Opinion: Apparently, the Devil’s Triangle is already operating [GOP] at the Capitol Hill!

WHITEHOUSE: Devil’s triangle?

KAVANAUGH: Drinking game.

WHITEHOUSE: How’s it played?

KAVANAUGH: Three glasses in a triangle.


KAVANAUGH: You ever played quarters?


KAVANAUGH: OK. It’s a quarters game” (Washington Post – ‘Kavanaugh hearing: Transcript’ 27.09.2018).

I have been bugging out by this, not because Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother in the third season, episode 17 named the ‘The Goat’ explained what the Devil’s Triangle is or the “Devil’s Three way”. Which is two men and woman doing the nasty. However, what is bugging me is how one party has taken total control of the Capitol Hill and they doesn’t care of the checks and balances of the government. The only thing they value is to control and have power. Not for the message the party is sending.

That the day that Brett M. Kavanaugh was confirmed and voted in the Senate as the Associate Judge in the Supreme Court. The American Government is proven, that the values of the checks and balances of power is dying. The three branches isn’t checking each other, but just procedural manifested to fix it for the one party. Which happens to have the Executive Branch (President), the Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Supreme Court). That is proven with what happen on the 5th October 2018. As the Senate just got barely enough votes for having yet another judge at the Court. They did this without investigating the alleged crimes and cleaning the name of the judge. But this is in the same country, that you get shot in your car if your reaching for the dash in the wrong neighborhood.

The Capitol Hill is really become the devils triangle, where the moral backbone and proof that the Good Ol’ Party or the Republicans for that matter, does only live by one rule; theirs the rest can be screwed. If that is destroying families, deporting long-living now citizens and closing their borders. If it is hazardous trade policies, destruction of taxes and tax-relief for the riches, while the poorest are losing their benefits. The whole time has been a pillage to serve the donors and the multi-national corporations and not serving the public. The Republicans are really showing their imbalance and their greed.

The same greed is now showing with power. That the President is careless and reckless, that has been shown in business and now in politics. His ignorance and his blatant disregard for people have been shown since day one. That is why his petty politics also establish the precedence of controlling power, not ensuring the people are cared for or if the procedures are followed. As long as his use of the Executive Power is used for his personal agenda and not for the betterment of the Republic. That is why he has appointed a man like Kavanaugh. Even pushed it through, limited the scope of “investigation” and not even cared for the possible victims of the sexual assaults done by the judge. Because, as long as the Supreme Court has enough his side, he can take power again, when needed.

All three arms of the government is all under control for now by the Republicans. They have talked about caring about fiscal spending (scrapped it when they got in power), caring about procedure for appointments (not cared for that when they are power) and they are continuing this behavior. The last strike was with the Supreme Court this week.

They are serving the devils triangle, being two men screwing one woman. They are clearing screwing the lady justice and taking her from all angles. They are not leaving anything up to chance to secure yet another seat there. So, when in need like after the re-count of Florida for George W. Bush, they will have the upper-hand and enough votes to secure their causes. Just like whatever the Republicans are up to now.

What we do know now, is that no initial part of their play is about justice, rule of law or fair process. The whole government is about control, ensuring their men are in charge and at whatever cost. They will play victims, they will play petty and outrages, but only as a facade for their purpose. Just like they have done. They will do it again and again.

I just wonder, how long the US citizens accept to be screwed like this, in this devils triangle by the all the branches of government. Because, that is what is happening and the world is seeing it. Peace.

Opinion: Sexual assaults victims doesn’t have value – that is the message of Kavanaugh confirmation!

With yesterdays news that there is a majority within the Senate to vote Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Associate Judge on the Supreme Court. The value of the sexual assault victims and the ones who file cases against Kavanaugh really doesn’t have any value. They are discarded as old food and just minor obstacle. The Republican Party might work against abortion, but living human beings and their welfare isn’t their concern. That is what their actions are saying.

If your a female or woman in the United States, the GOP and Republican Party, the highest power of the Republic doesn’t give a fig about you or your rights. Everything is allowed, especially if the person are entitled to power and has powerful friends. As Kavanaugh appointment happens as most of the documents are kept secret, the lack of due diligence and the lack of openness with the investigations into the Sexual Assaults. Tells, the world that the Republican Party and their Senators doesn’t care for other than power.

They have traded away the rights to call themselves the party for law and order, as they are more for the power and control of people. Not showing investigations independently or even giving them proper time to ask all witnesses or even look into the alleged crimes. While the Federal Bureau of Investigations was not even following and interviewing the victims and the witnesses before the confirmation. As they just wanted to get it over with to give him his entitled space in the Supreme Court.

They are really showing a disregard to the other gender with this. They are doing this to possibly have the majority vote to make it harder for abortion, while they are putting a man whose already allegedly has sexually assaulted several woman, while being drunk. This shows the lack of care for life and also for their rights, as it is just the white mans entitlement, as his inherited position, as his relatives are even having a grave at a Ivy League University. That shows how the GOP cares about those with wealth, but the rest can just sail on their own high seas.

Kavanaugh, is the proof that the MeToo Movement is still needed. That the need for equal rights and justice for the ones assaulted, as they are tarnished in public and their testimony is played around with. Just like the President mocked Dr. Ford at rally the other day. There are nothing that cannot be used for political gain, especially other people’s weakness. But not that President is wisest of them all, as he needs to mock others to look wise. He doesn’t have the tact to show concern for other things than his own ego.

I really hope this has ramifications for the November elections and the possible Blue Wave, as this proves the lack of tolerance or care for woman. As the GOP are really reckless and willing to trade all ethics and all sort of investigation into a man whose been known for this activity, while he has also shield most of his documents, as the process of his candidacy haven’t even been proper. That is why the GOP, the Paul Ryan and the Mitch McConnell doesn’t care for due diligence or even due process, as they give a rats ass. As long as they get the seat. Their legacy is showing the could block Merrick Garland for over 1 year, but couldn’t await for proper FBI investigation into massive loads of victims and witnesses, that are saying Kavanaugh lied under oath. A judge lied under oath and acted like a mad man.

So when the Republican Party claims the Democrats was doing a hack-job, they should ask themselves what they did to Garland? Which had none of these issues and this back-story? A person where they didn’t need to defend his acts in the past or even had trouble with being transparent with his documents. That is why I have trouble with this pick. If they was serious about law and order. They would have a clean candidate and someone of a sound mind. He seems like a power-hungry and entitled white man, in the fashion of Trump himself. Not a man who is trustworthy. Therefore, the GOP is trading favors and who can wonder where, if it is the Koch or Mercer’s. But someone has been traded-off, since ethical values and rule of law doesn’t matter to the legislators. Which is really amazing and tragic at the same time. Peace.

American Bar Association: “Re: Nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of United States” (05.10.2018)

Attorney for Deborah Ramirez, William Pittard’s letter to FBI Director Wray on their disappointment in the Supplemental Background Investigation of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh (04.10.2018)

Letter from Dr. Fords Attorneys to FBI Director Wray on “Re: Supplemental Background Investigation of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh – UPDATED” (04.10.2018)

Brett Kavanaugh Memo to Judge Kenneth Starr: “Subject – Slack for the President?” (15.08.1998)

Listen to the Ugandan Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi talking about the President, Oil and Riches (Youtube-Clip)

My opinions after listening to Tamale Mirundi rants:

If your ever think that this guy actually has been living as a spokesperson for living and being a called serious man! Than at this moment you will struggle with that, right? He doesn’t seem like that after this tale and speeches. Neither if you respect anybody he talk about. It’s hard to take him serious when he speaks about changing borders to get more Oil to Uganda from Democratic Republic of Congo. An the tale about London and Cameroon, poisioning wells, seriously?  Then the struggles and cons of Maj Edith Nakalema and Brigadier Proscovia Nalweyiso in the Statehouse. As a Press Secretary of the President of Uganda. Is talking cracy here..! And whatever: he says isn’t showing character as he wishes. He sounds more like a litte afraid man! That he forsees that somebody will steal the goatmeat from his plate. After that he is trying to convince the public of staying the course for the Team Museveni 2016. Hope he got enough cars to sell on the used market in Kampala. Because as a serious spokesman and Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi is sounding just like a Lone Ranger on steroids. Enjoy! Peace.

Intolerant Tooji

Jeg skal ikke diskutere selve sparkingen fra NRK Melodi Grand Prix Junior eller om det er ett PR stunt. Vil heller diskutere selve det etiske ved hans artikkel og handling i kirken. Noe som for meg er vesentlig i det store og det hele. Dette er noe jeg må ta opp fordi ingen andre seer på disse poengene. De ser på arrangementet, på kontrakten eller på selve komme ut av skapet. Men ikke på holdning eller forbindelsen mellom handling og etikk fra artisten Tooji. Noe jeg vil gripe fatt i og diskutere etter eget befinnende.

Når Tooji sier til VG eller Dagbladet at «Menneskerettigheter er viktigere enn Religion». Viser det arroganse og lite toleranse fra artisten. Det er som å få kulturell forståelse fra Christian Tybring-Gjedde. Toleranse handler om noe så estetisk som å ha overbærenhet ovenfor andre meninger og ideer som er ulike fra ens egen. SNL beskriver det som: «Anerkjennelse av andres rett til å mene noe annet enn det man selv eller flertallet mener, og anerkjennelse av andres rett til å leve i samsvar med sine meninger».

Noe Tooji mangler. Noe VG debatt mangler. Noe hele debatten mangler. Det handler om at Tooji og hans meningsfeller ikke forstår kristne som føler seg støtt av handlingen på «deres» territoriet. For en troende og kristne er kirkerommet ansett som «hellig». Noe som er hellig er noe som er kontakt med Gud og har en eksistensiell og rituell verdi. Som er viktig for en kristen. Siden kirkens rom er plassen for å feire troen. En plass og kontekst som er ett mellomledd mellom verden og det guddommelige. Der en holde gudstjenester og seremonier for å både feire vår tro og holde tradisjoner med våre brødre igjennom alle tider. Derfor beholder liturgier og riter for å gi livet mening. Har sakramenter som dåp og nattverd blant annet for å minne oss om det hellige og evige verdiene som vi tror eksisterer. Noe mange ikke skjønner eller vil forstå i denne sammenheng. For dem er det et tilfeldig rom som blitt leid ut til en artist og ikke noe spesielt virker det som.

For meg er det samme om Frogner Menighet og Toojis kompani har fått det godkjent, også om Biskop Kvarme er også imot. Dette ligner på situasjonen med Fuck For Forrest som hoppet opp ved alteret å hadde sex i Domkirken i 2011. Det er det samme med Tooji for meg. For meg er det samme det som skjedde nå.

At religion har mindre verdi enn menneskerettigheter. Menneskerettigheter har en verdi, en etisk ramme og forståelse om universell aksept. Men den skal ikke skape intoleranse for troen og riter til andre mennesker enn seg selv. Som kristen er provoserende å se to mennesker simulere sex på alteret i en kirke. Likt som det var i 2011. Samme hvilken sak det er for og hvor viktig den er. Fordi det sårer og føles som skjendig av det hellige rom. Deretter beskriver sitt ståsted som overordnet min tro. Det er ufattelig intolerant fra en som skal være et medmenneske. Sette meg i bås. Mine plasser for det hellige, tro og riter ikke betyr noe. Der Menneskerettigheter som kommer fra Humanismen, videre fra renessansen og forsetter til tiden USA blir stiftet med ‘Bill of Rights’ fra 1789. Dette ble videreført til ‘Declaration on Human Rights’ som var stiftelsen av Forente Nasjoner. Noe som er blitt videreført i konvensjoner. De anerkjenner jeg og setter de på en plass de fortjener. Mange av disse er ratifisert inn å vår lovgivning. De er ledende for lovene vi har og Norge har tatt disse til seg. Akkurat som de Europeiske også som stat har ratifisert. Dette gjør at de etiske normene i lovene må også følges av staten Norge.

Likevel gjør ikke dette at de står ovenfor de verdier og normer som DNK eller den Norske Kirke har eller troen som hvert enkelt har. Uansett om Staten drifter det ene eller det andre. Inkludering handler ikke om dette. Retten til en person å krenke en annens tro er klar selv i FNs Menneskerettighetserklæring artikkel 18: «Enhver har rett til tanke-, samvittighets- og religionsfrihet. Denne rett omfatter frihet til å skifte religion eller tro, og frihet til enten alene eller sammen med andre, og offentlig eller privat, å gi uttrykk for sin religion eller tro gjennom undervisning, utøvelse, tilbedelse og ritualer».

Til å med det som står over religion setter Tooji på plass. Det er faktisk en rett en har ironisk nok. Noe som ikke samsvarer med de kommentar og ordelag som artikkelen og handlingen til Tooji sier. Kirken burde ikke ha latt han låne kirkerommet. Det var opp til menighetsrådet og menigheten der det ble gjort. Biskopen måtte i ettertid svare for disse handlingene.Dette får de stå til ansvar for.

Men jeg og de som er som meg. Et lite mindretall av konservative kristne fra Sørlandet og Vestlandet. Som vil forsatt se på noe som hellig. Da burde de som liberale og alle andre respektere dette. Fordi vi respektere dere og la dere holde på som dere vil. Vi vil ikke stoppe deres handlinger og verdier. At Tooji er homofil og vil leve ut sin legning. Det er opp til Tooji. Bare ikke gjøre det der vi ser det som hellig.

At Tooji er INTOLERANT er bevist. At han ikke har overbærenhet med mennesker som meg. Selv om jeg er totalt uenig i hans handling og livsstil vil jeg likevel godkjenne å anerkjenne dette. Jeg vil tolerere hans livsførsel, så lenge han tolerere det jeg tror på. Samtidig respekterer og anerkjenner dette. Akkurat som jeg anerkjenner hans. Dette kalles for en akkord om å være enig om å være uenig. Å leve i sameksistens selv om vi ikke på samme bølgelengde. Akkurat som en politiker som er fra sosialistiske-marxistiske paritet RØDT kan respektere og anerkjenne eksistensen av HØYRE å deres politiske føringer. Samme burde være mulig å fra mennesker som Tooji. Hvis Tooji skulle kikke meg inn i øynene måtte han ha bedt om unnskyldning for å såret det jeg anser som hellig. Det ville være som å se FRPs Sandberg be om forlatelse til Hareide. Vi lever i en tid hvor de som er meningsbærende har retten til å krenke og skjende det hellige. Underbygge og begrave det som betyr noe for andre. Samtidig komme med ordelag og retorikk som hører noen plass hjemme.

Det er mange måter Tooji kunne kommet ut på og vært respektert. Vist ydmykhet og vært en av mange andre homofile. Han kunne ha brukt hode og vært smart. Vist respekt og anerkjent andre mennesker «istedenfor å fortelle meg hvordan jeg skal føle, tenke og tro». Noe som ikke er forening med dette. Fordi ifølge han skal han kunne stå over dette. Vi skal bøye oss se at han får drive med sitt i våre kirkerom og i offentligheten. Det er langt fra TOLERANSE. Da tolerere ikke Tooji meg, jeg som vil gjerne at han skal leve etter sitt befinnende og sin samvittighet. Bare ikke krenke det jeg tror på og der jeg manifesterer min tro. Peace.

Uganda: A Draft of “the Prohibition of Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill” – 29th October 2014


Today I will release a draft of a law called: ‘the Prohibition of Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill 2014’. This draft was 29th October. It must be seen as a continuation of the 2009 “Anti-Gay bill” that became Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014. Not that I have cared much about it, because I see the bigger picture. By all means no prosecution of any person is right or deemed fair, unless your proven guilty by rule of law. This law in the end didn’t get passed because of the Criminal Court of Uganda ruled the law invalid. Even though this happen. Still a few donor countries have sent fewer aid-dollars to government of Uganda. This is the governments of Norway, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

I haven’t been vocal about that law like all the rest of the western hemisphere. For the simple reason: I don’t see the big fuzz about it. Not that I accept the principal or the matter at hand. I see a whole lot of other different other causes I will run into the storm for when it comes to Uganda. Before the cause of the gays and its importance in the discussion of making a better country, I’ll run many other marathons. Let me explain. I scream and fight for the lost causes and redeem souls. In that sense when it comes to first fights in development. I’ll stay the course for the 99% first then the 1%. I am not saying that the gays and the other part of LGBT don’t need safety. But doesn’t the teacher deserve a secure pay? The other part of government and civil service secure a decent salary?

I will beat the drums to secure the righteous course of any citizen and on general basis, before any minority group. When you have society which is fabricated for one leading regime and its clients, then I got to stand up for anybody who wishes to succeed it and make a difference first. For the simple and expensive political freedom, liberty to really speak its mind, but also too make a honest living. Live in the hut, cottage, studio, the flat and make that your own castle; Because your free there. Not that the freedom to pick who love isn’t important. But when a great part of the country isn’t eating, elections are getting rigged; the defense force is used to persecute its own citizen, and those who can’t eat. Has to fight for the country in South Sudan, DRC, C.A.R. or Somalia. This money will be spent by the elite and not the soldiers risking themselves in the field either in an African Union operation or any other peacekeeping business. No, this money goes to the regime and gets pocketed. The honor of those men isn’t kept. The liberty and freedom and opportunities aren’t well shared. Where men of the UPC, DP and FDC can be taken by police and sent to Luzira. I am sure that the government’s spending money for development, but by far, many isn’t seeing that. But they complain about a gay law like lions on the savannah.

So when I am dropping the draft today. I do it because it was delivered to me. I see it as a important thing to spread. Though I will always blast the graft, the corruption and the political insufficiency first, then I will address the other matters. Because when it comes to define ethics and also moral standards that are big question. Which can’t be addressed simply, so when the matters at hand and this draft which is a continuation of the “Anti-Gay bill”. Therefore I do this because of the necessity thought it’s only for the 1%. First and formost I’ll step up for the 99%. So while I am dropping this draft I am adressing two different tales that wont get into international press at all. First I will usually address the matters of Sam Mugumya the aide of Dr. Kizza Besigye who is wished to be taken for custody by the Uganda Police Force for the moment he is rumored to be in secure location in Kinshasa, DRC. Second is how certain journalist can be taken by the police without any trial Jonathan Akweteireho and the citizen Kanti Rogers in Masindi. They have been there for three days without any court trial or prosecution. So I would go for this kind of causes because of the neglect on the mayor media houses to address it. So somebody has to.

Well here is the draft and if you despise my reasoning, be my guest.  Answer me and tell me off. But if you can’t see it… then you are just seeing a slim picture that isn’t a whole tale and in living color. That’s you… and if that hurts you. I’m sorry. Peace.

Here is the draft: 





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