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U.S. Mission to Somalia alarmed at Radio Daljir Closure (24.06.2016)

US Mission to Somalia 24.06.2016

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s statement on World Refugee Day (20.06.2016)

Dadaab Refugee Camp

MOGADISHU, Somalia, June 20, 2016 –  Today, on World Refugee Day, the Somali Federal Government and the People of Somalia acknowledge, commemorate and celebrate the enduring strength of refugees everywhere whose painful experiences and journeys we can only be humbled by.

The Government of Somalia firmly stands with refugees, and believes that all should be done by Governments and partner agencies to support them re-establish their lives at home and abroad, so that they can be empowered to pursue their hopes and dreams like every other human being. The solution to ending the misery of displacement is not building more walls, hardening borders and compromising the institution of asylum which is sacrosanct.

The Somali Government firmly believes that where refugees have been provided opportunities and, where they are supported to effectively integrate into their new societies, they have and will continue to prosper and contribute positively. As a result of this, society will flourish and the world will become more peaceful and tolerant.

World Refugee Day is of particular importance to Somalia given that our painful civil war led to a significant number of our people seeking safety and opportunity globally. Today, thankfully, many Somali refugees of the civil war have successfully resettled in new homes across the world and are supporting their relatives, refugees and otherwise, through remittances and through their own engagement in Somalia’s recovery.

There are over one million Somali refugees living across the world. Most of these are in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen. The Somali Government views the safe and orderly return of Somali refugees to their homes as an important priority. In order to facilitate this, the Government is fighting the last remaining pockets of opportunistic terrorism and creating an inclusive State which upon their return will provide Somali refugees with hope and opportunity.

As President, I can assure you that my Government is doing absolutely everything possible to safely return our people home. This is their home and we understand fully that there is no place like home.

The Government of Somalia reaffirms its stand with refugees.

Press Release: SDPP concerned about International Communities the rejection of the Puntland and Somali Election Model (13.02.2016)


On 13 February 2016, (SWEDEN) SDPP, Chairman Mataan Ali Hassan strongly concern the Puntland rejects the efforts of international community over Somali election model and Mataan Ali strongly welcomed the efforts with three days UN envoy Micheal Keating and ambassadors from, Sweden, UK, USA, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and IGAD with representatives AU, EU have taken meeting with the President of Punltand Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in Garowe.

SDPP, Chairman Mataan Ali Hassan on behalf the Somali Democracy of Political Party and Somali Diaspora, civil society living in Sweden call on the President of Punltand Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in Garowe, to accept the stakeholders result of National consultative forum in Mogadishu on the electoral model and efforts of International community over Somali election model.

We will continue our local and international levels consultations, dialogue and reconciliations with regional administration, Somali political parts and international partners on how to best advance Somalis stability democracy, good governance and security.

SDPP- Somali Democracy of Political Party:

Chairman of SDPP.

Mr. Mataan Ali Hassan.
Somali Democracy of Political Party (SDPP)
Address, Location:

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