Burundian Police Officer shoots with a AK-47 at a Demonstrator (Youtube-Clip)

This can’t be justice! This is just wrong. At every action, it is usually a reaction; But going to the step of killing a demonstrator while you are a Police Officer; is using the state-violence and killings that are totally wrong as the civilian are not allowed to do violence. Violence is never the answer for creating a profonud peace between different groups in society; while the state have some rights in keeping the border and the country peaceful with the means of organized violence through ordinary police procedure and a national army .

Still, this killing proves how easy it is for the CNDD-FDD and President Nkurunziza to kill the opposition. So the men and woman who is not in favor of the Government of Burundi right now is in danger. Watching  clips like this shows the dangerous situation in Burundi. Also it gives way to understand why so many Burundians have fled to the countries around and their dire situation.

All this happens because ONE man don’t want to step down and give other people the possibility to be the Executive in Burundi, President Nkurunziza have the blood of the demonstrators on his hands and that can not be washed away. That is staines that are stuck between his fingers, even if he never have pulled a trigger after the Presidential Election in 2015. Peace.