seems more important than the issues of trading and health care policies. The indifference towards the reasons behind the migrations and the reasons for the crisis in Syria for instance are lost in the battle against terror. The devastating idea for why Tunisia, Libya and other states who was has been under fire since the Arab spring have been lost in tales of Clinton and British death, instead of the iconic and important support to build state institutions for the citizens. In countries that before this we’re built around grand dictators like Ben Ali and Gaddafi. Therefore the indifference to the solutions and the real deal behind the fragile state is worrying.

The worrying indifference to the abysmal understanding of the financial structure of Greece and Italy, as the banks of Italy are in limbo; while the state sales and economic liberation while drowning a debt-burden Greece in more greasy debt as they trying to cope with the level of migrations. We should ask ourselves if the European Union forgot counting people or building swimming-pools for the new rich investor elites that got ability to buy state-resources and key installations like Piraeus port harbor for few cents on the dollar. Therefore the indifference for the swallowing the pride and the reactions this might have for the Greek state.

Kagame Kabila Nkurunziza

The indifference for rigging elections and supporting peacekeeping armies on the African continent, while the UN Peacekeepers in C.A.R. are using their power to rape and destroy, not only generate peace, as the UN Mission in Western Sahara is more a luxurious club for diplomates than generating mediation and justice for the people under siege from Morocco. But the world is silent. That the DRC are planning to exile more opposition or even detain them before the General Election for a third term for President Kabila and nobody flick their eyes. While the opposition is under siege in Rwanda, but President Kagame is hailed for the economic recovery as the totalitarian leader are oppressive and using forces in the Kivu’s to still steal resources from the Congo. The world doesn’t care or tries to forget. While the Burundi are still in crisis as the third term of President Nkurunziza is bloody, friends and foes of the President vanish and assassinated, while the Inclusive Dialogue by EAC and AU under former Tanzanian President Mpaka are at a standstill. So the state of affairs is far from beautiful. The indifference to matters is staggering as the knowledge of these actions shouldn’t be forgotten.

I wonder if I feel alone on it, like so many didn’t notice the skirmishes and the recent battles from the militias in Beni, in Democratic Republic of Congo. If it was just the Congolese diaspora who wore the yellow color clothes on Sunday’s to remember the dead and spread awareness of the continuing warfare in the region. As the world have forgotten the violence and want to be rest assure that the cobalt and other resources need in the smartphones are exported to factories far away.

The ignorance and indifference are so big as the cable-news and grand media-houses focus on the click-bait and easy journalism instead of digging deep and having questions to the matters. Only following the money, the money always says how the ethical principles a man or woman has; as a person will only spend money on the things and people that they care about. That is a forgotten one, at one point of time with the PanamaPapers, the big media-houses followed it, but when the leaks when silent the interest dwindled as quickly as the importance of Blackburn in British football, which division are they now in?


We can question if the world really want to care, as the violence, the single handily gun-men going on shooting spree and the endless bloodshed is sad to read about and would make your hard. The continuation of news on the freedom fighters or guerrilla of Niger Delta Avengers would be less interesting as long as they’re a giant force in Boko Haram that are steadily doing abductions, kidnaps and killings in Cameroon and Nigeria.

We can’t be able to be refreshed and know about all issues worldwide, but at least not care more about Pokemon Go, Donald Trump’s latest racist tweet or a Stephen Colbert skit. They might a moment of joy and laugh, but with the possible knowledge of destruction, lose forces and able information, we as people shouldn’t let this just go on without questioning the powers to be.

Because as long as the public is kept in the shadow and not knowing, the people will not be able to see what the government or civil society is doing. That gives leeway to do whatever. So with this in mind the people should be interested and question, wonder and check the resources and ability to gain information on the matters. Either if it by Youtube, library or on the newsstand; the government have it easier with ignorant public sphere and indifference to matters both domestic and international, as they don’t have to take a stand and change policy as long as the people doesn’t act upon the issue. Therefore the knowledge and questioning the businesses, government and NGO’s happens when the citizen’s acts upon what we know. Indifference is only earning the government and the ones that already are in power, the danger for them is if we already knows and can anticipate their moves. Because if so, then they can’t away with thieving, lying and deceit of public will. Indifference of this gives way and is a gift to political sphere. Peace.


Meriam Webster – ‘Indifference’ link:

Kan man kjøpe lykke?

Vi lever i ett rike i disse dager, der folkesykdommen er ikke å NAVE. Ei heller å bli direkte rik, selv om det blir spilt enorme summer på Norsk Tipping og andre plasser. Avisoverskriftene er dystre samtidig som de ofte predikerer enkle faktum. Ikke drikk brus og et fet mat, da blir du feit. Spar penger og drikk den beste vinen. Tren best mulig og kjøp de rette kremene.

Vi lever i ett kongerike hvor fantasien om ren lykke kan hende. At våres hjem skal bli ett shangri-la- et tra-lalalala. Der alt er perfekt. Men før dette må vi alle stikke innom Kiwi å kjøpe alt billig, stikke innnom ARK/Libris å skaffe den nyeste magiske boken som skal leses. Veien videre er på et desverre fult senter. Kjøpe merkeklær, smykker, klokker og blomster. Når du har fullført disse så må man innom IKEA, Tilbords og Brun og Blid. For å bli perfekt.

Lykke og det perfekte, det  finner du og trenger på ditt lokale senter. Kvadrat, Sørlandssenter, Moa, Liertoppen, AMFI etc.

Lykken og drømmen. Drømmen om lykke. At den kan kjøpes. Fås. Skaffes. Komme til deg. At du kan bli perfekt eller ha en premium opplevelse. Å som jeg hater det ordet: Premium – la meg sable det ned som en pirat. Stjele ordet og voldta det. En opplevelse utenom det vanlige, får du sjelden når du kjøper kopi-papir eller eplejuice.

Sorry, å stikke innom senteret gir deg ikke lykke. Du ser enormt mange produkter, salgspersoner, resturanter, kaffeer nesten fylt og kaffekoppen koster en liten formue. Merkeklærbutikkene fylt til randen, Dressmann med eldre herrer sjekker om McGordon jeansen er i slaget, orkideer på salg i blomsterbutikken, supermarkedet med fantastisk utvalg av mat, leketøysbutikk med variert utvalg, DVD og Musikk forhandler som har mer en Justin Beiber og Sylverster Stallone boks. Slikt er et senter. Senter fult av butikker med utvalg, Bestemt utvalg av store kjeder. Kjeder eid av kjøpmenn og aksjonær som ser profitt som den hellig Gud. Samtidig som de selger deg og meg historien: kjøper du av oss. Vil du være lykkelig og leve perfekt. Perfektsjon kommer med disse produktene. Du kan ikke leve uten disse. Du trenger de, de vil løse alt. Alt vil bli bedre om du har eksepsjonelle produktene. Bare husk å komme innom senteret.

Senteret, handlegatens død. Lokalbutikkens død. Sentraliseringen, konsernenes seier. Store kapitalismen siste slagferd. Ikke bare logistikkens markedes motiver. Selskapers jakt etter flere kroner i kassen. Lokale og nøysomheten er død. Begravd. De estetiske og ekte er vekke. Kortkjørt og skakkkjørt er henger i sammen. Lettere å få tak øl fra Thailand enn det som er produsert på sørlandet. Ironisk? Nei, fakta. Perfeksjonisme.

Lykken skal være det. Tror jeg det. Jeg tviler. Tviler veldig. Jeg tror ikke man kan kjøpe.. lykke eller perfeksjon. Dette er ting du kan oppnå. Lykke er i øyeblikken du tilbringer med mennesker du digger å være med, som du er glad i og ser hvordan vi forandrer oss. Perfeksjon oppleves. Når man klarer å gjøre ting man ikke trodde du skulle få til. Slik som første gang man klarer å mekke pizza uten å kjøpe bunnen, men lage den fra bånn. Det er perfekson. Derfor er jeg lei meg på veiene av vårt kongerike, hvor det virker som man kan faktisk kjøpe – LYKKE! Kjøpe LYKKE! Tror ikke det, ei heller er det ikke mulig å kjøpe lojalitet. Lojalitet får du etter å bygge opp tillit over tid til de du skal ha lojalitet av. Derfor, kommer det og går kjeder, fordi du kan ikke reklamere lojalitet. Det kan du bare bygge opp ved nøysomhet. En grunn til hvorfor Rimi sliter. Ikke fordi de selger en historie om lykke, men fordi de klarer ikke å få folk til å bli lojale eller komme tilbake.

Jeg blir ikke kjøpt,å unngår senter hvis jeg kan, ikke fordi vil være sær- bare fordi jeg kjøper ikke historien om at lykken er til salgs, akkurat som lojalitet, perfeksjon er ikke produkt som kommer ved å kjøpe merkeklær og den nyeste Cden fra Interscope. Peace.

PS: Dette blogginnlegget har ingen lykkelig ende, denne er ikke en lykkelig og glamourøs Hollywood klisjee, denne er den virkelig verden som ikke kan kjøpes, men oppleves.

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