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Mali: A look into the Interim President Bah N’Daw aka “The Great”

The transitional junta have now appointed the Interim President and Vice President. This being former Defence Minister Bah N’Daw as the Interim President and Coup leader Assimi Goita as the Vice-President. Because of this, I had to look into Bah N’Daw and who is unique about him. So the Comite National pour le Salut du People (CNSP) have no made a move.

Well, first and foremost his he became a helicopter pilot after training in Soviet (1970s) and became Air-Force Pilot after training in France (1970s). The man has held several high ranking roles in the military ever since and the latest was as the Minister of Defence.

However, before that he has been the aide the camp for President Moussa Traoré. Also been the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Guard, Director of Military Engineering and Chief of Defense Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office. So, its not like the man doesn’t have credentials or a history in the army, That is maybe why the junta and the CNSP picked this man.

The military leaders of the coup picked a military man. That was to be anticipated. They have done a secure choice for themselves. A man who knows the army and the armed forces. This is ensuring the soldiers and the ones who collaborated is safe.

I am really not shocked that they picked a man of the army. Alas, what is striking about the appointed man is that he speaks Russian, English, French and Bamanan. So, he has opportunities to speak allies and the international community with ease. Which is important to create confidence in the CNSP and the project itself.

With the knowledge of what he has done before and achieved. We know his not a civilian, but another high ranking army man. This is showing that CNSP is still a military outfit and hasn’t changed their goal or plan to become a civilian government. They are all still trained men who knows how to carry guns and use them.

Therefore, the choice of him as the Interim President was a safe one. Especially for the CNSP. He has been in government, in the one they toppled and a man who has served several of others. That is why his a known man.

Let’s see if his the right man for Mali… that is something that time will tell. At least, the man has a history of leadership and been serving others. So, he should know the hardships ahead. Peace.

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