TPLF Special Forces brutal beating protesters in Amhara Region (Youtube-Clip)

In northern Ethiopia, the Amhara resistance is getting momentum (Youtube-Clip)

Amhara Region President Ato Gedu Andargachew Message to the People of Mahara Rigion, Ethiopia (Youtube-Clip)

#AmharaProtests: Continues killings from the Agazi Squad and Mercenaries in the Province!


Peace Ethiopia

Amhara proverb goes “a kid whose mother died and another, whose mother went to fetch water, cry equally.”

There been dropped bombs in Amhara province, there snipers in Baha Dir, killings in Gondar and so much more. The constant violence and massacre in the area from the Agazi Sqaud of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), the Ethiopian government with their heavy artillery and troops are no going against the leaders of the Amhara people and also killings civilians who has been in streets.

Rumors are not only claiming that the hired mercenaries are South Sudanese who left the army, but hired men from the Former Vice President of South Sudan, who is in exile in Khartoum; Dr. Riek Machar and his deflected army of rebels has been hired by the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne and his Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). If he has hired these men than the problems of South Sudan moves over the borders and hurt not only internal civilians in South Sudan, but now they are used to cause havoc in Ethiopia on hire by the ruling regime in Addis Ababa.

Amhara 03.09.2016

Displaced in Gondar because of the military:

Tigray regional government confirms the arrival of 4,060 people displaced from North Gondar zone in the past days. The displaced people are currently in Humera and Maykadra, Western Tigray zone. The regional government have assigned a coordinating committee, chaired by Haile Asfha, chief of Agriculture Bureau. Haile Asfha reportedly went to Humera to monitor the situation. The regional government allocated $200(4,500 birr) cash per household for the displaced people. Update: Another 2,000 people are expected to arrive tomorrow” (SiiTube, 03.09.2016).

As the worrying signs of brutality and killings continue and the desperation as the numbers of civilians officially killed during the last two months only in this region is 71. That is the official number and worries that it is much worse as the artillery and bombing of Gondar has happen. Together with the sniping and killings in Baha Dir; also the attacks in other parts of Amhara proves the systematic killing of the people. As the Ethiopian Parliament recently admitted that 2,5m people we’re missing from the region! 2, 5 million people just vanishing from the Ethiopian Parliament, this is not like missing a napkin, this is families upon families a giant city that disappeared into thin air. If that is isn’t staggering, than nothing goes under your skin!

In Gojar in Burie West at the Teshale Hotel there been found 6 dead today! And this is alone in one town today, one single incident of killings from the hired mercenaries and Agazi squad in the region.

In Metema the army has been having air-strikes over the people. How many and how much damage the Agazi and mercenaries has done in the town is troubling to say, as the only clear report is that the airstrikes has happen!

This numbers, this insane action and the even more silenced international community shows that killings and martial law without impunity is happening in the right zip-code because the sanctions against the EPRDF and ENDF is not happening. The Ethiopian Government and their army should get arms embargo and be sanctioned for their human rights violations. Their systematic killings that are genocidal. They should not be let of the hook. The Heavy Artillery and airstrikes towards their own citizens should not be something that doesn’t concern the rest of the world. It does, because they are just people like you and me. And they have the same values as the rest of us, the only difference they have a hostile government that is now currently doing what they can to kill and silence them, while the world doesn’t shed a single tear. Peace.

#AmharaProtests: The Western Media doesn’t care about it!

Baha Dir Snipers 02.09.2016

“We have also found evidence that foreign interests have actively been financing anti-peace elements based in the diaspora” – Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne

It’s sad day for all the ones that are tormented by the Agazi Squad of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) in the Amhara State, as a prison in Debretator burns and inmates escapes. That the Army is using helicopter and snipers killing civilians is not appalling the Western Media anymore apparently. They are appalled by the state of affairs that the fellow demonstrators are burning down Dutch Owned Flower Factories in the area.

Not amounts of citizens killed the cut of communications like Social Media, Internet connection and telephone; as the civil disobedience that is silenced by Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and their special unit of Agazi. Together with 25,000 soldiers sent for the mission to silence them. That doesn’t the Associated Press, Washington Post or any other Western Media in general.

Like ESAT have reported:

A source from Bahir Dar who spoke to ESAT said over a thousand troops have arrived at the City Airport on Thursday and had received instructions from the Chief of Staff Samora Yunis, who established a command post in the city two days ago. The forces were warned about mingling with the public, the source said” (ESAT, 01.09.2016).

That is one city in the region that is taken over by the army as the soldiers are not supposed to engage the public or mingle with them. A thousand soldiers are occupying the local airport, not creating peace, but uncertain stability. That should make the world stutter, but for some reason it don’t.

More from ESAT:

In Amba Giorgis, TPLF forces shot and killed 26 people in the last two days alone. An eyewitness told ESAT that he suspect some soldiers were mercenaries bought by the regime to carry out the massacre. The source did say about the origins of the mercenaries but residence of Amba Giorgis believe they were Sudanese border security turned mercenaries by the TPLF. The forces went door to door, beating residents. Most of the youth in Amba Giorgis were hiding in the bushes to escape the massacre, the witness said adding that the town was under a complete siege by the forces” (ESAT, 01.09.2016).

That the flower farm burnings are worrying signs, but it is a reaction to the government violence in the region, as the citizens has no way of answering the government with force. They answer with peaceful means as their lives are on the line, the troops, heavy artillery and tanks taking over the streets. Still, the Western Media cares about the flower factories more than the dozen of lives that in the mercy of mercenaries and Agazi squad. Why doesn’t this create havoc and doesn’t make the world stunned about the shady ways of silencing the public in Amhara? Why nothing of any sort, but Dutch owned roses burning are the grand issue?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote this about it today:

The Prime Minister himself said foreign elements who do not want to see Ethiopia use its natural resources were distributing huge amounts of money to extremist Diaspora groups. In fact, this is not confined to those organizations which are given arms, money and support by the regime in Asmara, and which, like “Patriotic Ginbot”, make no secret of their aim to overthrow the government by force” (…) “Those taking advantage of the situation include critics of Ethiopia or supporters of Eritrea like Bronwyn Burton at the Atlantic Council who organized a roundtable in Washington on Wednesday this week. This offered two opposition politicians the opportunity  to discuss the current state of political affairs in Ethiopia without contradiction, allowing them to hold forth on what they claimed had been “primarily peaceful demonstrations”,  the cost of living, lack of employment opportunities and a restrictive political and media environment” (02.09.2016, Link:

EPRPF and PM Hailemariam Desalegne cannot be serious that snipers, mercenaries and tanks will bring peace? Giant rockets and heavy artillery to calm people down. If they wanted peace with Amhara people they wouldn’t come with troops and the strong national army they would come with dialogue and offering to justify the legitimacy of the actual government. Something that isn’t appearing or consideration, it is easy to kill the Amhara people because they are disposable; the international community only cares about the investments there anyway. That is why I am mad at the media.

This happens as the Government clearly bans and summons the business community in Finfinne. As the paperwork here shows:

Ethio Finfinne Order P1

Ethio Finfinne Order P2

There are also reports that farmers from Amhara and Oromo are planning to boycott selling food to Addis Ababa as a reaction to the oppression.

It shows the ability of resistance in the Amhara public when they do what they can to answer the central government violence. What is worrying is how little the international media cares about the military seizure of the region, how the check-points, snipers, tanks and all other equipment is used to kill civilians, but Dutch owned flowers are the step to far. Kill a few Amhara people, we don’t care, destroy Western investments in the region and all of sudden we should care. That is just cynical and damn wrong.

The Papers who has pressed the Associated Press story, congratulation for suppressing the key-issue; the reality as your looking at one piece of a giant problem that are militarized and pure violence on own citizens. It’s like looking at a dead tree near a polluted lake. Writing about the state of the tree, but not caring about the polluted lake that is destroyed the ability of the tree to live in the area. The same is the evident covering of the crisis, the massacre and the designated army attack on civilians in Amhara. Peace.

Press Statement of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Human Rights Situation in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (02.09.2016)


The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Commission) is deeply concerned by the events unfolding in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Protests reportedly began in the Oromia region in November 2015, opposing the Federal Government’s plan to expand the boundaries of Addis Ababa. Reports indicate that despite the termination of the expansion plan, the protests continued due to the detention of activists, the use of excessive force, and killing of protestors by law enforcement officers.

More recently, protests reportedly erupted in the Amhara region of Gondar in July 2016 when armed police arrested members of the Welkait Committee who had rejected the Government’s decision to merge the Welkait community and its land into the neighbouring Tigray region.

Reports further indicate that from 6 – 7 August 2016, thousands of people around the country took to the streets calling for political reform, equality, justice and the rule of law. The Commission is seriously disturbed by reports which aver that law enforcement agents responded with excessive force, including firing live bullets at protestors in Bahir Dar killing at least 30 people, and beating protestors with batons in Addis Ababa. Reports indicate that nearly 100 protestors were killed from 6 – 7 August 2016.

The Commission has also received information that the Government completely blocked internet throughout the country for 48 hours in an attempt to stop the use of social media to organise further protests. It is alleged that most social media applications are still blocked, hampering communication.

Reports allege that following the first protests in November 2015, hundreds of protestors have been killed, and many more have been beaten, arbitrarily arrested and detained.

The Commission is equally concerned about reports that members and human rights monitors of the Human Rights Council of Ethiopia (HRCO) have been arrested and detained in the Amhara and Oromo regions, while allegedly monitoring and documenting the crack-down on protestors in these regions.

Without reaching conclusions on the above allegations, the Commission is concerned that if these allegations are correct they would amount to violations of Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 19 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the African Charter), as well as other regional and international human rights instruments to which the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a party.

In view of the above, the Commission calls on the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to:

  • Fully investigate or allow the African Commission and other international/regional human rights mechanisms unimpeded access to the concerned areas in order to carry out prompt and impartial investigations into the allegations, so that these reports can be verified;
  • Ensure due process of law for those arrested and detained;
  • Respect peoples’ right to freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and access to information;
  • Ensure that perpetrators of the alleged violations are held accountable;
  • Ensure that the victims and their families obtain full redress, including restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition; and
  • Uphold its obligations under the regional and international human rights instruments to which it is a party, in particular the African Charter.

The Commission will remain actively seized of this matter.

#AmharaProtests – ENDF continues Martial Law with added force of 25,000 to silence the Province!

ENDF 31.08.2016

“I have given order [for the army] to take action on protestors with no sympathy” Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne

Today’s report from Amhara is not good as the Ethiopian National Defence Force is continuing to take heavy artillery to the Province. As the picture is evidence of. In Bahir Dar the people have burned down 9 Flower Farms, several shops and even factories in the city.

“I know you will continue working to make our shared vision of a peaceful & prosperous #Ethiopia become reality.” (U.S. Embassy in Addis, 31.08.2016).

As the pictures show, there aren’t much peace of mind in sight for the men and woman who get to meet the Agazi squad from the ENDF. There cannot be peace when the heavy artillery and soldiers are arriving to settle the score with the demonstrators.

The Army are acting with violence and killings in Gondar. It is hard to know the numbers and intelligence is scarce as the Internet blockade is still evident in the Amhara State. This is a government sending their specialized weapons against their own citizens who peacefully protest, not criminals or terrorist. This proves to what extent the Ethiopian Authorities does with their citizens.

TPLF has ordered deployment of additional 25,000 regular army to Amahara region. It is also sending Tigray region special police force dressed in federal police. Wrong move. It might thing it can use overwhelming force to shut down the protest. But its risking further fracturing the army.Also Amhara farmers are armed and they be forced to abandon the current peaceful protest and confront the regime in armed rebellion” (Jawar Mohammed, 31.08.2016).

The effect in Addis Ababa is that the flower prices has sky-rocketed due to scarcity after the violence in Amhara.

“ESAT Radio: 254 fully armed soldiers defected and joined the peasant forces in Armacheho, Gondar” (ESAT Radio, 31.08.2016).

ENDF 31.08.2016 P3

There is reports of four people have been gunned down in Debareq town, where several also been injured. Also protesters in the town burned the house of the mayor down.

Also that certain level of protester has done what they can to phone-lines to be able to call and tell what is happening in the Amhara state.

“Uprisings defense when it is a matter of patience and control obligation , but for 30 million people, has confirmed the fact that the deadly assault on the whole Africa has the capacity of various international organizations” – Dr. Debretsion Gebre Michael.

Reports from the OmoroProtest:

“#OromoProtests BREAKING: armed conflict between Karayu Oromo and Agazi soldiers at Xuxi village in Fantale District, East Shewa. Four Agazi’s and three pastoralists have been killed” (SiiTube, 31.08.2016).

What reported about yesterday:

“Deadly protests have however continued on Tuesday in Gondar and Gojam where seven protesters – three in Adet and four in Simada – were shot and killed by TPLF forces. Three people were also killed in Merawi. In Bahir Dar, angry protesters went to the Sebatamit prison and freed 700 prisoners who were detained in the recent protests. Several people were injured in the shoot out to free the prisoners, according to hospital sources. Gun fire could be heard on Tuesday in the city of Bahir Dar which saw deadly protests on Monday as four people were killed and protesters attacked businesses belonging to the regime. In Amba Giorgis, regime forces attacked residents who on Monday targeted businesses and set on fire houses belonging regime officials. Tensions remained high in Finote Selam that has seen deadly protests in recent days. Offices and businesses remained closed on Tuesday in Finote Selam” (SiiTube, 31.08.2016).

This is what I collected today. The Army and Government continues to silence and oppress the Amhara people as they goes all-in the capital city of Banhir Dar City. While the protestors are retaliating with burning businesses that even has hit the flower market of Addis Ababa. Still, the killings and violence from the government continues… the silence from the world and the little sad reports prove the fate of a people who deserve a government who takes care of them; not a government who comes with heavy artillery and tanks to silence the citizens of Amhara State. Peace.

#AmharaProtests: The Agazi Force and Martial Law in the Province!


On Ethiopian TV and on a Press Conference today the Prime Minister of Ethiopia His Exellency Hailemariam Desalegne said that the Military could take any action against the protestors of Amahara region. This here is not great news as the oppressive behaviour is continuing. The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and the Ethiopia National Defence Force (ENDF) are attacking their own public. It’s scary to know how far the EPRDF are using military to silence their citizens.

As this been told there been reports of total shutdown of Internet in the Northern Regions of Ethiopia. Also, there been reports of military intervention with tanks and equipment to silence the demonstrations. So the Demonstrations in Gondar has been planned to shut down, apparently.

Amhara Protest 30.08.2016

“Amhara regional gov spokesman said the military is underway,  which he describe “to control and take any measure in the region.” (EHRP, 2016).

“Even the little report that is, that Prison of Andasa near Bandahir have the prisoners broken out. “The Gebeya (market) area shut down.” High tensions. Agazi forces on the streets” (Habesha, 2016).

“According to sources in Addis Abeba and Amhara Regional cities, and Addis Abeba based Sheger Radio, thousands of heavily armed members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) along with the special squad of Agazi Force, have been deployed to the Gojjam and Gonder provinces of the Amhara regional state” (Link:, 2016)

In Amahara region the Military have set off the Martial Law. Stopping all people from moving and selling; no social networks, internet, markets and the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is heavy deployed in the area.

In Bandahir where the forces we’re taking control over the town the tortured people who demonstrated and also killings from the military. But no numbers confirmed.

Second Report from Bandahir: 

“The regional government said yesterday it has invited the military to restore order. But, in Bahirdar city, it appears only federal police and regional forces are actively involved. The regional government disclosed today that it has arrested “key instigators of violence and vandalism”. Since several arrests and subsequent releases took place in the past weeks without much announcements, it seems the statement refers to either mass arrest or high profile arrests” (Daniel Berhane, 30.08.2016). 

Reports of full hospital at Bahir Dar Fekege Hiwot Hospital; the hospital is full of injured people after the army entered the town.

In Gojam and Gondar the Phone Service is shut off from the authorities. So the intelligence from the area is near to extinct. So if the Martial Law is in effect in the scores of the Bandahir.

Amhara Protest 30.08.2016 P2

This is just pieces of the puzzle, not the real picture as the government does what they can to silence their report of their behaviour. As the allies of the Government doesn’t want the world to condemn them. The UN Envoy or Special Representative Michael Keating had consultation meeting with the Minister Taye Atske-Selassie on the violence of Somalia. But the man from the United Nations didn’t care for thinking about the oppressed people in Amhara. So the United Nation takes a blind eye to Ethiopian issues as long as their army fights the Al-Shabab, because the citizens of Amhara aren’t that important. Is that what the citizens of the world should take from this and their actions?

The worrying effect is that the PM can go off on TV at a Press Conference and later the pictures of military artillery and tanks going on the roads towards the Amhara Region. With the reports of civilian casualties! This should be sanctioned and the Ethiopian Government shouldn’t be walked away from even as the United Nation, United States and other allies need their forces as peacekeepers, because their funding of this government are oppressing and killing their own. That they do because they don’t want to be silenced anymore. They does so in peace, but brutally get shut-down by army and their tanks. Peace.   

Ethiopia: Amhara region protest against the TPLF regime (Youtube-Clip)

Feyisa Lilesa “If I go back to Ethiopia, they will kill me” (Youtube-Clip)

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