National Unity Platform (NUP): Statement on the 40m Uganda Shillings given illegally to Members of Parliament (14.06.2022)

Opinion: The Public Trust in the 11th Parliament is at an all time low [and it’s not because of Zaake]

We know that the Deputy Speaker Anita Among only in her dreams wish she had the reputation or ability to bring confidence to the role of the chambers like Rebecca Kadaga ones did. However, she cannot and never will. The Deputy Speaker must miss Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. As he oozes some confidence and bravado, which she doesn’t. Neither can she set any good agenda or program, which will really help the nation.

No the stagnation of the Parliament is evident. The 11th Parliament is a stale atmosphere and not the sort of place for the future. That is done on purpose and the Parliament is most of the time busy with mediocre plans, lack-lustre government programs and adding more debt. The state isn’t discussing the gas, petroleum prices or commodities become more costly. The public isn’t seeing that..

No, the Deputy Speaker is saying Zaake has a deliver her an apology within a week and get the opposition to give the Parliament a new name for Parliament Commissioner after the late night vote against Zaake. That is how the Parliament is acting in 2022.

Just as COVID-19 Funds are unaccounted for, Parish Development Model is launched and there is plenty of other things on the table. There is lack of funds, fiscal incapacity and deficit recycling of debt. There is unsecured government loans and lack of transparency of these. As well as other dire matters, but her own honour is more important for “public trust” in the 11th Parliament.

That is when you know someone has the audacity. She acts like the Parliament and the lives of the MPs is hers to control. The words and the speaking in private or public doesn’t matter. Heck, if it is done in the Chambers or in Committee. Hell, it doesn’t even matter if it is quickly typed on social media. No, as long as her honour is breached. She has all the rights of the world to strike vengeance.

Who cares if teachers are lacking pay? Hospitals are run like shoddy public enterprises? If the medicine is running low or out of date? Who cares if the roads authority or any other state owned enterprise is run like a sweat-shop with no future earnings? Well, that doesn’t matter for the Deputy Speaker. As long as nobody questions her or her own words.

She just deserves the medal and the glory. Anita Among is the greatest among men. Her majestic outlook on life and her attitude is what everyone should aspire too. Where you have the guts and the gull of going after an opponent and later clip of his wings. While talking about procedure and calling it a transgression. Alas, she also offended him, but he has to double down on apologizing after taking away the role in Parliament.

The Deputy Speaker could make her role prominent and in the absence of the Speaker. Prove that she was worth a damn. Instead, she’s insulting herself and just showing the world how she is beneath the role. The ones entertaining this is accepting that one person is the victim, the judge and the executioner of the same petition. That’s what she has done and her majority party has played along.

This just shows how pointless and vindictive the NRM is. They have no spine or hearts, they are just out to take the others down. While they don’t address torture or even understands a torture victim among their own. Instead, they are punishing a victim, who was ridiculed by the Deputy Speaker. Who is again asking for Zaake to humiliate himself and beg for forgiveness. While she haven’t been held accountable at all.

The Deputy Speaker deserves a medal, an honorary title and a diploma, which could be spiced out and the red-carpet for her. In such a manner that she thinks she’s getting an Oscar or Grammy, but instead getting the “Good Grief, how dare you woman!”. Because, that all that she deserves and she’s clearly not fit for her role or title. She shouldn’t be there and is unfit. When she carries herself like this. That is beneath her station and her passage of rules of procedure in Parliament. Peace.

Opinion: 11th Parliament removes Zaake and now they better at all times act like saints!

Some opposition MPs have exited the chambers of Parliament as voting on a motion to remove Hon Zaake Francis as Commissioner of Parliament begins. This Follows a Motion moved by Hon. Ojara Mapenduzi to remove Zaake from his position as Commissioner” (Baba TV Uganda, 10.03.2022).

The censor or discipline of Honourable Member of Parliament Francis Zaake of Mityana District only shows how the 11th Parliament have failed it’s mission. The 11th Parliament is going after him and what he did on social media. After he reacted to how the Deputy Speaker Anita Among told him off in the plenary session. Therefore, the whole 11th Parliament has to now show it’s true nature and how it has live up to this standard.

What is also very significant in the case of Zaake is that the Deputy Speaker is the Complainant, Judge and Executioner. While a Report was written on him, but not that it said anything significant. It only proven that certain government agencies aren’t fit to investigate or have the skills to look into digital spaces, which is ironic… since those bodies are supposed to monitor and address these. Alas, the report in question only shows how far-fetched and blatant it is.

Before we take leave of this matter. the Committee does remind all Honorable Members of Parliament that they owe the institution of Parliament and the I public a duty to maintain public

trust and confidence in the integrity of Parliament. Honourable Members should be well versed with the Code of Conduct as provided for in Appendix F of our Rules of Procedure.

4. The Committee appeals to Hon. Members to act with restraint and decorum both within and outside the precincts of Parliament. Each Member of Parliament bears a duty to give honour and

respect to the institution of Parliament” (Committee Report on Zaake, March 2022).

Even if the 11th Parliament rules of procedure says this:

84. Use of unparliamentary language

It is out of order to use offensive, abusive, insulting, blasphemous or unbecoming words or to impute improper motives to a Member or to make personal allusions” (Rules of Procedure, 11th Parliament, 2021).

The words used by the Deputy Speaker could be accused of being abusive or improper, as she stated Zaake deserved a medal and she didn’t take into account the torture that the state has brought unto him on several of occasions. It is not like Zaake doesn’t know what this means and he was even blocked from travelling to India for treatment after one of the accounts of torture. Therefore, her own words was abusive. However, his reaction on social media (Twitter) was grounds enough to make motion. Nevertheless, the Deputy Speaker isn’t questioned or her words. Which should be under as much scrutiny, if there would be any fairness, but knowing the mental capacity of the Chief Whip and his associates. We know that is too much to ask for in 2022.

In Appendix F it says this:

5. Public Trust

Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of Parliament and never undertake any action which may bring the House or its Members generally, into disrepute” (Rules of Procedure, 11th Parliament, 2021).

What is funny when the MPs who are making the report and the judgment of voting him off. They are deliberately setting a standard for themselves, which will be hard to follow. These folks cannot have outbursts, speak out of line or act with swift retorts on social media. Neither can they speak out of character on Television or on Radio. Because, then they would act like Honourable Zaake did on Twitter and they cannot do that. They have to act within the same parameter as they set on others. We know the Chief Whip and Deputy Speaker is only interested in taking a stance and save their own.

However, in this with all due respect. They are only undermining themselves and being vindictive. They are only showing a disregard for free speech and ability to have self defence. The NRM MPs and everyone who supports this is engaging on a small and very very narrow path to self-destruction. The MPs are putting in mufflers and silencers on their mouths and typing-fingers. They cannot text or talk freely, because if they do… they should end up like Zaake.

We ask the Opposition to give us another name” – Deputy Speaker Among (10.03.2022).

What is striking is how the Deputy Speaker could do this and pull it off. It shows her true character and lack of spine. If she ever gets hurts and defend herself. She better act like lady and no say a word. Since, she didn’t allow Zaake to say anything without consequences. She better act correct and be the divine angle God created her to be. That’s how the world should see this…

155 MPs have voted to remove Mityana Municipality MP (NUP) Hon Francis Zaake from the Parliament Commission for disparaging the Deputy Speaker Anita Among. Four people voted against the removal of Hon Francis Zaake, while the tally registered two invalid votes” (Parliament of Uganda, 10.03.2022).

After this evenings proceedings in Parliament. What the 11th Parliament Members of Parliament needs to do at all time. They need to be civil, accurate, in accordance and be gentle. These MPs needs to act like saints and never ever think any ill. The Deputy Speaker better be on her best behaviour. Since, she has gotten off the hook and punished someone for retorting against her. That’s the reality here. It is nothing noble or grandeur about it.

The 11th Parliament is only showing its vindictive and lack of character. These are supposed to be leaders of men, but instead are just sheep following command. Those people voting in the chambers of Parliament at night of the 10th March 2022 are people without spines or personality. They are only there to serve a purpose for the President and the State House. These folks cannot carry themselves or ideals. That’s why they accept this bondage and they should act careful in the future.

Since they are showing the world how little talk, discussion or expression of though that is allowed by the Members. Therefore, they better be correct and come in the same name. If not… they should serve a similar predicament, as the game is set and how little it took to take someone down. Peace

Francis Zaake MP: Statement on the Ongoing Inquiry into Allegations of Misconduct (28.02.2022)

Opinion: If you got no political currency? Do yourself a favour an attack either NUP or Bobi Wine!

If you want to know how to gain political mileage and political capital in the Republic these days. There is one thing to do. It is to find a way to go after National Unity Platform (NUP) or Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. That is the shortest way from poverty and obscurity into grand opulence and becoming a worthy asset of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

It can be blatant hypocrisy or disregard all facts of the matter. As long as the target is an associate of the NUP or Bobi Wine. It is all fair game and deservingly so. The main objective is to target the loud opposition and default their value in the Parliament and elsewhere as a new Political Party. Just to weaken their base, office or even ability to move as a political formation. Therefore, its a real struggle to contain and control the narratives.

This is very clear this days, as the media houses, social media and everyone who has a little yellow blood is out for the job. They are loudmouth, head-scratching and obviously schooled to do this. Because, that’s all they do and they have all the same reasoning. It’s like the NRM Caucus talking points produced and made by 86 Generation of lost causes.

What is striking is that its a no-sum game. It is not a winning strike and neither is it showing the majority strength of the NRM. Instead, it undercuts their supposed majestic efforts and achievements over 30 years in power. The NRM should focus on actually following up pledges and manifestos. Heck, they should consider to implement and finish the 10 point programme, but we know that is another lost cause by now.

That’s why the new enemy and arch-enemy is Bobi Wine. The newest breed of politician who isn’t working like the old guard. Neither is he strategically acting like the previous heads. That’s why the NRM is trying to vilify and make them more dangerous. This is why the Parliament is more swift and butt-hurt than ever before. That’s because the NRM got nothing to show for it. Unless, it is giving away cars to appointed district leadership or officiate the opening of toilets at a government facility.

Therefore, the NRM needs to shift the conversation from the human rights violations and the torture cases. It needs to go after the NUP and it’s causes. That’s because it has nothing to offer anyway. Except for grand corruption, nepotism and butchering the rule of law, which it does on a daily basis. That’s why people don’t get to court or get justice served.

The NRM can say they brought “peace” but peace for who? His Majesty and his bloated court of jesters, which appears on the muddy roads for viral conferences? Well, good look fishing for experienced gentlemen to serve and do it diligently. When mediocrity is accepted and praised by the inner-circle.

Alas, we know the state favours it’s own, as red berets has been justification to arrest activists, but Independent owner and editor Mwenda could parade around with military fatigue. It is one law for them and another for the dissidents. That just show the sinister approach of the state, just like the Deputy Speaker can insult a MP, but the MP is not allowed to retort on Social Media. That just shows the disregard for fair play and freedom of speech. As the Deputy Speaker is allowed to speak her mind, but Zaake is muffled. That’s the price of the Republic and shows how blatant it is. It’s done in front of all of us and there is only the Yellow who can do what it pleases.

So, if you lack currency, mileage or even some sort of favours within the inner-circle of NRM. Do yourself a favour and attack either Bobi Wine or the NUP. That will give you the good graces and take you home. In such a way, that you can eat, be treated kindly and even have a buzz. Peace.

Opinion: The MPs impeaching Zaake better delete all social media

Insider information from Parliament indicates that a section of MPs angered by the actions of Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake, have now resorted to collecting signatures to have him impeached from the office of the Commissioner of Parliament” (NBS Television, 17.02.2022).

The Members of Parliament that is impeaching National Unity Platform MP Francis Zaake. Better do themselves a favour, as ancient relics they are and as analogue individuals they are. They better just delete themselves from all social media’s. This use the Unabomber approach on technology and get totally of the grid.

The National Resistance Movement MPs should just delete and suspend all of their accounts. They shouldn’t speak up on Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. Because, if they impeach Zaake MP for what he did. They got to walk silently and be super careful online. These folks shouldn’t be disrespectful or mock anyone online. The MPs better act righteous at all time and not be on a warpath online.

The NRM MPs and all representatives who signs off this… better act correct and cordial at any moment. Not matter how much some people troll them or violate their honour. Since, they have no courage or ability to under Zaake MP. Zaake MP who was humiliated in the plenary session and mocked there. He only used an avenue and a platform he knows how communicate. That is why this is bothersome.

The NRM MPs who is doing this better be angels online and on social media platforms. They better not act bitter or swiftly. If so… and if they are outside of the norm speaking of someone within the chambers of Parliament. They better ask forgiveness and accept impeachment. If any NRM MP is speaking of balderdash or ignorant towards someone. They better expect to be voted for and become a backbencher with no role within the 11th Parliament.

That should be the message to them. These MPs better be sweet-worded and speak any ill. If they do… these MPs better be called out. The MPs has to always act with courtesy and not spit any venom. They better be the soft hearted people with no evil and no animosity.

So, if they are doing this to Zaake for what he said. None of them can ever utter any words of satire, sarcasm or irony for that matter. They can only speak with soft arguments and be cordial with others. The MPs better be careful and act with cautious. This sort of act of impeachment only shows how little they can do or say. If they do this over this matter.

All of the ones signing it off, voting him out, better not have a life online but be analogue and release press releases/statements, as they cannot be people or a civilian online. No, they better be offline and not join social media. Since, they blocked Zaake from speaking his mind after being mocked in the Plenary session by the Deputy Speaker.

They should know better, but the majority only cares about their own. Therefore, these folks has no spine or understanding of Zaake even. That is just the reality here. It is vicious and these people better do themselves a favour.

Suspend. Delete and live offline. You guys don’t belong online. When you impeach someone over words like these. Your words and double standard will follow them forever. These MPs better act correct and not say any words that can be interpret as ill-willed. Since they went after another brother for doing the same. Peace.

Opinion: Sorry wange, but it’s not happening…

“The leadership of Parliament is asking the opposition in Parliament to rescind their decision of boycotting the parliamentary sittings saying their issues can be well addressed on the floor of Parliament. Solomon Silwanyi, one of the commissioners of Parliament, says the continued absence of opposition in the House will not only affect the people they represent but also there will be no platform for addressing their concerns” (NBS Television, 07.02.2022).

This is naïve. It is utterly disrespectful and distasteful. It is like Solomon Silwanyi (National Resistance Movement), the Member of Parliament representing Bukooli Central haven’t seen what his government does and how it stifles the opposition in the chambers of the Parliament.

Yes, the Opposition gets to speak and participate in Committee’s, but the results are dead on arrival. Just in the previous 10th Parliament, the MPs was barred from entering ungazetted safe houses. They we’re not allowed to investigate or look into the practices of state security agencies. Therefore, Silwanyi MP must things people are stupid or obviously having short memory span.

As we know the Ministry of Defence and Minister of Internal Affairs will not indulge or budge on the matter. These are confidential and will not unleash the harsh realities. There is only drip-drop of information leaked through witnesses and little-to-a-few court cases diving into the matter. Alas, Silwanyi MP should be a bit sincere.

We know Mathias Mpuuga MP could have spoken his peace and so could other opposition MPs. However, it wouldn’t materialize or create anything substantial. That’s why Nalufenya is still active and several other entities, which does similar practices across the Republic. Therefore, the NRM MP isn’t talking the truth and we know it.

It is not like the Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga going to listen to a petition or a motion to cease with these sorts of activists. No, his avenging his father on the regular and so is other men too. They are using the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization (ISO), SIU Kireka and the Special Forces Command (SFC) to silence critics and dissidents all over the Republic.

Therefore, MP Silwanyi. If the previous MPs and Parliamentarians couldn’t investigate or enter buildings, which was alleged “safe-houses” … why do you think speaking in the same chambers now will help the cause? Seriously? Do you think the culprits, the ones ordering or the decreeing these matters will stop?

No, they will continue the human rights violations, the burden of proof will never be delivered, as that is the plan from the on-set. To do the deeds in darkness and not allow anyone to shed lights on the matter. Talks, motions or petitions in Parliament will only get you so far.

It is not like the state has stopped arresting, kidnapping, keeping opposition activists and leaders incommunicado, torturing and even extra judicially killing to silence them. Therefore, why does the MP believe their words matters now? When everything ill is happening, and nobody is stopping it. It isn’t like these practices has ceased to exist and not been active. They have been there all along since the inception of the NRM.

He can get high on his own supply, but it doesn’t make it more real. When we know what they can do and without any warning or charges towards the individual. They can just take you or kidnap you without any sort of justification. While the MP wants the Opposition MPs to talk even more. Like that will settle the score and make any ramifications, as long as the practices continues in darkness.

That’s why his whole premise is wrong, and the nativity should be challenged. Because, it is not like the army commanders, the first son or anyone involved wants the record in public. They only want some revealed to spread and show their force. However, they don’t want people to really look into it or stop because then their methods of brutality has to stop.

Something we know isn’t part of the plan… and the Opposition will not be able to stop with some talks or committee meetings in Parliament. Peace.

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