Burundi parades alleged Rwandan spy (Youtube-Clip)

“Security forces in Burundi have paraded a man accused of being a Rwandan spy before journalists, as tensions between the two countries simmer amid a ten-month-long political crisis. The man, whose name was given as Corporal Rucyahintare Cyprien, was arrested on Monday near the Rwandan border, according to police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye.”He was on a spying mission and it was the third such mission he carried out in Burundi,” said Nkurikiye, who added that the missions were intended to “dest…READ MORE : http://www.africanews.com/2016/03/13/… ” (Africa News, 2016)

“A Rwandan Affirms to be a Millitary Spy in Burundi”

“On this Saturday 12th March, the Burundian police has shown to the journalist a Rwandan who asserts to be a military spy of the Rwandan army with a grade of caporal, he was arrested on Burundi soil” (Iwacu Web TV, 2016).