WHO alarmed at reports of attacks against health care in Sudan (05.06.2019)

Hospitals affected by the violence are already overwhelmed, and have been receiving scores of injured patients every day.

GENEVA, Switzerland, June 5, 2019 – Amidst the recent escalation of violence in Sudan, WHO is alarmed by reports of attacks against health staff and patients, including the use of live ammunition inside and around hospitals injuring health staff and patients, as well as disrupting life-saving services.

Hospitals affected by the violence are already overwhelmed, and have been receiving scores of injured patients every day.

Health staff must be allowed to treat the wounded without additional risk to their safety, or that of their patients.

Joint Statement on Developments in Sudan (05.06.2019)

The Troika condemns the violent attacks in Sudan on June 3, which resulted in the killing and injuring of many peaceful civilian protesters.

OSLO, Norway, June 5, 2019 – The text of the following statement was issued jointly by the Governments of the United States, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

The Troika condemns the violent attacks in Sudan on June 3, which resulted in the killing and injuring of many peaceful civilian protesters. By ordering these attacks, the Transitional Military Council has put the transition process and peace in Sudan in jeopardy. We call for an agreed transfer of power to a civilian-led government as demanded by the people of Sudan. We welcome the statement of the Chairperson of the African Union (AU) and support the important role of the AU in solving the crisis in Sudan, including its demand for an immediate handover to a civilian-led government.

The Troika also expresses its serious concern over the TMC’s announcement that it will cease negotiations with the Forces for Freedom and Change, retract all previous agreements with them on formation of an interim government, and will hold elections within nine months. The people of Sudan deserve an orderly transition, led by civilians, that can establish the conditions for free and fair elections, rather than have rushed elections imposed by the TMC’s security forces.

Sudan: TMC spin undermines their effort to thwart the public into submission!

Khartoum on the 4th June 2019 isn’t what is supposed to be. The streets is filled with Rapid Support Force (RSF) who’s prepared to assault, dehumanize and kill the ones who are in their way. Yesterday’s numbers are growing worse by the hour and who knows how many who was really touched by the acts done by the “security forces” yesterday. Because, they had a clear mission, it was to colonize and control the public, by any means.

The current numbers are 35 dead and 650 wounded by the “security forces” yesterday, but with the knowledge of people fearing to leave their homes. The RSF knocking on people houses, stopping cars and directly assaulting them. We can just imagine how many who are hurt at home afraid to go to the closed hospitals and in-danger of their own lives.

Today, the same gangs are roaming the streets, the public in-doors and afraid. Just a mere few has defied the RSF and actually gone to the mosques to pray. However, they are an minority.

Surely, the RSF, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) have done this, as they yesterday evening said they have frozen negotiations with the Forces of the Freedom and Declaration of Change (FFC), which big part of is the Sudanese Professional Authority (SPA). Who in spite of the acts of evil, have asked the public to defy the state, do more industrial action and called for a general strike. Clearly, aimed at the TMC and their military savvy individuals, who only knows how to strike fear and not govern.

Now, the ones guarding the Capital are the same people who terrorised South Kordofan, Blue Nile State and Darfur, the same Janjaweed now renamed RSF. While they are doing this to anyone who dares to defy the RSF, they will terrorize and harass the ones passing on the streets. As we saw on footage yesterday, just by-passers in cars was hunted down by these armed forces. There was nothing sacred or holy for these people, only shelving guns against the public, hitting anyone in sight.

This is the men ordered by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti who uses same methods in Khartoum now, as done in the provinces, this is the sign that the TMC is not planning to peacefully give way to civilian authority. Now, these people are guarding their own fortune, by the mercy of foreign backers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to keep their pockets fat. They do not care about innocent civilians nor rights of citizens of the state.

They are calling a snap election, but it will be prefixed for the TMC to continue its rule, there will be no fair play and the ones standing in its way will be persecuted. That is just what they are saying. It will be a short lived show, before turns back to normalcy with them in power. That election will only be a charade not a real “election”. If they had cared about that, they would have continued negotiations with the FFC before the massacre in the streets yesterday.

This proves what sort of people they are, they don’t care and have no consideration. They don’t value life, except for their own fortune. The rest is just mere pawns and possible pieces of silver for them to fine dine.

The TMC is a military junta in the spirit of Omar Al-Bashir. He may left, but his henchmen is still doing his bidding. They got no concern for the public. None. Peace.

Sudan: UN chief deplores excessive force used against pro-democracy protesters, calls on military and civilian leaders to ‘stay the course’ in negotiations (04.06.2019)

Mr. Guterres reminded the Transitional Military Council of its responsibility for the safety and security of the citizens of Sudan.

NEW YORK, United States of America, June 4, 2019 – Security forces in Sudan fired on pro-democracy protesters in the capital Khartoum on Monday, leaving a number of dead and many more injured, prompting the United Nations chief’s condemnation and an appeal for “peaceful dialogue” to resume.

Secretary-General António Guterres “strongly condemns the violence” and “the use of force to disperse the protestors at the sit-in site”, said a statement issued by his Spokesperson, adding he was also alarmed at reports that “security forces have opened fire inside medical facilities”.

Mr. Guterres reminded the Transitional Military Council of its responsibility for “the safety and security of the citizens of Sudan”, and urged all parties to “act with utmost restraint”, including their responsibility to uphold “the human rights of all citizens, including the right to freedom of assembly and of expression”

He also called for “unimpeded access to deliver essential care” at the sit-in site outside army headquarters in the capital Khartoum, and in hospitals “where the wounded are treated” and urged the Sudanese authorities to “facilitate an independent investigation into the deaths and to hold those responsible accountable”.

“The Secretary-General urges the parties to pursue peaceful dialogue and to stay the course in the negotiations over the transfer of power to a civilian-led transitional authority, as required by the African Union (AU)”, the statement continued.

It concluded with the UN chief’s commitment to working with the AU in support of the process, saying that the UN “stands ready to support the Sudanese stakeholders in their efforts to build lasting peace”.

For her part, High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called the peaceful demonstrations in Sudan “an inspiration” as the protesters worked “to engage with the Transitional Military Council”.

“I utterly deplore the apparent use of excessive force in the protest camps” she said.

Ms. Bachelet noted that reports stating that live ammunition was used by security forces next to, and even inside, medical facilities are “extremely alarming”.

“I urge the security forces to immediately halt such attacks, and to ensure safe, unimpeded access to medical care for all”, she asserted.

Ms. Bachelet stressed that “those exercising their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression must be protected, not targeted or detained”, calling it “a fundamental tenet of international human rights law”.

“The use of excessive force must be promptly and independently investigated and those responsible brought to justice” she spelled out, adding that the human rights violations that have marked Sudan’s history, and sparked the sustained protests over the past six months, “must not be allowed to continue”.

“This is a real setback”, she concluded.

When the three-decade autocratic rule of President Omar al-Bashir ended in a military takeover in April, hope sprung anew in the African nation. However, as talks faltered between the ruling Transitional Military Council and protesters’ leaders over the timetable for civilian rule, violence ensued.

Sudan: The TMC colonized Khartoum today!

Rapid Support Forces soldier records the massacre. He says: “kill them all. They took away my holiday” The woman at the end is asked “military or civilian (governmentt)?” Under durress, she says “military,” The soldier responds “If you said civilian, I will show you.”” (Sudan In The News, 03.06.2019).

Well, the dreadful news is out. The internet is blocked, the news coming out from Sudan is through VPN. While the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) combined with Rapid Support Force (RSF) assaulted the public, killed and burned the places where the sit-in protest has lasted since April 2019.

Now today, the Sudan’s Doctors Committee says atleast 30 people are killed, but hard to verify, as people haven’t gotten to hospitals. As several of hospitals been blocked or even attacked by the state security agents. Also, reports of bodies dropped into the river Nile. As well, hundreds of wounded people, but not sure about the full extent, as the authorities are controlling it all.

The RSF and others have tried to assault, kill and even sexually assault people in broad-daylight, as they have directly annexed the capital with force. They have come in as a foreign invader and colonized Khartoum. The Transitional Military Council, the leadership of it has not showed character, but instead their thirst of blood.

These men whose in charge of the TMC are shown what they are, they are warlords and despots, as evil and sinister as the henchmen of a dictator would be. They show why Omar Al-Bashir trusted them until the end. Because, they have no heart and no care. The TMC are now having more bodies on their heads, than can be verified and surely they will do whatever to downplay the excessive force used. As the Sit-In is a burned field of former barricades and camps blown away. As they used live-bullets, blocked roads and took people out of cars to assault them.

The live footage from Khartoum is devastating and that is just minor moments of what happened. As the TMC, the RSF and NISS had no interest in getting this broadcast. Surely, the want to kill the revolution and not give way for civilian rule, but they are just showing why the public want this. Because, who can trust people who senselessly kills and destroys without any prewarning. Who can trust leaders who are cowards with guns, who cannot stand up and listen to the will of the people. These are weak men with arms, not leaders, they are cowards, petty criminals with temporary power.

The TMC are living on borrowed time, they will answer for their crimes, the Forces of Freedom and Change Declaration (FFCD) and the Sudanese Professional Authority will react to this and call for more demonstrations. As they will say, this is the reason why the military have to give way for civilian rule. They are proving why the coup d’etat isn’t changing anything, because the head is different, but the acts is the same. The TMC is just as bad as the previous master.

The TMC can act a fool and come out with statements, but the deceased, the fatalities will speak, the innocent civilians hurt and living in fear. Is the memo to the world of the atrocities and level of killings they will do to stay in power. It is officially 30 dead, but we know there was plenty more. As the people didn’t dare to go out of their houses, they were afraid going to the hospitals, where the RSF was awaiting their destiny. This is how these sinister acts go.

The TMC will be remembered for this, these acts of evil. They got blood on their hands and it will haunt them, just like the rest of them. At one point it will get caught up and destroy them. The TMC is only protecting itself, not the people. The army is supposed to protect the territory and the citizens of it, not colonize and destroy it to rule, but that is what it does. Peace.

UN Human Rights Chief deplores killings and detentions amid peaceful protests in Sudan (03.06.2019)

Reports that live ammunition was used by security forces next to, and even inside, medical facilities are extremely alarming.

GENEVA, Switzerland, June 3, 2019 –  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Monday strongly deplored the use of live ammunition in protest camps in Khartoum, which reportedly resulted in a number of people being killed and injured. Their leaders have also reportedly been detained.

“The protestors in Sudan have over the past few months been an inspiration, peacefully demonstrating and working to engage with the Transitional Military Council,” High Commissioner Bachelet said. “I utterly deplore the apparent use of excessive force in the protest camps. Reports that live ammunition was used by security forces next to, and even inside, medical facilities are extremely alarming. I urge the security forces to immediately halt such attacks, and to ensure safe, unimpeded access to medical care for all.”

Bachelet stressed that “those exercising their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression must be protected, not targeted or detained. This is a fundamental tenet of international human rights law.”

“Once again, I appeal to the transitional authorities to make a concerted effort towards a swift transition to a civilian administration,” Bachelet said. “The use of excessive force must be promptly and independently investigated and those responsible brought to justice. The human rights violations that have marked Sudan’s history, and sparked the sustained protests over the past six months, must not be allowed to continue. This is a real setback.”

Sudan: The TMC shown its true colours today!

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) with it renegade men that have been in-charge behind the scenes and with various leadership role under President Omar Al-Bashir. They have cleaned the streets, burned the villages and created the hurt of 3 decades in power. Today, they shown their true colours.

As the TMC uses the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and Rapid Support Force (aka Janjaweed) on the sit-in demonstrations in Khartoum. There are variable data on the ground, but surely there are fatalities as the tear-gas, live-bullets and the skirmishes continues in patterns used in Darfur by the same military organization in the past.

There are reports of blocked hospitals, not allowing in medical personnel to treat the wounded. Neither are the any help for the deceased. The biggest number in Khartoum that has been reported is 14 dead and 100s wounded. Who knows at this point and to what extent the TMC will go into the sit-in with force, as they have support from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They are clearly intending to get another tyrant on the throne after the previous left building.

The TMC is sponsoring and ordering mass shooting into the crowds. As the Sudanese Professional Associations (SPA) have called out for more civil disobedience, roadblocks, closure of bridges and whatnot to protest the acts of the military government. International journalist are barred from the ground and is not allowed to leave their hotels as the armed guards are house arresting them. The Airport is also closed off. Therefore, the footage and reports are from the demonstrators on the ground itself.

The death toll of Khartoum will only rise, as that is the effect of this violence, the crime against the humanity and this acts of evil of the TMC. Who thinks this is the way to govern by intimidation and fear, by use of the gun and silence the opposition. That is what the TMC is actively doing.

The Deputy of the TMC, the well-known Warlord Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the RSF and former Janjaweed General knows exactly what his forces are doing in the streets of Khartoum today. This is calculated and deadly force, excessive to control and dismantle the civilian dissidents. As the guns, the destruction of society in a way of getting his will. This man with his army will do whatever it takes to get the spoils. He has awaited this and surely will not surrender to a civilian authority, because that means his sins of the past plus the ones done know. Will put him courtside and he cannot handle that.

There are other in the TMC, but his the prominent one and the ones who uses his army to his advantage, as the civilians are dying. This army, this militia isn’t used to keep people safe, but keep the generals safe. They clearly have misunderstood their mandate. Alas, that is where the greed and power comes in.

The Deputy are viciously and continuously attacking the public, awaiting it to surrender. As they are prolonging the revolution started last year. He cannot accept the civilian negotiations and thinks with the support of foreign allies, which he can get away with it. However, the skulls, the souls that he has taken, will haunt him and his fellow comrades. They will all answer for their deaths. At one point or another.

Today, we are seeing the destruction, the massive assault on peaceful demonstrations at a scale we cannot find words to express. A bloodshed, a massive proof of the sinister acts of men. To the point of bloodbath. That is what is happening. This is the state sponsored violence leads too. Peace.

Sudan: The TMC and RSF should be held responsible for the massacre at the strike site (03.06.2019)

*The Transitional Military Council and the Rapid Support Forces should be held responsible for the massacre at the strike site.
The African Union and the UN Security Council should take resolutions for an immediate handover to a democratic civilian-led government.*

The Transitional Military Council and the Rapid Support Forces are fully responsible for the massacre at the strike site at the army headquarters which resulted, up to now, in the killing of more than 12 people and hundreds more are wounded of those who are striking. This is an ugly crime that should be accounted for. We ask the African Union, the UN Security Council, the Troika, the EU, and all peace loving members of the international community to take immediate resolutions for the Transitional Military Council to hand over power to a democratic civilian government led by the Forces of Freedom and Change and for the immediate resolution of war in Sudan.

We call upon Sudanese outside of Sudan to double their efforts in supporting the people of Sudan at this very critical time.

Yasir Arman

When the Henchmen takes over from the Dictators: It doesn’t get better!

I’m just seeing with time that the fall of dictators, that its not enough. As long as the President and former Head of State has fallen, it supposed to be different. Apparently, it needs another push after that. These people who has been the Executive, the Commander-in-Chief has had the army behind them. The leaders have used huge patronage, bribery and tricks to stay in power. These gentlemen has used all sorts of pay-to-play to keep people at bay, they have misused the authority and also used the military to keep the fear in the population.

These men continues with that, they use all methods, there is nothing that stops them to stay there. They change laws, they uses the military to stop opposition, they get enemies into exile and if not assassinated. There is no extend to their powers, while in office. They eat the state funds and cripples the economy. Even though they do this, they have loyal bases and uses the various state sponsored armed forces against the population to make them fear them and not go against the dictator.

Even with all of this, the dictator has people around to follow his orders. This is generals, commanders and politicians whose all eating of his plate. They know how to operate and knows how to control the population. They will prolong the same structures and methods to keep power after the fall of dictator. We are now seeing this two places especially.

In Zimbabwe, it is still more of the same there as the previously dictator and President Robert Mugabe stepped down. After the coup that wasn’t a coup, but later it was actually a coup d’etat. The current leadership is doing more of the same. They are arresting civil society activists, NGOs are getting into trouble and the economy is tanking. The Economy filled with US Dollars and not even working with RTGS Dollars or the Mobile Money serviced. The ZANU-PF of today isn’t acting different than under Mugabe. Only adding scarfs and Mnangagwa as the head.

In Sudan, the former 30 years of Omar Al-Bashir is still continuing with the TMC. They are killing demonstrators in Darfur, they are killing people close to the sit-in Khartoum. It is not changing and the negotiations with Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFCD), which the Sudanese Professional Association is a key organization off. Certainly, they are continuing to demonstrate, as they are fighting for a civilian rule. Something the TMC and the former henchmen of Bashir not accepting. Because that is not fitting their position and they don’t want to give way.

The ZANU-PF and the TMC will continue where Mugabe and Bashir left off. They are not changing society, they are not willingly to step-up and give the public another type of leadership. Because, that means their time is over. That means the army, the juntas are over. This means the state will have to operate differently and with other characters than off today. In the end, that means the state will have other type of leaders than right now.

The ZANU-PF haven’t reformed or really changed much since the fall of Mugabe. They are more of the same. The state is still acting as in the past. It isn’t doing nothing of constructive changes, only than making committees to hire cronies.

The TMC have had shorter time, but they have still the generals and war-lords of Bashir in the near proximity of power. The Janjaweed (Rapid Support Force) is attacking the dissidents and protesters. The TMC is not really making any fruitful dialogue with the FFCD or SPA. They are trying more to stall for time, while hoping the revolution dies off. As the TMC has gotten financial aide to continue their rule. These is the same men, that kept Bashir in Power.

As long as the henchmen of the dictators lingers in power. They will not reform the state, they will use the same force to stay. Peace.

Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Immunities/45/1 – Unofficial Translation (30.05.2019)