Press Release: Sauti Ya Vijana denounce JPAM and now Support President Museveni (22.01.2016)

Sauti Ya Vijana 10.11

We salute the media, all Patriotic youth forums present, members of the public, ladies and gentlemen. Before you today is the National Executive Committee and Regional Coordinators of Sauti Ya Vijana.

We are gathered here today after a series of consented regional meetings, consultations and guidance from all stakeholders including our partners in and around the world.
In these deliberations, Sauti ya Vijana unanimously agreed to revise our positions in regards to forthcoming national elections and conclusions have been drawn on these grounds:-

1.Declare our consented support for the NRM candidate Gen Yoweri K Museveni for 2016 presidency

2.Withdrawal of our petition to the UN Security Council for military support against a backdrop of the possibility of specious results of the 2016 elections.

3.Denounce our support for Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi and his Go forward pressure group.

1. Declaration of our consented support to Gen Yoweri K Museveni.
i) we Sauti Ya Vijana, on this day declare that we have decided to support Gen Yoweri K Museveni for president of Uganda 2016.
ii) The grounds of our support are clear minded. We are convinced that Gen. Museveni will offer Ugandans both the transformational & transitional leadership necessary at the time.
iii) We from Now henceforth join the NRM mobilizers to nationally canvass for votes for the president of Uganda.

Museveni UN 25092015 P1

2. Sauti ya Vijana withdraws its petition to the UN Security Council on the following grounds.
I ) After a 3weeks feasibility study (across the country) on the possibility of vote rigging, we express confidence in the Independent Electoral commission to deliver a free and fair election in February 2016.
ii) In our view a military struggle (war) will be unnecessary rather peaceful resolutions to any eventuality or uncertainty.
iii) Leaving nothing to chance we have set up sauti ya vijana election observation team. (SYVEOT) This team will monitor and observe the elections across the country. Consequently our findings will be translated into a report that will be published and distributed to government, International human rights organizations and all stakeholders.


3. Denunciation of Rt. Hon Amama Mbabazi and Go Foward.
I) we joined go forward with the confidence that it was the epitome of our aspirations as a transitional generation. However we have been dumfounded with the reality that ‘go forward ‘ is simply rhetoric with NO transparency, farsightedness, ego-centricism and smuggery fiefdom.
ii) Go forward has already failed. It’s a treacherous movement with self-centered individuals with cryptic intentions. We fear that these intentions are not in national interest and will only draw Uganda to Its perilous past.
iii) We have therefore unanimously agreed to revise our initial position and support Gen Yoweri K Museveni.
We thank you all for coming.

For God and my country.

Peter Mukiibi
Director; Information

Kale Kayihura: “Aine’s Family Being Dramatic” (Youtube-Clip)

“Following a press conference that was slated for today, Aine’s brother who was going to the venue was whisked away. Kayihura has come out to dismiss the allegations that the police is behind this” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).

More sadness to the story of Christopher Aine; the Brother of Christopher Aine goes missing; Charles Rwomusushana still detained

Go Forward 17.12.15 Free Aine

The story unfolds as the two detained journalist from Red Pepper has been released about the 48 hours of questions from the police. Also Charles Rwomushana have been detained or arrested over the weekend and since Friday 8th January. He has still have not been released for his involvement in dropping the picture online.

CP Fred Enanga later in the day stated this:

“The police have meanwhile arrested Charles Rwomushana, on credible information that the dangerous and questionable pictures of a “dead Aine” were widely circulated by him online”.

Press Conferance Aine SV 11.01.2016

Earlier this morning 11th January 2017 Christopher Aine’s uncle (in striped shirt) together with Sauti ya vijana jobless brotherhood and unemployed youth hold a press conference…”Our concern is for police to produce Aine either dead or alive, if he is dead we put him to rest culturally.”

More reports today of “decent” Police work:

Mr. Christopher Aine’s brother, Moses Musasizi Aine has been arrested by unknown persons on his way to the press conference that was starting 5 minutes. It was a Noah that picked him up along Lumumba Avenue. ©Sauti ya Vijana

Also reported today:

“Relatives of Christopher Aine, the missing aide to Independent Presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi have decided to hire foreign investigators to gather evidence surrounding his disappearance” (88,2 Sanyu FM).

Charles Rwomushana

While more reports on Charles Rwomushana this morning:

“The whereabouts of Mr Charles Rwomushana, a former ISO intelligence operative turned political analyst, remain unknown after his friends and lawyers failed to trace him in any of the police facilities in Kampala”.

So there is the case right now and the tally off missing persons is Charles Rwomushana, Christopher Aine and earlier today Moses Musasizi Aine. People of both Aine family members don’t know where they are. The same goes to the people and lawyers of Rwomushana who still don’t have any idea where he is. So there are families out there who miss their loved ones. Christopher Aine has been missing since 17th December 2015 and this does not look good on the Police. Since they have gone on jailing everybody with a little inch of information instead of showing progress to where he might be. The starting spin-control in the end of December 2015; show’s a man like me that they know more then what they are telling the public. So we can question what is happening, I don’t have the answers, it just don’t add up. The Police know more then what they release, the Go-Forward team comments are direct, and the family of Aine has been upfront from the get-go since it their son and family member. They are the only ones in this who has been totally truthful and saying how they feel. Something they are entitled to and they should be the first ones to gain information on the matter.

This here is a reaction to the Ntungamo clashes and it hasn’t been silence since. Shows how much it can cost to have a conflict with Mzee. I feel the sorrow for the family of Aine who has yet another family member that has gone missing. This from a family who was heavily involved in the NRA bush-war where Christopher Aine’s father was Lieutenant Colonol Julius Aine a historical fighter in the Luweero in the 1980s. So NRM can easily forget its historical persons and the ones who fought for them. Not to forget how they might be treating their kids of the men who took to arms to give them power. Especially the President Museveni who has earned the most of on the Luweero warfare of old, which he brings up with pride every-time he can.

Well, this is it for now, more than enough of this sadness today. Peace.  


Two Men of ‘Sauti ya Vijana’ who petitioned Musveni is now detained

Free 16.11.15

SYV to Petition Museveni: 
(Press Conference held this day, 15th.Nov. 2015)

“The Electoral Commission must recall Mr. Museveni to be briefed upon the guidelines. The ground must be redressed to be free and fair for all prayers and Mr. Museveni should stop in-sighting violence and threatening voters. More to come. Sauti ya Vijana” 

Pictures from the event:

15.11.15 Petiton against YKM

15.11.15 Petiton against YKM P2


At this stage of events it’s very clear. They have been picked up by Police and jailed for talking about Free and Fair elections. Wish is a excuse to be guilty before judged in court nowadays in Uganda. The proud Yoweri Kaguta Museveni continues to tarnish his reputation and IGP Kale Kayihura continues to use force against civillians. President Museveni supposed to be revolutionary and a man working for justice. Right now the only is justice is left for his loyal cronies and not the citizens of the country. That is why these men are inprisonated. For making a petitions against the president. He has to use power against people making petitions. That show how far from Democracy the country is and how little you have to do to become a criminal in the country. Kigwa Leero!

Arbitrary arrests are not acceptable. Release them Now! Peace. 

Sauti Ya Vijana 10.11

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