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Opinion: President Weah is drunk on power

Well, this didn’t take to long before he became like so many others. Hooked on the powerful drug: POWER. President George Weah and his CDC is prevalent in disregard of the people. Not only as Election Violence hit the opposition in the recent by-election. But the growing dissent against his mismanaged rule and grabbing of extended power.

That Weah is trying to make himself larger than life. While his ensuring his cronies, his family and everyone else in eating. The added corruption scandals. The planned constitutional amendments, to ensure that there is more unison agreement and that its following the mind of him.

Weah is really trying every avenue. His ensuring that the elections violence is happening, but later condemning it. Therefore, sounding reasonable, while at the same time using the forces he commands.

During the previous weekend, Weah said at a retreat: “We have realized that the laws of our country, including the Constitution have been overtaken by time and circumstances, consequently, I have decided that it is now time to undertake a review of the Constitution”.

With saying that, he has a plan in mind, to secure the CDC and himself. That he has the guidelines and fixed constitution, so that he continue. If not, secure himself more loyalist and less opposition. Less hassle with the Council of Patriots and whoever pushes the agenda in another direction. It is supposed to be streamlined around him and nothing else.

Weah is really showing who he is, a man drunk on power. A man without a doubt, has the will and capacity to overrun the public, silence demonstrations and do whatever it takes to be on the top. There is nothing he will not do. That is proven by the By-Election right now, as there is no initial talks of helping the hurt opposition candidate, but instead asking all political active to restrain themselves. Even if the attacks wasn’t on the CDC, but the opposition.

Surely, that says something. We can expect more deaths, more arbitrary arrests and more prominent activists and dissidents to get into trouble. As the Presidency and the CDC is busy following the command of Weah.

Weah accepts this and enjoys it. He gets all the perks, while everyone is supposed to blindly following him. He has the golden ticket and the power to do so. The rest are just his mere puppets and his toys to play with.

Weah went from being a hero on the football field, unto becoming a zero in office. He could have chosen another path, but instead he wanted to be ruthless, cruel and inhumane. Use the force, the ability of the authorities and the capacity to strike fear. Instead of being respected, noble and show mercy, which he doesn’t, because apparently that is not him. Peace.

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Liberia: President Weah has forgotten why he rules the Republic!

Monrovia, 7th June 2019
Monrovia 7th June 2019

Those that constantly insulting the President, I want to be clear; after this, there will be no citizens in this country, I can defy you that will ever insult the President and think you will walk on the streets freely” George Weah on the eve before the demonstrations today.

Well, the Presidency of George Weah only started on the 22nd January 2018. It is only a year and half since gotten into power. Therefore, this has not been a long time for a man to let his power go to his head. However, that has apparently happen for the former giant footballer and Ball D’or Winner. His might has blurred his vision.

Why do I say that? Well, the man whose the Executive and Head of State has dimmed the hopes of possible changes of rule. As he is just like many others in the past. Since he has blocked all social media in Liberia, as the people were planning to demonstrate against the state after grand corruption scandals, called #SavetheState demos. This was scheduled today. So, to stop this from happening in Monrovia. The President blocked WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other pages. Therefore, the citizens whose online today is using VPN to get Online and circumvent the acts of the state.

Since Weah has taken over, there are over a hundred million United States Dollars which has been siphoned away from the state coffers. The value of the currency has fallen swiftly, while the common commodities has escalated, therefore, the public is getting strained, while the elite and politicians are eating of wealth of the state.

Surely, the government should feel the power of the people, as they are governing on the behalf of the people. They wouldn’t have an office or be representatives, if it wasn’t for the people. The President and his cabinet, are there because the citizens needs proper representations. Therefore, the needs of the people and the will of the people should be respected.

Weah has forgotten these principals. Several of the ones organizing has gotten either their houses raided by the authorities or leaders arrested. Therefore, with these actions the Weah Administration is showing their lack of understanding and value of freedom of speech. Not only blocking the social media to stop the public from spreading information, but also going after the ones organizing the demonstration. Shows how he blesses a tyranny in Liberia.

Weah has gone after Council of Patriots and the Save the State Movement whose really have pissed him off. He was expecting more praise and glory in his role as President. Not being questioned for his role in eating of the public and trying to get away with it. That has backfired and the public wants answers.

Clearly, the President and his authorities have forgotten their role. That is why they put up roadblocks and coming with intimidation before the demonstrations. Instead of understanding them and actually deliver what they are asking for. The President should answer the questions of the missing funds and the rising inflation. Instead, his trying to use the pressure of the state to silence his critics.

We are seeing a side of Weah, which is weird, but shows again what power does to someone. Weah’s been eaten all up by it and lost himself in it. There is no return, unless he trying get redemption, but don’t anticipate it. His quotes on the eve before the demonstrations shows his heart and spirit. Peace.

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