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Makindye Court denied bail for the FDC activists that we’re detained yesterday

FDC 04.05.2016

As of the actions yesterday by the Uganda Police Force that detained the men and woman who tried to attend the FDC Tuesday Prayers at FDC Headquarters at Najjankumbi have not gotten bail by the authorities (that is what is rumored to be the end-game). They are now kept in jail and detained as result of the actions of the Police who took them away on the spot.

Makindye Court 04.05.2016

The Activist have taken to Makindye Courts with the likes of Dr. Stella Nyanzi who also tried to attend the prayers without getting there before taking by the Police yesterday. So she and other activist are taken by Force after a day in being detained to court. As the men and woman surely will again be jailed as the Court has denied them bail. Though the certainty of their violation of law is not yet appeared. Other than them was involved in trying to defy the Interim order of 29th April 2016. At the Courts Pastor Sandra K. Ngabo and the kids, was not allowed to attend or allowed to enter the session in court.

FDC Arrests April 2016

Naggalama Police Station yesterday

So the Police Force and the authorities is busy making common men and woman into criminals instead of actually taking criminals who actually does crime. Peace.  


Opinion: The Calvary has gone bonkers on the Opposition, today; Because of the Interim Order banning the FDC’s Defiance Campaign

Kizza Besigye 03.05.2016 P1

“It is no longer a struggle between FDC and NRM.It is now a struggle between God and Satan’, between right and wrong, between justice and injustice. Everybody must decide where to belong” – Wafula Oguttu

“The defiance campaign will go on until the NRM regime collapses. The national demonstrations of May 5th will go on.” Dr Kizza Besigye

Its early morning people are supposed to get their morning tea and go to work. That is not the state of affairs in Kampala. Where many Opposition figures and leaders was going to attend the FDC Prayers at the Najjankumbi Headquarters even as the Interim Orders of 29th April 2016 got into effect and was submitted to the FDC on Monday the 2nd May 2016.

Lukwago 03.05.2016

The Uganda Police Force and their Regional Police Commander of Kampala South Geoffrey Kaheebwa who has besieged the FDC Headquarters and taken away the men and woman who wanted to attend the prayers. This would be Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Sheik Katende and Pastor David Ngabo. Muhammed Ssegirinya of Councillor Elect of Kawempe was called by local Police Officer asked not to go to the Prayers! Fred W. Mutibwa the Eastern of the Desk Officer have also been detained.

Ngabo Arrest 03.05.2016 P2 Smile

“The right to worship is not entrenched in the constitution as being absolute. It is like any other form of right. The FDC weekly prayers are a way of mobilising people to demonstrate and these were last week banned by court,” said Gen Kayihura.

The Police have also detained Ronald Muhinda a radio journalist and Daily Monitors journalist Stephen Kafeero was both detained by them today.

“This defiance campaign is not a Besigye’s Defiance. It is the citizens campaign defying injustice. Kavuma decreed that its criminal to address the media but you are all here and I am addressing you. That is defiance.” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

So the actions that the Police Force is showing today are the blatant and violence of the citizens’ rights to express their freedom, even to simply pray for their country is now a crime. That should shock and awe about the steps that the NRM regime goes to silence their opposition now. Together with the threats of the journalists who are covering it will be detained from IGP Kale Kayihura says it all, how little they care for their own people. That the ones that reporting on the matter and being the watchdogs are told to keep their mouth shut, even on the World Press Freedom Day. The Police Force has really become totally political as the ones taking pictures of Kasangati getting detained. The world should suspend their aid and military support to the NRM regime as they don’t care for their own citizens and for any democratic values as long as the NRM and their Executive rules the country.

The actions of today speaks that level and the little care for rights of their fellow citizens even people showing up at the FDC Headquarters is a crime. Not even saying a word, just showing up at the Forum for Democratic Change Party Offices in Kampala. This is the true wonders of the National Resistance Movement; they went to the bush to be able to oppress their own people instead of being oppressed by Dr. Milton Obote. Long live the irony and the bleak sadness.

UPF Najjankumbi 03.05.2016

President Museveni might say he is stronger and better prepared as the procurement of tear-gas and anti-riots Armoured Personnel Carriers to bring down and smash the opposition. Something he often says with different words and with the same dead tone of short stuttering words. The NRM Regime is now so forced to force themselves on the Public that they have to detain citizens for praying. They are now detaining fellow citizens for praying. How does that feel fellow Christian and wanted –to-be Pastor Museveni? Does that feels like justice as you quote bible-words in your speeches and quotes of true democratic belief. While your actions and the actions of your Police Force are harassment of the opposition. That is just evident in today alone, and it’s not only happen today. It’s been a theme through your whole rule the only difference now is that the International media and world can get the information and you cannot supress it.

So in Uganda you have no right to prayer and the Police can detain you for praying. If it is so, then there are no essential freedoms as the People are told what to do and how to act by the Police State and the NRM Regime. They are now in full lock-down on the Opposition and monitoring all of them. More will be taken in and detained. If Kasangati get sealed off again would not surprise me and if the other leaders would be taken would be natural at this point. IF more members of the FDC is also taken it is Modus Operandi by them. Peace.

The Start of the Oppressive behavior from the Police after a Journalist Muhinda get detained for taking a photo in Kasangati; A Pastor Ngabo and a Sheik Katende was detained on the way to the FDC Prayers that was scheduled this morning and more!

Kasangati 03.05.2016

Is this photo so dangerous for the NRM Regime?

“What is the mental state of someone who is called to acquire capacity to defend his or her job and they don’t show up? Those who did not attend must answer,” IGP Kale Kayihura.

IGP Kale 03.05.2016

On this World Press Freedom Day the Uganda Police Force have reminded the Journalist that it is illegal to cover or covering the Opposition. IT IS A CRIME to write about the Opposition and their demonstrations in Uganda. That is what the Uganda Police Force have told the journalists.

Just as expected the Ugandan Police Force would act out the Interim Order with Impunity and no honour. Today a man named Journalist Ronald Muhinda (Radio One FM 90) took this photo(the first photo); this photo in Kasangati on the first day the Interim Order of last Friday comes into effect as the FDC usually have prayers at their headquarters as a peaceful step to #FreeMyVote. Something the Deputy Justice Stephen Kavuma has seen as a malice attempt to undermine the rule of law, so apparently taking photos in Kasangati is illegal and is now the state of affairs.

“By press time, unspecified number of people including Daily Monitor reporter Stephen Kafeero had been arrested by police at FDC head offices in Najjanankumbi and Kasangati. However, Mr Kafeero was later released” (Daily Monitor, 03.05.2016).

FDC Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P1

This happens as early this morning as the news of Police Force have in deployed heavy guarded police at the FDC Headquarter of Najjankumbi in Kampala. So they wasted no time to use their force. The operation is under the command of the deputy RPC Kampala South Kaheebwa Geoffrey.

Even Pastor David Ngabo has been detained on the road towards the Najjankumbi to attend prayers. He has honoured his words last week where he said he would have no trouble being detained as a result of fighting the oppression. Also the other parts of Pastor Ngabo pastoral team have been detained.  Another man on the road who is detained is also Sheik Katende.

FDC Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P2

As we see with the journalist photo of Kasangati and with the state of Najjankumbi. There will be more arrests as I expected as the FDC leadership and FDC Youth Members will be picked up the Police Force. Early this morning Councillor Elect of Kawempe, Kampala Muhammad Ssegirinya got the call from DPC Kawempe and was told not to attend the prayers at the FDC Headquarters! Dr. Stella Nyanzi have also been detained on the road towards Najjankumbi to attend the prayers.

Gulu 03.05.2016

In Gulu

Good news from Gulu:

“Gulu municipality citizens are holding prayers at Gulu Woman MP Betty Awol’s office in Tegwana”. 

UPF Najjankumbi 03.05.2016

More Pictures from the FDC Headquarters where the Police Force is busy detaining FDC Members today. 

UPF Najjankumbi 03.05.2016 P2

There will be to come as the events unfold and as the information on how the Uganda Police Force detain the oppostion who just trying to assemble for prayers as a civil disobidience towards the Government who has stolen their votes in the General Election 2016 and their Presidential election 2016.

Muntu 03.05.2016

Party president General Muntu arrives followed by Pastor Ngabo amidst the police and military siege around the offices.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have been detained and taken away at FDC Headquarters in Najjankumbi and taken into the Black Van that have followed the Ugandan General Election and been the famous car driving Besigye to Naggalama thorugh whole of February 2016.

 This here violates all democratic values and proves to what extent President Museveni and IGP Kale Kayihura works to keep themselves in power. Peace. 

Communication on the Situation at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) – (22.04.2016)

Makerere 22.04.2016

Press Release: The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, yesterday circulated a memo on the Makerere University webmail setting up an Investigation Committee into MISR (19.04.2016)

Stella Makerere Letter 1. 2016

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University has set up a Committee that will report to him. The Vice Chancellor lacks the moral authority and objectivity to set up and provide oversight for such a Committee. He is partisan and has a clear conflict of interest due to his close family relationship with Dr. Stella Nyanzi. The VC should exclude himself from the process. This would allow the Committee to conduct it’s work in an impartial manner as well as to look into the VC’s own conduct, in particular, the extent of the VC’s involvement in encouraging, fomenting and prolonging insubordination of both Dr. Nyanzi and a few graduate students of MISR, all of whom have been increasingly emboldened by what they see as the support towards their cause from the highest office in this institution; and the basis and accuracy of allegations the VC presented before the Appointments Board over the last few months to bolster his case against the PhD programme at MISR and the renewal of the Director’s contract.

Incredibly, the terms of the Committee are totally silent about the events of Monday morning, events which have radically changed the situation at MISR and adversely affected MISR’s position in the academic world. Dr. Stella Nyanzi defaced walls, vandalized property, hurled insults at the leadership of MISR and intimidated MISR staff and students, all of this with impunity. No self-respecting academic will want to come to MISR if these circumstances continue. The best students will look for alternatives. Donors will look for other places to put their money. Until yesterday, we had demanded that Dr. Nyanzi teach in the doctoral programme. Now, the presence of Dr. Nyanzi threatens the very survival of the PhD program. Rather than teach in the PhD program, Dr. Nyanzi should be transferred to any other unit in the University that will accept her.

Instead of dealing with the events of Monday morning, the Committee’s stated terms of reference include: investigating the genesis of the matter as well as evaluating the extent of the misunderstanding; ascertaining the working conditions at MISR; the reporting and assignment structure of staff; the extent to which the staff mentioned above [Dr. Nyanzi and Professor Mamdani] are disrupting each other’s mandates and claims that the space at the Institute is occupied by non-members of the University Staff.

The Management of MISR was not consulted prior to constituting these terms of reference. We find these terms of reference partial, selective, and prejudicial. They are stacked to investigate the management of MISR and not Dr. Nyanzi, to investigate the director and divert attention from the events of Monday morning that have created an explosive crisis at MISR. The terms completely sidestep the issues at stake – the very survival of the MPhil/PhD program – and will not address the impunity and insubordination that has led us to this point. They read more like terms of reference for an inquisition seeking to rationalize pre-determined conclusions. Any impartial Committee would want to investigate the circumstances under which Dr. Nyanzi has continued to be paid as a civil servant without discharging her official duties and responsibilities as assigned by her unit head and how her continued insubordination and flagrant flouting of Makerere University regulations has consistently gone unpunished.

Yesterday, for instance, contrary to University regulations, Dr. Nyanzi, four students and a research assistant held a press conference with NTV crew in her office at MISR. It is lamentable that the University’s leadership has busied itself with setting up a witch- hunting committee as MISR’s PhD program is being dismantled before TV cameras and social media. If the program is to be killed, let it be killed in broad daylight. At least, then, the Ugandan people will know who to hold responsible for this tragic outcome.

With all of the above in mind, the MISR Management will not cooperate with the current Investigation Committee instituted by the VC, who has a vested interest in the outcome of the investigation, and who, given his recent maneuvers to circumvent specific MISR initiatives, cannot suddenly be seen to place MISR’s and the University’s interests above those of his kin, Dr. Nyanzi. The prerequisite to addressing the present situation is three- fold: one, to set up a truly impartial consultative (rather than investigatory) process; two, to transfer Dr. Nyanzi from MISR, given her well-documented insistence that she will not teach in the PhD programme or participate in institutional research at MISR, but immediately to send Dr. Nyanzi for a month long leave with the understanding that she will not return to the Institute for any reason; and, three, to consult all constituencies (students, academic staff, management) in the process that follows and do it only after the new semester begins in mid-May.

Mahmood Mamdani
Professor and Executive Director, MISR

Tuesday, 19th April, 2016

Cc: Chairperson, Makerere University Council

Chairperson, Appointments Board
Vice Chancellor
Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Director, Human Resources
Principal, CHUSS
Dr. Stella Nyanzi

General and Academic Staff

Staff and Students, MISR

Pro. Edward Ddumba Fails To Calm Down an Enraged Dr. Stella Nyanzi (Youtube-Clip) & Ethics Minister Lokodo Wants Dr. Nyanzi Arrested

“Makerere University Vice Chancellor Dr Ddumba failed to convince Dr Stella Nyanzi to calm down. Dr Nyanzi, now dressed & embellished with chains, protested on” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

“Ethics Minister Lokodo Wants Dr. Nyanzi Arrested:

Ethics minister Simon Lokodo has ordered police to arrest Makerere University professor Dr. Stella Nyanzi for stripping in public.Even if she was offended by anybody, she behaved indecently. I condemn it in the strongest words possible and I have directed police to arrest her. She must be brought to book,” the minister told state-run media. Meanwhile, Dr. Nyanzi’s office has been reopened by the Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, hours after she stripped in protest” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

Dr. Stella Nyanzi sacking and eviction letters; This is a obvious Political Motivated Sacking from Makerere

Stella Makerere Letter 2. 2016Stella Makerere Letter 1. 2016

My two cents: 

This can only happen, because she has showed loyalty to Dr. Kizza Besigye and been open on Social Media for his Presidential Candidature. She as a Doctor would have had the Posistion; if she was a Yellow NRM Party Member and also Stayed silent if she was a Opposition Member. So this here is a Political Move to prove that the Makerere University and the MISR. This can’t be because of lack of work or ethical modus operandi at the University. So this is just a pointless sacking with Political Substance.

The Racketeering has now wings into all organizations, all businesses, all poltical activity get chain-reactions and the ones that tries to defy Don Museveni. Apparently deserves a sacking. This also ends with an eviction from her home with her family. So the Dr. Stella Nyanzi lost her job and home because of her affiliation to FDC instead of NRM. Congratulation to Makerere University for proving that they are on the knees and bending their hands to get more into their pockets from the racket of the NRM. Peace.

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