Fijian Villagers cheer on Olympic Rugby 7s Gold Medallist (Youtube-Clip)

Rio Olympic 2016: Fiji Rugby Seven Team wins the first Gold Medal as the First Pacific Island Nation!

GB Fiji

“History complete, Fiji becomes the first pacific Island nation to win an Olympic medal and GOLD at that ! What a way to do it, absolutely blowing GB off the park. Fiji be proud, this is your day and will be one of my favourite memories from these Olympics.! A nation will go nuts today with joy. GoNuts Fiji Rio 2016 Fiji win it 43-7.” (Veitchy  on Sport, 12.08.2016).

One of the stars of Fiji:

“Captain Kolinisau has scored in the Rio 2016 final, but it’s on the world series he has been putting tries in for Fiji for years! Check out some of his best on the series…..” (World Rugby Seven Series, 2016).

Banks we’re closed during the finals:

Fiji Banks

Picture pre-match: 

Fiji GB

 What it means: 

Fiji History

Another Clip:

Fun fact for your interested in the Olympics, the sport of Rugby haven’t been part of the Summer Olympics since 1924. So the chances for the Fiji to win we’re slim as the favorites of World Series and such we’re surely supposed to be ahead. This is a big deal and the Rugby Team from Fiji deserves praise for their achievement. Be proud! Congratulation on your victory and GOLD medal! Peace.