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Opinion: Kenyatta your actions is the reason for the lack of development

What is important is to ask ourselves where we will get if we continue with this kind of politics which we have had in this country. There is no developed country anywhere in the world that has achieved the social, political, and economic aspirations of her people with a start and stop kind of politics” – President Uhuru Kenyatta (28.05.2021)

President Kenyatta and his Jubilee Administration is soon finished with his second term in office. By this time the legacy is already written and he cannot return the lost years. Uhuru has had the time and the ability to change the pattern, if he wanted too. However, that hasn’t happened and here we are.

Kenyatta will be known for rehashed debt-cycle, which will cripple the economy for decades. Unless, Captain-Save-A-Ho comes the Republic’s way and they need to swallow another ‘Structural Adjustment Plan’ from the IMF and World Bank. Kenyatta knows this, but he has eaten Eurobonds and other sorts of grifts over the years.

The President has also been part of grand corruption cases. His cabinet secretaries and appointees to parastatals was also involved in this. The State Owned Enterprises and other too. That was just the business of the day. Create fake companies, tenders and sell overpriced inventory. Repack the maize, sugar and whatnot to sell it after storage to serve the cartels.

Kenyatta knows all of this. He has had his cronies and allowed it all to go down. The proof is in the action of the state and their allies. The Parliament and the Cabinet have all allowed it to happen. They have all participated and not kept things on the up-and-up. They have misused their time in office and eaten of the government plate. Issued loans, eaten corrupt deals and done ditto of service deliver to the general public.

President Kenyatta will not have a legacy worth remembering. He has assaulted the judiciary, the institutions and the state itself for his own selfish reasons. The President knows this and has done it deliberately.

With all the time in office. He could have left something worthwhile behind. However, his own businesses, estates and personal domain has mattered more. Kenyatta wanted one big legislation passed and be his final end. As the President never had the time to finish the Big Four or any other significant promise of the past.

That’s because it’s all been a publicity stunt and he haven’t even tried. The Building Bridges has been a smokescreen and bought the President time. The reason why he has invested all this is not only to trade-off the opposition, but to finally have something to point at as an achievement. Because, there is nothing else to look at. Except for the decaying economy and depleted state coffers. Which is an exceptional failure, but an achievement nevertheless.

President Kenyatta will not be remembered with fondness. He has misused his chances and didn’t even try. That’s at least how it looks from the outside looking in. The one taking over from in 2022 have a lot of issues to tackle.

The ever-lingering cartels, grand corruption and misuse of state enterprises. The cronyism and nepotism will not stop overnight. The state is accepting all of this and the head of state is signing off. As he hires people and appoints his “yes-men” to whatever office he can. Therefore, there is no way he will get questioned or even held accountable. Peace

Social Justice Centres Working Group Press Statement on the Historical Ruling by the High Court Declaring the BBI Process Unconstitutional (14.05.2021)

Opinion: Kenyatta and Odinga have to carry their cross [and the BBI is now on the death-bed]

High Court ~ “President Uhuru Kenyatta violated Article 131 (2) (c) of The Constitution of Kenya. He has failed to respect, uphold and safeguard the Constitution. He has failed the leadership and integrity test under Article 73 (1) (a).”” (Moja Africa, 13.05.2021).

The prolonged agony of the Presidential Handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative for National Unity (BBI) which seemingly this week was on its way to get ratified after the vote in the Senate. It all seemed to be fair game. The law was on its final stages after a long process lasting through the most of the this term. To be finalized before the polls of 2022. However, today the High Court buried the thing.

The High Court did what many other before them should have done. They shouldn’t have let this one fly. The authorities, the statesmen and everyone involved should have known this. It was an enterprise only for the elected elite and not to better the Constitution. Still, they pushed on all the buttons and did what they could to sell this BBI.

However, it is no finalized. The BBI is unconstitutional and annuls the referendum process of it. Meaning it has no way to go or get enacted at this mere moment. The ones living and breathing the BBI have lost. They have wasted a term and the ideals of it is treasure chest of lost opportunities.

There is no legislative framework for the conduct of a referendum for the People of Kenya to approve the BBI Bill. It is necessary that the legislation be put in place for any such amendment to The Constitution of Kenya…” (Mwanzo TV, 13.05.2021).

A constitutional amendment can either be initiated by a Parliamentary or popular initiative…It is clear BBI is an initiative of the President. The President is not an MP, Cannot directly purport to initiate a Constitutional amendment.” ~ Justice Jairus Nyagah” (Mwanzo TV, 13.05.2021).

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have been trading this BBI all through this term. Since they made peace. They have worked on it and hold all sorts of meetings, committee’s and even had a BBI Secretariat. Still, all of this have been done for nothing.

The two gentlemen in question who has invested, promoted and worked for this to go through. They have used all means to get it passed. Now, that has backfired and it now smells fishy. These two now have to answer to the High Court judgement. Maybe Kenyatta will go out mad like he did after the Supreme Court Judgement nullified the election and called for the Fresh Presidential Elections. That was when Kenyatta called it a “Judicial Coup” and called them “Thugs” taking away the power from the Wannachi.

Now, we can wonder if he will go off and pop-off too. He was so close to finish his referendum, which he has worked together with Odinga. These two has to re-activate and maybe be worried. As plenty are implying this could be an impeachable offence and he could get charged with chapter six. However, we don’t know that will ever happen.

Since the whole Parliament and both chambers are friendly faces of the President. I don’t see it likely that the Members of Parliament and Senators will turn on the President. That doesn’t seem likely at this point of time. They are too connected and been so positive to the whole BBI. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like a thing happening anytime soon. Unless, all the knives suddenly are getting out.

Though Kenyatta and Odinga will have to smooth this all over. No matter what they do now. They will have little to no time to fix this. If they appeal or tries to get it further. That will only cause furthering arguments, which has already gotten a judgement. The whole process is still the same, which the 5 judges gave a verdict on.

These two gentlemen have now to carry the cross. They have to swallow their pride and know they have wasted one term in office. These two has to now carry the blunt force of the lack of proper execution. This being the incumbent President and a former Prime Minister. These two should know the rules and how things are supposed to be done. They both need to be held accountable for this and lack of procedure. These two was willingly pushing this without the proper procedure.

That shows a lack of care or concern for the law. Which is ironic, when these are men who has been bestowed with a lot of trust. Secondly, they have long experience in the Parliament and should know how these things are supposed to go.

Kenyatta and Odinga better start carrying their cross. They have pay for their sins now. Peace.

Opinion: Judiciary is reaffirming what we already knew about the Building Bridges Initiative!

Despite submitting themselves to the process, the country’s top judges called the bluff of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), almost falling short of accusing them of purporting to reinvent the wheel” (…) “Unless BBI addresses itself with honesty, candour and courage to the question of why these existing institutions and initiatives are sub-optimal in their outcomes, then it is report will merely join the already existing large body of work to be ignored, undermined or poorly implemented,” the judges say” (Nzau Musau – ‘How Judiciary called the Building Bridges Initiative team’s bluff ‘ 01.09.2019, Standard Media).

The Building Bridges Initiative is a fashionable way of making dialogue between two parties, the ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta after the Fresh Presidential Elections of 2017. However, the BBI has been a side-show and a stepping stone. It has not been refreshing idea or organization to reinstitute anything.

What the BBI has done is to dismantle and reconfigure the opposition in a way, where they are technically the opposition, but not really. Since the Opposition like Odinga is a half-way Prime Minister, but not as Super-CS Fred Matiang’i. Odinga has a sort of governmental role, but hasn’t at the same time.

While the President is buying time by letting associates and people connected to Odinga working together on a invisible projects, where the Odinga walking around and being supported. As the government doesn’t have a main opponent. On the other hand the state also get Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka too and hires him to fixed position in South Sudan. We can reassure that Moses Wetangula is acting as an opposition and also Musalia Mudavadi, because they have not gotten honourable roles by the Jubilee. If they had, they would have taken it to eat too.

Odinga sold the NASA and CORD as he got affiliated the President through the BBI. They are using the BBI as a shield. As much as they are using that has also been co-operating closely because of the famous handshake. They both started a team play, where they can play for the gallery, not really do much. Have a committee and technical team, but it will not reinvent or change anything. It is buying time … for the next elections in 2021.

The BBI is buying time for the ODM and Jubilee. Also, WDM in the mix. But the FORD-Kenya and ANC feels left behind. They are not on the spoils of the poorly coordinated BBI, which even the JSC is saying.

It is a smokescreen and a play for the facade. The BBI was made to ensure peace, but at the same buy time. Nothing else. You can make it fancy, but when its not delivering anything substantial other than giving people titles. It is really not something workable and functional unit.

This is not making better institutions, but only ensure jobs for the ones connected. Peace.

Kenya – Press Statement on the Internationl Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearnaces: Defenders Coalition Condemns the Enforced Disappearance and Killing of Human Rights Defender Esther Mwikali Wambua on 27th August 2019 at Mithini – Murang’a County (30.08.2019)

Opinion: Matiang’i must be an extraordinary CS!

By the new Presidential Order, the Executive Order of no. 6 of 2019 has now given more added tasks for Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, This is the second time this year, earlier in the year in about January 2019 he already got more to his portfolio, which meant he got in-charge of the National Development Implementation and also the Coordination of the Government Ministries.

Now on the 22nd August 2019, the same CS gotten even more to take care off in government. The faith put in the man is extraordinary. CS Matiangi in the newest presidential order is that his in-charge of the Co-ordinating Delivery of National Priorities and Flagship Programmes within the Presidents’ Delivery Unit and also National Cohesion & Values within the Directorate of National

Cohesion and Values.

This is not all, in addition, the CS and its ministry got also this:


II.I To foster the integration of the functions of Registration of Persons and the functions of Immigration, the State Department for Interior and the State Department for Immigration & Citizen Services are merged to establish the


II.II The State Department for Interior & Citizen Services shall be domiciled within the Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government” (Government of Kenya, 22.08.2019).

We all ready know that the CS is the special one, the one whose has the unique eye and handling of the business of President Kenyatta. Surely, to have him as an overseer, nearly a sort of Prime Minister and trusted CS. He has shown enough finesse for Kenyatta to have him to overlook the “Big Four” and also check upon the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). Matiang’i must feel like an overlord.

That because Matiang’i get all this trust. He can impregnate daughters of church-leaders, initiate all out war on NASA during the Post-Elections in 2017 and show his loyalty ever since. Since, even if he failed as lecturer and also had big-scandals in office in the past. Still, his the sort of man that Kenyatta needs apparently.

Matiang’i must have some secret tricks or some methods to his trade. As the fate put into him is extraordinary. Even if there is not much to show for it. Unless, it is ordering extra public holidays and ordering people to leave the bars early for national census. Also, the loyalty towards the Huduma Namba and whatnot.

CS Matiang’i has done everything right in the eyes of Uhuru. If someone would be the golden-boy, the one to take up the mantle after Kenyatta. Seemingly, it must be him. Since, so much of the government work is put into his hands. Peace.

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