Botswana: Bridget von Holdt – Botswana’s deteriorating human rights record examined at the United Nations in Geneva (03.04.2023)

Botswana: The Law Society of Botswana – A call for the Immediate Resignatino of the Chief Justice (05.09.2022)

Botswana: The UPR NGO Press Statement on the Independence of the Judiciary (31.08.2022)

Botswana: Ministry for State President- Press Release (16.08.2022)

Botswana: BPF-UDC 2024 Cooperation talks Outcomes (06.08.2022)

Botswana: Press Statement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on the Independence of Democratic Institutions (08.06.2022)

Botswana Federation of Public, Private and Parastatal Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU): DISS is Destroying Republic of Botswana (04.05.2022)

Botswana: Office of the President – Press Release (02.05.2022)

Botwana Defence Force: Rebuttal of Mail Online Article:”Shock as Masisi Appoints a Brigadier who never attended War College” (15.02.2022)

Botswana: Umbrella Democratic Change (UDC) – Batswana continue to lose hope in the BDP (06.02.2022)

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