Opinion: They will sell Museveni like his the Messiah!

It is about that time… the campaigns are starting and the official nomination day is just days ahead. The President is already verified and cleared to run for the Presidential Election in 2021. Even if the authorities are not revealing his credentials or his academic papers. That says a lot, as the same authorities will within days reveal all the paperwork for anyone else in existence. If it is petitioned for…

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be traded like a commodity now. All of his supposed achievements and time in office will be praised. They will make a gig-song to him, which he has paid for and with the biggest stars they can get. Expect a flashy video and with the national flag and the yellow colour suits and dresses. That is what happens.

President Museveni will praised for creating peace, but nobody will speak of the cost of that. They will say he has built roads, but not how they financed it. Neither, will they speak of how privatization has destroyed the economy. How a little minority and small infringed elite who is associated with President. They will claim he has busted it into glory, because it was fucked after the bush-war, which is all natural. After a war, a nation is usually depleted and whoever takes over. Has a challenge to stabilize the economy and make it possible to run again.

The Presidency will say his a brilliant leader, a visionary and a revolutionary. They will use all sort of words to make him majestic. These people will target the NRA days and the FRONASA days. However, will not dive into the destruction from it and the deaths that came with the liberation. It will not take accountability of the wars caused in proxy. Neither, the assault on the liberty of the public and the freedom of the people to associate with whoever they please.

President Museveni will be said has only done good. They will claim that he has sacrificed so much to be there and get there. That he went into the civil war and battled the state to do it for everyone. However, the NRA Historicals are the ones eating of the plate. It is the inner-circle and the kitchen cabinet at the State House who gets all the benefits. While the rare civilian get good, unless they can be appointed used for a paradigm shift to be dropped in the next minute. That is what happens… again and again.

The NRM will come with all sort of nice wordings, articles and magazines to push the propaganda. Make him look like he died for the nation and rose on the third day, which just happens to be in January 1986 and never left the office. Never looking into the demise of so many people around him. Seeing how people suddenly dies or lingers in a uncertainty abyss. That will not be touched or questioned, because that destroys the Messiah Complex of Museveni.

They are working tirelessly to make him legendary. To make him into the novel idea of the father of the Republic. The Republic wouldn’t be what it is without his reign. The Pearl of Africa wouldn’t be what it is without his input and his wisdom. The visionary and revolutionary, who apparently have gone against all his ideals. If you read his old pieces and “What’s Africa’s Problems?” from the 90s. You know the Old Man with the Hat has betrayed all his ideals with the time.

These folks will never say that… they will say he still abide by this and works for it still. Even if its hypocrisy on another level. Still, they will claim otherwise and say his just doing it differently. How?

By using the means of a dictatorship in another way, than the previous dictatorship he toppled? If that is revolutionary, then people doesn’t want to follow that revolution. Since, they are only switching heads and what party on the top. Instead of whatever party or group the previous leader had. The new man, Museveni, which isn’t really that new… still wants to sell they salvaged the Republic and ushered in a new era. An era that is copying the ills of the previous one.

That is why he has to be a Messiah. He cannot just be a tyrant and a dictator. No, he has to be something great. Saving the nation and being the living legend. The one who make water to wine, making land grabbing into a industrial enterprise. That is who this man is. A man that speaks peace, but put the weapons into the hands of his allies. A man who speaks of wealth creation, but wouldn’t have funds if he wasn’t scheming funds from donors or international loans.

That is why they have to make him look special, unique and great. However, that will never be true. Even if they are trying the forge the same lie, over and over again. That is who he is and what he does. The NRM can try to debunk this, but that is why they are coming with glossy pictures, but never showing the potholes, the problematic drainage or the talk of steady outages of UMEME. Because, that never fits the narrative, unless Museveni calls out opposition as parasites. Which is such a prophetic stance of Pan-African leader to come with derogatory language all the time.

Nevertheless, the ones defending him will never look into that, but tell the opposition to be careful about their tone. While the man they praise call the others insects, who deserves to be brutally crushed. Because, that the words of a man of peace. Who are we kidding here?

Well, they can have their messiah and their cult. While people like me will call them out of it. They can try to sell him like his the greatest man alive. That is not true, but they still say so. Notwithstanding the track-record… and the archives of his actions. These we are supposed to forget on the altar of grandeur and revolutionary, which his supposed to still be. As his wealthier than anyone else and owns so many companies, estates and such. That he is so far from the ideals he has spoken at length for years. Peace.

Opinion: Hon. Nabakooba should warn her boss…

What more can I say to you? You heard it all”Jay Z – ‘What More Can I Say’ (2003)

Sometimes it is the wrong people that is warned. Especially ahead of elections. It is like the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and their Ministers are forgetting who their boss is and how he handles things. The guy that call people parasites, bean-weevils and insects. That is not a proper language of a statesmen and neither a Head of State. However, that is the wordings that the President uses about people.

That is why I find it interesting ahead of the campaigns starting in November 2020. That the Minister Nabakooba says this in a statement without referencing to whom or what. Except, that everyone should do it in a proper manner.

Political Campaigns should not be a time for candidates to use a language against each other. Candidates are warned against defaming each others, telling falsehoods against each other, inciting public disorder, inciting hatred or violence. I therefore call upon candidates to conduct their campaigns in manner that respects our diversity in culture and political difference” (Judith Nabakooba – Press Statement on the 25th October 2020).

As times goes by, it is very funny that the Minister dropped that Statement today. When the President was very vocal and using vile means to address the opposition mere 48 hours before. That she can do this without mentioning or addressing him. Says, that everyone else shall uphold to a higher standard, but the President. The President can do and act however he feels. While the rest should be careful what they say.

I have never seen them opposing money collected from these projects. They oppose other things but not money. They get their salaries. Government has a plan to bring some money to people here and they are fighting it. That they are fighting NRM! Their reasoning is that if there is no progress after some years NRM will be blamed. Whatever plan for the people that the NRM brings, they must fight it. They are like witches who don’t want to see a healthy baby grow” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday 22nd October 2020).

When he says the Opposition are witches, because they are fighting the NRM. There are reason for why they are opposition. Because, they don’t want investment or development projects, if there is a lack of transparency. Where the might lack public transparency and proof of ownership. How much is going back to the state? Who owns what? Where does the state funds go to ensure the supposed “development”?

That is the sort of thing the President doesn’t want to have questioned. This is why he vilify them… calls them witches. For the one simple reason: He doesn’t want to be open and transparent about the deals done within his State House. Neither, really explain or give any ideas to the contracts being made in these development project. That is why its easier to make the opposition the evil enterprise. Than, actually governing properly, which isn’t his sort of game.

So with this all in mind. When the President can name-call like this ahead of the campaigns. As the candidates supposed to show maturity and humbleness. They are supposed to show respect and not incite to violence or public disorder. Why are the Minister not addressing the President?

Why? Why not do that? As the Minister should keep him accountable, as he called the opposition witches and was directly ghastly with the rhetoric towards them. Just mere 48 hours before the statement was released. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni should use the “No Change” slogan

Don’t think elections are a mere joke” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (2011)

We know that National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni is preparing and starting his official campaigns. That is why the NRM and the President released their slogan for the 2021 campaign. The President will now sing the songs of “Securing Your Future”. Whatever that means …

Since last time around in 2016 he promised “Steady Progress” which haven’t been delivered. That is why the state is borrowing more and more funds. Is more and more in need of donor funds. The President and the ruling regime knows this, but downplays it. As they are needing funds to just to build and tarmac roads within towns across the Republic.

In 2011 he offered the “Pakalast” or “Until the End”, which was supposed to be a sign that he wanted to reign forever. Which have been proven ever since. There is no end to this rule. It doesn’t matter what happens. He will just reign forever. That is the true.

We could continue to go through the past and slogans. However, the proof is that the man has promised the same before. In 2006, the President came with the slogan of “Prosperity for All”. That is really what is happening in 2021. What he promised as he had his first Multi-Party Election in 2006. The same is being dropped now in 2020.

It is really unique that 15 years after he will promise a similar thing. Hoping people forgetting quick. The President should just go back to the first one he had. That would be sincere and honest. At some point, that should be tagged on his forehead.

The President should just use “No Change” which he used in 1996. When he had the 1996 Election and sort of had NRM Primaries to the National Level. The President and the NRM used scare tactics and blocking Dr. Paul Ssemogerere. Also, did everything he could to associate Ssemogerere with Obote to black-ball him.

However, we are in 2020 and not back-in-the-day. The President have been in power since 1986. It is 34 years in power. When the next term is over it would be 40 years as ruler. That says a lot. This is why we have so much information about what he has done and what he haven’t delivered. He has not delivered the 10 Point Programme. The President haven’t delivered what he has promised, again and again. Always needing more time and more “peace”. There is never enough peace and always a obstacle, which is the reason for non delivery.

That is why he again re-issue the 2006 slogan in 20201. This is promising the same thing as you did 15 years ago. You would think that you had actually made some “steady progress”, but that cannot be true. If it was so. He wouldn’t need to “secure your future”. However, the President needs to talk about the future, since part of him knows he is the past.

The President wants to be relevant. Nevertheless, if he wanted to be honest. He would run with 1996 slogan “No Change”. As that would be sincere campaigning. Since the NRM is delivering no change and no real development. As the government … have been in charge and haven’t done what it’s supposed to do.

Except that it has been a Limited Liability Company for the President and his closest associates for years. That they have succeeded in. However, they haven’t delivered on their promises, which is the reason for their reign. The 27 guns salute cannot save his legacy now. The lingering in power only proves that there will be “No Change” as long as he is in power. Peace.

Opinion: The State House got a campaign budget

In the same supplementary budget Shs 451 billion has been allocated to State House of which Shs 400 billion is for classified expenditure” (Sam Ibanda Mugabi – ‘Parliament passes Shs 3.7 trillion supplementary budget amidst opposition’ 21.10.2020).

This is campaign year and into the General Election. Don’t expect this money to be used for the common good. The State House has gotten a “Classified Budget” again. In a Campaign Year. It is naive to think this will be used on public projects or on development projects elsewhere. The President and the National Resistance Movement have gotten a wind-fall. They are suddenly swimming in money as the nominated MPs has to pay fees and use campaign funds.

The NRM and President Museveni have secured the bag ahead of the election. They have gotten more funds, which they can spend as they see fit. If we see the NRM and the President giving away trucks, bicycles or anything to RDCs, DPCs or Chiefs. It will come from this fund. Pastors and Clerical Leadership as well. They will get “donations” from this “goodwill fund”.

The Shs. 451 billions will not be used to make the State House in Nakasero into a safe haven. Neither will this be disposed to make Okello House in Entebbe into a state of the art mansion. No, this money will go to all sort of cronies, campaign staff and temporary structures to spread the message of the President. He will pay-off everyone, media-houses and whatnot. Just to be on top. That is why he needed an additional budget this early in the budget year of 2020-21.

This is because the campaign is starting and in the months ahead of the General Elections in 2021. That is the usage of the funds. We would easily see that they suddenly have money for T-Shirts, Yellow Berets and what else of merchandise the NRM needs.

If the President and the State House had nothing to hide. They wouldn’t have such a slush fund suddenly for “Classified Expenditure”. Especially, as the NRM isn’t that transparent and neither is government. Who already have enormous usage of classified expenditure for both the State House and the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF). That is very common and shows that they want to spend as they pleases without any public scrutiny of it.

They will spend these funds without receipts, bank statements or even accounted use of it. This means it could be used for whatever and therefore, the simple speculation from my part. I don’t know if the President has to bail out his family members or businesses. I don’t know, if his farms needs upgrades and his family members needs their allowances. That is something I don’t know, but what I do know.

Is that the NRM and President Museveni spends huge sums in campaigns and in election years. They spend money like drunk sailors at port. They are spending funds like there is no tomorrow. That is the reality and this is why in 2021 the same State House will be broke and would need additional funds to run operation. Either they are missing funds to pay for staff, electricity or even the water bill. Suddenly, they cannot pay for new furniture or even briefcases for the Permanent Secretaries. That is what happens in post-Election time. Therefore, expect all of this and that’s why I believe these funds are going into Campaign Funding. Direct funding the Presidential Campaign and his party as well. Peace.

Total Crackdown on the Opposition… [as Bobi Wine, Ssewanyana and Ssemujju Nganda gotten arrested]

After yesterday’s raid of the National Unity Platform Headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala. The Police have amped up the levels. Firs verified reports is that Presidential Candidate and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was arrested after the raid.

Another NUP heavyweight was arrested today, this being Makindye West MP and MP Aspirant Allan Ssewanyana was arrested and currently held at Katwe Police Station. The MP was arrested shortly after the nomination.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Spokesperson and Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda was also arrested today. He was bundled up to a police car after the nomination.

“All FDC Parliamentary candidates for Hoima City including ANT’s Kasule Ismail have been arrested immediately after nominations” (Capital FM Uganda, 15.10.2020).

This is just the beginning of the campaigns and elections in a way. As today was a day of delivering nomination papers to the Electoral Commission across the Republic. That will also happen tomorrow for the aspirant MPs in the up-coming General Elections.

As this is going on, the authorities are arresting people for selling People Power and NUP merchandise in the streets of Kampala and elsewhere. There is also reports of the authorities taking down posters with Bobi Wine and the NUP candidates. The state is really working hard to block and get rid of the contender.

This is yet another sign of how the state is working on overtime to stop, silence and go against the dissidents. As people are not allowed to sell merch made to supporters of Bobi Wine. That is how small of a man the President is. He cannot stomach real competition and therefore, has to use the law enforcement to get ahead. Peace.

Opinion: NRM’s Military Fatigues

Yesterday, the spokesperson for the army said the reason for the raid of the National Unity Platform Offices in Kamwokya was because of the red berets and their “military fatigues”. However, that is all ironic, as the ruling regime uses it when it deems it fit.

One of the Presidential Advisor Full Figure is posing around in military inspired clothes like she’s at a party of the YMCA in the 1970s. While that is not causing a fuzz or an issue. Nevertheless, the NUP and Bobi Wine get into a lot of trouble for having their own ways.

The NUP and Bobi Wine is not only into issues over the red berets, that has already been gazetted. The attires with stars and such, which resembles military fatigues has also hit a nerve. These are all excuses. And show how one standard is put on the opposition, but no retribution towards the ruling regime.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) have had yearly trainings at NALI or Kyankwanzi, where they have all been in green military fatigues. Heck, the President have used it in a budget speech and elsewhere. The NRM can use it whenever they deem fit. They can use it to promote themselves and their power.

We know the NRM is filled with a chosen few bushmen, who is proud of their achievements and feel above the crowds because of it. “They fought”, therefore, you got to serve me now. That sort of attitude. Where can boost their titles, their ranks and use the military to their convenience. Even when they have retired long time ago.

That is just the double standard, as the NUP should be 100% civilian and not even make their own. It is not like the UPDF and the NRM invented the berets. They have taken them from army history and “made it” their own. Now, they are causing a fuzz over a colour. Which just show how little they think of themselves.

The NRM is clearly allowed to not only use military fatigues, whenever they deem it fit. They can go all out. They can travers with the military, use the fatigues, carry the guns and tote all around town. While the NUP cannot even have resembling headgear. That shows how little faith the NRM have in humanity.

This is indecency and insincerity at its best. The sort of low blow, no show, nonsense, which is deliberately done, again and again. A sort of play that has been done all before. This isn’t a new, but the same-old same old story.

The President and his team might think this is a winning formula. However, this is just undeniably showing his ignorance and his blatant use of force. That is all he got, because he got less and less love with the ages. Therefore, he clings to the army like its his saviour, which it paradoxically is. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni have delivered a false liberation

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni own story is that he liberated the Republic on the 26th January 1986. However, day-by-day, that story is altered. He came into power with a lot of power and promise. Nevertheless, that wasn’t to be fulfilled.

President Museveni came in with the promise of changing the Republic. Where he would make a difference. So, that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) would differ from previous Presidents. That he would free the citizens and give them a prosperous liberation for the Republic.

The state has been carved into small constituencies, a rotten judicial system and corrupt elite. An elite filled with cronies and family members of the President. All gathered in looting the state and using force against the ones who stands up to them.

The President came in with a promise of another state of affairs. Alas, he is delivering the same as his predecessors. There is little to no difference between them. The NRM is acting like the previous ones did. Using the military as their own political proxy. Making laws to silence dissidents and keeping colonial laws active to subdue the public. Therefore, the Lords now are no different than the ones in the past.

The President has the same tribalism in the army as the past. Instead of being high-ranking officials from the Northern tribes, it is now mostly Western. The ruling elite is also Western. The development is mostly in the Western region too. The state is focused on the Ankole and the where the Bush War Historicals resides. They are all upper-echelon.

People are arrested over their association, by trying to gather and being active with opposition parties. The state using violence to dissolve and intimidate the opposition. They are sending soldiers, agents and police officers after them. Using safe-houses to hide them away so they don’t have to follow the Constitutional rights of the person detained. This is what they do and what sort of freedom the state is giving.

The President is saying he brought liberty, peace and democracy. However, how free are you? If you stand against him, you can either become dead, arrested or tear-gassed? That isn’t freedom or justice. That is a limited freedom, which requires you to obey his rule. Not think of your own and being told where to go. That is the liberty this Presidency is giving.

That is why, the liberation promised with the deadly bush-war in the 1980s was wasted. The President has become everything he fought. He is using the same means, the same mannerisms and misuse of power, as the ones he liberated the public from. That is the reality in 2020.

A man who went to war over rigged elections. Has rigged them all since 1996 and plans to rig the 2021 too. That is the sort of man he has become and is. A man who knows the right things, but cannot act upon it. He has said all of the right things, but his henchmen is doing the wrong. They are most likely following his orders. While his spewing hypocritical dogmas to the citizens through speeches and national addresses.

The man will continue to promise wealth and a brighter future. Alas, he has said it all before and its a repetition. It is recycling and things that could just be binned. The President will continue the same sort of dream. The dream that he made into a nightmare. A system he has created, a violent regime with the same issues as the ones he liberated the public from.

The only difference is that his on the top now. This time its not Obote or Amin, but its all Museveni. The President knows this… he came with a false promise and now the whole Republic is living under it. Peace.

Opinion: If Museveni could he would relaunch the Movement System

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Musveni never wanted the Multi-Party Elections and a Multi-Party System. The President would have preferred that everyone was under the Movement System. Where everyone is sensitised and getting their patriotic teaching through the party. The Movement would take care of you and ensure your on the right track.

That is what President Museveni really wants. He would like to swallow everyone and have them all under his banner. This is why there was a Referendum in 2000 and again in 2005. Therefore, the first Multi-Party Election was in 2006. That gave the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the advantages ahead of it, as they had total control since 1986. That is 20 years of solid foundation and having appointed people where they needed.

The Movement System was already embedded, it was even a part of the 1995 Constitution. The state was fixed with Resistance Councils, which initially was Local Councils and Local Government. It is from there the state was controlled and how the supposed NRM became a “mass party”. That’s because it had the power in every aspect and kept siege over the seats from the bottom to the top. A fancy way of being a “one-party state”. 

That is why all parties that has challenged the President gotten into double jeopardy. The armed forces, the police force and everything else has been thrown at them. If this was Paul Ssemogerere, Kizza Besigye and now Robert Kyagulanyi. Everyone is feeling the blunt force and the retribution for challenging him.

In 2020 and 2021, we are repeating history yet again. The same forces are at use and the same means are taken against the opposition. The same is on the throne and he is not giving way. The President will use all means to stay there. Everything will go against the ones who goes against him. Either by the hook or by the crook. Nothing matters, as long as the ones challenging him is humiliated and hurt. They should go to him and kiss the ring.

President Museveni wants everyone under his wings. The man wants everyone to be on his beacon-call. The President wants to annihilate the opposition and get rid of all dissidents. He doesn’t want them, but got too. Just so he can score some brownie points and claim he brought democracy. Even, when it is not that deep, but only in the name.

If the President had his will. There wouldn’t be no Multi-Party Elections and be other parties than the Movement in the Republic. Because, everyone is supposed to follow him anyway. They are all wrong and deluded to stand up against him. These folks needs re-education and debriefed to understand the grandeur of the Movement. This is how it seems…

President Museveni wants to be the sole answer, the only leader and the kingpin. Museveni wants to be solution and have the automatically mandate to reign supreme. This is who he is. A President who only made it happen, because he was pushed and public wanted it.

The President would prefer to not only have the army, but have the whole public naturally assigned to the Movement. Without question and have them as “members” of his party. This is the sort of character he is. That is why nobody should challenge him, but people should just obey him. Peace.

Opinion: After the 27 guns his past became a mystery…

It is made like this for a reason. A man who has run a nation for 34 years and is a self-styled President for Life. That his willing to hide and bluntly classify his past. This being President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni.

He has added another name, the President has added before the election before the Kaguta name. This time it was Tibuharburwa. However, his credentials and his academic documents is still under seal somewhere. If not it was burned in a fire, dodges in the midst of the bush-war or if not erased after he got into office.

The President might have erased the documents from the time he was a civil servant. The time he was in school in Ntare and so fourth. Because, he deleted and erased it. He could make up his own story. Make it into a myth. The story of a living legend. The President wants grandeur … and become legendary.

After the bush-war and the National Resistance Army (NRA) war against Obote and the others. The President sealed his fate and had to rewrite his life. So, that he could fit the paradigm of a Ugandan peasant turned into Head of State.

That is why he has added the name of the stepfather, Kaguta. Now, he has added the nickname he got from one of his grandmothers, Tibuhaburwa. It is all to play part of the fiction of his story. To ensure he can rewrite and make his life more interesting.

The President needs to do this, as he cannot unleash his documents. Then he would show a story, which he doesn’t want to tell. Maybe he learned this as a bureaucrat in the Research Bureau back-in-the-day.

As he knows, the story is more important than the truth. His been able to sell lies for years. The President hope he can do this again. The pieces he has given haven’t been coherent. It is all a fun tale of stories. The times and times of drops, it doesn’t make sense and he makes it seems so special. Alas, the stories from the people around sounds differently.

After the 27 guns, the man has changed and altered his story. This has all been a ploy with some sort of angle every single time. The action made in 2020 is for a reason too. His been pushed, but still haven’t delivered.

There must be a reason why its like this. The mustard seed isn’t growing and reaping good harvest. The President need more than a 10 pointer. The man needs to address it and heads on. He needs to reveal and put forward the truth.

It is like he has lived on a lie, thought he could get away it and not be undressed with time. The President thought he could dodge this.

Museveni have a story to tell, another one than the ones he did in the past. It is time for the real and not the propaganda. The man got to talk and be sincere. Not being a rich fresher affording a farm, which was new to him in the 1990s. Because, he wasn’t a fresher at the University in the 1990s, but he got into power in 1986.

So, the story there doesn’t make sense. This is why the old man with the hat got to stop lying and speak the truth. The President need to set the record straight. He might think its not important, but if he wants a proper legacy. It is needed, unless he wants lie until his six-feet under. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni has added an T!

It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”W.C. Fields

On the 6th October 2020 the President has gotten his name gazetted. The change is with one name middle-name. His not officially Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, but is from now on Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni. This is a vital change, because the President needs to soon drop his academic credentials. These has to be altered and fixed. Therefore, the change of name is maybe his way of showing that he is “consistent” with his story. However, the man has changed back-and-fourth.

The newly added name is Tibuhaburwa, which means “Wisdom is inherent, born with” and was given to him by his grandmother Nyinancwende. That is a name he used in the past. This is maybe why he has re-issued it. As his name has to resonate with his credentials. Even if they are not released. Before, the President have ensured it fits his narrative.

So, the President have taken a nickname and made it his own. There is already speculation that his name before he became a rebel was Yoseri, but also Yoweri Kayibanda aka Rutabasirwa. Therefore, adding the Tibuhaburwa is more of a recognition of the part of his life his tried to hide.

The President for Life is really cornered, as the authorities are not delivering petitions of his academic credentials and the proof of eligibility as a Presidential Candidate. Which the authorities has no issues with doing with the other candidates.

That is why the changes of name now seems like a ploy to fit the paper-trail, which suddenly might be released. The sort of action made to validate and fit in with the paperwork. The paperwork that seems to never to be released.

It is sort of odd that he does it now. That the President changes his name 34 years into power. In the middle of the early campaigns for the 2021 elections. This shows that the challenge is bigger than before. That he has to answer the opposition in a fashion like this. It is done to prove himself.

However, adding a nickname is not the real him. He has added a nickname his grandmother gave him. A way of showing his greatness, as the meaning is so deep.

He is the Commander-in-Chief, the King of Kings and now born with Wisdom. The President wants to be everything.

Nevertheless, changing the name now. Only make him Mr. T, as a mockery like Bosco, Jajja and Mr. Sunday.

With the action made by the President. He only shows that he hasn’t been truthful about his origin and his family history. As he has to peel the onion, piece by piece. He needs to be challenged and put into a corner. So, that he cannot keep it a secret.

There been speculations going on for years. With this sort of change. It is verified that people are right and its righteous to question him. As he takes the name his grandmother gave him. What else has he hidden? What other skeletons does he has in his closet?

We don’t know, but at some point. He has to give way and give in. Peace.