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South Sudan: It’s foolish that the government doesn’t pay its contributions [to the AU and EAC]

A person who becomes a member of training studio has to pay every month for the services at that gym. That is what a ordinary citizen do to its memberships. If you are part of something as a member of a club, party or NGO you usually fork out some cash for its programs and benefits for being an actual member. So, why do I start with that?

Well, in October 2019 the East African Community (EAC) expressed concern of lacking its contribution from the Republic of South Sudan as the newest member of the intergovernmental organization for the nations of East Africa. They clearly hadn’t contributed as a member state should by that point.

Today, there is more news that now in June 2020, the African Union as the Republic of South Sudan is supposed to pay their contribution to the Continental Union of 55 member states on the African continent. So, every member state is supposed to pay their weight as a member. Something which is revealed that the Republic of South Sudan isn’t able to do.

This means the Republic have been missing payments to EAC and AU. As the state have enjoyed the legitimacy and co-operation from both bodies. They were useful and has been of use for the Republic. Still, they have not managed to pay for their memberships. If they were a private citizen not paying for services rendered. They would have gotten into big trouble and even banned from entering the premises of club, gym or whatnot. However, since they are a member state they might get off the hook and just cough up dough some way or another to satisfy the “creditors”.

It should maybe be a lesson for everyone that you shouldn’t chew over more then you can eat. However, that’s what the government has done over the years. It has joined bodies, organizations and unions it cannot afford to pay for. That is the pattern of this government as it happened to the membership with EAC and now the AU.

The Revitalized – Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) should ensure they are up to scratch, that they are footing their bills and allocating enough funds for their contributions to the ones they are members of. That should be easy to allocate and secure the costs of being there. It seems like they thought it was a free ride and no strings attached to the membership. Which is really weird. That’s why the state has arrears and haven’t paid in full.

The Republic’s leadership should be ashamed that it is like this. That it cannot fork out the funds its supposed too. It is that simple and still so hard. Why did you care to become a member here? When you had no plans of paying what it costs to be a member?

We as citizens would be forced to fork it out and pay for our membership. Even after we have left the club or gym. They want the money for the time we were members and we couldn’t run away from the bill. The bill would hunt us and bill-collectors would be knocking on our doors. The state might not get this, but they should be reinforced and find ways to cover the hurt. Because, these funds and contributions are there for a collective reason. A reason that the South Sudan cannot dismiss. If they want to be apart of these bodies. They just got to pay like the rest of them. Peace.

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