Press Statement – ANC-EFF War: Only DA can move SA forward (26.04.2016)

DA 26.04.2016

The intensifying conflict between the ANC and the EFF, on the eve of South Africa’s 22nd Anniversary of our first democratic elections, demonstrates clearly that both parties are determined to put their own interests first and those of South Africa and our precious democracy, last.

The ANC’s intent to have EFF leaders jailed for treason, and the EFF’s threat of violence can quickly escalate tensions. Their utterances are politically immature but nonetheless seriously dangerous.

We accordingly urge both the ANC and the EFF, on the eve of Freedom Day and in honour of our late President Nelson Mandela, to put South Africa first and cease with their increasingly dangerous war of words.

The truth is the ANC and EFF are merely different sides of the same coin. The EFF is driven by hatred, and cannot be trusted to govern with policies that have been proven to fail; and the ANC cannot be trusted to move a democratic South Africa forward again, with corruption and unemployment on the increase.

The DA will this week continue to spread our message of hope: that we are one nation, with one future – united in our diversity. We believe that we can bring real and positive change to municipalities across South Africa by creating jobs, delivering better services and stopping corruption.

We will continue to spread this message because we believe that Change and not Violence is the best way to ensure that South Africa moves forward again.

Submitted by Phumzile Van Damme

ANC Veteran Cheryl Carolus calls for Zuma to step down (Youtube-Clip)

“JOHANNESBURG, 7 April 2016 – ANC veteran Cheryl Carolus has added her voice to calls for President Jacob Zuma to go. She spoke to eNCA’s Iman Rappetti on Wednesday” (eNCA, 2016).

“It is time for change”- Special Edition Bokamoso by Mmusi Maimane

Statement for the video from Mmusi Maimane: 

Now is the time for South Africans to take their destiny into their own hands, and stop Jacob Zuma before he destroys what is left of our democracy and our economy.

And when I say South Africans, I don’t just mean DA supporters. I mean each and every South African who cares about this nation.

This includes all the good people within the ANC who perhaps feel they cannot stand up to Jacob Zuma. This man is using you to enrich himself.

Now, more than ever, we need people to unite for a common cause and against a common enemy.

“SADTU stands in the way of a better future for our children” – Bokamoso by Mmusi Maimane

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