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Kenya: Letter – “Re: Alleged Libelous tweet and DP Ruto’s threat to sue Boniface Mwangi (05.10.2016)



Kenya: “Re: Libelous Tweet Concerning H.E. William Ruto” (30.09.2016)


President Kenyatta, DP Ruto the brains behind Jubilee (Youtube-Clip)

“Exactly who is the brainchild of the new Jubilee baby? Deputy President William Ruto is thought to be the force behind the formation of the Jubilee party. He is said to have engineered the formation of the party in preparation of the 2022 general election, but not to those in the know. In fact some say Ruto maybe the biggest loser in the new set up, not everyone thinks so as Ken Mijungu found out” (Kenya NTV, 2016)

DP Ruto gives ‘directionless’ KANU a public dress down (Youtube-Clip)

“Deputy President William Ruto gave his former ‘chama cha mama na baba’ KANU a public dressing down at Gideon Moi’s Baringo backyard over the weekend. He said he would campaign not to have KANU divide the votes coming out of Rift Valley in the 2017 General Election. He said KANU had proved itself rudderless following the 2013 General Polls at which the former political giant performed poorly” (Capital FM Kenya, 2016)

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