Mzee rents Starlink bus-company for a day; to ship NRM-Supporters from other districts; since he have no support in Kihihi.

Starlink Buses for NRM 06.01.2016 P1

President Museveni and his National Resistance Movement have understood that they have little or no support in Kihihi District. Maybe he remembered the fiasco of 2014? Therefore they went to the step of hiring the Starlink Bus-Company and their buses. They we’re seen making ready in Kanungu as in the pictures; They are not going in normal service today; since they are all rented out the Mzee and to serve Mzee to get crowds in Kihihi District to the rallies later today!

Starlink Buses for NRM 06.01.2016 P2

In 2014 this happened also:

“Yesterday’s meeting, chaired by LC-V Chairperson Josephine Kasya lasted more than five hours. Kasya pleaded with the councillors not to turn down the president’s invitation, reminding them that Museveni is the fountain of honor. During all this time the STARLINK bus which had been hired to transport the group to Rwakitura remained parked near the NRM offices from 7am in Kihiihi town with very few people willing to go” (Baguma, 2014).

Seems like the same is happening today! Peace.


Baguma, Mark – ‘Uganda: Kanungu Leaders Row Over Museveni Visit’ (04.06.2014) link:

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