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Opinion: Why I have a hard time believing Museveni as a mediator in South Sudan!

When it comes to a political disagreement like we have here (South Sudan), we must have a scientific approach to its resolution, should it be resolved by force or other ways? Force should be reserved for the enemy. A disagreement among brothers should not be resolved by force,” President Museveni said” (…) “Some people have been coming to Uganda. Malong [Paul] and others. They come and talk to our people. They want to start a war because they claim Salva Kiir is being controlled by some elders. But should that be cause for war?” Museveni asked” (Kasasira, 2018).

It is okay, that anyone want all the stakeholders, all the opposition militias, all the war-lords to a sit-down and settle differences. That is cool and that is good, if there was a substantial effort for doing so, but a leader like President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Is not believable in this grace. He is not the kind of man to this himself. He rather get rid of his enemies and settle the score in his favor. That is what he has done in the past and is known for. He peddles a fake-peace, signs agreements and when the opposition, thinks all is golden. He strikes with fierce force and takes it all. That is Machiavellian leader Museveni is. Instead of having a proper sit-down in Kasese, he burned the Royal Palace and killed guards like their where vermin. So, that the Ugandan President said this, is sort of poetic.

But if we go further down into history, into when he was still a warlord himself and not a 32 year long life President, he was still just mere guerrilla leader, which used force for his own benefit. This was the Nairobi Talks accord and agreement, which he first signed and later dropped like a cold stew.

Mr. Museveni never helped to carry out the peace accord, refusing to take his post as vice chairman of a reconstituted military council or to nominate members to the council” (Rule, 1986). “Mr. Museveni, who signed a peace accord last month in Nairobi with General Okello in an effort to end years of bloodshed, characterized his participation in the peace talks as ”very painful” because he was sitting there ”with the criminals across the table.” He said he agreed to the accord because of pressure from other nations, which he criticized as being more interested in opening roads for trade than in the future of Uganda. He said his followers had made it clear they would not take part in any government in which ”criminals” were involved. The accord was never put into effect, and Mr. Museveni moved on Kampala a month after it was signed” (Rule, 1986).

That is why I have a big trouble with Museveni as a mediator. Not only his army is involved with the SPLA and even has a defense agreement (MoU) with them. Which means he is impartial and is indirectly a trading-partner and weapon-brother of President Salva Mayardit Kiir, which should be a no-no for anyone. However, that is not the worst issue, its a serious breach. But its the knowledge of how he himself was to settle the score and take Kampala in 1986.

In 1985 December, as the Okello Government was finalizing the Cease-Fire’s and putting down arms as the Nairobi Peace Agreement was supposed to do. Museveni armed to his teeth, continued to fight the government army and within a month took Kampala from him. That was the immoral acts and securing his NRA/M the power. Which he haven’t ceased since. So he calls the other parties and the other politicians at the talks in 1985 as criminals, however, he didn’t follow the agreement either. So, he isn’t as noble as he think he is. He used force to get his way, when he needed it. He used force against his brothers to take power and never let it go.

That is why he is the wrong guy to mediate anything. He will kill the ones who steps in his backyard and tries to take his cattle. A man who signed an agreement, but never had plans to follow it. As he wouldn’t be muffled in a coalition, which he couldn’t control. Is a man whose supposed to mediate in a conflict between various parties with different interests and motivations? Nah, you cannot be serious.

President Museveni shouldn’t be the one to trust this with, he will make sure President Kiir gets a head start and gets the weapons he needs to smash the opposition, to smash the rebel outfits and make sure the militias are dying. That is what Museveni does, he doesn’t speak peace. Unless, you leave him in peace in power. Than, you can do whatever you want. Please, remember to him your tax too. Peace.


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