Uganda: Danida built the Courts, M7 donate 100m to a SACCO, 150m to the MPs for Cars and so on!

Buguma UPF

Today is a weird news day, the news from Uganda are scattered and shows the ability of nobility from Ugandan Government isn’t there. The impunity from Uganda Police Force continues as the loyal men to IGP Kayihura doesn’t cares about the law. While President Museveni drops a few coins, while his MPs ask for millions shillings worth of cars themselves; and there over 400 MPs so the amount of money used on the cars are huge. At the same time the news of Danish Tax Payers have built most of the Courts, the NRM steady progress is in the hands of foreigners and not in the hands of the allocations done by Ugandan Parliament. If so, then they would have contributed some cash for the cement that constructed these buildings. And so it goes on!

Just as Dr. Kizza Besigye goes to Court to be allowed to leave for United Kingdom for his meetings with Ugandan Diaspora, FDC P10 and others who support his cause abroad. The former District Police Commander Aaron Buguma showed his disgrace for Law and Order with not joining his own court trial as his own boss Inspectorate General of Police (IGP) Edward Kale Kayihura the other day. So the law is different it seems depending on who it is served upon, especially the ones who supposed to guard it can run away from their brutal behavior against citizens.

M7 17.08.2016

While the riches of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the walking budget, showed his mercy at the Bwebajja Fruit Sellers SACCO got Ush.100m and also giving away tools. This came today as Court Justice Bart Katureebe said this in Parliament: Danida built almost all the courts in Uganda, but why isn’t gov’t not taking interest in this. You have courts sharing offices with bars”. That means the Danish Tax Payers monies built the Courts of Uganda, not used the extended revenue made Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) or the generate tax that President Museveni so proudly speaks of. EU spokesman Kristian Schmidt: “Praise for Denmark by Chief Justice: “Danida built almost all the courts in Uganda”.

Members of Parliament procurement of cars:

Each of the 427 MPs will receive UGX150m by October to buy new car to travel to their constituencies, according to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Parliament will have to process a supplementary budget amounting to at least UGX64bn to finance the MPs car grant. This comes after Parliamentary Commission rejected proposal by finance ministry to finance MPs car grant in shifts with priority given to newly elected MPs” (WBS TV Uganda, 17.08.2016).

UNRA Presser

If the greed of the Members of Parliament wasn’t big enough their road safety fears are extended as the men and woman have discussed building a fly-over to make sure they are well. While the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) need to do this instead of securing better roads so there is less accidents and incidents to secure road safety. The road projects are most likely to be fulfill are the ones where foreign donors dolce out money or grants through bilateral and multinational organizations as International Monetary Funds or World Bank instead of through the ordinary budget of the allocated funds in the fiscal year. So that the MPs have the balls to order fresh from the factory SUVs and ask for fly-over to secure their working place is disgusting.

Another issue today: “Appearing before the parliamentary committee on ICT, minister of ICT and National Guidance Frank Tumwebaze admitted that the NRM government has finally given up trying to control the internet especially social media usage in Uganda. Tumwebaze said “every time government tried to block social media, within a few minutes, Ugandans were already back on after invoking VPNs “(virtual private networks)” (The Observer, 18.08.2016). So the VPN shows the sanctions for national security doesn’t work… so the reality is that the Ugandan Government are beaten by technology and their own public will to do what they do. The only danger this is to the Ugandan Government is that the NRM cannot be only source of information and where the intelligence they are gaining. Therefore the Opposition will have a place to share information without fear online and on social media even if the Ruling Regime bans it or tries to shut it down.

I should have commented on the closure of Greenhill Academy for being World Bank and Mark Zukerberg (Facebook Founder) donated school for having books with explicit content; while the reports that most UPE schools lacks books or equipment. So the ironic side of the closure is amazing and foolery from the state. But wanting to take control of private institution is not strange in the context of micro-management style of the present day NRM.

There are always more, this my little update on today’s Movement news and the Parliament of Uganda. This has been hazardous… this has been special and would not be the last. Because this government cannot help themselves and we who follows now it! Peace.

NRM buying loyalty the only way they know…

Uganda Shillings

Today is the epitome of how the National Resistance Movement or NRM. They have a fear for everybody and use every institution or committee to shut down “silently” opposition.


First is the pay-off of Uganda National Youth Council. They was recently elected into their positions in the council. The council has a massive numbers of members who affiliated to NRM like Felix Safari Kayihura, Samuel Odong, Oliver Mutesi and Ibrahim Kiata.  Even former Miss Bunyoro of 2010 Caroline Karungi who I am sure is not a part of NRM. And some who was independent candidates like the newly elected leader Lillan Aber who said this: “the best package for youth in this country”. That was Shs700m to be shared in-between the new council to give their support to NRM and Museveni. Surely the National Youth Council is paid to be branch of NRM instead of a functioning partisan council for Youthful questions that are in Uganda. If you wonder where that gravy train went, it went into the coffers and arms of President Museveni. A fun fact: Aber was a pro-FDC back in the day, but seems the coins prove where the loyalty is. And she alone got shs100m to eat herself for it, hope you’re proud.

G-F 01.12.15

Second pay-off Go-Forward paid to go back to NRM:

Idris Kizza and Ronald Tumwine is the plain example of leaders in the Go-Forward who could be brought back to the mother-party for a SUV. They sell their political soul for a car, it got and engine and will work for a while, but your honor and pride, loyalty towards something you stand for. You two showed today that your loyalty is worth a box of metal with an engine. Congrats Idris and Ronald. Hope you get a Minister without Portifolio or something. Because a SUV should not be enough to sell your political future and loyalty from ones party like they was supposed to be loyal to Amama Mbabazi by now.

Cars for G-F 01.12.15

The same fellow was reported to be loyal to NRM the whole time. Here is a report from 25th November:

“Ronald Tumwine Sekitoleko and Idris Kizza  who have been holding top offices in the TDA – Go Forward secretariats were relieved of their duties after they were suspected to be selling confidential information to President Museveni” (Mugume, 2015).

Hope the cars was worth it to be devious and play around in the TDA and Go-Forward camp and pretend to be somebody else then who you really are, pawns on the Museveni’s chess set. That must be beautiful to listen to while you drive in your new SUV and the SUV is now the proof of your loyalty and what your words mean.

TDA Adress

Not only these two went back, there are certain other people also returning to NRM:

“A group of over 100 staff members of the former Prime Minister AmamaMbabazi’s Go Forward secretariat have crossed over and joined President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign team” (Kazibwe, 2015).


The leader of the group who left Go-Forward Ronald Tumwine Ssekitooleko:

“We have officially left the TDA/Go Forward Uganda pressure group to rejoin the ruling NRM after being misled   by Hon. Amama Mbabazi, who since the beginning was telling us that he was to bring about the desired change within the NRM by participating in the party primaries, something   he rejected and stood as an independent candidate” (…)”We noticed we were fighting personal wars between Mbabazi and President Museveni as the former was serving his own interests, contrary to what he always told us and the public at large. We reflected on it and realized it was a bad scheme we could not continue with” (…)”We were not sacked as they claim because we were the ones who invited delegates who attended the launch of the nomination for Mbabazi recently. We however realized that he was serving foreign interests, which was unpatriotic of him” (Kazibwe, 2015).

With this also there are reports floating around that 44 losers that NRM Primaries who has been in talks with Go-Forward have been going to Entebbe and the statehouse. At the Statehouse they have been offered future positions and jobs. That is from Ambassadors and directors… even top jobs in government state bodies.

Some sells their future for a job at least and not just a metal box with an engine. Congratulations to you! We know that the 144 people has as much credibility as loaf of bread. That means the slice of bread has loyalty to the first one putting cheese on it and making a sandwich. Noting else matters since they are after the cheese, the money and the bribe, not about any political place or standing for anything. We could expect that point from the NRM losers. They tried and now want a simple way out. 


Well, the National Youth Council of Uganda has now been paid to be loyal to NRM. Same happen with certain characters cashing-in with a brown envelope in the size of SUV. The same was given to my estimate: 144 more people; must be a lot of new Embassies opening in new countries. Are Biafra and Katanga becoming new states in 2016? Is the Azawad a place where NRM-Regime opening the first Embassy to validate their rush for freedom? Like Kurdistan also? Since you President Museveni has so many more people who are promised positions. Or are you planning to create 100 new sub-countries? Because Uganda really need that! So they get enough places to fill the new loyal people of Yoweri Kaguta Musveni and the NRM-Regime! Be proud people, ladies and gentleman. Let me end there. But, look at this.

And a historical document from Katanga: 




Fox Odoi one of the losers of the NRM-Primaries was dismissed today in court and has now said that he will go into the election as an Independent Candidate.


Kazibwe, Kenneth – ‘Go Forward Secretariat Team Joins Museveni’ (01.12.2015) link:

Mugume, Paul – ‘Go Forward Camp Infiltrated By NRM Spies, Mbabazi Fires Two’ (25.11.2015) link:

Fryktens sommer.

Vi skal snart inn i en spennende periode. Som skjer hvert andre år. Andre år er det valg. Sist var det kommune og fylkesvalg. Nå er det stortingsvalg!

Derfor kommer det masse innslag som omhandler frykt. SV sier FRP vil ødelegge alt som er bygd opp. Det vil si 500 barnehager og papirene som utsetter bygging av oljeinstalasjoner. Vet at tallet på barnehager er overdrevet, men må være innepå noe.

AP derimot si at de borgerlig vil lage anarki. Kongeriket vil ikke bestå. Dovre vil falle! Bomstasjonene vil ligge spredt i deler. Bilene vil svære SUVer og Hummer. Alkohol vil komme i kranene til husene i tettbygde strøk. Horehus vil åpnes og kirkene vil være hus til å spille bingo i. AP vil rett å slett drive ap med oss.

KRF vil si AP vil forsette å rive ned all moral i landet. De vil forsette å svekke kontantstøtten. Vent, vent, det har de allerede. Hva vil de si? At de ikke er klar for å samarbeide med FRP. Kan under tvil gjøre det med Høyre og Venstre.

Høyre vil si at Rød-Grønne vil skattelegge oss mer. Av hver krone vi eier vil 50 øre ende tilbake til staten på sett å vis. De Rød-Grønne vil lure oss med en idiotisk «Soria Moria 3».  Høyre vil si at det stor sjanse for en samarbeidsregjering på borgerlige side. Selv om det ikke er noe bevist i løpet av valget. Annet enn at de andre sier forsiktig på pressekonferanser: Vi kan kanskje jobbe i hop.

FRP vil si at de rød-grønne prosjektet vil være en skandale. Fryktelig for Norge. Siv Jensen vil være skuffet og desorientert hvis de taper igjen valg. FRP vil propagandaere at AP vil selge sjela til landet. FRP kommer til å si at Høyre blir ikke stor nok på borgerlig side uten FRP. De må regnes med. De vil si at Norge og kulturen holder på dø ut. Det er AP og Rød-Grønnes feil. Alt er egentlig deres feil.

Hvis Jens Stoltenberg føler usikkerhet og redd for å tape valget. Kan det være vi kommer til å høre noe om terrorister, 22. Juli eller at finanskrisen vil være i utrygge hender uten AP’s hånd over sentralmakten. De fleste borgerlige partier vil svare med å si at dette er en ufyselig tilnærming og respektløst over for velgerne. De som skriker høgest er nok Erna Solberg og Siv Jensen, mot argumentene er som følger: «Nå går han Jens forlangt!» og «Dette er skuffende».

Lysebakken kommer med krass kritikk av alle som snakker om Oljeboring i Lofoten. SP vil dermed gå imot sin regjeringspartner. SP som på sin side vil vise fram sin distriktspolitikk og landbrukspolitikk. Som nesten har vært vekke i 8 år.

Kystpartiet vil, vel, være der i det skjulte å ønske de hadde en Bastesen. Pensjonistpartiet vil forville seg sammen med Rødt. Rødt vil si noe sinnsvagt hjernedødt. Ikke minst komme med et Maoistisk eller Taoistisk eventyr om ubrukelige samfunnet vi lever idag. Det tragiske er at, ingen vil lytte. De Kristne vil være de kristne. De som slenger med leppa og sier at KRF er avgudsdyrkere å skulle ha virkelig ha støttet Israel slik som FRP. KRF vil ikke svare og legge det hele dødt. FRP vil takke for støtten, med å tie enda mer stille. Pirat Partiet(PP), vil gjøre det de gjør. Kopiere og filosofere vekk all budskap. Det Liberale Folkeparti vil eksistere, i sin liberale ånd. Norges Kommunist Parti vil si at Rødt ikke er sosialistisk nok, og de vil fnyse av dette. Demokratene vil få Vidar Kleppe til å slenge med leppa, mot de utsagn om verdibasert innvandrer debatt, noen vil svare i kronikker, men ikke at noen bryr seg om det.

Miljø Partiet de Grønne vil forsette med sin slagside om å skape et bærekraftig og miljøvennlig samfunn, samtidig som lederene vil fly fra dalstrøka innenfor og ut til utkanten for å stemme, ingen av dem vil sykle landet rundt. Utenom det, så vil veldig få merke de i debatter eller slikt. De vil være like fjerne som Kystpartiet, De Kristne, Demokratene, NKP, PP og Pensjonist Partiet.

Når alt kommer til alt. Så vil de store partiene komme med harde skyts. Å enkelt si! Hvis de andre kommer til makten, så vil endringene tilsi at «alt går sønder og sammen». Sandslottet vil bli slått av bølge på størrelse med en tsunami! Tsunamien kommer til å kalles, ja det partiet som blir størst! AP,SV og SP kommer til å klage på Borgerlige partier! Borgerlige partier kommer til å klage på de Rød-Grønne. Bør vi gå på det? Nei, bør vi tenke klart. Ja. For hvis vi lar oss spille av noens retorikk, enn deres egentlige handlinger, er ikke vi bare får som blir lurt av ulver i fåreklær? Skal ikke vi velgere ta valg som er reelle og kloke. Slik at vi kan få noen skikkelig representanter på tinget. Uansett, jeg sier det tidlig. Fryktens sommer er på hell. Allerede, nå som årsmøter og planlegging av valgene i lokallagene skjer. Vel møtt.

Min bønn:

Å måtte Gud velsigne oss med kloke hoder til å lede landet vårt videre. Amen.    

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