Tanzania: CCM leaves the Continental Human Rights Court, which is located in Arusha!

The United Republic of Tanzania revoked or withdraw from the African Charter and the Protocol, which states their membership and the possible rights for trying cases from the state its located in. This means the African Court on Human Rights, which was opened in 2004 and based on the “Banjul Protocol” from the year of 1993. Therefore, the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) are leaving the Courts after its been existing for 15 years on its own soil.

That’s why its rich for all other African Countries to ratify and be apart of this, when the one state where the Courts are, doesn’t have a mandate to investigate and follow up cases. As the CCM and the United Republic of Tanzania withdraws from the Court connected to the “Banjul Protocol” on Human Rights. That is how faulty and week it is. As it sent its declaration signed on the 14th November 2019 and delivered to the African Union by the Permanent Mission to the African Union (AU) on the 21st November 2019.

This is what stipulation they used:

4. For any State Party ratifying or acceding subsequently, the present Protocol shall come into force in respect of that State on the date of the deposit of its instrument of ratification or accession.

5. The Secretary-General of the OAU shall inform all Member States of the entry into force of the present Protocol.

6. At the time of the ratification of this Protocol or any time thereafter, the State shall make a declaration accepting the competence of the Court to receive cases under article 5 (3) of this Protocol. The Court shall not receive any petition under article 5 (3) involving a State Party which has not made such a declaration. 7. Declarations made under sub-article (6) above shall be deposited with the Secretary-General, who shall transmit copies thereof to the State parties” (Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Establishment of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, 1993).

So, now the Tanzanian government withdraw themselves from the Banjul Protocol. They have now left the Court, which is located in Arusha. Until CCM did this, it was 26 countries, where the cases could be heard from here, but now its 25. that is really rich from the President and the government there. It is like the United States withdrawing from the United Nations, which has its Headquarters in New York or the French leaving the European Court of Human Rights, which is located in Strasbourg, France.

The CCM left now and has withdrawn itself from the “Banjul Charter” because this state doesn’t want to answer to their crimes against humanity, against the oppression or their acts which limits the citizens their freedom, liberties and possible opportunities to assemble.

That’s why the CCM leaves this court, because its afraid to answer to their actions against their own. They cannot manage to be questioned or investigated, if any citizen or party petition a case and the Courts cannot investigate, since the state has withdrawn. The Court can do this in 25 states, but not in Tanzania where its located.

This Court should be moved from Arusha, Tanzania. It is located in a Republic where the “Banjul Protocol” is ratified and followed. Because, apparently that is not happening anywhere in the United Republic. That ship has sailed under President Magufuli and his team. Peace.

Tanzania: A continued crackdown on media…

If the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and President Joseph Magufuli got done with his actions against the media. There might been slow days and also better broadcasting, as the state and the authorities are arresting journalists, revoking licenses and suspending media houses for days. If their reporting or their stories isn’t in the same vision as the President. That is just measure and reasoning for all the activity that has been done during the reign of Magufuli. His track-record on this matter, speaks for itself and the ones hurt it, are either in jail or at unknown locations, because government take them away and they haven’t been seen again.

So, the onslaught against unfavourable reporting, articles and statements on-air is steady from this regime. It exposure to the reality of people thinking for themselves and making up opinions is such a vast challenge. That the ones collecting data and making statistics, even needs the anointing spirits of the President to publish it. Nothing that is written or said, should hurt his pride and his achievements, even if it means trading-off bad deals to save his shallow mind.

In this regard, after rigging an election and not celebrating it. The Tanzanian government feels a bit hurt by the reporting on the subject of local government elections. They thought it should be celebrated and be grandest elections of them all. Even if the process to it, was flawed, open bazaar of unopposed candidates and a cluster-fuck of “multi-party” democracy. Which made the CCM become superior beyond any doubt. Because, they ran against none of serious challenge and if they were, than it was the ghosts of Christmas past. Therefore, the reporting on this matter, is now called fake-news, even if the CCM is faking it all on their own.

First the attack on the media owners and who they hire:

Through a notice published in the daily Tanzanian government Newspaper by the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority ( TCRA), the media owners who will fail up to acknowledge and heed to the act will be fined or have their licenses withdrawn as stipulated in the law. “Those who don’t heed to this warning will be fined or have their licenses revoked as stipulated in the law,” the notice from Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority read” (Howwebiz.ug – ‘Magufuli: No More Jobs For Djs And Comedians On Radio and TV in Tanzania’ 28.11.2019).

Then the attack post elections 2019:

““Some news outlets in the country have been approached, used and act as agents in spreading fake news, rumours and propaganda against our country from international organisations and representatives of foreign countries” reads one of the tweets. Mr Abbas accused journalists of neglecting the principles of their profession by failing to fact-check. “The government has made enough explanation, given enough warnings and enough pardons. Now we will take stern legal measures,” he added” (The East African – ‘Tanzania in fresh crackdown on freedom of the media’ 30.11.2019).

Surely, the CCM wants good press, but that under fear, that if the Media Houses, the broadcasting companies and the ones writing isn’t writing what they like; they will loose their licenses and their rights to broadcast. Certainly, they will stop the press, the publishers and the block their pages. They will have their content deleted and silence the ones who says the wrong thing.

No DJ or Comedian should joke on-air or on Twitter for that matter. No one should write anything that insults the CCM nor its President. Because his the grandest head of state, the magnificent human being who self impose himself everywhere. His so wise and has such a grandeur of a spirit, that he will excel straight to heaven. Just by him breathing and speaking, he will make wounds heal and make bank-accounts pregnant. That is just what the President and CCM does.

I’m just kidding about that, but if the CCM want positive headlines. Want a favourable press and get coverage, which it deems fit. Maybe they should act more righteous and not block the opposition. Maybe not arrest comedians and investigating journalists. Maybe if the CCM and the President doesn’t want foreign bad press. Maybe let the opposition be able to field candidates, hold rallies, press conferences and do party work without needing prior acceptance from state authorities. There should be measures and levels of registrations of political work and parties, but into these superficial levels, which has been created under Magufuli. Wonder if the CCM could have managed to run the country, if they had to answer to the same arrangements and protocol that the ACT Wazeledo and CHADEMA. I doubt that!

So, with this in mind. I stop it here, but lets be clear. Magufuli fear the written word, he fears the press and the ones reporting on him. Because, people are just supposed follow the script of him and his CCM. If you don’t, your malicious and devious to damage his calm. Peace.

Tanzania: The Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3 is to monitor and control more parts of society!

In Tanzania, the Written Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Amendments No. 3) Act 2019, gazetted on the 30th May 2019 was put into law. There are several striking here, which has been reported about before, but is now legislation and not just proposed legislation. This really says a lot about the current leadership, the ruling party and its President. Who are all afraid of dissidents and all written content, all sorts of content, as the state has changed laws in the recent years to totally oversee and check what is printed, written, spoken, public meetings, gatherings, press conference, teachings and so on.

The CCM and President Joseph Magufuli is some afraid human beings, they are so afraid of opposition, that they are even suspending one MP for not attending, who wasn’t unlawfully away from the Parliament, he was healing from an assassination plot, which he survived, but has been eye-soar for the Presidency, apparently. In the same regard is the laws I will publish today, as the state will limit even more movement and content. They have already restricted bloggers, publications and political parties. Now, they are taking it further.

We already know how weak, pale and soft Magufuli is, because all he needs is blind praise and followers with no other opinions, than similar to his own. That is why the laws are revised, so the state can control all parts of society and silence the ones who think otherwise. That is the strength of CCM and Magufuli at this point. This law is no different.

“6A.-(1) Any foreign production company or individual using Tanzania scene, content and location for filming the whole or any part of a film, advertisement, documentary or program, shall-

(a) submit to Tanzania Film Board raw footage;

(b) acknowledge all physical locations used for filming;

(c) submit a copy of a finished film, advertisement, documentary or program;

(d) sign a prescribed clearance form before exiting Tanzania and submit the same to the Tanzania Film Board or any other authority appointed by the Board;

(e) grant rights to the government of Tanzania to use content for the purposes of promoting Tanzania and its potential resources, tourism, photographic location and cultural attraction which are distributed through public broadcasts, cable programs, sound or visual recordings or any other digital platform used by public broadcaster:

Provided that, such use is compatible with fair practice and that the source and the name of the executive producer and production company are mentioned in the film, documentary or advertisement” (PART IV AMENDMENT OF THE FILMS AND STAGE PLAYS ACT, (CAP. 230).

This one specifically controls and verify all footage done by foreign film crews and their mission, even the usage of the raw footage, all videos, clips and movies will all be considered by the state, before the release of it. This means some travel-blogger who does a V-Log on Youtube, have to have a permit, show it to the governing body, all his raw-footage before his allowed to drop it on his platform. If something will kill of an industry and make it harder to promote Tanzania, this will, because who will jump hoops and ensure the vision of the state, than the ones of his own. This is to silence the critics and the ones taping documentaries, which the CCM and the President doesn’t want to see or hear about.

The state is also limiting what an NGO can be like: ““Non-Governmental Organization” also known by its acronym “NGO” and which includes Community Based Organisation (CBO) means a voluntary grouping of individuals or organizations which is, non-partisan or non-profit sharing established and operates for the benefit or welfare of the community or public organized at the local, national or international levels for the purpose of enhancing or promoting economic, environmental, social or cultural development or protecting environment, lobbying or advocating on such issues;” (PART V AMENDMENT OF THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS ACT, (CAP. 56).

Which really limits the spectrum of NGOs and how they can operate, as the law will stipulate further, but by being non-partisan and non-profit, as well as not religious and such. Will all stop the NGOs from certain affiliations, as well as the NGO board extended power to investigate with the help of law-enforcement. Will in the end closure a lot of NGOs and also ensure, that they all comply. Any NGO should comply with national and international laws, but they should also have freedom and liberty to operate, as they see fit. Here, they are bound by law and can do less and less with more possible set-backs. Just like the laws has been in other part of civil society in Tanzania of late.

As in the Society Act: “Any society declared by order of the Minister to be a society dangerous to the good governance of Tanzania, shall be declared to be unlawful under the provisions of this section and every such order made under the provisions of this section shall continue in force until revoked under this Act” (PART VI AMENDMENT OF THE SOCIETIES ACT, (CAP. 337).

This change of law, gives the minister very much power as he deems dangerous to society and against good governance, as it isn’t an specific measure or even something that can be graded that easy. The platform for the Minister could be to please the President or the CCM against Societies or International Societies, which are based in Tanzania to get de-registered because they have programs or policies, which enrage or even questions the powers to be. Therefore, they have to be de-registered by declaration of the Minister. If this happens in the near future, don’t be surprised, this provision was made for that to happen.

Now the Statistic Act: “24B.-(1) A person shall not publish non-official statistics without consultation with the Statistician General. (2) The consultation referred to under subsection (1) shall involve discussion on data sources, methodology used, data sources, analysis, data interpretation and results to be published” (…)“(4) Any person who publishes non-official statistics contrary to the provisions of this Act, commits an offence and shall, upon conviction by a competent court, be liable – (a) in the case of an individual, to a fine of not less than one million shillings but not exceeding five million shillings or to imprisonment for a term of not less than six months but not exceeding twelve months or to both; and “ (…)(b) in the case of an institution, to a fine of not less than ten million shillings but not exceeding fifty million shillings.”  (PART VII AMENDMENT OF STATISTICS ACT, (CAP. 351).

We can see how fearful the state of the wrong numbers, the wrong content and the wrong published material, as anything that the state haven’t verified must be deemed unfit for consumption, mentally and physically. The CCM and the President wants to ensure everyone, that they have secured the research, the methods done to collect these results and not some manufactured numbers to deceive as if it is done elsewhere. The CCM and President are so afraid of the free world, that they are even banning publishing of statistics, if their hired board and Statistician General isn’t allowing it.

As we can see, the CCM and the President are very frightened people ,who has guide everyone and sometimes, I suppose, themselves in the middle of the wilderness called life. Because, this law and amendments are strikingly after the same game. To control, to monitor and to de-register the ones the state doesn’t seem fit. Just like they do with anyone who challenge the CCM and their hegemony at the top. No one should do that in the United Republic, United for One and his vision, Magufuli. Peace.


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Tanzania: The Republic where the President cannot manage anything negative!

I have noticed that people are dealing too much with the negative, with what is wrong. … Why not try the other way, to look into the patient and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?”Thich Nhat Hanh

Today, its reported that The Citizen Newspaper has been suspended for 7 days for publishing a story on how the shilling is deprecating towards the US Dollar. That story was published on the 23rd February 2019. Therefore, the state has acted against the publication for saying possibly the truth.

The state who are ensuring, that less and less free speech. Where opposition politicians cannot do their job, do their duty as parties or even try to gain new electorate without getting in legal jeopardy. A Republic where the statistics and research have to accepted by the righteous board or public body before being published. Where bloggers, social media personalities and other to register themselves and pay yearly fees to be able to do so.

The state has under President John Pombe Magufuli become a shrinking space for free though, assembly and even liberty. As even demonstrations and planned movement of dissidents has been hit down hard by the authorities, as people didn’t celebrate Union Day in 2018. Because, the army was in the streets and prepared for the planned demonstrations. They were instead in their homes in safety, than going out to meet the soldiers.

That is what the CCM is serving the public under Magufuli. A man who cannot stomach critics, stomach true criticism or even balanced reporting. He can only manage praise, ass-kissing and blind devotion. Nothing else matters to the President.

In the Republic, everything has to be positive, the news got to be good and show the greatness of everything Magufuli and his administration does. If not make the Opposition look like traitors, thugs and criminals, because they are prosecuted for actually trying to do party work and rally their supporters, which they have to notify and get accepted to do by proper authorities.

That is why, today is another day, another newspaper, another media house that has gotten punished in Tanzania. This is not the first and not the last under this President. There been suspension of radios and newspapers before. But his actions are getting reckless, his motives are more bleak and weak. The President is looking like a man who needs a constant approval. He needs respect, but he isn’t that respected. That because he spreads fear, instead of bringing leadership or being a role model.

The President is using the law enforcement and fear to get people in line. Instead of doing good things and changing society in a positive direction. That is why the shillings sucks compared to the US Dollars. That is why the President and his administration suspends the Citizens. Because, the President sucks and cannot manage to fix the issue. Instead, he punish the messenger…

Not that one, that created the environment for which the message was sent from. Peace.

Hell Hath No Fury: 2 MPs Arrested in Tanzania!

Now it’s inching closer, trouble is near

But nothing’s there, when I look nothing’s there

I’m outta my mind, I’m runnin’ from guilt, but

It’s right by my side, there’s nowhere to hide”Pharrell on [Clipse’s ‘Nightmare’ 28.11.2006].

Again, there is more Members of Parliament who are in legal jeopardy in Tanzania. This is happening, as the assault on their political freedom is shrinking. The laws, which stop opposition from having meetings, lectures or Press Conferences. The state is monitoring all sorts of political activity like rallies and consultation meetings or even inner-party training. All of this is now under the scrutiny by the state. This because of the laws enacted.

Therefore, with this in mind, the Opposition MPs can only be sitting ducks, if they are trying to be active MPs or even working as Political Parties, they have to wait for the government to allow it. If not it is deemed as illegal. That is why its not strange, that more and more MPs in Tanzania gets into trouble. Also, more and more political activists, as the laws are so stringing to control them.

Morogoro. Kilombero and Mlimba Constituency MPs on Chadema ticket, Peter Lijualikali and Suzan Kiwanga, respectively, have been arrested and will appear before the Morogoro Resident Magistrate Court today. The duo have been taken to court after reporting at the Morogoro Central Police Station, responding to a police call, but instead, they have been arrested and connected to a case facing six other suspects” (Juma Mtanda – ‘Chadema MPs, six others arrested, arraigned’ 26.02.2019).

There are plenty more of MPs who has cases in courts, others who is awaiting trial. Others who just been released and surely will be in legal jeopardy soon. As the Courts, the Government and the President is giddy for their demise. If he wasn’t?

Why would the CCM make the laws like they do, while they have the majority in the United Republic?

The Opposition is a minority, a minority with nearly no rights or no voice. As they are silenced, muffled or detained. That is what they are doing. When someone comments that the MPs cannot keep themselves on the right side of the law. Just think for a brief moment.

Let’s say, if you were working as a baker and had to notify the authorities about every time your making a bread or announcing that the bread was being made. Even talking about the bread or educating about the bread. If the authorities don’t accept the time or the way you made the bread. They you either end up in Court or get Detained.

The same is now happening with the MPs in Tanzania. That is how foolish the laws are, as they are handcuffing the MPs for representing and voicing their concerns. They are not allowed to do their work, which is insulting to all intelligence and wisdom, this blue planet has. Peace.

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