Sepp Blatter/FIFA need a village to race it – Qatargate continues.

There is an African proverb which is saying: It takes a village to race a child. Why do I start with that? Well, it’s a just two days before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins in Sao Paolo. Let me say it’s seven points to adress FIFA with and also their president Sepp Blatter. So here we go..

First, when money talks to the main body of Football – FIFA. Starts with a suspicion from Sony, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa and Hyundai/Kia are asking that the process of the bid to Qatar was done without graft and corruption (BBC, 2014). This they do is to save face, because Sony and the other five companies want to share the spoils of a happy event. Not being part of sports activity that is sending the wrong message which doesn’t fit the companies.

Second, CAF is mad. CAF answered with: “that the authors of this smearing and defamatory campaign against African football leaders are brought to book”. Also responded with:” its total and unreserved support to all wrongfully incriminated Africans (..) [We] Condemn the strategy of using African sport movements and its leaders as scapegoats by those who are trying at all cost to acquire a good conscience for themselves”. Issa Hayatou is denying the accusations that of recent (Afrikansoccer, 2014). We all expected this kind of answers. Nobody wants to say their getting gifts and paid to vote a certain way. That the Asian Football body hasn’t answered as hard as CAF is more astonishing considering that Bin Hammam was leading that Football Body at the time of the bid. But hat is just me.

Third, Sepp Blatter the chief of FIFA is in heavy weather. He is attacking anything that moves in his sight which isn’t showing him either love or money. Attack one is that British Media where he claim them trying to demolish FIFA and his presidency. Where his quoted with this: “Once again there is a sort of storm against FIFA relating to the Qatar World Cup. Sadly there’s a great deal of discrimination and racism and this hurts me. It really makes me sad”. To address the British press: “we have seen what the British press has published,’ he said. ‘I don’t know what the reasoning is behind this but we must maintain unity” (Lawton, 2014). Somebody need give Sepp a hug. Then he needs a straight talk of the facts on the ground. This not anything of what he believes it is. It’s true that he is under fire. The flame is burning hot and not giving him peace. Blatter thought that the issue of the sun of Qatar would die away. That the special vagina stadium and bid would bite him in his behind is sure something that Blatter never thought would happen, since he is chief and nobody refuse his actions or decisions. That the British is pissed over losing the bid is sure something we all knew by now. It isn’t even relevant at this point. That is just a fact that he can use against them, but certainly they use all the information and sources to address it. To make sure that next time they place a bid they should have a fair chance of getting the almighty Football World Cup.

Fourth, the deaths of foreign workers in Qatar have already made the reputation of the host nation as bad investment and not a joyful place into ruins. In May Bloomberg reported of the deaths of 164 Nepali, 450 Indian and estimated total death into the numbers of 4000 during the whole building period in Qatar (Boudway, 2014). If nothing gets done by this, it’s already to many lives lost for us who loves this event. Nobody should die while building the stadiums and infrastructure. It’s insane and wonder what powers is to be to let this happen. True there has been reporting of this, but the laws of foreign guest workers in Qatar should be fixed, mended made sure of their safety and also pay for their work. But that might happen in a dream world.

Sixth, resurrection of the confederation cup demonstration has returned. In Sao Paolo the metro workers suspended their work for two days.  On Monday this ended with clashes with Police. Something sure FIFA doesn’t need before the joyous occasion. FIFA wouldn’t like that the metro stops before the opening match (Watson, 2014). Sure this doesn’t look good, if the fans don’t arrive to make a big noise at the match, then it’s like losing one of the feel-good factors of the tournament. We all know that, but everybody understands the Metro Workers union since they just want enough money to fit with inflation in Brazil.

Seventh, Sepp Blatter’s main position as President isn’t as solid anymore. A few European Football chairmen are asking the big man to step down. Greg Dyke of FA, Michael Van Praag of Dutch FA is taking this position against Blatter (Penderville, 2014). There must be a bad day to Sepp, but he has made this stew. So now it is time to eat it.

It takes a village to raise a kid the proverb, the kid is FIFA and Sepp Blatter. We need to raise the kid together somehow with the means and knowledge we have. We all can see the issues in both Brazil and coming events of Qatar. There are enough things and actions to question and we should put it into order. The bad press and issues should be solved in public not in hidden rooms of Geneva. There will be transparency to make sure that FIFA does the right thing and acts as a proper


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To saker: to nye fenomen – Star Wars og TV-Spill konsoller

To saker to nye fenomer. Disse må diskuteres. Derfor må jeg bare skrive dette. Både Star Wars moro og kommende konsoller. 

Star Wars  sin nye greie:

Nå som galskapen skal settes i system. Virkelig i system. Ikke nok at Star Wars syndikatatet eller firmaet ble kjøpt opp av Disney. Disney som er allerede har skaffet Marvel og Pixar. Dette gjør at det tredje store merkevare selskapet Disney konsernet har kjøpt.

Star Wars er en serie på seks filmer. Å en merkverdige tegneserie eller animasjonsserie. Jeg ikke har orket, eller hatt en anelse lyst til å se den, annet enn å ha lyst til å knuse ett par dvd’r på videoteket i Kristiansand. Desverre ser jeg meg selv som bedre enn det og har ikke gjort noe med det. For oss som liker den eldste trilogien, er den nyeste en satire av en trilogi. Selv om den er Star Wars, er det forsatt ikke den med Harrison Ford. Det er en diskusjon, en diskusjon som kan være lang. Krigen mot George Lucas går alltid på en ting. Kontinuitet. Sammenheng. Man kan strekke strikk, men enten så sprekker an eller så får du strikken tilbake til deg akkurat som en bommerrang.

Så nå, som Star Wars er eid av Disney. Disney er en pengemaskin. Først skulle de ha en ny trilogi enten i mellom de restende eller etter alt hend. Nå som endelig ryktene har spredt seg enda mer. Så blir det etter Marvels ånd. Sikkert med tanke på X-Men og Avengers sin siste greie. For å ta X-Men som først ble en serie. For så å prøve å lansere hver helt. Noe som ikke slo an, med super duden Wolerverine. Derimot Avengers. Begynte de med alle helter hver for seg. For så ende med Joss Whedons store felles film Avengers! Nå skal Disney gjøre det samme med Star Wars. Slikt som å ha Princess Leia, Jaba the Hunt eller Yoda med egne filmer. Orgin filmer, om hvordan de ble viktige figurer i universet – langt langt vekke.

 Konsoll krigen:

Nå som alle selskapene skal komme med nye konsoller. Nintendo har allerede sluppet Wii U. En sær skapning som jeg ikke skjønner meg på. Microsoft skal .. komme med ny Xbox som skal hete 720. Den skal være koblet til internett og uten tilgang til bruk av brukte eller gamle spill. Sony planlegger Playstation 4. Som skal være bedre og ha samme problematikken med gamle spill. Siden de som mekker spill og lager til konsollene liker dårlig bruktsalget av spill. Som gjør at spill-selskapene ikke tjener like mye som de kunne. Dette gjør de redd. Derfor er det moro å tenke på at VALVE som styrer Steam som streamer spill skal også komme med en konsoll til TV, der du ikke har spiller til BLU-RAY. Dermed blir markedet framover enda mer forvirrende og man kan lure på hvem man skal velge. Hvem som er beste både økonomisk og utvalgsmessig. Det viktigste for min del er å få gode versjoner av FIFA. Ingenting annet.

Ha en god kveld. In the name of the JEDI!!!! EA GAMES in the game. Og time to kill a mockingjay!

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