Press Release: Appointment of Governors for 28 States created by Presidential Order 36/2015 in South Sudan (29.12.2015)

SPLM 29.12.15

Press Release: Nuer Community In Uganda Strongly Rejects Salva Kiir’s Tribal 28 States (07.10.2015)


On behalf of the Nuer community in Uganda and on my behalf as the Nuer community chairman in Uganda, we do here by rejecting the newly created 28 states in South Sudan by Mr. President Salva Kiir Mayardit because of the following points:

  1. It is not constitutional
  2. It is not the right time
  3. It will promote tribalism
  4. You issue that degree as punishment on South Sudanese

Subsequently, for the few reasons above mentioned we (Nuer Community in Uganda) strongly rejected the unfounded concept of creating 28 States.

In conclusion dear, Mr. president Salva Kiir Mayardit I wanted to tell you that I have discover your problem now wonder you had been sick every now and then the Doctor found nothing. This is because you are healthy physically but mentally you are sick this appears when you were issuing a degree you made unconsciously and out of anger which characterizes your psychological sickness. So I would refer you to go and see The Counseling Psychologist to deal with your trauma of KILLING over 30,000 people in South Sudan or else. You better resign because you lost yourself esteem which boosted you in good decision making. It has become low and unconscious that is why you are bringing more and more mess to the people of South Sudan.

Signed by: